No 10, Oct. 13, 1967, p. 21

It absolutely amazes me

It absolutely amazes me when I discover how little most people know about this United States, people who have been walking around all their lives in the middle of the greatest team ever assembled in all creation and don't even know there's a game going on. People who think the East is where it's at and people who think we are doomed and people who just plain don't know what we're for. It is so obvious to me that we are here together under the name of the United States of America to build a new world that I actually forget that other people can't see past their noses, that they are ready to scrap the whole thing just because they don't like the way it smells today. My God don't you remember why we came here, don't you remember the intolerable conditions we left behind us and the new hope we carried WITH us, that was only just yesterday and you're ready to give up already, we haven't even got started yet. We came here because we were tired of being pushed around, we were old enough to do things for ourselves, we came here to build a house that we could live in, we came here because we thought we were big enough to take care of ourselves now, we wanted that freedom and that decision and we got together and drew up a charter that would guarantee us that freedom and we've been trying to make it work ever since and we've come a long way and we've gotten used to living in the land of plenty and we've gotten a little spoiled and now, just when we're finally being put to the test of our convictions, we want to pull out and forget it ever happened. Well maybe we weren't READY to govern ourselves, maybe we left home too early, maybe we're not big enough to carry the responsibility that goes along with self-government, maybe we should find somebody to do it FOR us again, I'm sure there are lots of countries who would be willing to lend us a hand there, like Russia. Hey man we came here like champions and we're whining like old women, let's get together and make it work. So you don't like the current administration, then DO something about it, set a BETTER example, govern YOURSELF, THAT'S why we set it up the way we did, so we COULD govern ourselves, let's make the most of it before we lose it, let's finish what our forefathers began, they had a lot of guts, they had to do it from scratch, what happened to that pioneer spirit, we've gotten soft, things got a little too easy, WELL ALL THAT'S ABOUT TO CHANGE, we're in trouble now, the going's getting a little rough and everybody's deserting, it makes me want to cry. I'm a real American, I've got guts and I've got conviction, I'm not afraid 'a nuthin', I'm looking for some more just like me, the rest of you chicken shit bastards can all go to hell!

Mel Lyman