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A Combined

Kiribati-English Dictionary

based on the works of

Hiram Bingham, D.D.
Father Ernest Sabatier, M.S.C.
(translated by Sr. M. Oliva)

with additional scientific material from Luomala, Goo & Banner.

B -Bingham, Hiram. 1908, 1953. A Gilbertese-English Dictionary. vii, 179 pp (8vo). American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Boston.
O -Sabatier, Ernest. 1954. Dictionnaire Gilbertin-Français. xii, 984pp, duplicated. Mission Catholique, GI, Abaiang, Tabwiroa. 1971. Gilbertese-English Dictionary. translated by Sr. M. Oliva. x, 426pp, Sacred Heart Mission, Tarawa. South Pacific Commission Publications Bureau, Sydney.
G -Goo, Fannie C.C. & Albert H. Banner. 1963. A Preliminary Compilation of Gilbertese Animal and Plant Names. 2, 2, 55, 10, 26cm. prepared under contract SA-43-ph-3741, National Institute of Neurological Diseas. UH - Haw. Marine Lab., Honolulu.
L -Luomala, Katharine. 1953. Ethnobotany of the Gilbert Islands. Bishop Museum Bulletin 213, v, 129pp, map, bibl 122-4, index, 26cm. Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu.

compiled by
Stephen Trussel and Gordon W. Groves,
University of Hawaii, 1978

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O w 
  note The Gilbertese w differs from the English w. It more like the sound of v especially if followed by e:
  ex kewe, keve, wete, vete, vene, wene ...


B wa 
  n a canoe
  n sleepers of a floor
B wa 
  vi to move along in a company as persons or fish
O wa 
  n te wa, to wa (N) any vehicle, any means of conveyance: canoe, boat, bicycle, cart, toy ..., pawn in chess, ... checkers
  ex wam te baitika: your bicycle
  ex te wa ni kiba: aeroplane <airplane>.
  fig e maninga wau: my head forgets
  see v.t. wana
O wa1 
  pref of waki in compound words.
  see wa-puaka, wa ni kangare, wanraea
  note in the sense of, to be doing. corresponds to manibuaka, manraoi, manikangare, manrea: to be in a state of ... (slight nuance)
O wa2 
  suf wawa to go, ... move.
  see au wa, a wawa
O wa3 
  n beam, joist
  ex te wa n nano: lower beam, floor beam
  ex te wa n anti: scaffolding, horse or trestle
O wa4 
  n species, kind (fish, birds), category of ...
O wa 
  n te wa n Tarawa: a dance, manner of procedure, ceremonial <ceremony> for different rites, composition or performance following a method
O wa6 
  nv wawa, wanako: to go, ... move, ... displace oneself, to flow, ... flow away
  ex a wa nako ika: the fish are going off, travelling
  ex a wawa ranni matana: his tears are flowing.
  vc kawaea, kawawaea: to make flow.
  n te bai ni kawawa: guttering, spouting
  ex ikawawa: to wander around in mobs, gangs, etc., vagrancy of number of persons together
O wa7 
  n te Wa: a constellation
O wa8 
  pref or suf. of wawa, waki, waanga

wa buaka

O wa buaka 
  n bad comportment, ill behaved in society or family, to be in an awkward situation for taking action.
  ant wa-raoi

wa n anano

O wa n anano 
  n joists, lower beams in a building

wa n ei

O wa n ei 
  n supporting cross piece (as in scoop net)

wa n o

O wa n o 
  n small canoe, moved along by pole.
  see o, oa

wa n ra

O wa n ra 
  na untowardly behaviour, unlucky.
  vt wanra: to bring disappointments, ill luck.
  vc kawanra: to disagree

wa n tabakea

O wa n tabakea 
  nv to swim on back, face upwards.
  syn uaua n tararake, wa-tangaina, wa n tararake

wa n tabea

O wa n tabea 
  na a canoe in danger, unbalanced kite, person in danger, at the end of strength

wa ni banga

O wa ni banga 
  n a native dance.
  v to dance ...

wa ni kangare

O wa ni kangare 
  n pleasantry, jocularity, teasing, light banter, humorous ridicule, smutty talk, humbug, jest.
  vt wanikangarea te koraki: to make laugh, amuse the audience.
  syn manikangarea
  vt waningarea: to make fun of, ... to joke about ...

wa ni matang

O wa ni matang 
  n foreign manners, behaviour, systems.
  v to behave like a stranger, to follow the manners, fashions, systems of

wa ni mate

O wa ni mate 
  nva to be dying with ..., smitten with ..., passionately in love with ...
  fig wanimate, bakanimate: importunate person

wa ni ngare

O wa ni ngare 
  n laugh, joke.
  v to be amused

wa ni ngarea

O wa ni ngarea 
  vt to laugh at, to make fun of, to tease

wa ni were

O wa ni were 
  v to fish for were.
  syn werewere

wa ririki

O wa ririki 
  n a well-made canoe of average size

wa tangaina

O wa tangaina 
  n wa n tangaina: lying <lie> down face upwards <supine>.
  v to swim on back


B wábobo 
  vi to engage in nourishing or bringing up
O wabobo 
  and wabwebwe, waboboa, wabwebwe to have a good system of culture, upbringing, educating <educate> children.
  note pron. wabwebwe
  vt wabwebwea: to know how to cultivate, ... care for, ... bring up with skill and success, to bring up well


B wabóboa 
  vt to bring up, to nourish, to raise


B wábuaka 
  a inhospitable to relatives


B wáe 
  n a leg, a foot
  n a shriveled, undeveloped coconut including the husk
  a blighted, as a coconut
O wae 
  n feet <foot>, leg;
  see ranga
  a waewae: having fat legs, thighs.
  idiom katei wae, katea waena: to refresh oneself, to take refreshments, ... restore energy.
  vt aoniwaea, aniwaea: to place under leg or foot
O wae1 
  n (1) te wae: a freak coconut with no kernel, barren woman, impotent man, dried up fruit, freak, good for nothing.
  n (2) this freak coconut used as skittles by children, as support under canoes.
  nv karewae: to throw a skittle between legs, to play game of ...
O wae2 
  n te Wae: name of a constellation

wae bubura

O wae bubura 
  na (1) fat legs.
  n (2) large rain drops (large as wae, freak coconut)

wae kiekie

O wae kiekie 
  a limp, halting, lame, hobbling.
  v to hobble, to walk with a limp, to walk lamely

wae kirere

O wae kirere 
  n hopping on one leg.
  v to hop

wae kororo

O wae kororo 
  a one leg shorter than the other

wae maranga

O wae maranga 
  n long steps.
  v to take ...

wae mwere

O wae mwere 
  n a slow walker.
  v to go very slowly, to be late.
  vc kawaemwerea: to retard the progress of ...

wae n noko

O wae n noko 
  n spindle shanks, spindle legs.
  see noko

wae n rongo

O wae n rongo 
  n a sitting position with one leg bent backwards

wae n uea

O wae n uea 
  na sitting with legs crossed like tailor.
  see kabara n uea, bari

wae ni baka

O wae ni baka 
  syn bai ni baka, tara ni baka, taera-baka, taera ni baka
  n approaching downfall, loss of position, rank, charge.
  a wae baka: fallen, destitute, outcast

wae ni kaba

O wae ni kaba 
  na long legs

wae ni kinouta

O wae ni kinouta 
  vt to approach furtively, with furtive steps stealthily <stealthy>

wae ni kinouti

O wae ni kinouti 
  nv to walk, or go with light tread

wae ni koroa

O wae ni koroa 
  n stilts.
  v to walk with ...

