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A Combined

Kiribati-English Dictionary

based on the works of

Hiram Bingham, D.D.
Father Ernest Sabatier, M.S.C.
(translated by Sr. M. Oliva)

with additional scientific material from Luomala, Goo & Banner.

B -Bingham, Hiram. 1908, 1953. A Gilbertese-English Dictionary. vii, 179 pp (8vo). American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Boston.
O -Sabatier, Ernest. 1954. Dictionnaire Gilbertin-Français. xii, 984pp, duplicated. Mission Catholique, GI, Abaiang, Tabwiroa. 1971. Gilbertese-English Dictionary. translated by Sr. M. Oliva. x, 426pp, Sacred Heart Mission, Tarawa. South Pacific Commission Publications Bureau, Sydney.
G -Goo, Fannie C.C. & Albert H. Banner. 1963. A Preliminary Compilation of Gilbertese Animal and Plant Names. 2, 2, 55, 10, 26cm. prepared under contract SA-43-ph-3741, National Institute of Neurological Diseas. UH - Haw. Marine Lab., Honolulu.
L -Luomala, Katharine. 1953. Ethnobotany of the Gilbert Islands. Bishop Museum Bulletin 213, v, 129pp, map, bibl 122-4, index, 26cm. Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu.

compiled by
Stephen Trussel and Gordon W. Groves,
University of Hawaii, 1978

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B o 
  vi stretch
  vi paddle
  vi fly as an arrow, whiz
  n fence
  n gill of a fish
  n certain disease
  intj used in response to a call
O o 
  intj call, reply, surprise, lassitude, etc. (diff. tone but always placed at the end).
  ex Maria O! Karaki O! I a mate O! Ai kabotura O!
O o1 
  n gill of fish
  ex marai n o: white of gills
  ex oni bua, buro ni bua: tonsils
O o2 
  n enclosure, cloister, fence, enclosed property, stable, cage
  ex te o n aoraki: hospital
  ex te o ni beki: pigsty
  ex te o ni kitiba: cage for kitiba, ou, om, ona, etc.
  vt oa: to enclose, to shut in, to partition off, to put in cage, stable, etc. ...
  v fig. to catch, to be caught in the very act, to catch up with, to be found out
  ex a oia boreitiman: the police caught him
O o3 
  v to make one or more muscular efforts, to strain muscles for effort.
  a strong, vigorous, having nerve
  ex omaka: making strong effort
  ex e o birina: he has great rapidity in running
  ex e bai o: he has a strong arm
  ex e oo: it stiffens, makes efforts: (baby in bed)
  ex o rake: make efforts to go east (paddle towards ...)
  ex o rio: make efforts to go west
  ex o mai: to approach, to come
  ex o nako: to move away.
  vt to make effort to ...
  vt orakea, orakea te wa: to paddle the canoe towards the land, to make advance by paddle or oar


B óa 
  vt overtake


O oakina 
  vt to make advance, to push with pole or paddle


B óbaba 
  va coming up onto the land as a very high tide
O obaba 
  na very high tide, submerging (ae rababa: taorababa).
  vc ka-obaba: to wait for, to let come ...


B ob'áea 
  vt capture by surrounding
O obaea 
  vt to capture by surrounding, to close the circle around ...
  ex obaeaki


B obaáki 
  n rough binding of coconut fronds for torches, the torch itself


B obaákia 
  vt bind roughly a coconut frond for a torch


B óbo 
  va broken off as the head of a fish or as a coconut leaf
  va broken in strength, decrepit
  n place near the beach never shoal at low water
O obo 
  a broken but not detached (as palm leaf hanging), faded, withered, drooping, bent, bent over (as old person).
  vc ka-oboa: to break and leave hanging, to make wither, ... droop.
  ex kaoboa te ika: to break the back of the fish, to screw its head (without detaching it)
  ex kaoboa te waro: to close the blade of a penknife
  sup obotata: to break in many places


B óbora 
  vt destroy, desolate, devastate, damage
  n one of the forms of kaiwa
O obora 
  n devastation, destruction, ruin.
  vt obora: to devastate, to ruin, to plunder, to pillage, to make havoc, to make desolate, to empty
  see ka-bora
  n a form of divinization (kaiwa)


B óbotata 
  va broken off as several branches of a tree
  va fallen out as the front teeth
  va prostrate as a fence
O obotata 
  sup superlative of obo (for plants only)
  na leaves, palm branches broken in large number.
  vc ka-obotata ...


O obuki 
  v to hit, to attack from behind.
  vt obukia: to close on, to follow, to hem in from behind, to press hard, to be at the heels, to pursue.
  ex e na obuki kaina: his chastisement will follow promptly
  ex e obukira te ang: we have a following wind
  ex a obukia aia makuri: their works follow them
  ex e obukiko te taeka: you will be spoken about immediately after
  vc ka-obukia: to make ...


