American Avatar
No. 3, [early 1969], pp. [5-6]

As Christ appearing in this modern day and age


As Christ appearing in this modern day and age I am going to take advantage of all mediums of communication. First I appear before you in newsprint, next I will reach you through television, I will take advantage of any and all proper means of communication at my disposal. I am here as the World Heart, and I am not alone. I have gathered my immediate disciples and we have been preparing ourselves for this gigantic task for many years. And I have another even GREATER surprise for you...

The Buddha is with me. Never before in the history of this planet have we appeared simultaneously, this may give you some idea of that which we are going to accomplish. I am going to operate as the heart, the CENTER, and Buddha is going to serve as the World Mind. He will put into effect, as World Government, all that I am. In the past year he has assimilated and become all the wisdom of the East. In this present incarnation he has undergone all Western experience and is now the Master of World Thought. This is not the proper time to reveal His Name as he walks among you as ONE of you but believe me he is HERE. Rejoice, we are going to unite the WORLD!

Mel Lyman