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Te taetae ni Kiribati

The language of Kiribati


Te Karaaure - Reirei Waniua

The Farewell - Lesson Eight


The topic of this lesson is 'farewell' - leaving somewhere to go somewhere else. At the end of this lesson you should have some things to say about someone's leaving, and some things to say to someone leaving as well. Try to pick out and memorize some of the more appropriate expressions.



Study the dialogue well, then take a partner from your classmates and rewrite the story as a narrative, changing the names of the characters and islands. (Your teacher can supply you with the names of the islands if you haven't learned them by now.) Read your narrative to the class, and see if they can follow your version. Make corrections where necessary.

dialogue for study

Te Karaaure

The Farewell

E nang kiitana Tarawa Tiaare n nako Nikunau n te bong aio. A tauraoi ana b'ai ni kabane ao e a tataningaa raona irarikin te kawai. E bon aki maan ao e a roko raoraona temanna. Charles is about to leave Tarawa from Nikunau today. All of his things are ready and he is waiting for his friend by the side of the road. Soon one of his friends comes along.
Rui:  Ko na mauri Tiaare. Ko na nakea?Louis:  Hello Charles. Where are you going?
Tiaare:  N nangi nako Nikunau n te bong aei.Charles:  I'm going to Nikunau today.
Rui:  Ko tuai ni maan ikai ao ko nangi nako naba!Louis:  You haven't been here long and you're already going!
Tiaare:  E koaua ma e na kangaa!Charles:  That's true, but there's nothing I can do about it!
Rui:  E tau ma au kaantaninga b'a ti na manga kaaitiboo n te bong teuana.Louis:  Well, I hope we'll meet again someday.
Tiaare:  E eng tao n te bongi teuana.Charles:  Yes, maybe someday.
Rui:  E tau ma ti a manga boo ao e na kab'aia am m'ananga.Louis:  Well then, good-bye – Have a good trip.
Tiaare:  Ko rab'a Rui. Ti a manga boo naba.Charles:  Thanks, Louis. Good-bye again.
Rui:  Ti a boo.Louis:  Good-bye.

continuation of dialogue

Imwiina ao e a manga kaaitiboo Rui ma raoraona temanna irarikin naba te kawai... Later, Louis meets another of his friends, also alongside the road...
Riira:  Rui, ko a tia ni kaaitiboo ma Tiaare?Lila:  Louis, have you seen Charles?
Rui:  E eng, I a bon tib'a boo naba ma ngaia irarikin te kawai. E nangi manga nako Nikunau.Louis:  Yes. I just met with him on the road. He's going to Nikunau again.
Riira:  Tao ai maanra n nako? I rangi ni kani kaaitiboo ma ngaia im'aain nakona.Lila:  About how long ago? I'd very much like to see him before he goes.
Rui:  Tao ai tib'a tebwina te miniti n nako. I taku b'a are e bon teitei naba irarikin te kawai.Louis:  Only about ten minutes ago. I think he's still standing by the side of the road.
Riira:  E raoiroi ma N na nako moa ni kaboo ma ngaia im'aain nakona.Lila:  Good - First I'll go meet with him before he leaves.
Rui:  Ti a manga boo.Louis:  We'll meet again.
Riira:  E eng, ti a boo.Lila:  Good-bye.

Additional Activities:    

Study the continuation of the dialogue. Now try to write a different continuation, changing the circumstances. For example, another friend looking for Charles the next day – Too late! he's already gone, etc.

Outside Activities:

Try to find occasion to witness some farewells. A good place is at the airport. How do I-Kiribati treat these situations? Is there a lot of kissing and hugging? Tears? Handshakes. You'll probably discover some difference between Kiribati and American customs in this area. Bring back a report on your discoveries and compare with your classmates.

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