B oeétiti 
  n oasis (ENG)


B ói 
  n the very thing itself, the very person himself, one's self
  n torch
  vi perform an incantation before fishing on the flats
  vi be of no account
  intj response to words of praise
O oi 
  n (the real thing).
  a genuine, substantial, proper.
  n substance, essence, base, body
  ex oi ni bai: a valuable thing
  ex oi n te bai: the essence of the thing
  ex bon oin nanom? is it really your own will?
  ex i oin te ni: at the base of the tree. <trunk (of a tree)>
O oi1 
  int (1) ironical of pleasure after praise.
  ex oi! oi! oi!
  n (2) a torch of dried palm leaves used for night fishing.
  ex te oi ni kibe, ... n tatae.
  n an incantation for this kind of fishing.
  n nan te oi (N.) fire spirit.
  syn Nei Bainae, Batuare (S.)
O oi2 
  int ti oi! ti oingkoe! ti oi ngkami!
  also kioi!
  ex tioinaki! oinaki am bai: be blowed! bother! confound it! hang it!

oi n tatae

O oi n tatae 
  n torch for form of fishing called tatae ($onauti~)

oi ni kibe

O oi ni kibe 
  n torch of palm leaves for fishing called te kibe


B óiaki 
  n new moon
  a being in the season of the new moon
O oiaki 
  n cycle of one moon. lunar month:
  ex te oiakina, ua-oiaki, ten oiaki, etc.
  vc ka-oiaka: to wait till the new moon


B oimaátoa 
  n babai well matured
B oimæ/toa 
  a well matured
O oimatoa 
  a with solid base <trunk>, well founded, well planted (a fairly large taro, young coconut tree with trunk already amply developed)


B oimóa 
  vi arrive first
O oimoa 
  v to precede, to arrive first


B óimwi 
  vi come too late for
O oimwi 
  v to arrive after.
  a too late, last


B óioi 
  a large circumference as a coconut tree, or the bulb root of the babai
O oioi 
  syn a. oimatoa


B oitángere 
  a slim as the lower part of the trunk of a tree in contrast with a section above it
  n tree the diameter of whose trunk varies suddenly


O oitangore 
  from oi and ngore
  na a fragile base <trunk>, thin, too weak in comparison with size of tree


B óitoro 
  a unusually large round
  n tree or person of unusual circumference
O oitoro 
  a with strong base <trunk>, well established, well formed, promising (persons and plants)


B óka 
  n rafter of a house
B ókaa 
  vt cut off pandanus fruit with a blade fastened to a long stick
O oka 
  n joist, beam, rafter of house going from tatanga to taubuki
O oka1 
  v oka-tou, oka-mai, okababaia: to cut off fruit of pandanus, bread-fruit, papaw with long rod furnished with blade at end.
  vt oka: to detach, to cut off fruit so, to gather so.
  red okaoka

oka nako

O oka nako 
  vt to hurl against, to jostle; to hurl oneself against, to throw oneself against, to run into.
  see eka
  ex e oka nako te ni: he ran into a coconut tree


B ókai 
  n house for storing ripe coconuts
O okai 
  n a hut or shed for storing ripe coconuts.
  vt okaia: to store in ...


B okáia 
  vt store ripe coconuts in a house


B okáoka 
  n fish
  vt fish for the okaoka <fishing>
  a abounding in okaoka
O okaoka 
  n a reef fish, scavenger fish
  ex oka tana: species of okaoka.
  v okaoka: to fish for ...
  ex okaoka: abundance of ...
G okáoka 
  sn Lethrinus rhodopterus (y,ll)
  n young scavengerfish (ll)


O oka-tou 
  v to cut down pandanus fruit with long rod and blade.
  see oka


B óke 
  n oak tree (ENG)


B óki 
  n chisel
  vi return
O oki 
  n return.
  v to return, go back, to come back
  ex oki-rikaki: to come backwards
  ex okioki: to come often
  ex oku, okin, okina, etc.
  ex rai okioki, raraiokioki: to go backwards and forwards, ... to and fro
  ex okikaua: to come back twice
  ex oki-ten: to come back three times
  ex I nako n oki: I go away to come back again soon
  ex ai oku! at my return.
  vc ka-oki: to make come back, to make return, to send back, to give back, to restitute, to put back in place.
  v ka-okioki, kakaokioki: to keep bringing back, to keep repeating, dinning.
  vc ka-okioka: kakaokioka. idem.
  vt okira, okiokira: to come back towards ..., to go back to ..., to do again, to recommence, to say again, etc.
  ex tai okiria!: Don't do it again!