wae ni kun

O wae ni kun 
  nv to walk like kun, dance step, small quick steps with sudden stops on one leg, walk like crane m

wae ni ma

O wae ni ma 
  n (1) arm of fish trap, low stone wall which gathers fish towards ma (fish trap) in form of V.
  n (2) idem. temporary barrier made of dry palm leaves
O wae ni ma1 
  v to go, to swim in single file (as fish along wall of trap)

wae ni makauro

O wae ni makauro 
  n a mat with design resembling crab's feet

wae ni maku

O wae ni maku 
  v to walk backwards, through fear or respect, to beat a retreat, to withdraw on tip toe

wae ni were

O wae ni were 
  nv to walk with poise, with precaution (as when looking for were shell fish)

wae ributata

O wae ributata 
  see wae rebutata

wae tuairoa

O wae tuairoa 
  na having bandy legs, knock kneed <knee>


B wáea 
  vt to sew, to pierce, to stick
  vt to interrupt
  n a coconut leaflet for extracting from a bottle a small quantity of oil adhering
O waea 
  from wai:
  vt (1) to thread on to ..., to prick, pierce through, run through, put on skewer, stem.
  ex waea te ika: thread fish on to ...
  v (2) to show, or point to with finger, to designate
  ex waea matan te: point towards someone's face.
  ex (3) counterbalance ..., opposition to ...
  ex waea nimam: mix your drink, dilute with water.
  fig waea te taeka: to interfere, to intervene, ... criticize, ... contradict, ... thwart, ... oppose, ... put a spoke in the wheel
  ex waea rarikin te ...: to cavil, to give broad hints by allusions, to allude to ..., indirectly.
  n chicanery.
  n te waewae: criticism, objection, contradiction, opposition.
  v waewae: to interfere, to criticize, to object, to contradict, to thwart
O waea1 
  n (1) a thin stem, or twig used to attain to things out of reach.
  n (2) an outsize mat.
  n (3) a contradictor, opposer, objector, vis-a-vis rival.
  n (4) sorcery using small roasted coconuts
O waea2 
  n wire.
  syn kaukamea (S.)


B wáeai 
  a new, fresh
  n a new article, a fresh article
O waeai 
  a waeaituatua (sup.) young, fresh, tender (plants), fresh, new, recent (general).
  syn menai (mena-aii)


B wáeana 
  vt to extract or draw out oil with a waea


O waebabaro 
  na bandy legged


O waebaka 
  a fallen away, destitute


O waebatiraku 
  na calf of leg of abnormal thickness, enlarged


O waebeka 
  na knock kneed <knee>.
  syn tiribubua


B wáebua 
  a having a large calf
  n the thumb
O waebua 
  n big toee
  ex waebua ni bai: thumb.
  syn ukinaba
  a beautiful legs, thick calf of leg


B waebuángi 
  a having well developed legs
  n a person having well proportioned legs
O waebuangi 
  from buaki:
  na perfectly moulded legs, well built ...


O waebuatake 
  sup superlative of waebuangi
  na elegant legs, symmetrical ...


O wae-irariki 
  a thin legged, thinnish, puny (legs)


B waekíekie 
  vi to walk with a springhalt
  n a springhalt gait


B wáekirére 
  vi to hop on one foot
  n hopping on one foot


O waekoa 
  n wawae: haste, hurry.
  v to go quickly, to walk briskly, to hurry, to hasten.
  vc kawaekoa: to hurry, to hasten
  ex kawaekoako! hurry up!


O wae-matoa 
  a waematoa: regular, punctual.
  v to go regularly to


B wáemwere 
  vi to walk slowly, to be slow in arriving
  n slowness in arrival, slow walking


O waena 
  from wae
  vt (use for legs)
  ex waena te batika: use a bicycle


B wáenib'áka 
  a in a defeated position, politically ruined
  n one defeated and consequently becoming a serf


B wáenikaáb'a 
  a long-leggged
  n a person with unusually long legs


B wáenikóroa 
  n stilts
  vi to walk on stilts


B wáenim'a 
  vi to swim as fish in long lines
  n a low stone wall running toward the shore from a ma by which to run fish into it


B wáenimakáuro 
  n a mat with figures resembling the tracks of a crab


B wáenimaáku 
  va retreating through fear
  n a cowardly retreat


B wáenimæn 
  vi to walk rapidly
  see waetata


B wáenrónga 
  vi to sit a la mode Kusaie
  n a sitting on a mat with the feet and lower part of the legs turned back and nearly parallel with the thigh


B wáenúea 
  vi to sit on the ground with one leg crossed above the knee of the other
  n a sitting on the ground with one lig crossed above the knee of the other


B wáerake 
  vi to go east
O waerake 
  v to go ashore, to go eastwards
  vc kawaerakea: to steer, or direct upwards, towards ..., to make ascend


B wáerákea 
  vt to approach near to
O waerakea 
  vt to ascend towards.
  ex e waerakeai: it came up towards me


B wáerebutæ/ta 
  vi to be constantly going from place to place
  n a constant restless going from place to place
O waerebutata 
  v to walk, or go with quick steps. .
  or wae riputata:
  fig a street walker.
  vc kawaerebutata: to make ..., to walk briskly


B wáeremwe 
  vi to go or walk slowly
B wáeremwe 
  n slow walking, late arrival
O waeremwe 
  n slowness, tardiness <tardy>.
  v to dawdle, to arrive late.
  a slow.
  vc kawaeremwe, kawaeremwea: to slow down the movement, to retard
  vc he movement, to retard


O wae-rena 
  n (stretching foot) one who keeps coming back to the same place.
  vt waerena: to come back again to, to frequent assiduously (place, person)


O waeribeu 
  na deformation of toes, adhering ..., etc.


B wáeribóno 
  vi to visit repeatedly and frequently, to take short steps
  n a frequent visitation
O waeribono 
  nv to walk with short steps, close steps
  fig (more used), multiplying one's visits, coming back at short intervals, faithful in coming often.
  vc kawaeribonoa: to make ...


O waerio 
  or wairio:
  v to go downwards ..., towards the lagoon, towards the west.
  vc kawairioa: to make ...
  ant waerake, kawaerakea


O waero 
  n a species of crab with black claws (ro)
O waero1 
  syn kawai n ro, kawinroa:
  v v.t. waeroa. to go by night, to travel about ..., to go to ..., stealthily <stealthy>, secretly (for good or bad end).
  syn kimoa ni bong: marauder, robber, scrounger.
  v to maraud, to rob, to scrounge by night


O waeroa 
  a having long thin legs (like fishing rod).
  v to walk with long steps


B wáetata 
  vi to go or walk rapidly
  n a rapid gait
O waetata 
  n general word for: haste, hurry, promptitude.
  v to hurry, go quickly, do quickly, promptly, smartly.
  vc kawaetata, kaka ...: to make haste, to hurry, to hasten
  ex ti kawaetataira: we are hurrying, we hurried
O waetata1 
  n waewaetata ... rapid pace, accelerated movement.
  sup superlative of waetata:
  v to hurry, go, ... do smartly, ... rapidly.
  vc kawaetatawe, kawaetatawea: to do ..., to make do ...


B wáetatáwe 
  vi to walk rapidly
  n a rapid gait, brisk walking


B wáetebe 
  va afflicted with springhalt as a man
  n a springhalt gait
O waetebe 
  nv waetebetebe: to lift one leg and throw it forward when walking.
  syn waeteme


B waetébetabe 
  va frequentative of waetebe


B wáeteke 
  a nimble, active, quick in motion
O waeteke 
  na waeteketeke: rapid in pursuit, ... to catch


O waetemeteme 
  syn n.v.a. waetebe


B wáetoka 
  vi to walk briskly
O waetoka 
  n rapid walk, haste.
  v to hurry, to go quickly, to do rapidly.
  a to be prompt, ... smart.
  syn waetata


B waeuaái 
  n a miniature racing canoe with two sticks holding the outrigger
O wae-uai 
  n toy canoe for makei racing <race>;
  ex wae-kaina: idem. another kind


B wáeura 
  n a shell-crab, the
O wae-ura 
  n a crab with red claws


B wáewae 
  a having large feet, large footed
B wáewae 
  n an interruption or checking of one who is speaking
O waewae 
  na having stout legs
O waewae1 
  from waea:
  n obstruction, opposition <oppose>, contradiction, objection, criticism.
  v to make ..., to object, to contradict ...
O waewae2 
  freq of waea:
  nv inf. to point out, to designate
  ex e waewae te aomata: person stretching arms to attain something out of reach.
  see tawaewae


B waewáea 
  vt frequentative of waea


B wái 
  vi to blow as the wind
  vi to engage in spearing as fish, to engage in seine making
  n the spearing of fish, seine making
B wái 
  a oblong
O wai 
  a oblong, long, elongated, tapering, pointed.
  fig e wai ubuna, e wai: he has a long face, crestfallen, ashamed, disappointed, taken in
O wai1 
  rad of waea or waia:
  pref to harpoon fish, whales, etc.
  ex wai ika, wai baiku, wai bainamu, wai kua, wai rereba
O wai2 
  a coming on well, making way through
  ex e wai te ang: the wind is blowing up.
  vc kawaia te ang: to wait till the breeze blows

wai itua

O wai itua 
  vt to thread on, to string by piercing <pierce> with needle, etc.

wai kakang

O wai kakang 
  na pointed, sharp, tapering

wai karaun

O wai karaun 
  nv waea te karaun: to make mesh net

wai keke

O wai keke 
  na wai keke rake: going to a point, a cape

wai ki

O wai ki 
  to prick the back (of loser to make advance)

wai maranga

O wai maranga 
  v to pierce, or sew too far apart (thatch, etc.).
  vt waimaranga: idem.

wai marena

O wai marena 
  nv v.t. waimarena: to put, prick, place, or pass between, at intervals

wai n ang

O wai n ang 
  idiom (1) e wai te ang: the wind comes up,... blows, gusts of wind.
  idiom (2) a refreshing drink, agreeable ...


