Kiribati Bibliography

Library, Call Number Codes:

AT Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library of New Zealand
BM Bernice Pauhani Bishop Museum, Honolulu
ML Mitchell Library (Public Library of New South Wales)
UH University of Hawaii, Hamilton Library, Honolulu
ANUL Australian National University Library
ANL Australia National Library

Cross-Reference Codes:

a. co-author, co-compiler
c. copy held by, collection of
e. editor
f. forward, introduction, preface by
i. illustrator, photographer, cartographer
t. translator
x. other cross-reference

Organizational Abbreviations:

ABCFM American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions
G & E I Co Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony
HMCS Hawaiian Missionary Children's Society
JPS Journal of the Polynesian Society
LMS London Missionary Society
NSF National Science Foundation
PIM Pacific Islands Monthly
PMB Pacific Manuscripts Bureau
SHM Sacred Heart Mission
SPC South Pacific Commission
USP University of the South Pacific

compiled by Stephen Trussel, © 1978, 1995-2005