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A Combined

Kiribati-English Dictionary

based on the works of

Hiram Bingham, D.D.
Father Ernest Sabatier, M.S.C.
(translated by Sr. M. Oliva)

with additional scientific material from Luomala, Goo & Banner.

B -Bingham, Hiram. 1908, 1953. A Gilbertese-English Dictionary. vii, 179 pp (8vo). American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Boston.
O -Sabatier, Ernest. 1954. Dictionnaire Gilbertin-Français. xii, 984pp, duplicated. Mission Catholique, GI, Abaiang, Tabwiroa. 1971. Gilbertese-English Dictionary. translated by Sr. M. Oliva. x, 426pp, Sacred Heart Mission, Tarawa. South Pacific Commission Publications Bureau, Sydney.
G -Goo, Fannie C.C. & Albert H. Banner. 1963. A Preliminary Compilation of Gilbertese Animal and Plant Names. 2, 2, 55, 10, 26cm. prepared under contract SA-43-ph-3741, National Institute of Neurological Diseas. UH - Haw. Marine Lab., Honolulu.
L -Luomala, Katharine. 1953. Ethnobotany of the Gilbert Islands. Bishop Museum Bulletin 213, v, 129pp, map, bibl 122-4, index, 26cm. Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu.

compiled by
Stephen Trussel and Gordon W. Groves,
University of Hawaii, 1978

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B ka 
  intj an exclamation of emphasis always followed by some statement
  v the causative prefix
  a seeing indistinctly
  n a cart, a carriage, a car (ENG)
O ka 
  note Words with causative "ka" are not repeated except for a few usual words in order to make the meaning clearer for some special reason. All "ka" words are not causative; some very simple words begin with "ka".
  pref causative joined to nouns, verbs, adjectives, participles. meaning:
  pref to make, to do, to cause, to render, to provoke, to urge to, to wait till, to let, to let ripen, to give time to, to permit.
  ex ka-ngaina: to wait till day, to let the day dawn
  ex karokoa: to let come, to wait for the coming
  ex katawa: to let ripen, to wait till it is ripe
  ex ka-makuria: to make work, to set in motion
O ka1 
  pref to certain names of fish it gives the meaning of fishing for that fish.
  ex kabakoa: shark fishing
O ka2 
  note ka follows the general rule of redoubling of syllables to indicate frequence or intensity of the action.
  ex ka-tanga: to make cry
  ex kaka-tanga: to make cry often (the first ka is generally long)
O ka3 
  note ka placed before a numeral adj. cardinal gives the ordinal number (preceded by the article always).
  ex tenua: three
  ex te katenua: the third
  ex tebubua: one hundred
  ex te katebubua: the one-hundredth.it is the same with the inter. num. adj.
  ex iraua?: how many?
  ex te ka-iraua?: what number?
O ka4 
  a tired, dim (said of eyes after looking too attentively or too long at an object, or from defective sight).
  from kai:
  ex E ka matau: My eyes are dim.
  ex te ka ni mata, kan te mata: dimness of sight
  ex ae mata ka: who looks comically in order to see
  ex E ka matau n te ang: I am blinded by wind.
O ka5 
  v to make yawn
O ka6 
  n car, cart, vehicle, chariot, carriage
  ex moto-ka (motor-car): truck, bus


B kaæ/ba 
  cau vt aba


B kaabaába 
  cau vt ababa
O kaababa 
  n a donation of land (gift, legacy, dowry).
  v to give land


B kaab'aáb'aka 
  vt to make great, to enlarge


B kaaeáea 
  vt to cause to creep or crawl


B kaaeáka 
  vt to send or carry ashore


O kaaeka 
  see v.t. kaeaka


B kaáerakéa 
  vt to send or carry ashore
  vt to send or carry ashore


B kaáeto 
  cau n aeto


B kaáibuaka 
  cau vi aibuaka


B kaáinea 
  vt to let a girl mature to womanhood


B kaáinenúmaa 
  cau vt ainenuma to care for as a married woman


B kaáinga 
  cau vt ainga


B kaáintoa 
  cau vt aintoa


B kaaaioóta 
  cau vi aiota to wait til early morning dawn


B kaáira 
  cau vi aira


B kaáiraoa 
  cau vt airaoi


B kaáiroa 
  cau vt airo to await evening twilight


B kaaiwaáea 
  cau vt aiwae


B kaakáwa 
  cau vt akawa


B kaakéa 
  cau vt akea


B kaakóakoa 
  cau vt akoako


B kaaámakaia 
  cau vt amakai to wait for a coconut to become an amakai before plucking it


O kaamakoro 
  n a fraction <fourth>


B kaámarake 
  cau vi amarake


B kaámarakéa 
  cau vt amarake


B kaámætaa 
  cau vt amata to cook rare or partially


B kaamóamoa 
  cau vt amoamo to cause or diract one to carry a burden on an amo


B kaamwía 
  vt to let a coconut tree mature all its fruit


B kaanánaua 
  cau vt ananau


B kaanáua 
  cau vt anau


B kaánea 
  cau vt anea to direct one to fish with anea


B kaaneánea 
  cau vt aneane


B kaaánekaa 
  cau vt a:neka to praise, or speak of one as acting properly


B kaáneke 
  cau vt aneke


B káang 
  n a variety of seaweed


B kaángab'aia 
  cau vt angab'ai


B kaángabea 
  cau vt angabe


B kaángara 
  cau a angara


B kaángia 
  cau vt angi


B kaángibue 
  cau vi angibue


B kaángibuéa 
  cau vt angibue


B kaang/itaban 
  cau vi angitaban


B kaángitanabóaboa 
  cau vt angitanaboabo


B kaángitæ/nenea 
  cau vy angitanene


B kaáninga 
  cau vt aninga


O ka-anoai 
  nv a certain way of fishing with coconut


B kaanoáia 
  cau vt anoai to make a calm streak or surface on water as with oil


B kaanóanoa 
  cau vt anoano to direct one to beckon to another


B kaæn/tia 
  cau vt anti


B kaaoáoa 
  cau vt aoao to cause one to propel a canoe with a pole


B kaáobuakaa 
  cau vt aobuaka


B kaáoka 
  cau vt aoka


B kaaomákuna 
  cau vt aomakuna


B kaáomata 
  cau vt aomata


B kaáong 
  vi to fish for aong


B kaaóngia 
  cau vt aongia


B kaáorab'a 
  cau vt aorab'a


O kaaoraia 
  vt kakaaoraia: to prepare, to put outside (ao: outside) things one is taking away


B kaáoraka 
  cau vt aoraki to make one sick, to make sickly a land


B kaáoraki 
  va causing sickness, unhealthy


B kaaoráoa 
  cau vt aoraoi


B kaaáraa 
  cau vt a:ta: to make broad as a mat


B kaárarake 
  cau vi ararake


B kaárarakéa 
  cau vt ararakea


B kaárikia 
  cau vt ariki


B kaarobáiria 
  cau vt arobairi


B kaarokúikui 
  cau vi arokuikui


B kaarokúikuia 
  cau vt arokuikui


B kaatáeia 
  cau vt ataei


B kaatáib'ai 
  cau vi ataib'ai


B kaatáib'aia 
  cau vt ataib'ai


B kaátamaa 
  cau vt atama:


B kaátatai 
  cau vi atatai


B kaátataia 
  cau vi atatai


B kaatátaiáomataa 
  cau vt atataiaomata


B kaáua 
  a fourth


B kaaáuau 
  n kabubu mixed with scraped coconut
O kaauau 
  n a dish of kabubu and grated coconut


B kaaubéabeaa 
  cau vt aubeabea


O kaautakia 
  vt kakaautakia
  from au to try to pass for important, to act haughtily <haughty> by making others wait


B kaawárurua 
  cau vt awaruru


B kaawáwa> 
  cau vt awawa


B kába 
  n copper (ENG)
B kába 
  vi to build or construct, as a canoe or a ship
  n canoe or ship building
O kaba 
  n copper, brass, zinc (ENG)
O kaba1 
  v to keep silent.
  n te i-kaba: game of blind man's bluff
O kaba2 
  a which causes heartburn, belching (heavy food).
  vc kabaea: to make belch
O kaba3 
  note the final a very brief.
  n string (very fine and strong) used in the building of canoes
O kaba4 
  n work or construction done with kaba (string).
  na te kaba uoua, te kaba ten, etc.
  na kaba double, triple, etc.
  vt kaba, kaba te wa, kaba te kaibuke: to build a canoe, a ship. lit. to tie, to tie together.
  n te tia kaba: canoe builder, constructor
  ex te tia kaba te kau ni wae: the shoe maker
  ex te kabanimtao: a special way of making canoes


L kabaau 
  sn Cypraea (Gastropod)
  n snail


B kábaba 
  n flattery
  vi to engage in flattering
B kábabaa 
  vt to flatter
O kababa 
  n rope fixed to top yard-arm of sail as support
O kababa 
  n fishing for flying fish at night without torches
O kababa1 
  vt to flatter.
  n flattery.
  vc kababa: to flatter to folly


B kab'aáb'akaa 
  vt frequentative of kab'aka


B kabaábæne 
  n the entire doing of, the embracing all


B kabaábænea 
  vt to include all, to make all to, to complete


B kábabanga 
  vi to cause want of knowledge


B kababaátei 
  vi to incline, to cant


B kababaáteia 
  vt to place as the head downward


B kábae 
  vi to engage in tying, binding, or lashing
  n a waist-mat, cord prepared for lashing
O kabae 
  n te kabae, te kabaebae: bandages, strings, belts of all kinds
O kabae1 
  n special mat for dancers going from armpits to knees, tied at the waist with a rope of women's hair, mat lavalava
O kabae2 
  n engagement, knot.
  vt kabaea, kabaebaea: to tie, to bind, to tie up with string, to tie up, to become engaged

kabae bara

O kabae bara 
  n a mode of fishing in which bara are caught in a snare

kabae kie

O kabae kie 
  v to pack, to pack up, to get ready for a voyage, to get ready to go


B kabáea 
  vt to tie, to bind


O kabaeanga 
  n a promise of mutual help


B kabáebae 
  vi frequentative of kabae
  n the act of binding, imprisonment, confinement, a running into debt


B kab'aenaáta 
  vt to heap up


B kabáenikai 
  cau vi baenikai


B kabáenikáia 
  vt to hinder or engage one who is busy


O kabae-ure 
  n string, binding used to pull together the ribs of a canoe which have widened out


B kab'áia 
  a fortunate, happy, highly favored
  n blessedness, good fortune
O kabaia 
  a kakabaia: happy, contented, satisfied, fortunate, blessed.
  n felicity, beatitude, contentment, satisfaction, prosperity, well being, delight, rapture.
  vc kakabaia: to make happy, to get happiness, to bless, to wish happiness, to wish good luck


B kab'áib'ai 
  cau vi b'aib'ai
O kabaibai 
  n donation, endowment.
  vc kabaibaia: to make inherit, to endow.
  vc kabaibaiaka ...


B kab'aib'áia 
  cau vt b'aib'ai


B kabáibæta 
  vt to give more force to, as the voice
  vt to wait upon the wind until it is stronger


B kabáibæti 
  vi to use more or much force as in throwing or speaking


B kabáikábubu 
  cau va baikabubu awkward in throwing or spearing


B kabáikabúbua 
  cau vt baikabubu


B kabáikatékea 
  vt to speak of one's self as skilled in throwing


B kab'áikorákia 
  vt to encumber with much luggage


B kabáikuikúia 
  vt to make one hesitate to shoot or throw, lest the wrong object be hit


B kabáimæno 
  va skilled in fitting or matching canoe planks


B kabáimæran 
  cau va baimaran


B kabáiraráoa 
  vi to praise one for
B kab'áiraráoa 
  cau vt b'airaraoi to furnish well


B kabáiraráoi 
  va conducting one's self impartially in distributing food
B kab'áiraráoi 
  va causing or tending to a condition of being well furnished


B kabairæ/weræw 
  cau vi bairawerawe


O Kabairekereke 
  n a constellation comprising several stars of Scorpion


B kabáiremwe 
  cau vi bairemwe


B kabáiremwéa 
  cau vt bairemwe


O Kabairua 
  n a star of Scorpion


B kabáitata 
  vi to work rapidly
  n rapid work
B kabáitataa 
  vt to make one's self work rapidly


B kabáiteke 
  cau va baiteke shooting or carrying well as a gun


B kabáitekea 
  vt to speak of one as a sharp shooter


B kabáitoka 
  cau va baitoka doing with rapidity
B kabáitokaa 
  vt to expedite one's work


B kabáka 
  vt to cause one to hunger
B kabákaa 
  vt to pelt, to strike with something thrown
B kab'áka 
  a ugly in appearance, homely, not well proportioned
  vt to make fall, to cast down
  n candied coconut molasses
  n a place suitable for casting the net
O kabaka 
  from baki
  vc to gather together, to get together
  ex used only as follows -- kabakia, kabakingkami
O kabaka1 
  from baki
  vc to cause hunger, to starve
O kabaka2 
  vc to make fall, to knock down, to throw down
O kabaka3 
  a deceptive, good for nothing, useless (person)
O kabaka4 
  n a well-chosen place to let down a fishing net
O kabaka5 
  n a dish of grated coconut mixed with boiling hot kamaimai


B kab'ákab'aka 
  vi to engage in making to fall
B kab'ákab'akaa 
  vt frequentative of kab'aka
O kabakabaka 
  n thick molasses (kamaimai)
O kabakabaka1 
  v to make fall, to scandalize.
  a scandalous.
  vc kabakabaka: to scandalize.
  n scandal
O kabakabaka2 
  v to beat pandanus leaves with mallet to soften them

kabakai ira

O kabakai ira 
  nv a kind of magic ceremony at which the hair was cut


B kab'akanákoa 
  vt to wait until after another has gone


B kabákantang 
  vi to provoke to envy


B kabákantanga 
  vt to provoke one to envy


B kabákaráea 
  vt to scatter about, to throw into confusion, to litter


B kabákarótoa 
  vt to make a fire blaze up


B kabákaruru 
  vi to make very hungry


B kab'áke 
  vi to have the lips drawn to one side


B kab'akéa 
  vt to draw the lips to one side


B kabakékete 
  vi to make light, to make less heavy


B kabakéketea 
  vt to make light, to make less heavy


B kabæ/ki 
  va causing hunger
  n a cause of hunger, a place with scarcity of food
O Kabaki 
  n name of a man in ancient times.
  ex ana ma Kabaki: a reddish place (tari bo, tari-ura) in the west where the current gathered flotsam and wreckage.
  ex arokani Kabaki, te arabungea, te kai ni beti: floating timber
  ex te kai ae aitoa: wood, trees half-submerged and hardly visible
  ex te kai ae aimauna: wood or trees, tree trunks submerged and only visible at times among eddies
  ex ana man Kabaki, Nei Karia, and Nei Karokoa: names for white phaeton which indicates by its high or low flight the distance of land


B kabækitáia 
  vt to make hungry


B kabákoa 
  n fishing for sharks


B kabáku 
  vi to engage in cutting off heads, or babai tops
  n beheading, the cutting off the tops of babai


B kabákua 
  vt to behead, to cut off a babai top, literally, to behead a babai


B káb'an 
  n a shell-fish, the
O kaban 
  n a shell fish
  ex species -- te kaban ni maran, kaban tabuki, kaban n anti, kaban-kokoti, kaban kokoa, kaban bareka
G káb'an 
  sn Nerita plicata (i), Plicate nerite (ja)
L kaban 
  sn Nerita plicata (gastropod)
  n snail


B kab'ána 
  a improvident, given to loafing
O kabana 
  a kabanabana deceptive, good for nothing, hopeless, most incapable.
  see b'ana


B kab'ánab'ana 
  cau va b'anab'ana
B kab'ánab'anaa 
  vt to represent certain work as irksome


O kabanaki 
  n shell
  sn Plerocera sp.