B ókioki 
  vi frequentative of oki
  n frequent returning


B ókiokíra 
  vt frequentative of okira


B okíra 
  vt return to


B ókitaba 
  vi return repeatedly
  n repeated returning of a person
O okitaba 
  v to hurt again
O okitaba1 
  vt to thwart, to oppose, to contradict, to annoy, to strike left and right.
  vc ka-oki-taba: to urge ..., to ...
  n te okitaba


B o:kitébo 
  n octavo (ENG)


B o:kitóba 
  n October (ENG)
O Okitoba 
  n October (ENG)


B óko 
  n staff, cane, walking stick
B óko: 
  n very young of the m'anai
  a having its young with it as the m'anai, adolescent
O oko 
  n walking stick
O oko1 
  n idiom. okon te makauro, e teboka okona te makauro


B ókoro 
  a apart, separate, unlike, different
O okoro 
  and kaokoro
  and kakaokoro:
  a different, distinct, special, particular, abnormal, singular.
  n difference, distinction, particularity.
  vn okoro ma ... kaokoro ma ...: distinct from, to be different, to be distinguished
  ex akea okorona ma ...: it is no different from ...
  ex ai kaokoro ra! how different! what a difference!
  adv n okoro: apart, separately.
  vc ka-okoroa, kaka-okoroa: to put aside, to separate, to distinguish, to differentiate, to make a difference, to do differently


B 'óma 
  n homer [Heb meas] (ENG)
B óma 
  vi bend as a stick when one sits on it, or as a plank when one walks on it while it is supported at each end
O oma 
  n flexibility, supple, pliable
  ex omaoma: very flexible.
  vc ka-oma, ka-omaoma, kakaomaoma: to make become flexible, supple, pliable, to inflect, to bend


B om'aáka 
  vi grow up rapidly
  n rapid growth
O omaka 
  a growing quickly.
  a rapid growth.
  v to throw with force, to go quickly.
  vc ka-o maka: to cause to go quickly, to grow rapidly, to throw with force


B omáoma 
  va frequentative of oma
  va easily bending, not stiff


O omara 
  a of feeble momentum, slow growth.
  v to throw with little force.
  ant omaka.
  vc ka-omara: to reduce, to diminish the speed, the force


O omarikaki 
  ex e omarikaki to nao ma ni beku: the wave bends, turns and falls heavily


B ómatata 
  vi flash repeadly as lightning
O omatata 
  n a flash, lightning flashes
  ex e ititi ao e omatata: there are repeated flashes of lightning
O omatata1 
  na strong evidence, very obvious, striking
  ex matata only is more used.
  vc ka-omatata: to make become ...


B ómeka 
  n omega (ENG)


B ómera 
  n omer [Heb dry meas] (ENG)


B on 
  n turtle
  a full
O on 
  n te on or to on: a turtle.
  n tuabon: fat with shell of turtle
O on1 
  a full, filled
  n fullness
  ex onrake: full to the top.
  a ontiti: full to overflowing.
  vc ka-ona, kakaona, kaonrakea: to fill, to fill up
G on 
  sn Chelonian mydas
  n greenback turtle (hh)


O ona 
  from o and oa
  vt to paddle (a canoe, bark)
  ex ona Matang: paddle towards Matang
O ona1 
  pref to certain names of fish: onaeara, ona bubura, onauti


O onabiti 
  n species of sea urchin resembling violet slate pencil


B onáe 
  n small marine growth or animal like the reka
  n musket with a certain lock
O onae 
  n an edible worm found on rocks
  sn Zoophyte


O onaeara 
  n a fish


O onako 
  v to depart by paddling.
  va fig. to go away upset, blamed, scolded, confused
  ex ti onako n am taeka: your words drive us away
  ex ko onakoira: you turn against us
  see kao nakoa: to involve in blame


B ónam'are 
  n fish
B oónam'are 
  va abounding in onam'are


O onanibwere 
  vt onanibwerea: to make a notch or cut the end to join on another piece


B onæ/niwére 
  n mode of spliceing the ends of two sticks
O onaniwere 
  v to repair a keel (kabi) of canoe.
  vt onaniwerea


B onæ/niwérea 
  vt splice sticks by cutting out a half of each for the sake of evenness


B onáona 
  a unevenn as land, or as a person's disposition
O onaona 
  n te aba n onaona: a distant land, hilly, of unknown customs visited by Nautongo
O onaona1 
  a (e oneaki arona) of changeable character. sometimes reasonable, at other times unreasonable, to be untrustworthy, unbalanced, whimsical.
  vc kaonaona: to disturb, to upset, to confuse, to treat as ...


B ónatabu 
  n portion of a coral flat slightly raised
  a slightly raised as a portion of a coral flat
O onatabu 
  n cloister, place prohibited.
  a cloistered, reserved, prohibited.
  vt onatabua: to enclose, to cloister, to confine, to put in prohibited place, to forbid entrance to ...


O onatabuki 
  n raised up place or enclosure.
  vt onatabuka: to raise up ...