O waia 
  vt to pierce, ... prick, ... skewer, ... harpoon, to thread on to ...
  see waea


O wai-ananau 
  a long, lengthy, lengthening, stretching, prolonged


O waibakarere 
  nv v.t. waibakarerea: throwing dart, to throw and pierce


B waibæ/naa 
  vt to pierce with a sharp-pointed stick
B waibæ/na 
  vi to engage in piercing with a shar7 pointed stick
O waibana 
  vt to pierce the body, to pierce through


O waibora 
  v to pierce, sew (thatch, etc.) in irregular faulty manner


O waibua 
  na sore throat, having ..., which irritates throat


B wáiki 
  n the taking of another's place in a game when required


B waikía 
  vt to succeed another in taking his place in a game when two are needed


B wáimæta 
  n a disease of the eyes, the
  vi to engage in reproving or chiding
B wáimataa 
  vt to reprove
O wai-mata 
  n sore eyes, ophthalmia.
  v to have ...
O wai-mata1 
  nv v.t. waea matan te ... wai mataia: to point to with finger, to make ashamed, to blame by pointing at the face of culprit


B wáin 
  n wine (ENG)
O wain 
  n wine (ENG)


B wáinang 
  n very sweet and fresh karewe
  a very sweet and fresh as karewe


B wainékeneke 
  va having a rash like prickly heat
  n a rash resembling prickly heat
O wainekeneke 
  and unekeneke:
  n a twitching, itching, tingling <tingle> sensation ...


B wáinimæn 
  n a method of tying the feather float in the game of kab'ane
O wai-ni-man 
  nv v.t. wainimania: a manner of placing feather on stick in game of kabane


B wáiora 
  n a viol (ENG)


B wáiraa 
  n feces, excrement
B wáira 
  vi to perform a certain incantation
O waira 
  n excreta.
  vt waira, bekara
O waira1 
  n (1) wairaea: disparagement.
  v to disparage, to speak badly of ..., to speak disparagingly of ...
  n (2) king of malevolence, maleficence, cursing <curse>


B wairaáea 
  vt to subject a person to the effects of a certain incantation


O wairakau 
  nv magical practice imported from Fiji to counteract malevolence, to prevent or cure sickness, to provoke love


B wáirau 
  vi to engage in sewing or fastening pan leaves to a stick for thatching
  n the process of fastening pandanus leaves to a coconut rib for thatch
O wai-rau 
  n work of making thatch (rau);
  v wawairau, waea raun te bata: to stitch, or sew thatch for house


O wai-rena 
  nv to go in single file, in Indian file


B wáirinæn 
  vi to stand in a row, to march in a procession
  n a row, a rank, a file, a line
O wai-rinan 
  n get in ..., be in line, in ranks.
  vc kawairinana: to put, or make go in a line


B wáirio 
  vi to go toward the west
  n a going to the west or to the leeward
O wairio 
  v to go downwards, towards the west, descend towards the lagoon.
  vc kawairioa: to make ...


B wairioa 
  vt to approach a canoe from the east or the shore


B wáiroro 
  vi to play with on of the same age
  n play or sport with one of the same age
O wai-roro 
  a wairorona: being about the same age, judge by the age, the generation of ...


O wai-taninga 
  n ear ache, any pain in ear.
  v to have ...


O waitebu 
  or waitubu:
  n large axe needing two hands to manipulate


B wáiteke 
  n a fork
  vi to engage in using a fork
O waiteke 
  n te kai ni waiteke: fork, garden ..., table ...


B waitékea 
  vt to fork food, to lift food with a fork
O waitekea 
  vt to prick, pierce with fork, skewer, etc.


O waiteketeke 
  a spotted, marked, mottled, speckled.
  vt waiteketekea: to spot, to mark ...


O waitoa 
  vt waitoa:: to double leaves <leaf> when making rau (thatch)


B wáitoko 
  vi to engage in suppressing another's speech
O waitoko 
  n general interference, obstruction, opposition <oppose>, contrariness <contrary>.
  v to make interfere, etc.


B waitókoa 
  vt to suppress another's speech


O waitotokoa 
  vt waitotokoa: to hinder, ... stop, ... counteract, to be opposed to ..., to put spokes in the wheel


O wai-tua 
  vt waitua: to pierce, ... prick obliquely, ... superficially


B wáiwai 
  n the furrowed edge of the reef
  n gonorrhoea
B wáiwai 
  va afflicted with gonorrhoea
O waiwai 
  n reefs (jutting, wai), breakwater around islands
O waiwai1 
  n disease of bladder, urethra, inflammation caused by toddy contaminated by cantharides beetle.
  vc kawaiwai, kaka ...: which causes waiwai


B wákaa 
  n one who gives support
  n a root
B waáka 
  a full of roots, as soil
O waka 
  n root, fibre, string.
  fig relationship, roots, moral attachments, base, foundation, cause.
  a waka, wawaka, wakariri.
  sup wakawaka, kau-waka, kiriwakawaka: fibrous, stringy, tough, undercooked, full of threads, strings, fibres, having ...
  fig ae waka i, e waka n te ...: having its roots, base, cause in ..., to be rooted, ... attached, fastened, tied to ...
  vc kawakaea: to make or wait till ...
  n te waka tabanin: square root.
  idiom reke-waka: to be staying, ... held <hold> by roots, ... attached
  ex tae-waka, rou waka, rou-waka, taeka, ... routa te: to uproot.
  na wakamarumaru wakamatoa: thick set roots, bushy ..., many ..., strongly rooted

waka n ni

O waka n ni 
  n coconut roots

waka ni ba

O waka ni ba 
  n stalactite

waka ni kaina

O waka ni kaina 
  n pandanus roots

waka uea

O waka uea 
  n tap root


O wakabuaka 
  a badly rooted.
  fig not well transplanted, not well accepted in strange or new surroundings (for ex. young wife in husband's family)


O wakana 
  vt to have, ... take for, root, basis, foundation


B wákanei 
  n a small fragment of feces
O waka-n-ei 
  n aerial roots of certain trees, pandanus, mangrove


O wakaniba 
  n a species of dark coloured shark


B wakaánikáina 
  n a root of the pan


B wakaan/ni 
  n a root of the coconut tree


O wakaraoi 
  a well embedded, rooted.
  fig well received, adopted, integrated in strange place


B wakáriri 
  a tough-skinnned
O wakariri 
  a stringy, fibrous, tough.
  sup superlative of wakawaka: underdone


B wákawaka 
  a stringy, fibrous as pandanus fruit
O wakawaka 
  a stringy, fibrous, tough


B waáki 
  vi to go on, to proceed
O waki 
  n wawaki: advancement, progress.
  v to progress, to go forward, to advance, ... make progress, ... follow up an idea, ... realize a plan.
  vc kawaka, kaka ...: to make ...