B kab'anáoa 
  cau vt b'anae


B kab'anáonao 
  cau vi b'anaonao very many, rough as the sea


B kab'áne 
  n a game in which a ball attached to a string is used
  vi to play the game of kab'ane
B kabæ/ne 
  n an assemblage of all the people
O kabane 
  n national Gilbertese sport, a line with lead is thrown over a feather thrown up in the air.
  v to play this game.
  n te kabane n eitei: taking, catching frigate birds with a line kabane.
  vc kabanea te eitei: idem.
O kabane1 
  n a general assembly


B kabæ/nea 
  vt to include all, to make all to do, to complete
O kabanea 
  vt to terminate, to finish.
  see bane
  ex e kabaneaki: he is dismissed, got the sack <fired>


B kabæ/nei 
  n a land bird, the
O kabanei 
  n a bird with long tail, N.Z. swallow, the only bird in the islands living entirely on the land
O kabanei1 
  n leather jacket;;
  sn Alutera scripta
  ex te moa kabanei: a grey hen resembling te kabanei
  ex Na Kabanei: a man who rises early to cut toddy (he goes from tree top to tree top as the kabanei jumps from branch to branch)
O kabanei2 
  n trigger fishh
  sn Amanses sandwichiensis
  ex te kabanei, Na Kabanei: a star (of Serpent)
G kabanei 
  sn Alutera scripta (ll) leather jacket (sm)
G kabanei1 
  sn Amanses sandwichiensis (ll)
  n triggerfish (sm)
G kabæ/nei 2 
  sn Urodynamis taitensis
  n <bird> long tailed New Zealand cuckoo (aa)
L kabanei 
  sn Alutera scripta (Monocanthida)
  n filefish
  sn Amanses sandwichensis


B kabæ/neka 
  vt to spread out as in the sunshine
  bib Jer 8: 2


B kabaang/ 
  n a sword
  vi to be seen accidentally, not by a direct look of the eye, but as it were by a side glance
O kabang 
  n a sword, sabre
O kabang1 
  v to pass like a gust of wind.
  vc ka-banga: to go around, roam about.
  ex e kabangira te riaboro: the devil roams about us


B kab'ánga 
  n the penis (the euphemistic word is m'ane)
O kabanga 
  vc to put into a hole, drive in, put in a hiding place, hide away
  from banga:
  ex kabanganakoa: to hide far away, in the bottom, in the very bottom

kabanga bubu

O kabanga bubu 
  n fishing for bubu with a bent wire

kabanga n ira

O kabanga n ira 
  n brown mottled eel


B kabángabai 
  vi to cause want of skill


B kabángabáia 
  vt to speak of one as unskillful, to make one unskillful


B kabángaka 
  vt to lay as a mat at right angles to a previous position
O kabangaka 
  vc to put crosswise, to cross.
  see bangaki


B kabángaki 
  n a sail with horizontal widths
O kabangaki 
  n ancient square sail for boat


G kabanganira 
  n a brown mottled Ophichthid eel, possible name for all such eels (ll)
L kabanganira 
  sn Ophichthidae
  n brown mottled snake eel


B kaáb'angkoro 
  n a carbuncle (ENG)


B kabángubángua 
  vt to make the voice sound nasal


B kab'ánimæran 
  n a shell-fish, the


B kabanim/tao 
  n a certain method of building a canoe
O kabanimtao 
  n a mode of re-making a canoe (when lower part is worn it is separated from top part and remade, then joined again to top part)


B kab'ánin 
  n a canoe whose keel is of one piece
O kabanin 
  n an ancient style of canoe, the keel was very strong, made of half thickness of coconut log, hollowed out, and a few planks added, the ends were made thin to join the mango to


B kab'ánina 
  vt to give or make as a whole


O kabanmaran 
  n a species of shell
  sn Verita sp.


O kabantabu 
  n species of shell


B kab'antábuki 
  n a shell-fish, the


B kabaan/ti 
  n a fish, the
O kabanti 
  n species of fish


B kab'áo 
  n a large adze
B kabaáo 
  vi the work of spreading out to dry
O kabao 
  n an adze, sickle, scythe.
  syn te taku (Abemama)


B kabáoa 
  vt to smooth down as a ruffled fringe or hair
B kabaáoa 
  vt to spread out to dry under the sun as coconuts or clothes
O kabaoa 
  vc to spread out.
  see bao
O kabaoa1 
  vc to bend, to inflect
  see bao


B kabáobaoa 
  vt frequentative of kabaoa


B kab'áoua 
  cau vt b'aoua to make crooked


B káb'araa 
  vt to forgive, to unloose, to untie, to undo
B káb'ara 
  vi to fish by sinking the fish-hook with a stone which becomes unloosed
  n a mide of fishing
B kab'aára 
  vi to fish for the b'a:ra
  n fishing for the b'a:ra
O kabara 
  see bara
O kabara1 
  n kakabara, kakabarabara: a mode of fishing where the bait is untied by a jerk at the bottom
O kabara2 
  n fishing for bara

kabara ria

O kabara ria 
  n to gossip, to be a bore.
  a talkative, loquacious, prattling.
  n te tia kabara ria: a prattler, a gossiper


B kab'árab'ara 
  vi to engage in unloosing or unbinding
O kabarabara 
  v to explain, to interpret, to expound.
  n explanation, interpretation, comment.
  vt kabarabara: idem.


B kabaráka 
  vt to capsize
B kabaárakaa 
  vt to soil, to make dirty


B kab'arákaraka 
  cau vt barakaraka


B kabaraáki 
  n a shirt, that wing or portion of an army that passes on the ocean side
O kabaraki 
  n capping on ridge of building
O kabaraki1 
  n a shirt
O kabaraki2 
  n detachment of troops following the ocean side of island in order to attack the enemy from side or behind


B kabaránga 
  see vt katetekea


B kab'árara 
  vt to pour out water or oil from a coconut - shell bottle with the thumb or finger on the hole to regulate the stream
O kabarara 
  v to pour drop by drop.
  syn ka-timtim
  vc kabarara: idem.
  from bara, with doubling of the last syllable to show frequency
  from equency


O kabaratu 
  v to make climbing impractical.
  vc kabaratua: which makes trees slippery -- impossible to climb


B kabaáreka 
  va soiling, making dirty


B kab'árere 
  n pandanus fruit selected for one's own use
O kabarere 
  n pandanus fruit left to ripen fully in order to be eaten raw


B kab'ári 
  vi to sit on the ground or a mat with the legs crossed at the ankles
  n sitting on the ground with the legs crossed at the ankles
O kabari 
  ex kabari ranga, kakabari.
  nv to sit with legs crossed (tailor fashion).
  vc kabaria: to (slightly) curve, arch.
  see bari

kabari n uea

O kabari n uea 
  n te bari n uea, te wae n uea: (royal way of sitting), same as preceding manner but with one foot on the knee or thigh of other leg.
  fig a person of means


B kab'árikoa 
  vt to collect together, to mass


B kab'árinúea 
  vi to sit on the ground or a mat with a leg crossed above the knee


B kab'ároa 
  vt to pour out suddenly 3r at once, to empty by capsizing


B kab'áru 
  vi to entrap, to engage in entrapping
  n the act of entrapping, ensnaring
O kabaru 
  n a thud, click, noise of fall.
  n te kai ni kabaru: a mouse trap, a trap (makes a click when falling).
  vc ka-barua: to catch in trap
O Kabaru 
  n a constellation formed by four stars on the hind part of Great Dog


B kab'árua 
  vt to entrap


B kabáta 
  vi to fish with a kabata
  n a large fishing rai
B kab'átaa 
  vt to make one dark-skinned
B kab'áta 
  vi to make dark-skinned
O kabata 
  from bati
  vc to multiply, to increase
O kabata1 
  n a sort of fishing net made of leaves (te rai ni kabata)
  v to fish with this net
O kabata2 
  vc kabatata: to make fade, to dry up
  fig to get brown or black.
  v kabata ngaro: to blacken the gums
  ex kabata bai: to blacken the handskabata ria: to blacken the lips
  ex kabata ua: to blacken twice
  ex kabata ngarona, riana, etc.: to be scolded, taught a lesson, made behave.
  syn ka-muinikora
O kabata3 
  n te rai ni kabata: an extension of leaves added to fishing net.
  v to dry leaves, to fish with ...


B kab'átab'ata 
  vi to make dark, to tan
B kab'átab'ataa 
  vt to make dark, to tan


B kab'átakaa 
  vt to make worthless by too much handling, as certain lobsters


B kab'aatáta 
  a spoiled in some way, as tobacco, not good
B kab'átata 
  va causing blisters
B kab'átataa 
  vt to blister


B kab'aátauta 
  vt to call one or speak of one as stingy


B kab'aatáutia 
  vt to stigmatize with stinginess


O kabate 
  n cupboard (ENG)


O kabatebai 
  a scandalized, surprised at another's bad behaviour.
  v to scandalize, to surprise.
  see kabata


B kab'átete 
  a more or less steep, sloping
  n a game of sliding


B kab'átetea 
  vt to slide a thing down a slope, to bring in


B kabatéua 
  vt to expose one's self to punishment for wrong-doing ( used idiomatically with aro)


B kabæ/tia 
  vt to make much or many, to increase
O kabatia 
  v to multiply, to augment the quantity
  see bati
  vc kabatia: idem.


B kab'atiátiaa 
  vt to wrinkle, to muss


B kab'átikua 
  vt to bow, to bend, to incline as the head or body


B kabæ/tinawa 
  cau vi batinawa


B kabæ/tob'ai 
  va occasioning surprise, spoken of unaccountable conduct


O kabatu 
  n a bruise, a mark of blows on the skin, black and blue.
  v to have these marks.
  vc ka-batua: to make these ...


B kab'atútu 
  vi to squint
O kabatutu 
  n pleats, wrinkles.
  a pleated, wrinkled, puckered (like a face in anger, sadness, blindness).
  vc kabatutua: to gather, to pucker, to frown.
  ex e kabatutua matana: he is frowning, making faces
  ex kabatutu, kabatutua ...


B kab'atútua 
  vt to squint


O kabau 
  and kabunrere (N.)
  n a shell, porcelain (S.)


G kabaua 
  sn Cypraea sp. (i)
  n cowry shell (ja)
  also kab'aau
L kabaua 
  sn Cypraea (gastropod)
  n snail


B kab'áub'au 
  vi to eat voraciously and noisily
O kabaubau 
  v to devour greedily and noisily, to gobble, to swallow.
  vc kabaubaua


B kabáurua 
  vt to lengthen and enlarge a canoe


B kab'áuta 
  vt to take in the mouth a large mouthful


B kab'áweæta 
  vt to send a person to fish for baweata


B kábe 
  n name of a plant like babai


B kabéabea 
  vi to engage in employing another who is asked to assist without pay
O kabeabea 
  v to give occupation, to employ, to make work.
  red kakabeabea.
  n occupation, employment, work, charge


B kabéabeana 
  vt to employ another without pay


B kabeéæ/i 
  vi to bore or annoy by frequently coming
  n unwelcome frequent visiting


B kábebe 
  vi to cause to stagger


B kabébea 
  vt to make one to stagger
B kabébebebe 
  vi frequentative of kabebe
B kabeébete 
  va cheering, comforting, hopeful


B kabeébetea 
  vt to lighten


B kabéi 
  vi to play at kabei
  n a game of throwing
O kabei 
  v to throw an object with a swinging movement, to make oscillate, to make waver from side to side.
  vt kabeia: to make ...


B kabéia 
  vt to throw with skill a very flat thin stone


B kabéibeta 
  vt to anchor


B kabÉka 
  va causing looseness of the bowels
B kabÉkaa 
  vt to dress as fish, to remove the entrails


B kabekárakara 
  vi to blackguard or insult in song
  n blackguarding in song
B kabekárakaraa 
  vt to blackguard one in song


B kabekáriranga 
  va causing or occasioning envy


B kabekaáu 
  n a harlot
  vi to play the harlot
O kabekau 
  n te kabekau a prostitute <promiscuous woman>
  and bekau: (S.)
  n a plant
  sn Euphorbia heterophylla


B kabékobeko 
  vi causing coughing


B kabékobékoa 
  vt to cause one to cough


B kabéku 
  vi to engage in dislodging a fish form a scoop-net as it were by sleight of hand


B kabékua 
  vt to employ, to give work to, to set to work


B kabékubeku 
  vi to cause to resound as an empty cask by pounding


B kaáben 
  n a captain (ENG)
  vi to be in command of a vessel
B káben 
  n coconut molasses mixed with coconut milk strained
O kaben 
  n captain, chief, commander, director. (ENG)
  vt kabenia: idem.
O kaben1 
  n a dish made of boiled toddy and ranniben used as sauce.
  vt kabenna: to mix coconut milk with ..., to let a coconut get riper, harder.
  fig kabenna: to make sure, to confirm, to certify, to wait till it is confirmed


B kabÉna 
  vt to mix coconut molasses with coconut milk strained


B kabéngaa 
  vt to make wide
B kæ/benga 
  n a lashing for the feet in climbing a coconut tree
  vi to climb a coconut tree with the aid of kabenga


B kaábenía 
  vt to command a vessel (ENG)


B kaábenina 
  vt to command a vessel (ENG)


B kabénono 
  a curved


B kabénonoa 
  vt to curve


B kabéoa 
  vt to snarl, to entangle, to involve in knots


O kabere 
  v kaberebere to say "bother!", "be blowed!", etc., to say bete, to tell someone to mind his own business.
  vt kaberea, kabereberea
B kabérea 
  vt to address one with the word bere


B kab'érea 
  vt to make thin as a board
B kabérebere 
  vi to engage in insulting one by the use of the word bere
  n the insulting of one by saying to him the word bere


B kaberebérea 
  vt frequentative of kaberea


B kabéretoko 
  vi to refuse to listen to one who is telling something false
  n the assumption that one is not speaking the truth
O kaberetoko 
  sup superlative of kabere
  v to object to, strongly and sharply.
  vt kaberetokoa: to contradict, to thwart, to spurn, to push aside


B kabéretókoa 
  vt to discredit a person


B kabéta 
  vt to prepare a drink mixed with kabubu
O kabeta 
  vt from beti
  see kabeti
O kabeta1 
  vc from beta: to bet more heavily (cards), to increase wager


O kabetai 
  n kakabetai: importunate, one coming back incessantly to a place, to a work or action without a reason.
  vt ka-betaia: to do at the wrong time, importunately, to annoy, to bother