B ónatabúkibuki 
  a uneven, elevated a little in places, as the surface of the ground or of a plank <even>


B ónauti 
  n flying fish
B oónauti 
  va abounding in flying fish
O onauti 
  n flying fishh
  sn Exocaetus volitans, exocoetidaeCypselurus sp.
  ex baiura: a large flying fish with red-tipped fins
  ex te keti: a small flying fish
G ónauti 
  sn family Exocoetidae (ll)
  n flying fishes (sm)
G ónauti1 
  sn Cypselurus spp. (y)
  n flying fishes (sm)
L onauti 
  sn Cypselurus simus (exocoetidae)
  n flying fish


B one 
  a six, same as ono six
  note the final o of the latter becoming e before the suffixes ai and ung for euphony


B ónea 
  vt replace, fill as a vacantcy
  n change as of clothing
O onea 
  vt (irr.) oneai, onoiko, onea, onoira, or oneira, onoingkami, onoia, oneaki, with direct object of each plural ono, oni, onoi one and onei: to change, to change oneself, to transform, to modify, to metamorphose
  ex N na oneai moa: I will go and change first
  ex onei nana: to change shells
  ex onoi burae: to change feathers, to moult
  ex onoi mane: to change money
  ex one aba: change country, to emigrate


B óneai 
  a six, in counting hardware, furniture, chests, barrels, timber, coconut leaf stems, fingers, teeth, large fish as sharks and ikari


B oneamwi 
  n substitute


O oneamwina 
  v onea mwiu, onea mwim, onea mwina, oneamwira, etc.: to replace, to substitute, to supply.
  n te onomwi: replacement, substitution.
  v onomwi: to replace.
  n te tia-onomwi: substitute (for another person)


B oneung 
  a six in counting pandanus fruit


O ong1 
  a ongong: spongy.
  a ongong, kiriongong, nibongong: swollen, heavy from sleepiness, tiredness, soporific
O ong2 
  v to squeeze, to press to extract juice.
  a which can be squeezed as a sponge.
  red ongong.
  see v.t. ongira


O ong_ 
  excl at the end of song; end, finished
  ex ong! ong!


B ónga 
  a soft or soggy as watery babai
  n soggy watery babai
  vt swallow
O onga 
  a porous, spongy.
  sup ongaonga ...
O onga1 
  vt to swallow, to absorb:
  ex ongan, ongakin, onga nako.
  ex te ongana, uaonga, tenonga, etc.: one mouthful, two ..., three ..., etc.

onga n tari

O onga n tari 
  n a sponge.
  syn tutu


B óngantari 
  n sponge


O ongaonga 
  n myth per. giant swallower of tree trunks.
  fig sword swallower, ogre, braggart


B óngea 
  vt regard, used generally with aki
  ex aki ongea not to regard or mind
O ongea 
  vt to count on, to hope that, to confide in.
  note rarely used except in negative.
  ex aki ongea: not to count on, not to worry about ..., not to take any notice of ...
  ex e aki ongea te karau: he doesn't mind the rain
  ex e aki ongeaki: he can't be relied <rely> on.
  va ongeaki. (onimakinaki) (usual): worthy of confidence, conscientious


B ongeába 
  vi hear
O ongeaba 
  from ongea and aba (who heeds what he is told)
  n docility, submission, obedience.
  a docile, obedient, submissive.
  v to obey, to listen, to advise
  ex e aki ongeaba: he doesn't listen to anything.
  vt ka-ongeaba: to make become ..., to make obey


B óngeaki 
  va not recognized at first


B óngira 
  vt wring, blow or squeeze as the nose
O ongira 
  from ong
  vt to squeeze to extract liquid, to press, to apply pressure, to use a handkerchief.
  vn ongiri ngako: to wipe one's nose


B óngo 
  vt hear, obey
  n hearing, sense of hearing
O ongo 
  n hearing (te ongo, te ongongo).
  v ongo, ongongo: to hear, to learn by hearsay.
  fig to understand, to obey
  ex ongo buaka: to understand wrongly <misunderstand>
  ex ongo raoi: to hear clearly, to understand well
  ex ongo maki (ongo ma aki): to hardly hear
  ex ongo taeka: to obey
  ex kaongo taeka: to make obey.
  vt ka-ongoa: to inform, to tell, to let know, to advise
  ex e kaongoai: he informed me.
  vc ka-ongongo: speak louder to make yourself heard.
  v kakauongo: to listen, to be attentive, to give ear.
  a kakaiongo: prompt to understand, to obey

ongo tao

O ongo tao 
  n knowledge by public divulgation, by rumours reported.
  vc ka-ongotaoa: to inform, to warn, to let know by spreading rumour


B óngong 
  n wisdom tooth
  vi wringing
O ongong 
  n wisdom tooth


B óngora 
  vi listen, hearken
  n desire to hear, an attentive listening to the news
O ongora 
  from ongo
  n act of listening, hearing.
  v to listen to recital, news, to give ear, to be informed, to be attentive to ...
  ex ti no ongora iroum: we will hear, listen to what you have to say.
  v kan ongora: to desire to hear.
  vc kaongoraea, kakaongoraea: to inform, to pass on the news, information, to speak about ...
  ex ko na kaongoraira rongorongon abam: tell us the news of your place.
  n te kaongora: public announcements, conferences, communications, announcement of news.
  a kakaongora: fluent, interesting to listen to


B óngotáeka 
  vi be obeydient
  n obedience
O ongo-taeka 
  v to obey.
  a obedient, docile, submissive.
  n obedience, docility, submission.
  vc kaongo-taeka: to make obey, to make become docile.
  vc kaongoa te taeka: to make understand what is said, to announce