B waákina 
  vt to shove
O wakina 
  vt wawakina: to push forward, to carry out, to impel, to proceed with an idea, to pursue actively ..., to make affairs progress, advance


O wakiraoi 
  syn butiraoi
  good progress, going well, making progress (used for actions, work, affairs)
  ex wa raoi, wa buaka used for persons of good or bad social behaviour


B wæ/kiti 
  n wax (ENG)


B waákoro 
  vi to work by one's self
  n work performed by one's self
O wakoro 
  vt wakoroa: to work alone, separately, to do alone (a task, an affair)


B wakóroa 
  vt to do work by one's self


B wan 
  a eight, always followed by a numeral suffix, ai, ua, ung, man, nga, kai, kora, or by a certain noun, as bong, ririki, ritoro, inaki, atao, aba, or by a certain adjective, as bwi, bubua
O wan 
  an wani: eight;
  ex wanua (wani wa), waniman, wan-ai, wani kai, etc.,
  ex wani ngaun eighty


B waána 
  vt to take possession of a canoe
B wána 
  a wearisome, tiresome
O wana 
  from wa
  vt (1) wawana: to have, or take for means of transport, for vehicle, ... to embark on, ... to ride on
  ex N na waniko: I want to ride on you.
  ex (2) e wawanira, e okiokirira te makuri: the work always falls to us, keeps coming back to us
  ex e wana te tang: he started to cry, he does nothing but cry
O wana1 
  from seems to come from waki
  vt to have as term, end of course, ... come back to, ... start to ...
  ex e wana te aine: he keeps coming back to this woman
O wana2 
  n wanawana: reason, commonsense, intelligence.
  a intelligent, reasonable, sensible, wise, having commonsense, intelligence, wisdom, prudence ...
  vc kawana, kawanawana: to make become ... , to give ...


B wan/ai 
  a eight, in counting hardware, furniture, chests, barrels, timber, coconut-leaf stems, fingers, teeth, large fish, as sharks and ikari


B wánænti 
  n scaffolding
O wa-n-anti 
  n scaffolding, horse, trestle


B wánara 
  vt to lay bare the rootlets of babai for the purpose of applying a fertilizer
O wanara 
  vt to separate, to disentangle, to denude, to uncover fibres, hair, roots (uncover taro roots to apply manure)


B wánawana 
  a intelligent, knowing, wise
O wanawana 
  n intelligence, reason, commonsense, sound judgement, wisdom, sagacity, perspicacity, clairvoyance, prudence.
  a having ..., being ..., intelligent, reasonable, sensible, wise, sagacioue, perspicacious, clairvoyant, judicious, ingenious, prudent.
  a niniwana: frank, open minded, intelligent, receptive, precautious, quick, smart.
  a wanawana n rang, rangi ni ...
  sup very ..., altogether ...
  a moaniban te wanawana: most ...
  vc kawanawana: to make ..., to give ..., to find ..., to treat as ...,
  ex kakawanawana: to think oneself ..., to esteem oneself ...
  ex ko kawanawanaiko! you think yourself clever! you boast of ...


B wánawananrang/ 
  a of rare intelligence


B wan/ea 
  a eight million


B wánei 
  n the part of a scoop-net near the handle


B wanéinei 
  a too watery, mixed as food with too much water
O waneinei 
  na a mixture too wet, very ..., too much liquid.
  syn waranran
  vc kawaneineia: to make, to render more ...


O wang 
  v wawang, wangwang: to push, to push in front of one, to push forward, to push along


B wánga 
  a weary, tired
B waánga 
  vt to feed well
O wanga 
  vt wawanga, wangawanga: to push along in front of one, to take along by pushing, to push, shove, to fatten an animal
O wanga1 
  n wanga iai, wangawanga, wangaroro: bustle, confusion, disagreement, meddling, trouble, vexation, tiredness, worry.
  v to have ...., to be troubled, upset, worried <worry>, etc., to be in the act of ...
  ex mate wanga: busy, worried by affairs (useless, vain).
  vc kawanga, kawangawanga, kawangaroroa, kamatewanga: to give trouble, bring ..., to upset ..., to vex, annoy, tire uselessly
  ex tai kawangako! don't worry
  ex tai kawangaingkami! don't worry! never mind!


B wangároro 
  a very much wearied
  n a great weariness


B wángawanga 
  a frequentative of wanga wearied


B wángea 
  n a weapon or sword set with shark's teeth
O wangea 
  or wi-ni-ngarei:
  n (1) native sword, 2-3 ft. long having four rows of sharks' teeth.
  n (2) sword, sabre, chopper


B wángewange 
  n an anointing oil
O wangewange 
  and wanguwangu:
  n the residue, remainder, lees, sediment of oil, liquid in bottom of vessel, remains, dregs


B waang/nga 
  vt to apply more force to as a tool for boring


B wæn/iba 
  a eight leaves


B wánibánga 
  n a style of ruoia in which the players are few


B wænibúbua 
  a eight hundred


B wæn/ibwi 
  a eighty
  see wani ngaun


B wæn/ikai 
  a eight, in counting trees, fishhooks, and sections of land


B waánikángare 
  vi to chaff
  n light idle talk by way of making fun


B waánikangárea 
  vt to chaff, to make fun of


B waánikárau 
  vi to run about in the rain
O wa-ni-karau 
  nv (1) to stay out in the rain
  see ua-ni-karau
  n (2) spouting to collect rain water


B wánikaróa 
  see n kawawa


O wa-ni-kiba 
  n aeroplane <airplane>
  ex wa-ni-kiba-n-tari: sea plane


B wæn/ikora 
  a eight in counting baskets


B wæn/ikuri 
  a eight hundred thousand


B wæn/imæn 
  a eight, in counting persons or animals


B wánimæ/rawaa 
  vt to free a foundered canoe of water
  vt to cultivate a young coconut tree
B wánimæ/rawa 
  n frequent cultivation of coconut trees
O wa-ni-marawa 
  nv (1) to empty a capsized canoe by lifting up one end at a time.
  v (2) to care for a plant in danger of dying


B wánimæ/tang 
  vi to eat fish (just caught) in privacy
B wánimæ/tang 
  n a ship, a foreign vessel,
  n a place for eating fish ( just caught ) in privacy


B wánimæ/te 
  vi to be very hungry
B waánimæte 
  vi to live on one's neighbor
  n a person living on his neighbor


O wanimatea 
  syn bakaimatea, okiokira n ua matena
  to come back to ..., continually coming back, ... dying with love, desiring passionately
  ex e wanimatea te aine: he comes back passionately to ...


B waánin 
  vi to engage in mending a hole in a mat
  n the work of mending a hole in a mat
O wanin 
  or ewanin:
  n coconut husk, cut in halves (shell and husk)
O wanin1 
  v to mend, ... darn (clothes, nets)


O wanina 
  vt to mend ... darn (mats, baskets, thatch, etc.)


B wæn/inga 
  a eight thousand, eight in counting fathoms


B wæn/ingaun 
  a eighty
  see ngaun


B waáninía 
  vt to mend a mat having a hole
O waninia 
  from ninia:
  vt to get involved in, to penetrate into
  ex e waninia te riaboro: the devil entered into them


O wani-ua 
  a eight.
  see wanua


B wan/næno 
  n the sleepers of a building, a joist


B wáno 
  n a small canoe


B wan/rang 
  n a canoe not skillfully navigated
O wa-n-rang 
  n badly steered canoe.
  a ... not well cared for


B wan/re 
  vi to practice a certain incantation in order to impart skill in throwing
  n an incantation for imparting skill in throwing
O wanre 
  n Nei Wanre: female evil spirit
O wanre1 
  n wanrea: sortilege, mostly evil.
  v to do this sorcery on ..., by pointing the little finger (te ukire) towards person or things, to bewitch, ... curse, to hinder success, to check, to make a project fail


B wanréa 
  vt to perform a certain incantation upon
O wa-n-rea 
  a becoming deteriorated, getting spoiled, tarnished, faded.
  see syn. manrea:
  vc kawanrea: to deteriorate, to spoil, to tarnish, to jumble up, to find ..., to judge as ...