B kabetángaa 
  vt to bruise by jamming
O kabetanga 
  v to wedge, to jam something
B kábeti 
  n a drink containing kabubu, coconut molasses and water
  vi to engage in drinking coconut molasses and water containing kabubu


O kabeti 
  n a drink consisting of water, toddy and kabubu mixed together.
  vt kabeta, kakabeta: to prepare this ...
B kabétirakéa 
  vt to bring nearer to the shore


B kabeuákora 
  va causing to stagger as a heavy load
B kabeuákoraa 
  vt to cause one to stagger
B kábi 
  n the inner or further side
  a not half full


O kabi 
  n keel of canoe, boat, ship, the bottom of a container (N.), back row (of dancers);
  ex te i kabi: the middle dancer in the back row.
  adv i kabi, i kabina: in the bottom, at the back.
  vt kabia, kakabia: to put or pour a small quantity in the bottom, to pour out and leave only a little in the bottom.
  idiom taona te kabi: ballast the keel, lay the keel of canoe or other craft about to be built.
  n kabi koro: a canoe of heavy draught, quickly grounded, needing deep water to float
  ex kabi marawa: a canoe with good draught for deep sea
  ex kabi toka: a canoe which floats well
  ex kabi anau: one-piece keel
  ex kabi makoro: keel of several pieces
  ex kabi maototo: idem.
O kabi1 
  n a bay or inlet of sea or lagoon advancing in point or round into the land, a creek
O kabi2 
  a dull, not intelligent
O kabi3 
  n a species of plant like taro (imported)

kabi n roki

O kabi n roki 
  n te i-kabi n roki: a young engaged girl who is kept enclosed (kakoaki) in accord with ancient custom
  ex te kanoa n roki: young girl not engaged but kept enclosed, the general term for all is te ko.
  ex te kabi n roki, te kanoa n roki: a beauty, a belle of fair complexion (white)

kabi n runga

O kabi n runga 
  na (leader of crowd) a coach or leader in games, etc.

kabi n tia

O kabi n tia 
  n the lower abdomen, a person or object dear to us.
  vt kabintia: to desire from the bottom of heart
  ex kabintiaia

kabi n tongo

O kabi n tongo 
  n a species of kabubu of good quality, the best kind.
  fig a dearly loved person.
  vt kabintongoa: to appreciate, to cherish

kabi n turuma

O kabi n turuma 
  and kabi n tiruma:
  idiom (the bottom of the little box), the best, excellent, supreme
  ex te kabi n turuma n taetae: a master of the art of public speaking.
  vt kabinturuma: to keep secret in one's heart


B kabía 
  vt to partly fill


O kabiaua 
  n a kind of big basket


O kabibi 
  n Na Kabibi: a star
B kábibina 
  va given to much crying
  n constant crying


B kábikabi 
  a deep, as a basket or scoop-net
O kabikabi 
  a deep (basket, sack, etc.).
  n a carry all


B kábiko 
  vi to have the lips drawn to one side in contempt
  n the drawing of the lips to one side in contempt


B kabikóa 
  vt to draw the lips to one side in contempt


B kabikói: 
  a moderate as pain in the abdomen
O kabikoi 
  n a slight, intermittent pain in abdomen


B kabikóukou 
  vi to engage in incantation in order to cause to conceive
  n an incantation to secure conception
O kabikoukou 
  v to make pregnant.
  n an incantation to promote conception.
  v kabikoukou.
  vt kabikoukoua


B kábikoukóua 
  vt to cause to conceive


B kabimáramara 
  n the largest fish in a catch or haul
O kabimaramara 
  n sorcery for fishing net, the biggest haul taken by net, eaten by all. ;
  fig a person or thing preferred
  ex kabimaramaran nanou: my preference, my dearest friend, the joy of my heart

kabin iara

O kabin iara 
  n time of lowest neap tides

kabin ru

O kabin ru 
  n idem. young girl with white skin, beautiful (after being kakoaki)


B kábina 
  vt to form plans for the proper reception of a guest
O kabina 
  vt to desire, to covet, to seek specially, to have a great desire for ...
  from kabi:


B kábinæno 
  a having fibers extending near to, the exterior of an iri
O kabinano 
  a deep bottom, deep, having a ... (is used for containers, not for the sea).
  fig one having deep and secret thoughts


O kabinanoa 
  vt kabinanonanoa: to desire, to wish, to be keen on, to dream of, to have in one's thoughts or one's heart


B kabinæ/nonæno 
  va wearying by unceasing requests
O kabinanonano 
  n one having particular, deep, mysterious ideas, tastes or desires.
  vt kabinanonanoa: to think, to desire or to will profoundly ..., from the bottom of the heart
  also kabinnanoa: idem.


B kábinea 
  n a shell-fish, the
O kabinea 
  n a pointed shell
  sn Mitra pontificalis
G kábinea 
  sn Mitra spp. (i)
  n mitre shell (ja)
G kabinea1 
  sn Terebra spp. (i)
  n auger shell (ja)
L kabinea 
  sn Mitra (Gastropod)
  sn Terebra
  n snail


B kabínekaau 
  va given to much crying
  n constant crying
O kabinekau 
  from kabine or kapina
  na a little querulous whimperer, who whines till he is satisfied.
  vt kabinekaua ...


B kábingao 
  n a form of incantation over a child
O kabingao 
  a kabingaongao stinking, foul, an incantation over a new-born baby during three days to render it offensive to malevolent spirits.
  vt kabingaoa, kabingaongaoa: idem.


B kabingáoa 
  vt to perform a certain incantation over


B kabingíngia 
  vt to lessen, to make little


B kabiníara 
  a at mid near-tide
  n mid neap-tide


B kábiniwá 
  n the keel of a canoe


B kabinnæ/no 
  va having much in mind, dwelling on
O kabinnano 
  see above kabinano


B kabinnæ/noa 
  vt to dwell much on an object desired


O kabinono 
  sup superlative of kabi
  a nearly empty


B kabinóunou 
  n a space more or less deep on a flat
  a having an area more or less deep as a flat


B kabin/ru 
  va not sincere in consenting to peace


B kabintérunga 
  n a devotee of pleasure


B kabin/tia 
  a not excessive as pain in the lower abdomen


O kabinwa 
  n albatross (?) <bird>


O kabioa 
  v kapioa riana: to make faces, to pout


O kabiongong 
  n wisdom tooth, nook, creek.
  a pushed in.
  adv i kabiongong: further end, innermost recess.
  syn kabikabinako
  vt kabiongongoa


B kabióngongo 
  a deeply indented as the shore
  n the extreme or inner portion of a deep bay


B kábira 
  vt to anoint, to besmear
  n oil for anointing
O kabira 
  n ointment, pomade, hair oil, perfume, paint, anything used to paint or anoint.
  vt kabira, kakabira: to anoint, to paint, to daub, to oil, to grease, to massage, to perfume.
  n te kabanea ni kabiraki: Extreme Unction


O kabirai 
  n the perfumed oil from taro leaves


B kabiriáitua 
  cau vt biriaitua


B kabiribíra 
  vt to make to run


B kabirim'áka 
  cau vt birim'aka to make to run fast


B kabirimaára 
  cau vt birimara to make to run slow


B kabírinako 
  n live bait, as a small live fish with a hook in its back


B kabirinákoa 
  vt to cause to run away


O kabirongo 
  na provisions nearly exhausted, on the verge of famine


B kabiróro 
  n the ocean where the land is barely seen
O kabiroro 
  a dark bottom, very deep, cannot be seen
O kabiroro1 
  a stupid, dull


O kabitaia 
  sup superlative of n.a. kabi: very stupid, dull


O kabitara 
  v kabitaraea: to say and do opposite, to be contrary, to change order.
  a ironical, paradoxical


B kabitaráea 
  vt to misstate


O kabitoitoi 
  sup superlative of kabi, kabiroro
  see kabi


B kábitoka 
  a thick in the center as the exterior crust of the pandanus fruit
O kabitoka 
  n the fibrous core of pandanus fruit


B kabó 
  vi to meet again
  n a parting salutation, antiphonal ruoia
O kabo 
  n agreement, accord, unison.
  v to make meet, to make agree, to unite, to reassemble, to reunite.
  vt kaboa: idem., to join together, to couple
O kabo1 
  n goodbye, farewell, adieu.
  v to make an appointment to meet, to agree to meet.
  v kabo ma ...: to say goodbye to ...
  ex kabo i ...: to agree to meet at ...
  ex kabo ma: to take leave of ...
  ex ti a kabo, ti a bo, e a bo te aba: goodbye
O kabo2 
  n a mixture, a jumble, a mixture of kabubu.
  vt kaboa, kaboboa: to mix, to knead, to blend, to intermix
O kabo3 
  n change, exchange.
  vt kaboa, kakaboa: to exchange, to buy, to pay, to compensate, to get even with
  ex kaboa nako ...: to sell to ... kaboa mairoun ...: to buy from ...
  ex kaboa mwin: to compensate, to make amends.
  a ae kakaboaki: can be bought, dealt in. ae aki kakaboaki: gratis, for nothing
O kabo4 
  pref in compound words: competition, rivalry, exchange, contest
  ex kabo-ara, kabo-aro, kabo-bai, kabo anene, kabo-birimaka, etc.

kabo ari

O kabo ari 
  a fastidious

kabo aro

O kabo aro 
  nv to give tit for tat, to pay back, to make up for service received

kabo ati

O kabo ati 
  a ae kaboati: tiring, tired out, tiresome, <tire>
  ex a kabo atia: they put all their strength
  ex a bo atia: they vie with each other in efforts
  ex e kaboa atina: he is doing his utmost, he is killing himself

kabo atu

O kabo atu 
  a fatiguing, enervating, nerve racking, annoying

kabo ni makin

O kabo ni makin 
  n a coarse mat (inai, not double)


B kabóa 
  vt to purchase, to buy, to recompense, to cause to meet
  n a boil
O kaboa 
  n an abscess, a boil
  ex te kaboateke: an abscess or tumour which does not come to a head


O kaboang 
  n a common effort, united effort.
  vt kaboangia: to do in unison, to combine effort


O kaboara 
  n exchange of names.
  v to exchange the names (Gilbertese custom).
  ex a kabo araia: they have exchanged names


B kabóateke 
  n an abscess


B kaboátu 
  vi to cause weariness


B kabób'ai 
  vi to buy, to sell, to trade
  n traffic


B kabobáiteke 
  vi to test one's skill with another's in shooting or throwing at a mark
  n a competition in skill in throwing at or shooting
O kabo-baiteke 
  n target practice


B kabobaráka 
  vt to capsize, to upset, to make the face look down


B kabóbirim'aáka 
  vi to race
  n a race, a contest in renning


B kabóbo 
  vi to engage in kneading
  n the process of kneading


B kabóboa 
  vt to mix with water or a liquid by kneading


B kabobónga 
  vt to complete


B kabóbuaka 
  vt to cut or plant in a crooked line


O kaboewa 
  n rivalry of quantity.
  v to make a competition of quantity in regard to eating, drinking, work, etc.
  vt kabo-ewaea ...


B kabóiaræra 
  vi to make fragrant
  n the anointing of one's self with perfumed oil
B kabóiaræraa 
  vt to make fragrant


B kabóira 
  vi to make or cause an offensive smell
  n the imparting of a bad smell, as from certain fish when eaten


B kaboiráea 
  vt to give an unpleasant odor to


B kaboitúta 
  va occasioning failure to obtain by coming too late
B kaboitútaa 
  vt to cause one to fail of obtaining by arriving too late
O kaboituta 
  v to miss a chance, to arrive too late.
  a inopportune


B kabóka 
  n scraped coconut left to rot in a container for the purpose of extracting oil
  vi to put scraped coconut into a container to rot
O kaboka 
  v to leave grated coconut to stand before extracting the oil or milk from it.
  vt kaboka: to let turn to pulp, to wait till soft or decomposed


B kabókaboka 
  vt to muddy


O kabokuau 
  v to fish for kuau (done in the early morning with net in shallow water), .
  vt kabokuaua: idem.


O Kabong 
  n Thursday (4th day)
O kabong 
  n night fishing on canoe with line


B kabónga 
  vt to wait or last till night


B kabóngata 
  vt to cause one to remain a long time


B kabóngibonga 
  vt to wait till night


B kabóno 
  va irritating by replying bitterly


B kabónonæno 
  va exceedingly provoking
  n provocation, a cause of vexation or resentment


B káboraa 
  vt to knead, as pan pulp into thin plates
O kabora 
  n te kabora aubunga: fishing for large shells (tridacoconuta).
  v to fish for ...
  ex te kabora kika: to fish for octopus
O kabora1 
  see bora


B kabórababáuaa 
  vt frequentative of kabora to knead out


B kabórabora 
  vi to engage in kneading out
  n the process of kneading out


B kabórake 
  vi to shoot up as sprouts
O kaborake 
  v go up
  ex kakaborake.
  nv going up towards sky (for ex. smoke), going up towards Zenith (stars, clouds), going towards land (canoes), growing up (plants), getting bigger (children).
  vt kaborakea: idem.


B kaboráoa 
  vt to finish off


O kaborarinano 
  lit whose interior does not accord with exterior.
  n hypocrisy, deceiver
  idiom special use of word as follows --
  ex I kaborarinanou: I am a hypocrite
  ex ko kaborarinanom: you are a hypocrite, etc.