B óngotao 
  vi hear distressing news of a member of one's family when at a distance
  n distressing news from one's family

oni kitiba

O oni kitiba 
  n cage for kitiba
O oni kitiba1 
  n Aurora Borealis


O onia 
  n high tide at new and full moon.
  n <spring tide>


B ónibora 
  adj nasty, soft
  n crab when it has cast its crust-like shell
O onibora 
  v onobora (oni-pora, onopora) to change, to shed shell, skin or carapace (as do crabs, lobsters, etc.), to slough.
  n a crab at the stage of changing ... (ntabena, nnewe).
  a daubed, dirty, trailed in dirt.
  vc kaonobora: to let get dirty, soiled


B ónibua 
  n young coconut in the third stage
  a being in the third stage of development
O onibua 
  and onobua
  n a coconut fallen before maturity
O onibua1 
  a a certain dividing membrane especially noticeable in fish's throats


B oónika 
  n onycha [incense ingredient] (ENG)
B ónika 
  vt change
O onika 
  vt to transform, to change.
  red ononika, onionika,
  ex te onikaki: the changing, the transformation, transubstantiation (Mass)


B òniki 
  n onyx (ENG)
O oniki 
  v to transmute, to transfigure, to metamorphose, to change.
  red ononiki.
  ex e onikaki te ran ba te rara: water was changed to blood.
  n transformation, change, transfiguration, metamorphosis, etc.
  see onea


B ónimaki 
  n faith, confidence, belief
  vi believe, have faith
O onimaki 
  n faith, confidence, belief.
  v onimaki nakon ...: to have faith or confidence in.
  n te kakaonimaki: fidelity, punctuality.
  a ae kakaonimaki: faithful, punctual, worthy of confidence.
  vt onimakina: to have faith in, to believe, to trust, to count on.
  vc ka-onimakina: to induce to ..., to make ...


B ónimakína 
  vt have faith in, trust, believe in


O oning 
  n awning, sail cloth, canvas


B óningea 
  n fish
O oningea 
  n a fish
O oningea1 
  n parrot fishh
G oningea 
  n a parrotfish (ll)


B oniónika 
  vt frequentative of onika change repeatedly


O onnon 
  and onnonia. n.v.
  see onon v.t.


B óno 
  a six always followed by a numeral suffix ua, man, nga, kai or kora or by certain nouns as bong, ririki, ritoro, inaki, atao, ba or by certain adjectives as bwi, bubua, etc
  n one's share or portion
O ono 
  a rad. for adv. num. six. onoua, onoman, onokai, onokora, etc.
  ex ka-onomakoron: sixth part of ...
  vc ka-onoua: to make it six, to complete six
O ono1 
  from on
  n part, portion, one's due, share.
  ex e ono: he has his share, he has got his ..., he is satisfied
  ex ti ono ngaira: we have our share.
  ex onou, onom, onona.
  vc ka-onoa, ka-onona: to give, to distribute to each one his share.
  vc kaonota.
  n te kaono, te kaonono. idem.


O onoati 
  n te tia Onoati: a star


B ónoba 
  vi put forth a new leaf in exchange for a falling old leaf of some babai plants, or of a coconut tree
  a six leafves


O onobauta 
  v to change ligature, to change the ...


B ónobora 
  n crab when it has cast its crust-like shell
  a having cast its crust-like shell as a crab


B ónobúbua 
  a six hundred


B ónobwi 
  a sixty
  see onongaun


B onóea 
  a six million


B ónokai 
  a six in counting trees, fish-hooks, and sections of land


B ónokora 
  a six in counting baskets


B ónokuri 
  a six hundred thousand


B ónoman 
  a six in counting persons and animals


O onomwi 
  v to replace.
  n replacement
  ex te tia onomwi: substitute (for another person), pronoun. (grammar)


B ónon 
  vi beg for in a very imploring manner, almost abjectly
  n most humble entreaty
O onon 
  n supplication, request, demand, entreaty
  note stronger than bubuti.
  vt ononia (ononiai, ononiko, etc.): intense supplication
  ex ononou, ononim, ononina, etc.


B ónonga 
  a six thousand
  a six in counting fathoms


B ónongaun 
  a sixty
  see ngaun


B ónonia 
  vt beseech, entreat imploringly


B ónorebu 
  a sixty thousand


O onotabo 
  nv ono-tabo: to change place
  ex ono boti: idem.


B ónotano 
  a sixty million


B ónoti 
  a enough, sufficient in quantity
O onoti 
  see ono n.a.


O Onotoa 
  n Clark Island discovered in 1827 -- sit. in south of group


B ónotoki 
  a six hundred million


B onóua 
  a six in counting things in general


B onóung 
  a six in counting bunches of pandanus fruit


O on-ra 
  a on-buaka: loaded badly, not well balanced, not filled properly.
  vc kaonraea: to fill badly


O on-tira 
  a full to overflowing, flowing over (liquid).
  vc kaontiraea: to fill to ...


