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Kiribati. (anon, 1985)
Kiribati. (anon, 1991)
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Kiribati Balances Budget Without British Finance. (anon, 1986)
Kiribati Boosting Handicraft. (Bataua, 1986)
Kiribati Builds New Tourist Resort. (Haden, 1990)
Kiribati captures U.S. tuna boat. (Bataua, 1987)
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Kiribati cools down. (anon, 1986)
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Kiribati finds its new leader the long way. (Bataua, 1991)
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Kiribati fisherman nets 12-foot shark. (Bataua, 1987)
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Kiribati sets its sights. (Mackenzie, 1983)
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Kiribati shipping begins new service. (anon, 1994)
Kiribati split on Soviets. (Bataua, 1987)
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