B káborau 
  vi to feast after the sailing of friends
  n a feast held after the sailing of guests


B kaboráua 
  vt to cause to sail, to await the sailing of a craft


O kaboreke 
  v to compete for most or quickest find


O kaborenga 
  n a mixture, a dose of ingredients, colours.
  vt kaborenga: to mix portions.
  n competition for colour display.
  syn kabo tamaroa, kaborerei


O kaborere 
  from rea
  v to mix water with sugar, toddy, kamaimai, etc.
  vt kaborerea: to mix, to adulterate any drink with water


O kaborerei 
  syn kabotamaroa
  n beauty contest.
  v to compete for ... (persons, canoes, things)


B kabória 
  vi to kiss, to make lips meet
  n a kiss, kissing
O kaboria 
  n a kiss (on lips, ria)
  v kaboria, kakaboria ma: to kiss each other, to give a kiss to


B kabóriba 
  vi to test strength by wrestling
O kaboriba 
  syn kaunriba
  v kaboririba. to compare a person with another to judge beauty, complexion, strength.
  ex for birds or animals, kauaba is said


O kabotaba 
  n embrace.
  v to embrace


O kabotaeka 
  n an oratorial competition, controversy, debate, discussion, meeting to discuss, make decisions, pass laws, make regulations for some moint or public work.
  v to discuss, to debate, to examine together


B kabótaka 
  vt to assemble


B kabótangáuri 
  n a preparation of kabubu prepared in a certain way
  n a mixture of tabataba and tangauri
O kabotangauri 
  n a mixture of tangauri and kabubu and tabataba.
  v to make this mixture


O kabotararake 
  v to lie on the back.
  vt kabotararakea: to put face upwards, to lay on the back. <supine>


O kabotau 
  n comparison.
  v kabotaua, kakabotaua: to compare


B kabotáua 
  vt to compare
  bib Isai 46 : 5


B kabótaunára 
  vt to compare, to make equal
  bib Mat 20 : 12


B kabótaunári 
  vi to engage in comparing
O kabotaunari 
  lit comparison of eyebrows.
  v to compare for this or that.
  syn kataunari
  vt kabotaunara, kaka ...: to compare.
  syn kabotaua, kataunara


B kabótika 
  cau vi botika


B kabótoaa 
  vt to strive to surpass through pride
B kabótoa 
  vt to wait on babai till rooted
  vt to confirm one's word
B kabótoa 
  n a striving to surpass through pride
O kabotoa 
  vt kakabotoa: to give a foundation to ..., to prove, to confirm, to have grounds for saying
O kabotoa1 
  n competition of strength, size, weight


B kabótu 
  va tiresome, causing loss of interest in
  n tiresomeness, wearisomeness, the cause of loss of interest


B kabotum'aáka 
  vt to make perseverant


B kabotumæ/ra 
  vt to make not perseverant


B kabóub'a 
  vi to lie with the head upon the folded arms
O kabouba 
  v kakabouba (lean one's chest on) to lie on one's chest, hands under chin.
  n this position <prone>


B kabóubu 
  va very wearisome, tiresome
  n wearisomeness, fatigue
O kaboubu 
  n lassitude, weariness, ennui, boredom.
  a wearisome.
  syn kaboatu
  ex e kaboubu te kamatebai: learning by heart is wearisome


B kabóubua 
  vt to weary one greatly


B kabówi 
  vi to consult together
  n a council, a conference, a society
O kabowi 
  syn bowi
  n meeting for deliberations, conference, council meeting, court of justice. kain te kabowi: members of ...
  v kabowi, kakabowi, bowia: to assemble to deliberate on ..., to discuss about ..., to decide


B kaábu 
  n shot, the nipple of a gun
B kábu: 
  a near to blooming
O kabu 
  n a small bud (te mareve)
  v to bud
O kabu1 
  n (S.) a mat covering, a sheet.
  syn te rabuna (N.)
O kabu2 
  n lead, shot, barrel of gun


B kabúaa 
  vt to lose
B kabuúaa 
  vt to let mosquitoes into a netting
B kabúa 
  vt to intimidate, to charge with cowardice, to make one tired of his work
O kabua 
  see bua


B kabúabekaa 
  cau vt buabeka to make a glutton of one's self
B kabúabeka 
  n gluttony


B kábuai 
  n an incantation for making the beard to grow
O kabuai 
  n an incantation to make beard grow.
  v to make this incantation, to let beard grow


B kabuáia 
  cau vt buai to subject one to an incantation in order to make his beard grow


B kábuaka 
  n a mole
O kabuaka 
  n a mark (red or black) on the skin (te bata), freckles
O kabuaka1 
  n the dark, rocky bed of lagoon, as opposed to sandy bottom.
  ant kamai


B kabúakakaa 
  vt to pronounce bad, to speak evil of, to condemn
O kabuakaka 
  n defamation.
  v to calumniate


B kabuákoa 
  cau vt buako


B kabúanib'ai 
  va destructive
  n destruction of property
O kabuanibai 
  n loss, destruction, accident, calamity, disaster, cataclysm.
  a destructive, ruinous, calamitous, disastrous.
  vt kabuanibaia, kaka ...: to bring about a great loss, an accident, to ruin, to annihilate


B kabúanib'áia 
  vt to make one liable to loss or fine by the misconduct of another


B kabúanrongo 
  cau vi buanrongo


B kabúanróngoa 
  vt to overfeed a person


B kabúantaawa 
  vi to cause loss or inconvenience
B kabúantaáwaa 
  vt to make one liable to loss or fine by the misconduct of another
O kabuantawa 
  see buanta


O kabuari 
  a kabuabuari: fully formed, round


O kabuaro 
  n the pulp of bunia or moimoto when boiled


B kábubu 
  a ashamed
B kaábubu 
  n a fish, the
B kábubu 
  n pulverized, preserved pandanus fruit
  a dull, blunt, not sharp
O kabubu 
  n a small fish with long beak
  sn Hermiranphe
O kabubu1 
  n preserved food made from pandanus fruit, a drink in which this food is mixed in water.
  vt kabubuteia: to make this mixture more watery, <dilute>
  vt karirakaia: to make it thicker, or more solid
O kabubu2 
  a blunt, dull, not cutting.
  n bluntness, dullness.
  vt kabubua: to blunt, to make dull
O kabubu3 
  a disappointed, deceived, taken in.
  vt kabubua: to deceive, to discourage, to disappoint
G kabubu 
  sn Hemirhamphus marginatus
  n small needlefish (ll,sm)
G kabubu1 
  sn Hyporhamphus dussumieri
  n small needlefish (ll,sm)
G kabubu2 
  sn Hyporhamphus laticeps
  n small needlefish (ll,sm)
L kabubu 
  sn Hemiramphidae
  n (some) half-beaks


B kabúbuaa 
  vt to make a full hundred
B kabúbua 
  vt to dull, to blunt, to kindle, to make to smoke
B kabuúbu:aa 
  vt frequentative of kabua to lose
O kabubua 
  vt to complete the hundred, to make up one hundred
O kabubua1 
  vt to make smoke, to raise up the dust. kabubua te ai, te moko: to light the fire, ... pipe
O kabubua2 
  from bua
  vt to cause to lose, to make disappear often


B kabúbura 
  vt to make big


B kabúbuta 
  vt frequentative of kabuta


B kabúe 
  va hot, oppressive, as the heat of the day
O kabue 
  a warm (weather), terrifically hot.
  vt kabuea: to heat


B kabúebue 
  va very hot
  n great heat
O kabuebue 
  n heat of fire, warmth.
  a kabuebue, kakabuebue: being warm.
  v to heat, to give warmth.
  vt kabuebuea, kaka ...: to make hot, to heat


O kabueka 
  v to burn, to set fire to, to burn out


O kabui 
  n decimal system.
  vt kabuia: to make it ten


B kabúibui 
  va causing one to be encrusted with salt
O kabuibui 
  n dehydrated fish, fruit, vegetables;
  ex te kabuibui ni babai, te kabuibui ni bakoa, te ... ni mai.
  vt ka-buibuia: to prepare, to put to dehydrate in sun.
  vt kabuibuina: idem.


B kabuibúia 
  vt to encrust one with salt from salt spray


B kabúiengáenga 
  va causing one to be encrusted with salt
B kabúiengaengaa 
  vt to encrust one with salt from salt spray


O kabuingoingo 
  n a tacit person.
  a taciturn, not speaking much


B kabuiréarea 
  vi to cause to flake, as the skin
B kabuiréareaa 
  vt to encrust with briny or sunburnt flakes


B kábuka 
  vt to stamp the foot, to spat the hand, to strike salt water with the hands or feet for frightening fish to be caught, to wash down food with a drink
  n a drink with which to wash food down
O kabuka 
  vt kabuka kanam: to soften, to moisten food before swallowing
O kabuka1 
  v buka to hit, to strike the ground or water or an object with the heel or the hand.
  vt kabuka: idem.


B kabukárerákea 
  cau vt bukarerake


B kábuki 
  n a kind of fishing
  vi to aid in swallowing by drinking a liquid
  bk Phys p. 39, line 11
O kabuki 
  n liquid swallowed after food to make it go down.
  vt to drink after eating to make food descend
O kabuki1 
  v kapukipuki to make a hollow noise.
  vt kabuka, kabukibuka: to provoke a hollow sound by hitting water, ground with foot, or hand, etc.
O kabuki2 
  n a manner of fishing where water is beaten by hand to attract fish


B kabúkibuki 
  vi frequentative of kabuki


O kabukuwi 
  nv a top (spinning). (Grimble)?


O kabumarou 
  n buds of uri flowers (stuck in the hair)


B kábun 
  n a shell, the
B kaábun 
  vi to have many offspring, to conceive frequently
  see kakariki
  see nanatina
O kabun 
  n a species of shell (used sometimes to ballast fish nets
  ex kinds: kabun ni kaiewa, kabun ni kakerukeru, kabun ni bweari, kabunrere, etc.
O kabun1 
  see v korobung: to choke.
  n an obstruction in throat
O kabun2 
  a irksome, disgusting, repugnant
  see korobun
O kabun3 
  v to have many young.
  a prolific.
  syn kakariki, nanatina
  fig yielding much profit, productive, multiplying quickly, prolific.
  vc kabunna: to make have ..., to cause to swarm, to abound


O kabunbweari 
  n a brown shell


B kabunenea 
  vi to engage in vexing with insulting language
B kábunenéaa 
  vt to vex an enemy with insulting language
O kabunenea 
  from nea
  v to insult, to reprimand, to abuse.
  vt kabunenea


B kabung/ 
  vi to midwife, to cause to bring forth
  bib Isaiah 66 : 9
  n midwifery


B kabúnga 
  vt to let the hair grow long
  n difference in likeness
  ex akea kabungana just his likeness
O kabunga 
  from bung
  n going beyond, unequal length (used mostly in the negative, akea kabungana: nothing beyond).
  ex e bungi nako: that which goes beyond, goes right in


O kabungata 
  from bungati
  vt to multiply, to augment

kabungi namakaina

O kabungi namakaina 
  n a manner of fishing after moon sets

kabungi tai

O kabungi tai 
  v to wait till the sun sets, to let sun set, to compete with, to eclipse


B kabúnginæno 
  vi to give occasion for gratitude


O kabungiro 
  n sorcery for dance (cover with shadows the opposing side).
  syn kabungiba (make the excellence of opponents disappear).
  syn tao ba (lower them)


B kábunna 
  vt to procure much of, to increase


B kábunnái 
  vi to make additions to a story
  n food, made to go farther by the addition of some other article
O kabunnai 
  n something added to augment the quantity (especially food).
  v v.t. kabunnai, kabunnaia, kaka ...: to make go further (in cooking), to swell the bulk.
  fig to exaggerate, to add to a story


O kabunnata 
  vt to multiply, to augment, to increase, to amplify very much


B kabunókonoko 
  n a female captive held as a concubine
O kabunokonoko 
  n formerly a slave concubine


B kábunokonókoa 
  vt to hold a female captive for a concubine


B kabunrére 
  n a shell-fish, the
O kabunrere 
  n a shell with black or brown spots. cowrie


B kabuóka 
  vt to burn up, to consume by fire
O kabuoka 
  from bue
  vt to burn, to set alight, to burn out


B kábura 
  vt to make flow as milk from an udder, to milk


O kaburabura 
  v to appear afraid of nothing.
  a frightening looks


B kaburáerae 
  n a waist-mat with an ornamental upper fringe
O kaburaerae 
  see burae, buraerae
O kaburaerae1 
  n a mat, lavalava (half mat) tied under armpits and with fringe.
  vt ka-buraeraea: to add a fringe to make a fringe, to fringe


B káburaeréea 
  vt to furnish a waist-mat with an upper fringe


O kaburamatoa 
  a hard to please, stubborn


O kaburara 
  n name of land, of clan, of boti
O kaburara1 
  n a certain kind of lavalava.
  see riri


O kaburati 
  from bura
  a deformed, ugly, coarse, badly made.
  fig vulgar, impolite, disgusting, surly, crabbed


B kábure 
  n a game of spatting hands, a style of mat
  vi to play the game of kabure
O kabure 
  n an ancient game for four persons sitting facing, doing hand movements.
  v to play at ...
O kabure1 
  n a certain design in mat-weaving <weave> (twill)


B kaburéa 
  vt to charge with sin, to lead into sin, to pass over to one, to give, to will, to bequeath
O kaburea 
  from bure
  vt to judge guilty, to condemn, to punish, to find fault with, to judge defective, to do wrongly, in a wrong way, to alienate, to give way, to make over, to sacrifice, to abandon to ..., in favour of ...


B kaburéna 
  vt to braid or weave a mat called kabure
O kaburena 
  v to weave a mat with kabure design.
  vt see kabure


B kaburéti 
  a bad, evil, unwholesome
O kabureti 
  a ugly effect, to be ugly.
  vt kabureta: to render ugly, to find ugly.
  see kaburati


B kabúriburi 
  n coconut oil prepared for anointing
O kaburiburi 
  n perfumed oil made of coconut milk and taro leaves.
  see buri


B kaburimáiaia 
  vt to disarrange or muss as a wreath
O kaburimaiaia 
  v to upset, to crumple, to destroy


B kabúrinako 
  n a game resembling quoits
  vi to play the game of kaburinako


B kaburinæ/naa 
  vt to squash, to press into a flat mass accidentally
O kaburinana 
  vt to squash, to flatten out


B kaburóa 
  vt to boil


B kabúroburo 
  vi to engage in boiling
  n the process of boiling


B kabúroburóa 
  vt frequentative of kaburoa


B kabuúroro 
  vi to cause loathing
B káburoro 
  n the brain, a thing reserved or tabooed
O kaburoro 
  n the brain, brains, intelligence.
  ex akea kaburorona!: he has no brains!
O kaburoro1 
  n the season when Pleiades are at zenith and Antares at nadir


O kaburoronteun 
  n an ancestor, a warrior


B kaburórontoun 
  n a Gilbertese god


B kabúrubúrua 
  vt to make the end of a stick into a brush


B kábururu 
  vi to wash, to engage in washing the face and mouth with the hands and fingers
O kabururu 
  v kakabururu to wash one's face, to rinse one's mouth, to cleanse, to splash, to sprinkle, to squirt water from mouth to bathe babies.
  vt kabururua.
  ex e kabururu te kua: the whale is spouting


B kabúta 
  vt to make go fast, to spin as a top, to spread abroad, to go all over
O kabuta 
  see buta, buti


B kabutaába 
  vi to travel extensively
O kabutaba 
  v to travel over country, to journey, to make rounds. n. odyssey


B kabutáio 
  va constipating


B kábutaióa 
  vt to make one constipated


B kabutaákai 
  intj an exclamation of one who is thrust at, but parries or dodges the thrust
O kabutakai 
  intj kabutakai te mane!
  n a kind of ironical boast of a combatant, a wrestler.
  ex te tia kabutakai: the belligerent


O kabutakitaki 
  intj te kabutakitaki te Ngai! warlike expression of wrestler or warrior provoked. (boastful exclamation.)


B kabutaróaroa 
  vt to give to one a sour unpleasant smell


B kabutæ/rotæro 
  cau vi butarotaro


B kabutæ/rotæ/r 
  vt to afflict one with the odor of sour karewe through being a toddy gatherer


O kabutewetewe 
  v to put fish over flame to cook without burning.
  vt kabutewetewea: idem.