O ontiti 
  sup superlative of on
  na full of ..., covered with ...
  vc kaontita: to fill, to cover with (dirt, dust)


B óra 
  a shallow, shoal, not deep, low tide
  n flat reef from the beach to the breakers, shoal
B óraa 
  vt eat raw as fish
O ora 
  n low tide, expanse of beach, strand.
  va e ora, ae ora: it is low tide, the tide is out.
  a dry (well, bucket, etc.)
  ex oratakaroro: completely dry.
  note sundry terms --
  ex e ora nako: the beach is becoming uncovered
  ex e ora takaroro; the beach is completely uncovered
  ex e ora tangenge: the beach is laid bare
  ex e orata (oraata): a large expanse of beach is bare
  ex te ora n ro: the low tide at night
  ex te ora ni ngaina: day low tide
  ex te ora ni mama: the moonlight low tide
  ex te ora n ia n ro: low tide on moonless night.
  vc ka-ora, ka-oraora: to wait till low tide.
  vc ka-ora, ka-oraora. idem.
  vc ka-ora, ka-oraora. idem.
  vc ka-oratakaroroa, ka ora nakoa: to wait till ..., to let ...
  see n.a. oraba (ora-aba)
  na an uncovered place, without water, sand bank, a shallow place
O ora1 
  n oraora: act of eating fish or meat in raw state.
  vt ora to eat raw ...
  and oraora:
  ex e oraki te onauti: flying fish can be eaten raw


O oraba 
  syn orata
  na wide expanse uncovered at low tide. tide receding very far out.
  vc ka-oraba: to cause, to wait for ..., to let ...


B 'oráitan 
  n horizon (ENG)


B óranako 
  vi ebb as the tide
  n ebb-tidee


B oráora 
  vi eating fish raw


B oráoranako 
  vi frequentative of oranako


B oraáta 
  n unusually wide flat
B oráta 
  a having a very wide reef or flat


B óratákaroro 
  a unusually low, or very low as the tide
  n unusually low tide


O oratiram 
  n goat fishh
  sn Mulloidichtys sp.
G oratiraam 
  sn Mulloidichthys sp. (ll)
  n goatfish (sm)


O ore 
  n name of land of crazy people
  ex te I-Ore: a mad man.
  va I-Ore, kiritabaiore: who is crazy, altogether mad.
  see I-Tabweang, I-Tabaong, I-Tabaroro


B órea 
  vt beat, strike
  n suitable place for manipulating a seine <fishing>
O orea 
  vt (irr.)
  see oro: to hit
O orea1 
  n a place suitable for net and rai fishing.
  v to fish in this way


B óreano 
  n general term for ballplaying
  vi play ball
O oreano 
  n a game played with large hard ball called ano.
  v to play this game.
  vc ka-oreanoa: to make play. national game formerly very popular


O orian 
  n a plant, oleander
G orion 
  sn Nerium oleander L. (z)
  n oleander


B oriæ/tita 
  n oleaster [ornamental shrub] (ENG)


O Oriba 
  n te Oriba stars.
  or to Oriba:
  ex te oriba ni meang, te oriba ni maiaki


O orikinare 
  a original.
  ex te bure orikinare: original sin


B órin 
  n work of binding dry leaves for torches
  vi binding dry coconut leaves for torches
O orin 
  nv to tie, to make torches of rin (palm leaves).
  vc ka-orina ...


O oriori 
  suf indicating sup.
  see nimaoriori, beoriori, etc.


B òriwa 
  n olive (ENG)
O oriwa 
  n olive, olive tree. (ENG)


B óro 
  vi strike, hit
  n hit, blow
O oro 
  n (1) act of striking, hitting, a hit, a blow
  ex te orona, uaoro, ten oro, etc.
  v to strike, to hit.
  red ororo.
  vt (irr.) orea (oreai, oreiko
  or oroiko, oroia
  or oreia, oroira, oroingkami, oroia, oreaki: to strike, to hit, to knock on, to beat on, to beat
  n te kai n oro: instrument used to ..., stick, hammer, whip, cane.
  v i oro: to hit each other, to clash.
  vt ka-i-oroia, kaka-i-oroia: to make ...
  vc ka-oro: to make fight.
  a (2) pullulant, which swarms, plentiful.
  n swarming, great number.
  note the word oro is used for abortion (by blows)
  ex e oreaki or e oroaki natina
O oro1 
  idiom e oro maitina, e oro riki nakon: its total attains to or is equal to ..., to more than
  ex e kaoro, e kaoro riki, e kaoro nakon: that gives, that makes as much, more than.
  ex e oro, e kaoro: to be in great number, big quantity, packed tightly, close together

oro karababa

O oro karababa 
  v to flatten out karababa

oro tenua

O oro tenua 
  n a child's game


O orobairi 
  v to hit the nose (of the loser in cards)


O oroben 
  nv to make copra (split coconuts)
  ex bo-ben: to collect coconuts and split them


B órobiti 
  vi drivee>ing nails
  n marine animal
O orobiti 
  v to nail, to drive in nails, tacks.
  syn bobiti
  vt orobotia: to nail


B órobítia 
  vt drive a nail into


O oroboti 
  see onabiti
  n a marine animal


O orobuki 
  n a spanking, a flogging.
  v to give a ..., to hit from behind (wind in sail).
  vt orobukia ...