B wæn/rebu 
  a eighty thousand


O wa-n-ro 
  nv wanroa, kawain ro: to go by night, ... in obscurity


O wa-n-ta 
  n wantanta, kiriwantanta: spots, speckles on skin, ... fur, mark on colour, paint, fault, mark which spoils effect.
  a marked with stain, spot, spoiled by apparent fault, defect.
  fig blemish, hereditary defect, personal blemish, ... marked by blemish, honour impaired, blot on character
  ex e wanta, e ina: he is marked.
  vc kawanta, kawantanta, kakiriwantanta: to mark with a blemish, ... blot, to cause, to leave, to spoil by ..., to find a defect in ...
  ex e kawanta, e kawantanta: it is dishonourable, discreditable


B waan/tabákea 
  n a certain method of swimming on the back


B wantæ/bea 
  vi to swim on the back
  n a canoe whose crew have missed their bearings


B wæn/tæno 
  a eighty million


B wantárawa 
  n the name of a long chant in the ruoia
O wa-n-Tarawa 
  n a long theme for standing dance (ruoia)


B wæn/toki 
  a eight hundred million


O wa-n-tonga 
  vt to conduct, ... direct the education of ..., to bring up, to train, to nourish, to educate carefully
  see tonga
  n wa-n-tonga: careful system, kind, of education


B wænúa 
  a eight in counting things in general
O wanua 
  a wani-wa: eight;
  ex kawanua: eighth


B wæn/ung 
  a eight in counting pandanus fruit


B wáo 
  n a creeping vine
O wao 
  n a creeping plant, hogweed
  sn Boerhavia diffusa and Repens sp.
G wao 
  sn Boerhavia diffusa L. (z)

waona n anti

O wao-na n anti 
  n a plant
  sn Vernonia cinerea


O wao-ni-anti 
  sn Boerhavia tetrandra
  n a plant, hogweed


G waonnansi 
  sn Boerhavia tetrandra Forster (z)
G waonnansi1 
  sn Vernonia cinerea (z)


B wáraa 
  a without trees, treeless
  n a treeless section
O wara 
  na warawara, korowarawara: open mesh, having holes, ... wire netting, lattice work, net, open, sparsely wooded, riddled with many holes, openings, passages, intervals.
  vc kawara, kawarawara: to make, ... pierce, ... leave spaces, intervals, holes in.
  n te kawara: a blasted, open passage, a break <gap>, a clear space
O wara1 
  syn wa buaka, tekebuaka
  v (1) wara going badly, turning out badly, ill luck.
  a (2) badly behaved, detested.
  ant waraoi


O waraku 
  a warakuraku: slightly wet (between damp and soaked).
  vc kawarakua: to make become ..., to wet, ... dampen


O waranran 
  a very wet, too watery.
  syn waneinei


B waáraoi 
  a kind
  n kindness
O waraoi 
  a (1) doing well, turning out well, going good.
  syn tekeraoi, bunna raoi:
  n (2) person of good behaviour (sometimes)


B wárati 
  n a walrus (ENG)


B wárawara 
  a having open or net work, here and ther a tree
  n open or latticed work, an opening among trees


B wáre 
  vi to count, to read
O ware 
  n wareware: numeration, enumeration, counting, calculation, numbers, reading.
  v to count, to calculate, to enumerate, to spell, to read.
  idiom akea warena! akea warekana, e aki warekaki: counts as nothing, doesn't count, of no account, worth nothing

ware nano

O ware nano 
  vt warenanoa: to work out mentally.
  n mental calculation


O warea 
  see ina, wanta
  a dull, tarnished, lustreless.
  fig having reputation tarnished.
  vc kawanrea: to tarnish


B wáreb'ai 
  n arithmetic
  vi to learn arithmetic
O warebai 
  n arithmetic, mathematics, calculation.
  v to do ..., to calculate, to count.
  vt warebaia: to compute, to count


B wáreboki 
  n reading
  vi to read
O wareboki 
  n warebokia: reading.
  v to read.
  vt to read a book


O warebong 
  nv the days are counted, to count the days
  ex e warebong te (person, object) it is only a matter of days till, ... something happens, till person dies, it will happen soon.
  vt warebongia: to count the days for ...


B wárebwe 
  a wide, roomy, not contracted
O warebwe 
  a large, wide, spacious
  ex warebwerebwe, matawarebwe.
  vt kawarebwea: to make ..., to enlarge, to widen


B wáreka 
  vt to count, to read
O wareka 
  vt wawareka: to count, ... enumerate, ... spell, ... read.
  idiom akea warekana. e bure warekana, e aki reke warekana: countless


B warekeéno 
  n a volcano (ENG)


B wáreriri 
  vi to engage in indiscriminate accusation of robbing when the fruit of one's land has been taken
O wareriri 
  vt wareriria: to enumerate, to count one's followers, companions, accomplices


B wáreware 
  vi to read, to count
  n reading, a counting


B wári 
  n a person, or ship, or house of great size
  a great in size
O wari 
  n wari. the large species of (things, animals and esp. fish) <phylum, class, order, family, genus ?>
  ex te wari ni buni, te wari n onoati.
  a wari, warikaeai (kei): big, large, enormous, monstrous, gigantic.
  n te wari: a magic against sea-monsters
G wari 
  sn Lagocephalus lagocephalus (ll)
  n toby (sm)


G waribuni 
  sn Lagocephalus sp. (ll)
  n toby (sm)


B wáriki 
  a narrow
  n narrowness
O wariki 
  or uariki
  a warikiririki, warikinono, warikibono: narrow, restricted, confining.
  vc kawarika: to make ..., to restrict, to confine


B wárikinóno 
  a very narrow, as a channel, or the mouth of a bottle


B wárinibúni 
  n a fish, the


B wárinonáuti 
  n a fish, the


G warionauti 
  sn Lagocephalus sp. (ll)
  n toby (sm)


B wáririki 
  n a canoe of medium size


B wáro 
  n a species of crab, the
  n a jack-knife
O waro 
  n Te Waro: constellation of small stars near Canopus
O waro1 
  n (1) sea mantis
  sn Stomapoda
  n (2) pocket knife which closes like claws of ...
  nv kawaro: to fish for ...
O waro2 
  n knot form, without loops
G wáro 
  sn Lysiosquilla maculata (i)
G wáro 
  sn Pseudosquilla ciliata (i)
L waro 
  and varo
  sn Stomatopod
  n crustacean


B wárona 
  vt to tie a loop in a cord that will not slip
O warona 
  vt to put a knot ..., to tie with a knot


B wáru 
  vi to nibble, as a fish, at a bait
  n a good fishing place where fish promptly bite
O waru 
  nv wareware, banga ni waru: pulling, nibbling <nibble> at bait.
  fig vexation, importunity, twitch, to annoy by nasty hand play.
  v kawareware: to do ...


O waruta 
  vt wawaruta: to pull, to nibble (bait), to importunate, to annoy by pulling, tugging


B wáruwaru 
  vi to nibble, as a rat or a fish at a bait


B watangáina 
  vi to swim on the back, to walk with the face turned upwards
  n a swimming on the back, a walking with upturned face


B wáti 
  adv directive toward the person who has just spoken
  ex I a nako wati: I will go to you
B wáti 
  n a watch (ENG)
O wati 
  suf of moving <move> forward, towards.
  ex buti wati, nako-wati, ke wati: to advance towards, to move forward


B wáu 
  n cat's-cradle
  n a mat with some dark strands
  vi to play the game of cat's-cradle
O wau 
  n game of Cat's Cradles.
  v to play at ...
O wau1 
  a wauwau: good, well, seemly, becoming, fitting.
  syn kan
  idiom e wau ngke te aine: that would be all right for a woman
  ex e wau ngke te mane: that would be becoming for a man
O wau2 
  n wauwau: weaving <weave> mats with patterns of different coloured leaves


B wáua 
  vt to braid a mat with a second color
O waua 
  vt to weave, to embroider with different coloured leaves, or cotton to make patterns, designs


B wáuna 
  vt to pray to death
O wauna 
  from wauwi
  vt to curse, to put a spell on, to wish evil to, to bewitch with evil spell


B wáuoa 
  see n baonimoto


O wa-uoua 
  n a kind of attic, upper platform in native house.
  see bao ni moto


B wáuwau 
  va well furnished with conveniences or suitable clothing
O wauwau 
  nv to sneak in, to slink from place to place, to double deal


B wauwáua 
  vt frequentative of waua


O wauwi 
  n curse, malediction, imprecation.
  v to wish evil, ... death to ..., to cast an evil spell.
  see wauna


B waáwa 
  vi to trickle, to move along as a crowd
O wawa 
  from waki
  nv (1) flowing, going in crowds, mass movement.
  red tawawa.
  v (2) flow, stream, run down (water, tears).
  vc kawawa: to make ..., to drain, to catch rain water.
  n te bai ni kawawa: guttering, spout, drain pipe


O wawaea 
  freq of wa:
  v to go to, ... towards


O wawaeakina 
  v idem. to move, to flow continually towards ...