B kábuti 
  n a short stepping with swinging of the hips in the ruoia by women
  n a mode of fishing on the ocean reef
  vi to take short steps in the ruoia to fish with a line and pole in a rawarawa
O kabuti 
  n a walk, parade, evolutions of dance step.
  v to walk, to advance, to parade in such a way
O kabuti1 
  n a kind of ruoia <dance>
O kabuti2 
  n diluted dough, batter
O kabuti3 
  n a manner of fishing by drawing line along the surface

kabuti man

O kabuti man 
  n measures taken in order to bring about engagement of marriage, deputation


O kabutia 
  vt to move, to mix, to make move, to revolve


B kabútika 
  a poisonous as certain fish
B kabútikaa 
  vt to visit a canoe just returned form fishing and ask boldly for a portion of the catch
O kabutika 
  v to drive a car or vehicle
O kabutika1 
  vt to cause a surprise, a meeting, to visit, to go to meet, to take occasion of someone's good luck in order to get something from them to eat or drink.
  ex ka butika te wa: to go to meet a canoe coming back from fishing expedition (in order to beg some fish).
  see butika, kawia
  n te kabutika.
  ex te amarake ae kabutika: food which invites others to come and partake of (or) food bringing ill-luck
O kabutika2 
  a poisonous (fish).
  syn ntaribariba


B kabútikeke 
  a soft and slippery as a path after rain
O kabutikeke 
  a soft and slippery.
  vc to make slide; to glide over water


B kábutu 
  vi to express displeasure by a grimace
  n a pouting of the lips, a grimace of displeasure
O kabutu 
  v to pout, to make wry face. kabutu, kakabutu.
  vt kabutua: idem.
  ex e kabutua riana: he pouts his lips


B kabútua 
  vt to pout the lips


O kabwe 
  n a game of rounders.
  v to play this game


B kabwéa 
  vi to deceive
O kabwea 
  from bwe
  vt to steer with helm, to steer, to manoeuvre, to work the steering wheel, bridle, handlebars, driving wheel.
  ex kabwea wana: trying a newly made canoe.
  fig to hold the controls, to steer, to direct, to domineer (or) to turn the wheel, to turn about, to deform, to change, to disfigure the meaning, etc.


B kabwéara 
  vt to perfume a riri by scorching it


B kabwéari 
  vi to engage in giving a scorched smell to a riri
  n a riri which has been scented by moderate scorching
O kabweari 
  n a manner of fumigating people in sorcery ceremonies, a kind of perfumed fumigation of persons and things.
  vt kabweara: to perfume over the smoke of odoriferous plants, to fumigate persons or things (sorcery)


B kabwebwe 
  n a slice or portion of babai for planting to obtain suckers
O kabwebwe 
  n a piece or section of taro, or top of taro, kept to replant, taro plant.
  vt kabwebwea: to make or let plants grow, to let shoots grow
O kabwebwe 
  n heat.
  a hot (kabuebue)


B kábwebwea 
  vt to cause to sprout, to wait for sprouting


O kabwi 
  n decimal system


B kabwía 
  vt to make ten, to tithe, to make a full ten
  n a tenth


B kabwíbwi 
  n babai preserved by drying


B kabwibwía 
  vt to preserve babai by drying


B káe 
  n a mode of fishing by running down a fish in shoal water
  vi to fish by running down the fish in shoal water
B kaáe 
  vi to engage in searching


B káeea 
  vt to pursue
B káea 
  vt to search after, to seek
O kaea 
  vt kakaea.
  syn kawara
  ex kaea te reirei: to go to school.
  syn ukera: to search, to seek, to look for
O kaea1 
  syn kakioa
  v to chase, to run after


O kaeaka 
  vt ka-eaka: to welcome, to take in a traveller, exile, or homeless person


B káeb'a 
  vi to toss high as a quoit
  n a game, the name given to kabane in Butaritari
O kaeba 
  syn kabane:
  n a game


B kaeb'anákoa 
  vt to ask a person to do


O kaebua 
  v v.t. to call someone a coward, or a milksop, to accuse of sluggishness, or inertia


O kaei 
  suf added to certain adj. of dimension to transform them into superlative
  ex abakei (abakin aei), anaukaei (anauna aei) with a sign to show size: this size, this length. used also without gesture to designate: very long, very big
  see katukaei, morokaei, tuakaei: (S.)


B káeia 
  cau vt ei to bend, to cause to lean, to cause to sway
O kaeia 
  from ei
  vt to make slope.
  vt kaeieia: to make bend from side to side, to sway


B kaeiéia 
  vt to bend back and forth as a young tree, to cause to sway back and forth


B kaeinákoa 
  vt to bend to the ground, to put in a horizontal position
O kaeinakoa 
  vt to bend over till in horizontal position


B káeka 
  a convalescent
B káekaa 
  vt to answer, to reply to
O kaeka 
  vt kaekaeka: to answer to ..., to reply to ..., to question, to make speak by questioning
O kaeka1 
  vt to lift up head, eye). ka-eka
  v to make someone convalesce


B káekaekaa 
  vt frequentative of kaeka


B káeke 
  n a certain plank in a canoe
  n a certain incantation performed for the purpose of helping the patient to become famous
O kaeke 
  n a certain board in a canoe to heighten it.
  n an incantation to procure celebrity;
  see eke
  vt ka-ekea


B káekea 
  vt to speak in praise of


B káena 
  vt to chaff, to make fun of, to taunt
O kaena 
  v kaenaena:, kakaenaena: to mock, to deride.
  n mockery, derision, ridicule (to make fun of by imitating speech or manner, etc.)
  ex te kaenaena: mockery, derision, ridicule by imitating


B kaenáena 
  vi to mock, to engage in deriding
  n derision, mockery
B kaenáenaa 
  vt to deride


B káenætináia 
  vt to anger one by hard words
O kaenatinaia 
  from atinai: a strong fish, hard to overcome.
  vt to render furious, to make someone beside himself with rage


B káengeng 
  va advancing slowly, not soon performed
  n a slow performance
O kaengeng 
  v to say "yes, yes" and do nothing about it


B kaerákea 
  vt to beach a canoe


B kaerére 
  vi to engage in devastating


B kaerérea 
  vt to beat to pieces, to destroy


B kaeríeria 
  vt to provide with a spoon


B kaeéroro 
  vi to engage in urging
  n the act of urging or pressing


B káeta 
  vt to correct, to interpret, to make straight
O kaeta 
  vt to correct, to straighten, to interpret


O kaeti 
  n notice.
  see eti, kakaeti
  v to ask permission, to explain what one desires


O kaetiang 
  v to make sail or canoe in such a way as to get the maximum of wind


O kaetieti 
  n te tia ... one who permits, gives permission.
  ex te tia kakaeti: one who asks permission


B kaetirúrua 
  vt to make very straight


O kaeutakia 
  vt kakaeutakia to show off, to stalk proudly.
  see eutaki


B káewa 
  a having a light shade amid dark ones
  n a place with a sand bottom amid rocks
B káewaa 
  vt to cut into slices as babai
O kaewa 
  and kaewaewa
  from wea
  n a breach, a gap, a sandy space between coral rocks.
  va kaewa
O kaewa1 
  vt kaewaewa to cut taro in sections lengthwise (lengthwise sections)


B kaewáea 
  vt to provoke to anger


B kaewáewa 
  vt to cut into long slices as babai


B káewe 
  vi to fish for the baneawa
  n fishing for baneawa
O kaewe 
  from ewe
  v to fish with slip knot.
  vt kaewea: idem.


B kaeweaánanga 
  vi to communicate secrets, to tattle
  n tattling, the communication of secrets


B kaeweæ/tia 
  vt to induce one to migrate


B káewebótia 
  vt to lead one to a place previously assigned to another


B káewenáko 
  vi to engage in challenging from a distance
  n food first distrivuted to old men
O kaewenako 
  n 1. the setting apart in advance of food (te ari) for the ancients.
  v kaewenako.
  vt kaewenakoa: to set apart, to transmit.
  vt 2. to make jump, to start up, to get up (to dance, sing, wrestle, etc.).
  vt 3. kaewenakoa te taeka, kakaewe taeka: to challenge, to make a sally, to make a retort


B káewenákoa 
  vt to challenge from a distance


B kaeweróngorongo 
  vi to engage in disclosing secrets
  n the disclosure of secrets
O kaewerongorongo 
  v to give out news, to reveal a secret


B kaewetáeka 
  vi to report to one what is said against him by another
  n the reporting to one of what has been said against him by another
O kaewetaeka 
  n tale bearing.
  v to report news


B kaewéwe 
  vi to toss up repeatedly
  n a mode of fishing for the ba:ra


B kái 
  adv easily, without difficulty, soon, readily
  n punishment, anything carried in the hand for the purpose of throwing- wood, a stick , a handle, a weapon
  vi to be in trouble, in straits, in difficulty
B kaái 
  n a bird with long legs, the
B kái: 
  n a mode of fishing
  vt to fish for katura or ninimai in the sand
B kaái 
  n one belonging in or to (followed by suffix n or ni)
O kai 
  intj of surprise, interrogation, affirmation.
  ex Kai! te Tama: Here's father
  ex kai antai?: well, who?
  syn ai antai
O kai1 
  n te kai: ka:i (plural).
  n word with numerous meanings,may be divided into four categories: 1.
  n wood, 2. instrument, 3. pain, 4. chastisement, punishment ... 1. wood in general: trees, plants, stick, switch, rod, pointer, lath, piece. te kaina, uakai, teni kai, etc.
  n 2. instrument: tool, arm, projectile, machine, apparatus, material.
  fig method, system, trick, manner, procedure, way, mimic, rhythm, turn.
  n te tia kai: a conjurer, a juggler, an expert at wrestling, boxing, etc.
  v ua-kai: to have or carry arms, tools.
  n 3. pain: suffering (physical or moral), particular sickness, want, privation, need, misery.
  ex kai n nano: want, privation, be in need.
  ex e kai nanou n te ... : I suffer by the privation of ..., for the want of ...
  n 4. chastisement , punishment, defeat, victory, vengeance, revenge.
  ex e a toka au kai: I am victorious
  ex e a reke kaiu: I am punished
  ex te reke ni kai:
  nv chastisement, punishment
  ex te kaoa ni kai: exposing to danger
  ex te kareke kai: vengeance, retaliation, chastisement
  ex te taenikai (e tae te kai): defeat, to be defeated, vanquished
  ex tokanikai (e toka te kai): victory, triumph, to be victorious, triumphant
  ex katokanikaia: to vanquish, to triumph over ..., to overcome to outweigh, to surpass
  idiom e maoto kaiu: I got my revenge.
  n 5. te kai: a conquered person, a prisoner of war, reduced to slavery.
  syn kaunga (S.)
  ex by ext. te kai: servant.
  ex e a kainira: he works us as servants.
  ex au kai, am kai, ana kai: my helper, your helper, etc.
O kai2 
  n kain te ... kaini ... kaina ... kaia...: an inhabitant, occupant, member, adherent, citizen, people of ...
  ex kaini Kiribati: Gilbertese
  ex kain te Ekaretia: members of the church
  ex akea kaia: no inhabitants
  a kakai: inhabited, populated
  ex kakai: having many fruit trees (wooded)
  vt kaina: to people, to populate, to live in, to inhabit, to be a member of ...
  vt kaiakina: idem. to settle in, to lodge in, to become an inhabitant of ..., to take for one's habitation
O kai3 
  adv kakai: easily, readily, promptly, without difficulty. It has the meaning of able on the end of English and French words.
  ex kakai uruaki: breakable
  ex ae kakai tangiraki: amiable, agreeable
  ex ae kai buti: rapid
O kai4 
  n te kai: <bird> crane, heron.
  a roroa ni kai: crane's neck.
  a wae ni kai: having legs like a crane.
  nv wi-kai: to be ashamed, confused, abashed, crestfallen, disappointed (slang)
  ex wae ni kai: to walk like a crane
O kai5 
  v to search for shell fish in the sand. te kai koikoi, te kai koumara, te kai katura, etc.
  vt kaia: to scratch in the sand for certain shell fish
G kaai 
  sn Demigretta sacra
  n <bird> reef heron (aa)

kai aweawe

O kai aweawe 
  n a long, slender stick or tree.
  a long like a rod, slim, lank, slender

kai eti

O kai eti 
  n a straight stick.
  a kai eti, kakaieti: straight, very straight

kai mai

O kai mai 
  a easily or quickly cooked

kai maiu kakaimaiu

O kai maiu kakaimaiu 
  a which lives or grows easily

kai mate

O kai mate 
  n a plant withering away.
  a dying quickly, corrupted, ephemeral, perishable.
  ex kakai mate

kai mauna

O kai mauna 
  a kakai mauna: disappearing quickly, ephemeral, fugitive

kai n akawa

O kai n akawa 
  n fishing tackle

kai n amarake

O kai n amarake 
  n fruit trees

kai n anti

O kai n anti 
  n intermittent physical pain of unknown cause

kai n aoao

O kai n aoao 
  n a pole for pushing canoe

kai n ararake

O kai n ararake 
  n a ladder, stairs.
  syn te kai n tamarake

kai n areke

O kai n areke 
  a thin, slender, lank

kai n auau

O kai n auau 
  n an instrument to get fish out of crevices, hooked wire, hook used to draw up eel-pot

kai n erieri

O kai n erieri 
  n a large spoon or ladle (formerly half coconut shell with handle added).
  see kai ni moi, tem baina

kai n ewaewa

O kai n ewaewa 
  n a tool for digging (pointed stick used as spade formerly)

kai n ika

O kai n ika 
  n the second kiaro moti from the bows of canoe

kai n nano

O kai n nano 
  or kainnano physical or moral suffering especially from want, privation, poverty, misery, difficulty, pain.
  ex I kainnano, e kai nanou: I suffer, I am in difficulty, in want, etc.

kai n newe

O kai n newe 
  n an instrument for hinging things on, hook, nail, coat hanger

kai n nongonongo

O kai n nongonongo 
  n an instrument or tool for stopping chinks, making air-tight

kai n okatou

O kai n okatou 
  n a pole or rod used for knocking down pandanus fruit

kai n oro

O kai n oro 
  n a tool for hitting, a hammer, a mallet, a cane, a strap

kai n oro wi

O kai n oro wi 
  n an ancient lighter (piece of iron struck on flintstone, to obtain spark)

kai n reibu

O kai n reibu 
  n a kind of small brush of chewed fibre (was used formerly to taste kamaimai)

kai n ribariba

O kai n ribariba 
  or kai n kariba
  n a wedge

kai n ribita

O kai n ribita 
  n a rod or pole for reaching and pulling down objects, fruit, out of reach

kai n ririka

O kai n ririka 
  n a pointed stick (generally taume) for fixing ridge on roof

kai n roa

O kai n roa 
  n a fishing rod (more usual) te kai n roaroa
  n a stick with string and vessel for drawing water from well.
  n a constellation, the Crane and the tail of Scorpion together

kai n roro

O kai n roro 
  n persons of the same age or generation.
  a kainroro, kakainroro: being of ...

kai n ruruo

O kai n ruruo 
  n a certain fishing rod for bara fishing

kai n ta

O kai n ta 
  from ta - tangaki: eavesboard of roof, horizontal laths to which are fixed the kai ni kakari (vertical laths)

kai n taetaeri

O kai n taetaeri 
  n horizontal laths of walls to which are fixed ba one after another

kai n taibao

O kai n taibao 
  n a block of wood used as mallet to hammer string bindings to secure them.
  vt kaintaibaoa: to hit with ...

