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Boston, November 1968, [pp 34-35].

We have been afloat now for seven months, haven't sighted land. Have heard nothing but the sea lapping against itself, have seen nothing but sky and water, endless endless waters and skies stretching out from me in all directions, almost feel as though I were creating it myself. The wife is holding up well, admirably in fact, never knew how strong she really was; this little mishap of ours has certainly given us an opportunity to get to know each other. Have learned so many things about myself, I think I really know who I am now, if we come out of this alive I'll be a new man. We've pretty much transcended all the physical discomforts. All first all we did was complain and wish and hope and lose hope and find it again and laugh and cry and carry on like a bunch of lunatics but one day we suddenly woke up and discovered that it was no dream, we were suspended in the middle of the ocean on a frail little life-raft and that was it, we just accepted it, that's all, and ever since then we've just lived with it and made the most of it. I can almost say that I've even grown to enjoy life having nothing to lose anymore. I watch the sky and I feel the sea and I just AM. We talk about little things from our past and we actually laugh about some of the strong events that seemed to be such tragedies at the time, we just double up and roll around on that little raft filling up the sky with our insane laughing crying mirth, really it's quite a scene, as somber as we used to be about ourselves, you wouldn't believe it was really me & Margaret. It's not Margaret anymore of course, it's Maggie the Sea Dog... or sometimes "Lady Margaret, Queen of the Sea". Can you imagine the things we get into together

[Mel Lyman]