B wawáem'ere 
  vi frequentative of waem'ere


B wawáenróngo 
  vi frequentative of waenrongo


B wawáenúea 
  vi frequentative of waenuea


B wawáerebutæ/ta 
  vi to be habitually going from place to place


B wawáeremwe 
  vi frequentative of waeremwe


B wawáetata 
  vi frequentative of waetata


B wawáetatáwe 
  vi frequentative of waetatawe


B wawáirau 
  vi frequentative of wairau


O wawaitai 
  from tai
  vt wawaitaia to do intermittently, to interrupt, ... stop at intervals


B wawáitáia 
  va intermittent, coming now and then


B wawáiwai 
  va frequentative of waiwai


B wáwakaa 
  a having many roots


B wawaáki 
  vi frequentative of waki


B wawaákina 
  vt frequentative of wakina


O wawana 
  vt idem.


B wawaang/nga 
  vt frequentative of wangnga


B wawánikárau 
  vi frequentative of wanikarau


B wawan/re 
  vi frequentative of wanre


B wawáreboki 
  vi frequentative of wareboki


B wawáreware 
  vi frequentative of wareware


B wawátangáina 
  vi frequentative of watangaina
  n frequentative of watangaina


B wawáwi 
  vi frequentative of wawi
  n frequentative of wawi


B wáwe 
  vi to blow steadily and favorably
O wawe 
  v to blow regularly.
  a steady, favourable (wind)


O wawea 
  vt to be blown along, helped by steady breeze


B wáweaki 
  a steady and favorable as a wing


B wáwi 
  vi to pray to death (haw = anana)
  n an incantation to produce death


B wéne 
  vi to lie down, to lie
O wene 
  n wewene, wenewene, weneraoi, wenebuaka, wene n tararake, wene n tangaina, wene n rarikiriki, ... ni baraki: lying position.
  v to lie, stretch on ground, be lying down, lying flat, ... well, ... badly, ... on back <supine>, ... on side, ... face down <prone>.
  vc kawenea: to lay down, to put down, to place on ground, to leave in place, ... in peace
  ex kawenea te ...: leave alone, don't talk any more about it
  ex niwenewene: to be or stay lying all the time
  ex wenetiku, weneman: to stay in place to stay a long time in same place
  ex wenetibu: lying decaying in place
  ex wene katoto: always lying down, sleeping everywhere
  ex wene ni bure: fornication <fornicate>, adultery

wene katoto

O wene katoto 
  v to remain lying <lie> down all the time.
  a sleeping all the time


B wénea 
  vt to braid the second half of a sleeping mat
O wenea 
  vt wewenea, wenewenea: to lie on


O weneakina 
  v to stay in bed for reason of sickness
  ex e weneakina aorakina: his sickness obliges him to keep to bed


O wenei 
  n (1) fleeting objects, souls, spirits of dead.
  syn rao, tamnei, tangaroa, takanoi
  n (2) shooting star, bolide, aerolite, meteorite, fugitive, fleeting light, rapid passage, phosphorescent wake.
  v to pass rapidly.
  vc ka-i-wenei: meeting and passing each other rapidly (trains, runners, etc.)


O wene-ni-bure 
  n acts of impurity in general, fornication <fornicate>, adultery


B wénei 
  n a shooting star or meteor
  vi to sail fast


B wenekátoto 
  vi to indulge in prolonged sleep, to sleep overmuch


B wéne-ni-búre 
  vi to commit adultery or fornication


B wénewene 
  vi frequentative of wene


B wEn/tite 
  n Wednesday (ENG)


B wére 
  n a fish, the
B weére 
  n a vail (ENG)
O were 
  n (1) furbelowed clam.
  n (2) elongated clam
  ex were-makai: scales of frilled clam
G were 
  sn Tridacoconuta cumingi (i)
  n furbelowed clam (jr)
G were1 
  sn Tridacoconuta elongata (i)
  n elongate clam (ja)
L were 
  sn Tridacoconuta
  n small (to 5") "killer" tridacoconuta - bivalve
L were 
  sn Tridacoconuta cummingi
  sn Tridacoconuta elongata
  n bivalve

were makai

G were makai 
  sn Tridacoconuta squamosa (i)
  n scales or frilled clam (ja)
L were makai 
  sn Tridacoconuta squamosa
  n bivalve


B wérewere 
  v to fish for the were


B wÉrewEti 
  n velvet (ENG)


B wéte 
  n a spine or spike on the back of a baiku
B wéte 
  vi to call
O wete 
  n dart, point of ... dart of sting ray, ... swordfish, tip of mast, ... thorn, picket;
  ex te kai ni wete: pointed stick
  ex te wi ni wete: point of dart
  ex te nna ni wete, ni maniwete: bunch of darts in Gilbertese weapons
  ex te kawete: bayonet.
  n te kawete: point, dart, sharp end
O wete1 
  nv wewete to call, to call out, to cry out


B wetéa 
  vt to call, to summon, to invite
  n a call
O wetea 
  vt wewetea: to call, to convoke, to summon, to invite, to bid come
  ex tiriwetea:
  sup to call continually


B weétikoti 
  n a waistcoat, a vest (ENG)


O wewe 
  suf te ikawai ewewe: really old person
  see ewe


O wewene 
  n second half of a double mat which is woven on to first half.
  vt wenea: to begin to weave second half ...
B wewéne 
  n a completed mat
  n the double of the babatu
  vi frequentative of wene


B wewénewene 
  vi frequentative of wene


B wéwete 
  vi to call


B wéwetea 
  vt frequentative of wetea


B wewéwetea 
  vt frequentative of wetea


B wi 
  n a tooth, the mouth, an edge
O wi 
  n (1) teeth <tooth>, mouth, beak, point, needle, blade, age judged from teeth;
  see compound words.
  ex te moa ni wi: front teeth, incisors
  ex te wi ni kamea, te katiti: canine teeth
  ex te awai: molars
  ex te ongong: wisdom teeth
  ex win te kai: crane's beak
  ex win te taba: knife blade.
  idiom te wi ra? what age?
  ex au wi: my age
  ex e wi te tei: the child is teething
  ex rouwi, kou-wi, routa, kouta te wi: to draw teeth
  ex korea win te: dilute the strength (of a drink).
  v (2) cut short (a speech, song), to stop, to suspend ...
  idiom e kakanoa wina: he has always something to say.
  vt moaniwia: to begin by saying that ...
  vt nanoniwia: to be always talking about the same thing
O wi1 
  n end, edge, border.
  ex win te bike: limit of beach when high tide recedes; ma
  ex te wi n ie: corner of sail

wi atibu

O wi atibu 
  n parrot fishh

wi karewe

O wi karewe 
  a honey mouthed.
  n flattering language.
  ex a karewerewe ana taeka: his words are sweet, agreeable.
  vc kawikarewea: to sweeten one's words, to insinuate

wi manga

O wi manga 
  n a crab with long claws

wi maung

O wi maung 
  na (1) evil smelling mouth (insult).
  n (2) the name of a fish

wi mona

O wi mona 
  n a species of fish. parrot fish

wi n aine

O wi n aine 
  a said of husband who takes the part of his wife.
  ant wi ni mane

wi n ang

O wi n ang 
  n air pipe, pump fixture, valve

wi n anti

O wi n anti 
  n slander, backbiting, tale bearing.
  vt winantia, wiwi ...: to slander, to backbite

wi n ongo

O wi n ongo 
  n hearsay, secondhand evidence.
  v to repeat a ...

wi n rang

O wi n rang 
  v to boast, to brag, to vaunt, to boast shamelessly, to speak at random, to say ridiculous things.
  n humbug, boaster, wag

wi n ranga

O wi n ranga 
  vt to speak foolishly about, ... to boast foolishly, ... without shame about ...

wi n rawa

O wi n rawa 
  va to show repugnance to accede to a request, to require pressing, to appear sullen, to give with bad grace, ... reluctantly

wi n rika

O wi n rika 
  n a chisel

wi n rine

O wi n rine 
  na winning canoe.
  fig to appear to be winning, to be in front, to be overtaking <overtake> (by success, ... riches ...)