kai n tamarake

O kai n tamarake 
  see kai n ararake, kairo

kai n taoata

O kai n taoata 
  n an arched piece of wood fixed over the kai ni marawa and under which the ata (shroud) passes

kai n taura

O kai n taura 
  n a suspension hook

kai n taura ni bua

O kai n taura ni bua 
  n uvula

kai n tawakai

O kai n tawakai 
  n bar of press, lever.
  vt kaintawakaia: to lift with lever or put weight on

kai n tekateka

O kai n tekateka 
  n a seat, chair, stool, armchair.
  syn kai n toka

kai n teru

O kai n teru 
  n a rod with several splits at end used in te karanga play

kai n tibua

O kai n tibua 
  vt to swell the paunch, to make heavy.
  see intibu

kai n tiku

O kai n tiku 
  n a roost.
  syn te kai ni katiku

kai n tikuaba

O kai n tikuaba 
  n (myth. tree) symbol of union in Samoa before the disaccord and dispersion. From the ancestors assembled there the genealogy of the Gilbertese begins

kai n tinebu

O kai n tinebu 
  a corpulent and heavy

kai n tirere

O kai n tirere 
  n a baton for tirere play

kai n toka

O kai n toka 
  n a seat, a high seat, a platform, a stand, a stage.
  n kaintoka n uea: throne

kai n tore

O kai n tore 
  n a hollow tube or straw for drinking

kai n toro

O kai n toro 
  n lavatory, toilet.
  syn kai ni beka, kai n nako tari

kai n toro rau

O kai n toro rau 
  n a stake on which leaves are flattened out for making thatch

kai n toru

O kai n toru 
  n a rod used in play called toru or karanga.
  n a stick tied to another to straighten or support it, a prop, a support.
  vt kaintorua: to support, to reinforce, to straighten so

kai n totoki

O kai n totoki 
  n a pot stick for cramming, crushing, a small pestle for pounding food, reducing it to puree or pulp

kai n totoko

O kai n totoko 
  n a prop, a stay, a support.
  syn kai ni bakatoko, kai ni butika

kai ni babau

O kai ni babau 
  n a crossbeam of maneaba or house.
  syn te kai ni kaukau

kai ni bairi

O kai ni bairi 
  n cartilage of nose

kai ni bakatoka

O kai ni bakatoka 
  n a prop, stanchion, buttress.
  syn te kai n totoko, te kai ni butika

kai ni beka

O kai ni beka 
  n lavatory, toilet, WC.

kai ni benga

O kai ni benga 
  n a bench inside canoe between ribs (aiai).
  syn te kai ni betaru

kai ni beti

O kai ni beti 
  n buoy, lifebelt.
  syn kai ni kabeti

kai ni biro

O kai ni biro 
  n ancient system of tightening boards in canoe-making, a tool for twisting, clamp

kai ni bwena

O kai ni bwena 
  n laths cut from pandanus trunk

kai ni ikiku

O kai ni ikiku 
  n a pestle.
  syn kai ni ikuiku

kai ni kaba

O kai ni kaba 
  n an evil spell to thwart unlucky love.
  vt kainikabaea: to make unlucky

kai ni kabaebae

O kai ni kabaebae 
  n lasso of Gilbertese warrior, part of his gear

kai ni kabaru

O kai ni kabaru 
  n a rat trap, a mouse trap.
  n a constellation formed by four stars of hind part of Great Dog

kai ni kabeti

O kai ni kabeti 
  n part of constellation of Scorpion

kai ni kabo

O kai ni kabo 
  n a utensil for mixing

kai ni kabobo

O kai ni kabobo 
  n a stick with running knot for fishing eels.
  syn te kai ni matamea

kai ni kaenaena

O kai ni kaenaena 
  n the other stick with bait attached used in eel fishing

kai ni kaka

O kai ni kaka 
  n a tool for removing bark off trees

kai ni kakari

O kai ni kakari 
  n a lath from rooftop to eaves of houses to which thatch is fixed.
  syn te ba ni kakari: a wooden tooused for fixing thatch

kai ni kakeke

O kai ni kakeke 
  n a kind of stake, crow bar

kai ni kakeru

O kai ni kakeru 
  n instrument to make noise under water

kai ni kakiki

O kai ni kakiki 
  n a crow bar, a wooden tool with sharp point for extracting large mollusc from shells
  n a sandbank extending under water

kai ni kako

O kai ni kako: 
  n a tool for tightening, screw jack

kai ni kamaeiei

O kai ni kamaeiei 
  n a see saw

kai ni kamaen

O kai ni kamaen 
  n method or school or composition for dance singing, dances with magic rites and formula.
  n te tia kai ni kamaen: the composer, director, sorcerer of certain dances
  ex kai ni kamaen: to compose or conduct these dances.
  n a pillar in maneaba set apart for the composer

kai ni kangawa

O kai ni kangawa 
  n a cudgel for ramming into shark's throat to overcome it

kai ni kangeri

O kai ni kangeri 
  n a kind of comb (formerly) made from roots of mangrove, having two pointed prongs, was carried in hole of lobe of ear, more usually called te kangeri

kai ni kaotinako

O kai ni kaotinako 
  n a Gilbertese fork used in agriculture

kai ni kararao

O kai ni kararao 
  n a system or school of composition.
  see kai ni kamaen

kai ni karawa

O kai ni karawa 
  n saints, inhabitants of heaven, stars of the firmament

kai ni kareke

O kai ni kareke 
  n an iron rod or wire for fishing in crevices, a wooden rod for pulling down pandanus leaves (ira ni kie)

kai ni karema

O kai ni karema 
  n a crow bar.
  syn koroba (crow-bar) and kai ni kauma

kai ni karotu

O kai ni karotu 
  n a pointed stick for scratching in sand or in fish nooks

kai ni kataratara

O kai ni kataratara 
  n field glassess, telescope, binoculars

kai ni katarin

O kai ni katarin 
  n a copra knife

kai ni katebe

O kai ni katebe 
  n a bow, a sling, a crossbow.
  ex kanoan te ...: an arrow

kai ni katena

O kai ni katena 
  n pincers, pliers, forceps, vise, tongs

kai ni katiku

O kai ni katiku 
  n a roost

kai ni katine

O kai ni katine 
  n a weighing machine, scales

kai ni katoka

O Kai ni katoka 
  n a constellation: trapeze in Sagittarius

kai ni katonga

O kai ni katonga 
  n kainikatonga: pride, arrogance, boastfulness.
  a kainikatonga, kakainikatonga: arrogant, proud, boastful, insolent.
  syn karietata

kai ni katu

O kai ni katu 
  n a wooden bar (short and thick) used in game of katua.
  syn te kai ni karetika

kai ni kaukau

O kai ni kaukau 
  n a cross beam in native buildings.
  syn te kai ni babau:
  see this word

kai ni kauma

O kai ni kauma 
  n a lever, a crow bar.
  syn koroba, te kai ni karema

kai ni kawakewake

O kai ni kawakewake 
  n a fishing rod (for fishing bara, skin of nari used as bait)

kai ni kawawa

O kai ni kawawa 
  n spout, gutter of roof, delivery pipe

kai ni kibakiba

O kai ni kibakiba 
  n a long fishing rod to which is fixed line called abo

kai ni korokorom

O kai ni korokorom 
  n an instrument used for husking nuts.
  syn te koro

kai ni kuka

O kai ni kuka 
  n a stove.
  syn te kiare, te titove (stove)

kai ni maeao

O kai ni maeao 
  n tree trunks brought in by west wind

kai ni man

O kai ni man 
  n a flag post, semaphore, coconuts hung upside down inside house to preserve longer

kai ni marawa

O kai ni marawa 
  n the last cross piece connecting the kiaro over the outrigger (rama).
  ex te na ni man: other cross pieces

kai ni marewe

O kai ni marewe 
  n specially chosen food or drink put aside.
  vt kainimarewea, kaimarewea: to put aside, to keep in reserve

kai ni matamea

O kai ni matamea 
  n a rod with running knot on end for fishing eels.
  syn te kai ni kabobo

kai ni moi

O kai ni moi 
  n a Gilbertese ladle, a ladle.
  syn te kai n erieri
  n the star of Dolphin slightly apart from the four others

kai ni ngongo

O kai ni ngongo 
  n a back scratcher

kai ni wai

O kai ni wai 
  n a harpoon, a lance

kai ni wairau

O kai ni wairau 
  n a tool for making thatch

kai ni waiwai

O kai ni waiwai 
  n a wooden instrument for packing kabubu into forms

kai rereba

O kai rereba 
  n a spade, a lance, a spear (lit. instrument with wide cutting edge)

kai roro

O kai roro 
  n kakai roro who enters, penetrates or intrudes easily, who attains object easily

kai tare

O kai tare 
  a quickly exhausted, run out of

kai ura

O kai ura 
  nva kakai ura igniting quickly, inflammable.
  fig irascible


B káia 
  vt to unearth or unsand katura in the beach with the feet


O kaiaba 
  syn kan ababa
  v to want land, to have a great desire to acquire or possess land


B káiababáea 
  cau vt iababa to await a very high state of the tide


B káiabubúta 
  cau vt iabubuti


B káiabuta 
  cau vt iabuti


B káiai 
  n a coconut tree in the third stage
  n a man in the prime of life
B kaáiai 
  n a preparation of kabubu and scraped coconut mixed together in water
  vi to engage in mixing kabubu and scraped coconut
O kaiai 
  n a young tree growing up.
  a growing well.
  n a child, a young person growing up.
  a growing well.
  n time of adolescence.
  a (something) new, recent.
  syn bou, menai
O kaiai1 
  n a dish comprising grated coconut, kabubu and water.
  v to prepare this dish


B kaiáia 
  vt to move the lower jaw up and down rapidly
O kaiaia 
  v v.t. to move the jaws, to grind the teeth (to irritate, to rouse)


O kai-aine 
  n kakai-aine, kaiainea, kakaiaine: an ancient word replaced by wene ni bure: copulate, copulation


B káiaka 
  cau vt iaka


B kaiaákai 
  cau vi iakai


B káiakebókeboa 
  cau vt iakebokebo


B káiaki 
  vi to be stirred up, to be aroused
  n a bestirring of one's self, activity, excitement


B káiakiáka 
  cau vt iakiaki


B káiakina 
  vi to abide on one's land on order the better to care for it
O kaiakina 
  v to settle, to live at ..., to populate, to become a member of ..., to live at ...
  see kai, kaina: inhabitant
O kaiakina1 
  vt to work for, to be devoted to, to go to a lot of trouble for ...
  note a little different from keiakina
  from kai:


B kaiángabuki 
  vt to put butt to butt


B kaiángoa 
  vt to cause to neglect


B kaiángoráoa 
  cau vt iangoraoi


B kaiángoráoi 
  cau vi iangoraoi


B káianimáma 
  vt to await the proper state of the tide as for fishing or sailing by moonlight


B káianóra 
  vi to await low tide


B káianróa 
  vi to await the proper state of the tide when there is no moonlight


B káiao 
  n leaves of vegetation as of the kiaou , the uri, and kaura gathered for compost
O kaiao 
  n leaves of divers plants dried and used to manure taro plants, also fresh leaves chopped up for same purpose. kakaiao: abundance of ...
  vt kaiaona: to manure with the kaiao <leaf>
G kaiao 
  sn Sida fallax Walp. (z)


B kaiaráea 
  cau vt iara to wait for season of neap-tide


B káiarakéa 
  vt to wait for high tide


B káiba 
  n a case or sheath knife whose loose handle has been lashed
O kaiba 
  n sheath, scabbard, piece joining two ends.
  vt kaibaea: to set, to fix, to patch up, to mend, to put into a sheath (perhaps graft)


B kaib'aáb'a 
  n bamboo, a flute, a pipe
O kaibaba 
  n a hollow stick, bamboo, reed, flute, pipe, shank, etc.


B káib'ab'áru 
  vi to lust
  n lust
O kaibabaru 
  from barua
  n concupiscence, covetousness, sensuality, immoderate desire .
  vt kaibabarua ... to desire


B kaibáea 
  vt to bind a broken bone with splinters


O kaibai 
  n a ladle made of shell


O kaibake 
  n tobacco plant, incision, graft


B káibako 
  a sunken in, as the chest
O kaibako 
  n a hollow object, a dent, an empty stomach.
  vt kaibakoa: to make a dent, to make a hollow, to bash in, to deform by smashing in


B káibangake 
  n the cross


O kaibangaki 
  n wood crossed, a cross, a crucifix.
  see bangaki
  vt kaibangaka: to cross, to put in form of a cross. kaibangakai, kaibangakiko: to make the Sign of the Cross over ...


B káibara 
  n the lateral root of the pandanus
  a tough, not easily masticated as certain pandanus fruit
O kaibara 
  n lattice made from pandanus roots, these roots when cut for use (used for partition, walls, lattice work). <
  a hard, tough like kaibara (fruits).
  vt kaibarana and kaibaraia: to make of kaibara, to put ...


O kaibaro 
  n a small trunk, drawer of cupboard


O kaibaun 
  n a red flower
  sn Russelia junua
G kaibaun 
  sn Russelia equisetiformis (z)


B káibea 
  vt to pack closely as kabubu


B kaibéibea 
  vt frequentative of kaibea


B kaíbeka 
  cau vt ibeki to apply force to


B káibekókoa 
  vt to stock a pond with baneawa


O kaibekua 
  from beku
  vt to make work, labour


B káibekura 
  vt to agitate, to stir up
O kaibekura 
  vt idem. to overwork


B káibentæ/noa 
  vt to dirty a garment by spreading it to dry on the ground or sand


O kaibeta 
  from beti
  n kaibetan te ...: a float, swimmer's float (as life belt).
  vt kaibetana: to have, to take, use as a float


B kaibetángatangaa 
  cau vt ibetangatanga


B káibetaotáoa 
  cau vt ibetaotao


O kaibeti 
  n wood which floats.
  a buoyant, light


O kaibetia 
  n kaibetian te ...: floats on fishing nets and lines.
  vt kaibetiana: to put a float on


B káibetútua 
  cau vt ibetutu


B kaáibibíti 
  vi to miss seeing, to fail to fall in with
B káibibíti 
  vt to exchange


O kaibiki 
  or kaibike:
  n an eel
  sn Murene gymnothorax
G kaibiki 
  sn Gymnothorax bikiniensis
  n eel (ll)


B kaáibiro 
  vi to cross as the limbs
O kaibiro 
  n act of ...
  see biro
  v kaibiro.
  vt kaibiroa, kakaibiroa: to make string, to twist with biro, to tighten with screwjack or block


B kaáibiroi 
  vt to cross and lash two sticks together


O kaibo 
  n kind of box or chest in former times made of four boards and closed at both ends.
  n kind of prison where souls of the dead were detained temporarily before arriving at Bouru.
  vt kaiboa: to shut in, to enclose, to put in kaibo


B kaibóa 
  vt to light a pipe , to increase combustion
B kaiboóa 
  vt to close or shut up tight as a box or house
O kaiboa 
  see ibo
  vt to swell up, to cram, to compress. kaiboa te raba, te moko, te nano: (encourage each other)


B kaibóbua 
  vt to imbed more firmly as a stick for husking coconuts
O kaibobua 
  vt kakaibobua
  sup superlative of kaiboa: to shut in, to enclose


O kaiboia 
  n a shrub
  sn Dodonaea viscosa


G kaipora 
  sn Dodonaea viscosa (z)


B káibuke 
  n a ship
  vi to ship on board a vessel
O kaibuke 
  n a ship, a sailing ship, a steamer, a motor vessel


B káibuti 
  vi to sail fast,
  ex e kaibuti she sails fast
  n fast sailing, a great speed


B káiea 
  vt to sail


B kaiéie 
  vi to sail, to engage in sailing


B kaiéin 
  n the giving in marriage


B kaiéina 
  vt to give in marriage


B kaiénikuria 
  vt to hasten, to hurry


B kaientáka 
  cau vt ientaka


B kaientáua 
  vt to hasten, to hurry


B káieti 
  a straight and perpendicular as a palm


O kaiewe 
  v to jumble, to entangle, to complicate, to mix up ideas.
  n a cock and bull story.
  syn kairiewe (kai-ri-ewe)
  vt kaiewea, kairiewea: idem.