O oroku 
  n a shirt. (S.)
  syn te kabaraki (N.)


B oromaáki 
  vi give a blow gently
O oromaki 
  n a slight hit, barely hit.
  v to graze, to stroke


O Orona 
  n Hull Island in Phoenix group. Visited by Commodore Wilkes in 1845


O oronibai 
  v to hit with hand


O oro-ni-wae 
  or oronuwae
  v to kick.
  n a kick


B orórea 
  vt frequentative of orea


B oróreano 
  vi frequentative of oreano


B oróro 
  vi frequentative of fish with a seine and rai <fishing>
  n repeated strikeing
  n fishing with a seine and rai


O orotaba 
  n a slap in the face.
  v to slap ...
  syn orobora
  vt orotaba: to slap ...


O orotai 
  nv to beat time, to conduct singing (music)


O oro-ubu 
  n boxing, pugilism.
  syn te itau


B oóta 
  n light (opp of darkness)
  n coconut leaf tied around a tree whose fruit has been tabooed
  a not dark, light
B óta 
  n scraped coconut after the oil has been extracted
  vt bind a torch for fishing
  vt bind a coconut tree with a coconut frond to prevent the stealing of coconuts
O ota 
  from o
  vt to tie or bind around with string
  ex ota rin: to make torches of palm leaves (tie the rin), to truss, to bind leaves.
  see o-rin, o-baki
O ota1 
  n light, brightness, daylight
  ex otan tai: sunlight.
  v ota: to give light, to shine.
  a e ota: there is light, it is clear.
  fig to see clear, to understand, to perceive
  ex ti ota iai: we understand.
  a bright, brilliant, clear, comprehensible.
  vc ka-ora: to give light to, to light up, to wait till there is light.
  fig enlighten, instruct, make understand
  ex kaotaba: to enlighten the people
O ota2 
  n a mark on a reserved tree (not much used)
  ex more used: te rabu or te rabu or te kamainaina
O ota3 
  n coconut after oil has been extracted, residue


B ótab'a 
  n marryy>ied woman in her prime
  a in her prime as a married woman
O otaba 
  from taba
  n daughter in law during the first years of married life.
  vc ka-otaba: to care for and preserve the beauty and freshness of the daughter-in-law, to make her happy


O otabanina 
  and otabaninia.
  vt to surround, to encircle, to hem in, to gather around, to crowd around.
  fig to take care of a person, to be attached to them


B ótabaninía 
  vt surround


B ótabu 
  n something tabooed and not to be taken
O otabu 
  sup superlative of tabu.
  na a sacred place, forbidden to outsiders, prohibited, no admission, strictly prohibited.
  vt otabua: to prohibit, to strictly prohibit


B otábua 
  see vt tabua


B ótanga 
  vt shield
  n shield
O otanga 
  n buckler, shield, defence, <armour>, protection
  ex otaotanga.
  vt betanga, bebetanga: idem. to protect by packing.
  vt karibabetanga: idem. to pack tightly


O otangana 
  vt to protect, to shield by any protective object


B 'otæn/na 
  n hosanna (ENG)


B otáota 
  n preparation of food , scraped coconut mixed with coconut molasses
  vi preparation of otaota
B otáotaa 
  vt prepare food called otaota
O otaota 
  n a dish made of grated coconut, and mixed with coconut from which oil has been extracted.
  vc ka-otaota: to nourish with ...
  see ota


B otáotanga 
  vt frequentative of otanga shield


B otáotángaki 
  a of various hues as the flesh of the ati
O otaotangaki 
  from otanga
  a protected by intercepting object, striped with several colours


O otarin 
  v to make torches of rin.
  see ota, orin


B otéa 
  vt fold
  n fold
O otea 
  vt (irr.) to break, to break by bending (wood, bones, etc.).
  fig to compose a song, a story, etc.
  ex oteai, oteiko, otoiko, oteia or otia, oteingkami or otoingkami, oteia or otoia, oteia or otei, oteaki.
  see oto
  n te ototo: poems, songs, stories, music composed


B oóti 
  n oats (ENG)
B óti 
  vi appear, come in sight
  vi rise as the sun
  n appearance, appearing, rising of the sun
O oti 
  a appeared, visible, manifest, public, risen (stars), self-evident
  ex e a oti te rongorongo: the news is out.
  red otioti: appearing often, much, very evident.
  v to appear, to come into sight, to come out, to emerge, to be seen, made known, to become public, to rise (stars, planets).
  n otin ..., otiotin, kaotin: rising of stars, etc., apparition.
  vc kaoti: to show oneself, to come out, to manifest oneself, to disclose, to reveal, to be seen.
  n apparition, manifestation.
  vc kaota, kakaota, kaotiota: to show, to manifest, to disclose, to reveal, to divulge, to publish, to confess, to proclaim, etc.
  n te kaoti onimaki: profession of faith, creed.
  v kaotionimaki: to profess, to confess one's faith.
  nv te kaotibure: confession (sacr.), to confess