wi n ririko

O wi n ririko 
  n necklace made of teeth picked up, collected (of special dolphin, te kewe)

wi n tamare

O wi n tamare 
  va wi-tamare: to use seductive language, to seek to seduce by ...

wi n tau

O wi n tau 
  n beak, dart of tau, jib sail

wi n tuairoa

O wi n tuairoa 
  n blade of instrument used to scrape pulp of cooked pandanus fruit

wi ngare

O wi ngare 
  n a smiling face, a smile

wi ni bakoa

O wi ni bakoa 
  na in form of shark's teeth <tooth>, pointed, V shaped edging

wi ni bati

O wi ni bati 
  n corner of sail tied to spar

wi ni kamea

O wi ni kamea 
  n canine teeth <tooth> .
  syn te katiti

wi ni katai

O wi ni katai 
  n the edge of a sharp slope, ... escarpment, cliff

wi ni kibu

O wi ni kibu 
  n beak of kibu ending in a point.
  a pointed

wi ni kimoa

O wi ni kimoa 
  or wikimoa
  n a sneak, ... tale bearer.
  v to sneak, to tell tales.
  a sneaky

wi ni kua

O wi ni kua 
  n name of a constellation
O wi ni kua1 
  n whale's teeth <tooth>.
  a to have front teeth overlapping, double

wi ni man

O wi ni man 
  a beak shaped, pointed

wi ni meang

O wi ni meang 
  n flattering but insincere words.
  v to flatter for personal advantage, ... humbug

wi ni wete

O wi ni wete 
  n sharp point of dart, lance, arrow, summit, tip of mast, of coconut spathe, tattooing in points on thigh, etc.

wi tati

O wi tati 
  na regular, well fitting teeth <tooth>

wi teke

O wi teke 
  a wiwiteke, witeketeke: frank, direct, speaking, to the point, not being afraid to hurt, or vex, saying exactly what one thinks. <candid>

wi teretere

O wi teretere 
  na projecting teeth <tooth>

wi uoua

O wi uoua 
  v to speak in doubtful terms.
  n indecision, uncertainty.
  v to be uncertain of one's words (used sometimes wrongly for wiuai)

wi warebwe

O wi warebwe 
  a having big mouth.
  n great talker


B wía 
  va proper, fit, suitable, all right
B wía 
  vt to indicate by lot
O wia 
  from wi
  a to have beak turned towards, to have in front of one ..., before one.
  ant mwia: to leave after ..., behind.
  see wia raoi, wia buaka
O wia1 
  vt to have in front of one, ... face, ... to meet ..., to arrive at the time of ...
  vc kawia: to make ..., to wait till the moment of ..., ... the occasion of ...
  ex kawaia rokona: wait till he arrives to meet him, wait for an occasion ...
  ex kawia te amarake: to arrive just in time for a meal

wia bong

O wia bong 
  na approaching night, nearly night
  ex e wia bong: it is nearly night, night approaches

wia buaka

O wia buaka 
  v to turn out badly, ... to fail, to be unlucky.
  vc ka wia buaka: to make ..., to cause failure, ill luck

wia raoi

O wia raoi 
  v to turn out well, profitable, favourable, well met, just in time, to be lucky.
  vc kawia raoi: to make ..., to bring about ...


L wiaau 
  sn Cymathium (gastropod)
  n snail


B wíabuaka 
  a unfortunate, not favored


O wi-amarake 
  n a small knife to cut food, tobacco, etc.
  a always ready to eat


G wianau 
  sn Epibulus insidiator (ll)


B wiatíbu 
  n a fish, the
G wiatíbu 
  a parrot fish (ll)


B wíaau 
  n a shell-fish, the
O wiau 
  n a shell fish
G wiaau 
  sn Cymathium sp. (i)


B wíba 
  vi to add to a story untruly
  n untruthful addition to a story
O wiba 
  v v.t. wiwiba, kakawiba n taetae: to shout, to roar (when speaking)
  ex kakawibaea: to enlarge, to exaggerate, to complicate, ... romance, ... chaff, ... humbug, ... brag, ... boast


B wib'aárub'aaru 
  a without teeth
  n a toothless person
O wibarubaru 
  n manner of speaking when toothless, as if munching, mumbling <mumble>


B wíbeka 
  vi to brag
O wibeka 
  v to talk incessantly, to exaggerate, to romance, to tell lies in joking <joke>.
  n braggart, boaster.
  syn wibunai


O wibine 
  n wibinea, wiwibine, wibinebine: secret, confidential conversation, whispering, softly uttered speech.
  v to murmur, to whisper


O wibino 
  n wibinobino: babbling <babble>, prattling <prattle> in boring manner.
  v to chatter, to gossip.
  vt wibinoi, wibonoa, wibinobinoa: to bore people by ...
  see binobino


O wibinoti 
  n bad breath


B wíboa 
  a aphthous


B wíboi 
  n the thrush or ulcerous affection of the mouth
O wiboi 
  na abscess in mouth, bad breath.
  v to have ...


B wíbuaka 
  vi to speak ill
  see taetaebuaka
O wibuaka 
  n (1) bad language, coarse, rude words.
  vt wibuaka: to insult, to offend by rude words.
  v (2) to speak, to pronounce badly, to sputter, to murder a language


B wibúbura 
  n a fish, the
O wibubura 
  n a fish, snapper
G wibúbura 
  sn Scarus brevifilis (y)
  n parrotfish (sm)


B wíbue 
  n a person with unwholesome reddish teeth
  a having unwholesome reddish teeth
O wibue 
  na discoloured, black, yellow teeth <tooth>


O wibunai 
  n an inveterate talker, braggart.
  see wimari


B wibúni 
  a having teeth which are unusually short
O wibuni 
  na having fine small teeth <tooth> (like buni)


O wibunoti 
  n a species of fish


B wíkabwea 
  vi to falsely exaggerate
  n exaggeration, false addition to a story
O wikabwea 
  vt to add on, to exaggerate.
  syn wiba


O wi-kai 
  na (crane beak)
  fig stranded, nonplussed, in a quandary, taken in, disappointed, abashed, confused (recent expression).
  fig biting <bite>, sarcastic, witty


B wikákang 
  a bold and caustic in speech
O wi-kakang 
  n sharp blade, pointed teeth <tooth>
G wikakang 
  sn Pollia undosa (i)
L wikakang 
  sn Pollia undosa (gastropod)
  n snail


O wikamara 
  n obscene language.
  v to use filthy words


O wikamarane 
  vt wikamaranea:
  n flattering words, insinuations, hints.
  v to flatter by ...


B wikang/kang 
  a having a voracious appetite
O wikangkang 
  n gourmet, gourmand, lover of good food


G wikaru 
  sn Lutianus bohar (ll)
  n juvenile snapper (sm)


B wíkateke 
  vi to boldly accuse, to talk much without hesitation
  n a bold charge or crimination
O wi-kateke 
  n startling <startle>, persuasive, penetrating language.
  a to be eloquent


O wi-kaukau 
  nv to speak in yapping, rude, disagreeable voice


B wi:/ki 
  n a week (ENG)
O wiki 
  n (1) week. (ENG)
  n (2) wick (ENG)


O wi-koa 
  v (1) wikoa n taetae: to speak rapidly.
  v (2) wikoa n amarake: to eat quickly.
  vc kawikoa: to make hurry, ... hasten to ...


O wikotakota 
  n great talker, gossiper, chatterer (particularly idle, wicked, dirty talk)


B wíkotáua 
  vi to lie, to deceive
  see kewekewe
O wikotaua 
  n contemptuous term for braggart, for one for and against, hypocritical language


O wi-koti 
  a wikotikoti
  a (beak cut short) abashed, confused, disappointed


B wikótikoti 
  a having teeth which are dull, or much worn down


O wi-maka 
  na wimakamaka: having decayed teeth <tooth>


B wim'ákam'aka 
  n a person whose teeth are much decayed


O wimakiki 
  na narrow mouthed, who dares not or cannot answer


O wi-mam 
  syn wikarewe
  na sweet, agreeable, flattering language.
  vt wimamuai: to give pleasure to ..., to flatter by ...