B kaiéwea 
  vt to mix up, or report incorrectly


B káika 
  vt to bail out as a canoe
O kaika 
  vt to empty a canoe, a well, to bail out with scoop or bucket.
  see kaiki, kaikika


B káikai 
  n a meal, a civilized meal
  n firm particles in kabubu
  vi to partake of a meal after the fashion of white men
O kaikai 
  from Polynesian or pidgin English
  v kai: to eat, to take a meal.
  n a meal
O kaikai1 
  from kai
  a kakaikai, containing hard particles, wood, gravel, kernel, etc., speaking of food as for example kabubu.
  n hard part in body of clam shell (giant Tridacoconute)
O kaikai2 
  n a shark
G kaikai 
  n a shark (ll)


B káikain 
  vi to shut
  ex te auti ni kaikain a prison
O kaikain 
  n a small tiger shark.
  syn tababa
O kaikain1 
  from kaina: close, enclose
  n te uma ni kaikain, te auti ni kaikain, te karabuti: a prison, jail


G kaikaintababa 
  n small tiger shark (ll)


B kaikakaáia 
  vt to hasten work in order to finidh and go elsewhere


B káikarewe 
  n sugar-cane
O kaikarewe 
  n sugar cane sweets, lollies, <lolly>
  sn Saccharum officinarum


B káikawaa 
  vt to bring to maturity, to train up


B káike 
  n an article of refreshment


B káikea 
  vt to refresh one when weary by feeding or assisting
O kaikea 
  from ike
  vt kaikeikea: to feed, to give refreshments to


B kaikéike 
  n asthma
  vi to breathe as one suffering from asthma
O kaikeike 
  n asthma, shortness of breath.
  v to have same


B kaikéikea 
  vt frequentative of kaikea


B kaikéikentáuti 
  va causing to breathe with difficulty, as gluttony


B káikewí 
  vi to eat, to partake of food
O kaikewi 
  n a meal, a snack (light meal).
  v to take nourishment, to take refreshments


O kaiki 
  v kaikiki to empty water out of well or canoe, to bail.
  n te kaikiki.
  see kaika


B kaikíka 
  vt to bail out a canoe


B kaikíki 
  vt to engage in bailing out as a canoe
  n the bailing out of a canoe


B káikiraoki 
  n a camphor chest
O kaikiraoki 
  a trunk made of camphor wood or odoriferous wood


B káiko 
  vi to lay up in store
  n the act of providing for future use, providence


B káikoa 
  vt to lay up in store


B káikoaka 
  vt to wound, to bruise


B kaikóikoa 
  vt frequentative of kaikoa


B káikonaka 
  n a likeness, a resemblance
  vt to resemble
O kaikonaka 
  vt to explain by parables, to express similitude, to liken to, to compare with


B káikonaki 
  n a figure
  ex taetae ni kaikonaki parable
  vi to speak in a parable
O kaikonaki 
  or taetae ni kaikonaki:
  n a parable, comparison, figure, symbol, allegory, allegorical language.
  v to speak in ..., by ...


B káikotaka 
  vt to await the assembling of people
O kaikotaka 
  from ikota: to cause to assemble, to wait till the crowd gathers


B káikui 
  n a variety of babai
O kaikui 
  n a species of taro


B káimai 
  a having light-colored leaves
  n a variety of babai, a kind of white wood
B káim'ai 
  a skilled in cooking thoroughly
O kaimai 
  a deft at cooking, culinary knowledge, capable or skilful at cooking
O kaimai1 
  n white timber.
  n a white taro


B kaimáiu 
  n a tree, the
  a skilled in cultivation
O kaimaiu 
  n a tree which grows quickly, flourishes.
  n a good method to make grow.
  a skilful at making grow or cultivating
  see bai-maiu
  n a species of tree, very rare, used in carpentry


O kaimaranga 
  vt to place at intervals, to intercalate, to alternate


O kaimatu 
  n a weed
  sn Phyllanthus amarus, or simplex


O kaimoa 
  a sailor, crew.
  syn tiera


B kaimwérea 
  vt to make go slow


B káimweremwérea 
  vt frequentative of kaimwerea


B káina 
  n a pandanus tree, the screw-pine
B káinaa 
  vt to cause one at appear to disadvantage as when poorly dressed
B káina 
  vt to shut, to close
O kaina 
  vt kakaina: to close, to shut, to lock, to confine
  ex kaina: to bolt, to lock, to padlock, etc.
  n te uma-ni-kaikain, prison, jail (in sorcery): to provide against, to protect, to make imppervious to evil spell .
  syn bonota
  ex e kainaki, bonotaki aona: he is immune from evil, immunized, preserved from ...
O kaina1 
  n pandanus (over 300 known species)


B kaáinaba 
  n a spouse, a husband's sister
O kainaba 
  n 1. husband, wife, sister or cousin of husband (in regard to the woman).
  vt kainnabana: to marry.
  n 2. kai n abau compatriot, fellow countryman
  ex kainabau, kainabam, kainabana, etc.


B kainabábu 
  vi to keep silent, not to speak out
B kainabábu 
  n forbearance from speech
O kainababu 
  v to keep silence. kainababu! don't speak! silence! te kainababu: cessation of noise, silence.
  vt kainababua: to make ...


B kainabáea 
  vt to charge with being a coward
O kainabaea 
  vt to treat as coward, to sneak, to cheat.
  see inaba


B káinaitóa 
  vt to charge or deride with being a dwarf


B káinakiwárawara 
  vt to make pale as the complexion


B kaínakoa 
  vt to sink a canoe or a fish trap


B káinamæ/toa 
  a implacable
O kainamatoa 
  a obstinate, hard headed


B kainan/ti 
  n a painful affliction, probably neuralgic in character


B káinao 
  n the deck of a canoe
O kainao 
  v to make hurry, to hasten.
  vt kainaoa: idem.
  see inao


B kaináoa 
  vt to send for, or invite a person to come to one
O kainaoa 
  vt to urge, to press, to hasten


B kaináomata 
  vt to make free


B kaináuau 
  n a stick or tool for removing the kernel from a coconut- shell bottle


B káingaa 
  vt to stir up, to encourage, to provoke to effort
  vt to lift up, to raise
B kaáinga 
  n an ancestral residence or abode
  vt to occupy for a residence
O kainga 
  n a place of residence, ancestral home.
  vt kaingana: to take up one's abode at.
  v kare kainga: to visit homes of others as pastime


B kaingábonga 
  vi to wait till morning


B kaingáinga 
  vi to be slow in preparing food and so to make impatient the person to be served


B káingarake 
  vi to engage in moving an object up the beach
B káingaarake 
  vt to carry or move farther up the beach, as a canoe or other object


O kaingarekea 
  vt see ing


B káingimea 
  vt to fish for the ingimea
  n fishing for the ingimea


B kaingínga 
  cau vt inging


B káingiraa 
  vt to hinder one from arriving on time


B kaíngiraki 
  syn ingiraki


B káingo 
  vi to fish with a line on board a canoe
B kaingo 
  n fishing with a line form on board a canoe


B káingua 
  vt to endure bravely as pain


B káingunákoa 
  vt to strip off all the coconut on a stem with the foot
  vt to throw down a stone wall


B káinibiro 
  n a stick used in holding canoe-planks in place while being fitted


B káinibwena 
  n a slim stick split out and adzed


B káinikaba 
  n a certain incantation


B káinikabáru 
  n a trap


B káinikabó 
  n a spade for cutting babai roots


B káinikakári 
  n a wooden needle for tying on thatch to a roof
  n the slim stick or rafter to which the thatch is tied


B káinikakéru 
  n a ram-rod


B káinikamáen 
  vi to compose a song or chant
  n the composing of chants


B káinikárarao 
  n a professional stick for a composer of songs


B káinikarótu 
  n a crowbar or stick for prying open


B káinikatonga 
  vi to exercise pride, to be proud
  n pride


B káinikátua 
  n a stick used in a game of throwing


B káinikib'ákib'a 
  n a fishing pole


B káinimæki 
  vi to struggle to get free


B káinimæn 
  n very ripe coconuts strung up in a house


B káinimæ/rake 
  va not sharing a pipe with a neighbor


B káinimæ/rewe 
  n food or drink set aside for a special time


B kainimæ/rewea 
  vt to set aside as food


B kainíri 
  n sticks for rubbing to kindle fire
  ex kai n ire ai


B kainiwáirau 
  n a bone-awl for making thatch


B káinnákoa 
  vt to reverse the position of a log


B káinnæno 
  a see korakai:


O kainnao 
  n a narrow piece of timber on top of canoe going from end to end


B kainnéta 
  vt to set in a straight line


O kainnonginonga 
  vt to close, to obstruct, to stop
  sup superlative of kaina:


B káinonoa 
  vt to lock up or fasten an entrance
O kainonoa 
  vt to close tightly, to lock securely, to urge, to force, to incite.
  syn kairoroa, kaimanonoa


B káinonóki 
  n a variety of whale
O kainonoki 
  n (myth) name of man transformed into a whale, a giant whale, special magic wand which was pointed towards whale while saying magic formula to protect canoe
  n names --
  ex te bwe (aft)
  ex te bora (forward)
  ex te karirinang (on outrigger side)
  ex te bakarubentai (towards katea)
  ex te anima (towards bottom)


B kainraá- 
  vt to put out of position ( plural form)


B kainraáea 
  vt to put out of position


B káinrakea 
  vt to place in a line east and west


B kainréibu 
  n a stick split into small fibers at one end used to transfer liquid food to the mouth


B kainribáriba 
  n wooden tongs


B káinrióa 
  vt to place in a line west and east, to draw a boundary line from east to west


B kainrírika 
  n a stick awl used in punching the mat to be fastened to the uppermost ridgepole


B káinroa 
  n a fishing pole, a stick for drawing water


B káinroai 
  vt to make to lie down in numbers (plural form)


B kainróaroa 
  n a fishing pole, a stick for drawing water


B káinroro 
  vi to contend with a smaller or younger person


B kaáinrou 
  n an engagement of marriage
  vi to be engaged
O kainrou 
  a being engaged to marry from childhood, or simply being engaged.
  vt kainroua, kakainroua: to engage, to marry (formerly)


B kaáinróua 
  vt to betroth one's child


B káintaa 
  n a stick for supporting kainikakari


B kaintáibao 
  n a kind of mallet


B kaintáura 
  n a pin or nail for hanging


B káintawákai 
  n a coconut-oil press


B káinteru 
  see n kaintoru.


B kaintíbua 
  va causing inflammation of the abdomen


B káintikuaába 
  n one who is looked to for support


B káintinébu 
  va causing lethargy by making grossly fat


B káintoka 
  n a stool, a chair
  vi to often repeat what one has before said, to be garrulous
O kaintoka 
  v to interrupt a conversation.
  from toka
  vt kaintokana


B káintore 
  n a stick lashed for strengthening another, or for use in a game


B kaintórua 
  vt to strengthen a spar with a stick lashed to it


B kaiobóna 
  cau vt iobon


B kaióka 
  cau vt ioki


B káioróa 
  vt to cause coconut-shell bottles to strike against one another when being carried


G kaiou 
  sn Triumfetta procumbens Forster (z)


B káiowawáea 
  cau vt iowawa


B káira 
  vt to lead, to conduct, to guide, to cause to accompany
B káiraa 
  n a fish, the
  n a small boil, a pimple
O kaira 
  n a fish -- yellow striped tewe
  n a pimple
O kaira1 
  vt kaira, kairira, kakaira: to lead, to guide, to conduct, to direct
  see ira, iri
  n te tia kairi, te tia kairiri
G káiraa 
  sn Mulloidichthys samoensis (ll)
  n goatfish (sm)


B kairæ/baba 
  n a broad board used as a temporary platform or seat in a canoe
O kairababa 
  n a board.
  syn raubaba
  idiom ... raira te kairababa, e a rairaki te kairababa: to have a meal on a canoe
  ex lit. turn the board, te kai ni betaru, that is to say: take what is on it)


B kairaáea 
  vt to incite to steal


B kairaái 
  cau vt irai to make or get how many


B káirake 
  vi to increase, to make progress
  n an able-bodied person


B káirakéa 
  vt to increase one's good condition (idiom)


B káirænibuobuóka 
  vt to stir up one to help another


B káirantaánga 
  cau vt irantanga


B káiraraang/ 
  va enticing, alluring


B káiraraangáea 
  vt to mislead, to entice to sin


B kairæ/rika 
  vt to make fine or slender
O kairarika 
  vt to make thin
  from irariki:


B kairæ/riki 
  vi to engage in making slim or fine
  n a small roll of kabubu
O kairariki 
  n a thin roll of kabubu


B kairæ/rikinónginon 
  vt to make very small or fine


B kairéita 
  vt to add to, to continue


B káiremwéa 
  vt to make to go slow, to hinder


B kairéngarenga 
  va mixed up, mingled
O kairengarenga 
  a mixed, streaked, variegated.
  vt to intermingle, to intermix, to blend colours, to blend tones, etc.


O kairerebua 
  vt to lead into error, to put on the wrong path, to cause to roam, to go at random


O kairerua 
  vt kaireua to delude, to lead into error, to make or cause to err, to confound.
  see airerua


B káiri 
  n a slender person
  n a variety of eel quite slim
  a slim, slender as a person
O kairi 
  from irariki
  n a thin person, lank but strong, robust
  n a long thin eel, all bones.
  a bony, slender but vigorous
O kairi1 
  from iri
  n one who is led, guided, a disciple, pupil.
  ex kairi, kairiri: act of directing, director's time, conductor's time


B káiribwe 
  n a kind of small pebble
O kairibwe 
  n mass of tiny sea shells near sea shore.
  a kairiribwe, kakairibwe: abounding in ..., rich in ...


O kairiewe 
  v to report incorrectly, to mix up.
  vt kairiewea


B kairíra 
  vt frequentative of kaira


B kairíri 
  vi to engage in guiding, conducting, or leading
O kairiri 
  v to lead, to conduct, to make follow.
  n the act of leading, guiding, conducting


B kairíribai 
  n an enemy, a mutual enemy
  vi to be at mutual enmity
O kairiribai 
  from riba, ririba
  n enmity, rancour, spite, hostility, hate.
  n an enemy, antagonist.
  v kairiribai, kakairiribai: to detest, to hate, to be enemies, to be hostile.
  v i kairiribai: to hate each other


B kairírieta 
  n a tall tree
  a tall, as a tree


B káiro 
  n a yard, a spar
O kairo 
  n (wood attached) steps fixed all the way up a coconut tree for climbing (ancient custom).
  n cross pieces fixed to mast, a support for feet, steps, rungs.
  v to climb by this system.
  vt kairoa: to use the kairo for ...