B ótinako 
  vi go out
  n going out, an exodus, the book of Exodus
O otinako 
  v to go out, to come out, to go beyond, to be visible, to be revealed.
  a be out, issued, made known.
  red otiotinako, otinako mai, otinako man: to come out of ...
  n otinakon: the going out, exit, quotient (te tia otinako).
  v kaotinako: to put out, to make appear outside, to supervene, to rise, to surge, to be revealed.
  n kaotinakon: revelation, manifestation.
  vc kaotinakoa, kakaotinakoa: to put out, to make go out, to go beyond, to turn out of doors, to expel, to extract, to evacuate.
  n Te Otinako: Exodus (Bible)


B ótioti 
  vi frequentative of oti


B ótiotináko 
  vi frequentative of otinako


O oto 
  v to break, to shatter, to smash, to bend.
  fig to compose, to invent; see otea.
  n oton, ototon: a break, a crack, a fracture, a pleat, a fragment.
  n te ototo: composition, invention, conjugation.
  vt (irr.) to break, to smash, to bend, to compose
  see otea, ototea
  ex e otea taekau: he made up a story about me
  ex otea te kunikai, te beba: to fold material, paper
  ex te oto-beba: the act of folding paper.
  vt (irr.) kaototoa: to make, to compose; see the following words

oto kuna

O oto kuna 
  v to compose songs, poems.
  n the composition of ...
  vc ka-otokuna: to make ...
  ex e otea te kuna te tia otokuna: the composer composed a song


B ótoánene 
  vi compose words to be set to music
  n composition of words set to music
O oto-anene 
  n composition of songs.
  v to compose ...
  vc kaoto anene, kaotoanenea ...


O oto-bai 
  nv rheumatism in arm or hand


B ótobebe 
  vi exaggerate
  n exaggeration
O otobebe 
  v to say or tell tall stories. (bebe) to exaggerate.
  n exaggeration.
  vt otobebea ...


B ótobébea 
  vt exaggerate, add to a story


O otobibi 
  from tobibi
  v (embellish around ...) to exaggerate.
  ex otobibia: idem.


O otobina 
  see tobina
  n pre natal massage.
  vt otobina


O otobwebwe 
  v to prune (branches).
  fig to purge a work, an institution, etc.
  vt otobwebwea: to prune, to lop, to curtail.
  see bwebwe, kabwebwea


O otokai 
  n revenge, compensation.
  v to take revenge, to give tit for tat, to pay back (in good or bad meaning).
  vt otea te kai, kabaka te kai: to break, to ward off ill-luck, to take away, to withdraw a punishment, to take one's revenge on ..., to pay back, to get even with
  ex e otea kaina; (is said of one who takes revenge, etc.)
  ex otea kaim, kabaka kaim, kaoka kaim (is said to one who loses a victory)


B ótokuna 
  vi compose a chant for the ruoia
  n composition of chants for the ruoia


B ótorake 
  vi twisting a line with four strands
  n line with four strands
O otorake 
  n a four ply rope, cord.
  v to do this work.
  vt otorakea: to twist a rope in a certain way with four strands


B ótorakéa 
  vt braid a line with four strands


B ótorao 
  vi slandering or inventing evil storyies
  n slander, invention of evil stories, lying
O otorao 
  n invention of lies, chaff, humbug, calumnies <calumny>.
  v to tell ..., to retail ..., to invent ...
  red ototorao


O otoriki 
  a broken, smashed in pieces.
  vt otorikia
  and otorika: to break, to smash, to shatter, to crush to smithereens.
  red otorikiriki


B ótoríkia 
  vt break into pieces as a stick


B otóto 
  vi breaking, folding or composeing
  n new or recent chant
O ototo 
  v to compose.
  n te ototo: the art of composing, composition of narrative, poems, music
  ex te tia ototo: composer.
  see oto, otea


B otótorao 
  vi frequentative of otorao


B ótouaa 
  vt break in two as a stick
B otóua 
  n long waist cloth of double thickness
O otoua 
  v to break in two
  ex oto-ten: to break in three.
  vt otoua: (otouaia) idem.
  ex otouaki or otouaeaki: broken


O otowae 
  n rheumatism in joints of leg, foot, gout.
  v to have ...


B óu 
  a stupid, demented, without intelligientce
  n stupid person, demented person
O ou 
  a silly, stupid, simple.
  sup tari-ou:
  dim tiri-ou
  a bura-ou: stupid looking.
  n te ou, te tiriou, te tari ou: stupidity, silliness, imbecility.
  n te nna n ou: crowd of stupids, imbeciles.
  vc ka-oua: to treat as ..., to find ...


B óuru 
  n fish
O ouru 
  n a fish, parrot fish (Abemama) tabou
  sn Scarus ghobban
G ouru 
  sn Scarus ghobban (ll)
  n parrotfish (sm)


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