B wímæri 
  vi to make additions to a story, to report falsely
  n incorrect additions to a story
O wi-mari 
  na kimarimari n taetae, wimarimari: eloquent (embellishing recital in order to please rather than deceive).
  n good story teller in pejorative, braggart, harmless wag, joker


B wímætoa 
  va persistently maintaining
  n persistence in what one has said
O wi-matoa 
  va to speak firmly, forcibly, or obstinately, to persist in one's opinion, to be obstinate, stubborn in one's ideas, ... advice.
  vc kawimatoa, kaka ...: idem. to refuse to retract, ... to go back, on one's word or on an order


B wímona 
  n a fish, the
G wímona 
  n a parrotfish (ll)

win te bike

O win te bike 
  n the lower edge or limit of slope of beach


B wína 
  vt to tempt
O wina 
  vt wiwina: to incite by words, to suggest, to inspire, to counsel


B wináine 
  vi to prompt ot ill will or hostility to one's parents or near relatives as a wife or her husband


B wínænti 
  vi to slander, to backbite


B wingárongaro 
  a toothless
  n a toothless person
O wingarongaro 
  a toothless


O wi-n-ie 
  n corner of sail and end of yard arm near lower part of mast, clew


B winikámarane 
  vi to speak improperly to a woman
  n improper words to a woman
O wi-ni-kamarane 
  vt wiwikamaranea: to tease, to soothe by insinuating words, flattery, to flatter, to seduce


O wi-ni-kanaeng 
  v to show by one's language that one is hurt, huffed


O winikibuia 
  vt to pierce, to transpierce, to pierce through and come out


B wínikibwí 
  vi to appear as the point of a spear which has pierced completely through the leg or abdomen


B wínikua 
  n a whale's tooth
  a having a supernumerary front tooth


O wi-ni-mane 
  nva said of a woman who has taken the part of her husband, ... upholds his sentiments, ... ideas by her words


G winiona 
  n a parrotfish (ll)


B wíniwete 
  n a tattoo on the thighs
  n a certain plank in a canoe
  n the outer end of the coconut spathe


B winónginong 
  vi to whisper
  n whispering, a whisper
O winonginong 
  n a whisper.
  v to say, to murmur into the ear, to whisper.
  vt winonginonga: to whisper (a secret ...)


B wínonginóngia 
  vt to whisper, to utter in a low voice


B win/rang 
  vi to boast
  n boasting, a boast


B winrángia 
  vt to boast about


B win/rika 
  n a cold-chisel


B win/rine 
  vi to outsail
  n an outsailing


B win/rinéa 
  vt to outsail


B winríriko 
  n porpoise teeth


B wintámare 
  see winikamarane


B win/tau 
  n the bowsprit


O wi-o 
  or wi-oo
  v to speak openly without fear, to use open, candid, <frank> unreserved language.
  n a voice which carries and can be heard <carry>


O wi-oto 
  na wioto (S.) toothache, decayed teeth, sore gums;
  ex te bo ngaro: gum boil.
  vc kawioto: causes toothache, ... decay.
  see ribitau


B wíraa 
  n an aphthous disease
  a aphthous
O wira 
  n a wheel, a circular spring (ENG)
O wira1 
  n repugnance, aversion.
  v to have ...
  vt wiraea: to feel a repugnance for ... (persons, things not to one's liking)


B wíraoi 
  vi to speak pleasantly and peacefully and properly
O wiraoi 
  nv wiwiraoi: to speak well, to use nice language


B wírara 
  n the rainbow
O wirara 
  n Nei Wirara: rainbow


B wíraráoi 
  a having handsome, regular and sound teeth
  n a person with a fine set of teeth
O wiraraoi 
  na having beautiful, good teeth <tooth>


O wirebwerebwe 
  n a chatterbox.
  v to prate, chatter.
  a talkative.
  vc kawirebwerebwea: to make ...


O wirekareka 
  n mouth full of stumps, ... gaps.
  a notched, dented (blade, edge).
  vc kawirekareka: to make notched, ... full of gaps


B wíremwe 
  vi to prompt as a learner, to incite, to suggest to
  n a prompting
O wiremwe 
  na slowness, slow of speech, slow eater.
  vc kawiremwe


B wírereitína 
  vi to speak without bashfulness


B wiríkiriki 
  vi to eat with very small mouthfuls, to speak softly
  n a low utterance
O wirikiriki 
  n (1) whispering, a whisper.
  v to speak softly, ... in low voice.(2) to eat, hardly moving jaws


B wírikiríkia 
  vt to utter with a very low voice, to mutter
  bib Is 59 : 3
O wirikirikia 
  vt to whisper, to chew gently


O wirikoi 
  n a species of fish


B wíritai 
  see a wibue
O wiritai 
  syn n.a. wibue


O wiritu 
  n virtue


B wíro 
  n a willow (ENG)
B wíro 
  n a variety of soldier crab, the


O wita 
  n wheat (ENG)


B wítabitábita 
  vi to praise or flatter
  see winrang


B wítae 
  n a large eel, the
O witae 
  n a large eel
G wítae 
  n a large eel (ll)


B wítakanæ/na 
  vi to be quick to reveal secrets
  see aouti
O witakanana 
  sup witakanatua
  a tactless, indiscreet


O wi-tamare 
  see wi-n tamare
  n seductive talk


O wi-tangaina 
  vt to tell, to give out (thoughts, sentiments) before everyone, not keeping, ... having any secrets


B wítata 
  vi to speak rapidly
  n rapid speaking
O witata 
  v (1) wiwitatata: to speak rapidly.
  v (2) to eat quickly.
  vc kawitata: to cause to speak quickly, to eat ..., to make hurry


B wítæti 
  a having a regular set of teeth


B wíteke 
  a fluent, forcible, and to the point
  n fluency, forceful speech, speaking to the point


B witéketeke 
  a frequentative of witeke


B wi:/tere 
  n a weasel (ENG)


B witéretere 
  a having the front teeth prominently projecting


B wítoka 
  vi to speak rapidly
  n rapid speaking or utterance
O witoka 
  v wiwitoka, witokatoka. to speak, or eat with rapidity.
  syn witata:
  vc kawitoka n taetae, kawitoka n amarake: to hurry, go quickly in ..., to make ...
O witoka1 
  vt wi-toka: to speak, or eat (something) quickly


B witókatoka 
  vi to habitually speak rapidly


O witoko 
  v to obstruct, to make opposition by words


O witokoie 
  %idem| through wilfulness, heedlessness, foolishness


O witokonaua 
  sup superlative of witoko:
  vt to prolong, to protract (decision, affair) by prolix, vain verbosity


O wi-uai 
  %manga uai:
  a double faced.
  v to say one thing to one person and the contrary to another.
  n liar, hypocrite


B wiuóua 
  a double-tonguedd, doubtful, uncertain


B wiwárebwe 
  a having the teeth separated a little from one another


B wiwáriki 
  a having the teeth set close together
O wi-wariki 
  a wi koinawa: narrow mouthed


B wíwi 
  vi to suggest, to tempt
  n a suggestion, a temptation
O wiwi 
  from wi
  n suggestion, insinuation, incitation, inspiration.
  v to counsel, to suggest, to hint, to insinuate, to inspire, to incite


B wiwíba 
  vi frequentative of wiba


B wiwíkateke 
  vi frequentative of wikateke


B wiwímæri 
  vi frequentative of wimari


B wiwímætoa 
  vi frequentative of wimatoa


B wiwína 
  vt to prompt, to suggest to
O wiwina 
  vt idem. to incite to ..., to inspire a project to ...


B wiwínænti 
  vi frequentative of winanti


B wiwinæn/tia 
  vt frequentative of winantia


B wiwínikám'arane 
  vi frequentative of winikam'arane


B wiwinónginong 
  vi frequentative of winonginong


B wiwin/rang 
  vi frequentative of winrang


B wiwíremwe 
  vi frequentative of wiremwe


B wiwíríkiriki 
  vi frequentative of wirikiriki


B wiwítata 
  vi frequentative of witata


B wiwíteke 
  vi frequentative of witeke


B wiwítókatoka 
  vi frequentative of witokatoka


B wíwiuóua 
  vi to tell two stories about, to prevaricate


B wiwíwi 
  vi frequentative of wiwi


B wiwíwina 
  vt frequentative of wiwina


O wokewoke 
  n a plant (red leaves and red flowers)


B wóreba 
  n a wolf (ENG)


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