B káiroa 
  vi to light as a pipe,
  vi to divine by tying coconut leaves, to cast lots
O kairoa 
  vt kairoiroa to kindle fire by rubbing two sticks together
  from iro, and iroiro:
  ex kairoa te moko: light the pipe (for any way of lighting)
  fig inflame, incite the ardour, set going
  ex kairoa angin nanom: excite your courage
  ex kairoa te aba: move the crowd


B kaairoóro 
  vi to travel or go in the morning twilight
O kairoro 
  from airo daylight.
  v to wait for daylight or twilight, to set out or work in the ...
  vt kairoroa: idem.
O kairoro 
  v kakairoro to insist, to urge.
  vt kairoroa, kakairoroa: to beseech, to insist, to entreat earnestly force>.
  n te kairoro, kairoroan, kairoroakin: insistence, supplication
L kairoro 
  sn Muraenidae
  n all black moray eels


B kai:/roroa 
  vt to urge, to press


B kaáirua 
  vi to make a mistake, to mistake
O kairua 
  v to make a mistake, to be mistaken, to make an error
  see airua
  vt kairua: to mistake, to confound


B káiruwaa 
  vt to receive and entertain a stranger
O kairuwa 
  v treat a stranger as a guest
  vt kairuwaea: entertain, to lodge, to show marks of welcome


B káita 
  n a geyser (ENG)
B káita 
  vt to send away a tenant, to remove as rubbish
O kaita 
  from iti
  vt to make clear space, to make vacant, to exhaust.
  syn kababanea


B kaáitabon 
  vi to stand end to end, as two houses
O kaitabon 
  v to go or work together.
  see i-tabon


B kaitara 
  vt to be opposite
  n the opposite
B kaáitara 
  vt to face one another
  n kabubu made of tangauri and tabataba
O kaitara 
  v to face, to confront.
  vt kaitara: idem.
  see aitara
O kaitara1 
  n a species of kabubu made from tangauri and tabataba
O Kaitara 
  n Caesar (ENG)


B kaitaáre 
  n name of a foreign wood
O kaitare 
  n name of rare foreign timber


B káitataan/ 
  vi to be in love mutually, to be mutually enamored
  n mutual love of the opposite sex
O kaitatan 
  n concupiscence, passion.
  v to have ...
  vt kaitatana ...: so desire.
  v ka-i ta'tan: to feel reciprocal passion.
  see tana, tatana


O kaitaua 
  vt to thank
  see aitau (used specially in South by Protestants).
  ex ko a aitau, ko raba: thank you


B káite 
  n the kite (bird) (ENG)


B káitewe 
  n a small tewe
O kaitewe 
  n a fish, small tewe
G kaitewe 
  sn Parupeneus chryserydros (ll)
  n goatfish (sm) small-sized (ll)


B káiti 
  n an anchorage, a comparatively shoal spot
  a all gone, no more, none
O kaiti 
  n (clear, distinct) a clear sea bed or sandy bottom between rocks.
  v kaiti, kaititi: to make clear, distinct, to purify, to clear up.
  ex e kaiti karawa: the sky is clearing up
  ex e kaiti namakaina: (lit. the moon cleans up). none or few fish (on first and second days).
  vt kaita:
  see this word


B kaítiaka 
  vt to purify, to cleanse, to clean


B kaítiaki 
  vi to engage in cleaning or purifying
  n the process of cleaning or cleansing


B kaítibo 
  vi to meet from opposite directions


B kaitibóa 
  vt to meet one coming from an opposite direction


B káitira 
  n the last
O kaitira 
  na the last, final. te kaitira ni bong: the Last Day


B kaitíti 
  vi to be engaged in removing, as tenants


O kaitoan 
  a being opposite, counterpart, partner.
  vt kaitoana: to be partner to, to be the counter part, the right-hand man, to complete


B kaitóana 
  vt to imitate


B káitonginákoa 
  vt to send forth


B kaitúa 
  a seventh


B káiura 
  a easily angered, havein red leaves
  n a variety of babai, a kind of red wood
O kaiura 
  n redwood
  n , a species of taro.
  a having reddish leaves or bark
L kaiura 
  sn Muraenidae
  n all black moray eels


B káiwaa 
  vt to prognosticate about, to cast lots for
B káiwa 
  vi to cast lots
  n a lot, prognostication by lot
O kaiwa 
  v to draw lots, to prognosticate.
  n divination.
  n four systems or schools:
  ex te tai, te kabaebae (with folioles of coconut and knots)
  ex te tau kirikiri (with small stones)
  ex te tie n nareau, te nareau, teaeae, te ototo (with young leaves of coconut folded).
  vt kaiwa, taona te kaiwa: to draw lots ..., to prognosticate ...
  ex te tia kaiwa: diviner, soothsayer


O kaiwenei 
  syn ka-i-bibiti (N.)
  v to meet and pass quickly, to pass without meeting. (S.)
  vt kaiwenea: to change quickly


B káka 
  va fierce for battle
  n abird, the
  pref to numerals except 10,100,1000, etc indicating two each, three each, etc
B kaáka 
  vi to scrape, to plane, to carve
O kaka 
  pref to numbers in the sense of distribution. kaka teuana (one to each);
  ex kaka uoua, kaka tenua, etc. (to each one, one, two, three, etc.)
  ex kaka tebwina, kaka tebubua, kaka tenga (to each one, 10, 100, 1000). for tens, hundreds, thousands is also said tatabe bwi, tatabe bubua, tatabe nga
O kaka1 
  n a wading bird.
  n cackle of hen, cry of surprise or fear.
  v kaka, kakaka, kakakaka: to cackle
  ex kaka ni maku: to cry out in fearkaka n un: to challenge, to cry out for vexation
O kaka2 
  n a preparation of dried pandanus fruit.
  n scraping of ntabaniban (small black insect) to poison fish.
  n scratch, scratching;
  see kara
  vt to scrape off bark with tool
O kaka3 
  vt to throw away, to take off, to suppress, to do away with.
  see kaki
G kaka 
  sn Limosa lapponica baueri
  n Pacific Godwit (aa)

kaka n rou

O kaka n rou 
  nv a little cry of surprise

kaka ni man

O kaka ni man 
  a to be given to debauchery


B kakáaeaéa 
  vt frequentative of kaaeaea


B kakaáinea 
  vt frequentative of kaainea


B kakaáintoa 
  vt frequentative of kaaintoa


B kakaáioóta 
  vi frequentative of kaaiota


B kakaáira 
  vi frequentative of kaaira


B kakaáiroa 
  vt frequentative of kaairoa


B kakaángab'aia 
  vt frequentative of kaangab'aia


B kakaaáninga 
  vt frequentative of kaaninga


B kakaaánoai 
  v frequentative of kaanoai


B kakaáomata 
  vt frequentative of kaaomata
O kakaaomata 
  v to act the important, to think oneself important


B kakaáong 
  vi frequentative of kaaong


B kákaaoráoa 
  vt frequentative of kaaoraoa


O kakaautakia 
  from aua
  vt to take one's time, to saunter, to loaf, to stroll.
  n te kakaautakia: one who ..., the action of ...


B kákababa 
  vi frequentative of kababa
B kákababaa 
  vt frequentative of kababa


B kakab'áb'araa 
  vt frequentative of kab'ara:


B kákabáebae 
  vi frequentative of kabaebae


B kákab'áia 
  a frequentative of kab'aia
B kákab'áiaa 
  vt to make blessed, to bless


B kákab'aiáia 
  vt to make blessed , to bless


B kákabákantáng 
  vi frequentative of kabakantang


B kákabakantánga 
  vt frequentative of kabakantanga


B kakabákoa 
  vi frequentative of kabakoa
  n frequentative of kabakoa
B kakabákoaa 
  vt to terrify


B kákabæne 
  vi frequentative of kabane plural of kabanea
B kákab'ane 
  n frequentative of kab'ane


B kakab'ára 
  vi frequentative of kab'ara
  n frequentative of kab'ara
B kakab'aára 
  vi frequentative of kab'a:ra
  n frequentative of kab'a:ra


B kakab'árab'ara 
  vi frequentative of kab'arab'ara


B kakab'ári 
  vi frequentative of kab'ari


B kakab'árinúea 
  vi frequentative of kab'arinuea


B kakabéabea 
  vi frequentative of kabeabea
  n the frequent employment of unrequited service


B kakabébete 
  va frequentative of kabebete


B kakabébetea 
  vt frequentative of kabebetea


B kakabéi: 
  vi frequentative of kabei


B kákabekárakara 
  vi frequentative of kabekarakara


B kakabéretoko 
  vi frequentative of kaberetoko


B kákaberetókoa 
  vt frequentative of kaberetokoa


B kákabetaai 
  vi frequentative of kabetai


B kákabeti 
  vi frequentative of kabeti
  n frequentative of kabeti


B kákabeuákora 
  va frequentative of kabeuakora


B kakábi 
  a deep as a basket, desirous to possess


B kakábia 
  vt to desire to possess


B kakábibina 
  va frequentative of kabibina


B kakábikóukou 
  vi frequentative of kabikoukou


B kakábikoukóua 
  vt frequentative of kabikoukoua


B kákabinekaáu 
  va frequentative of kabinekau


B kakabin/tia 
  a frequentative of kabintia


B kakabóiaræra 
  vi frequentative of kaboiarara
B kakabóiararaa 
  vt frequentative of kaboiarara


B kákabono 
  va frequentative of kabono


B kakabónonæno 
  va frequentative of kabononano


B kakabóraboraa 
  vt frequentative of kaborabora


B kakabórake 
  vi frequentative of kaborake


B kakabória 
  vi frequentative of kaboria


B kákabotaunára 
  vt frequentative of kabotaunara


B kákabotaunári 
  vi frequentative of kabotaunari


B kakabótoa 
  vt frequentative of kabotoa


B kákabotum'aáka 
  vt frequentative of kabotum'aka


B kakabóub'a 
  vi frequentative of kaboub'a


B kakabówi 
  vi frequentative of kabowi


B kákabuákaka 
  vt frequentative of kabuakaka


B kákabuæ/nib'ai 
  va frequentative of kabuanib'ai


B kákabubu 
  a frequentative of kabubu


B kakabúbuta 
  vt frequentative of kabubuta


B kakabúebue 
  va frequentative of kabuebue


B kákabunenéa 
  vt frequentative of kabunenea
B kákabunenéaa 
  vt frequentative of kabunenea:


B kákabung 
  vi frequentative of kabung


B kakabun/naa 
  vt frequentative of kabunna


B kakabun/nai 
  vi frequentative of kabunnai


B kakábure 
  vi frequentative of kabure


B kakabúrinako 
  vi frequentative of kaburinako


B kakabúruru 
  vi frequentative of kabururu


B kákabutu 
  vi frequentative of kabutu


B kakabwéara 
  vt frequentative of kabweara


B kakabwéæri 
  vi frequentative of kabweari


B kakáee 
  vi to engage in pursuing
  n pursuit, a chase
B kakáe 
  vi to engage in searching for
  n a search for


B kakáea 
  vt to search after


B kakáeiéia 
  vt frequentative of kaeieia


B kakáekáeka 
  vt frequentative of kaekaeka


B kakáenáena 
  vi frequentative of kaenaena
B kakáenaenaa 
  vt frequentative of kaenaena


B kakáenæno 
  vi frequentative of kaenano


B kakáengeng 
  va frequentative of kaengeng not soon completed


B kakáero 
  vi to crow
  n cockcrowing
O kakaero 
  n crow of cock.
  v to crow like cock


O kakaeutakia 
  from euta
  vt to draw oneself up, to stretch up, to try to attract attention, to strut, to stalk proudly, to flaunt, to pose.
  n coquetry, vanity, dandyism


B kakáewáea 
  vt frequentative of kaewaea


B kakaéwetaeka 
  vi frequentative of kaewetaeka


B kákai 
  vi to spend a season on an islet in fishing
B kákai 
  n a miracle
B kakaái 
  va inhabited
  n a place having inhabitants or dwellers
O kakai 
  n a prodigy, miracle
O kakai1 
  v to live in place in order to fish or work on land.
  a having many fruit trees
O kakai2 
  a inhabited, occupied, having occupants or inhabitants


B kakaiáine 
  vi to cohabit
  n cohabitatoon
O kakaiaine 
  v to run after women.
  n sorcery to get a woman


B kakáiaki 
  a very dangerous or severe, as a sickness
O kakaiaki 
  from kai
  a having a grave sickness, mortally wounded, dangerously ill


B kakáianga 
  va disposed to give freely
  vt to give freely
O kakaianga 
  a generous.
  n generosity


O kakaiangatoa 
  a bountiful giving, ostentatious giving to surpass others


B kakáianmæ/toa 
  a frequentative of kainamatoa


B kakáiao 
  va abounding in leaves used for enriching soil


B kakaiátao 
  a persistently offended
O kakaiatao 
  from toana
  n one who will not be outdone (ae rawa ni konaki).
  a always wanting to be first


B kakáib'ana 
  va soon desisting from one's work, soon growing thin


B kakaibéwi 
  n an enemy
B kakaibéwi 
  vi to be inimical


B kakaáibibíti 
  vi frequentative of kaibibiti


B kakaáibiro 
  vi frequentative of kaibiro


B kakaibóbua 
  vt frequentative of kaibobua


B kakáibuti 
  vi frequentative of kaibuti


B kakaibw/ibea 
  vt frequentative of kaibeibea


B kakáieti 
  a frequentative of kaieti


B kakáikai 
  vi frequentative of kaikai


B kakaikéike 
  vi frequentative of kaikeike


B kakáikeikéa 
  vt frequentative of kaikea


B kakaikíka 
  vt to constantly or frequently bail out a canoe


B kakaikíki 
  vi frequentative of kaikiki


B kakáiko 
  vi frequentative of kaiko to be in the habit of laying up in store


B kakaikóikoa 
  vt frequentative of kaikoikoa


B kakáikonákaa 
  vt frequentative of kaikonaka


B kakáikonæki 
  vi frequentative of kaikonaki


B kakaim'áewe 
  va presently obtainable


B kakaimæ/wa 
  va short-winded, soon out of breath
B kakaim'aáwa 
  va quickly surrendering one's seat


B kakáinako 
  vi to go, after a short stay


B kakaingáinga 
  vi frequentative of kaingainga


B kakáingiræki 
  vi intensive of ingiraki, to rise up suddenly


B kakáingo 
  vi frequentative of kaingo


B kakáinikatonga 
  vi frequentative of kainikatonga


B kakáinimæki 
  vi frequentative of kainimaki


B kakáinimæ/rake 
  va frequentative of kainimarake


B kakáinrqro 
  vi frequentative of kainroro


B kakaáinrou 
  vi frequentative of kainrou


B kakaainróua 
  vt frequentative of kainroua


B kakáioroa 
  vt frequentative of kaioroa


B kakáirakea 
  vt frequentative of kairakea


B kakáiraoi 
  va easily reconciled, ready to forgive


B kakáiræriki 
  vi frequentative of kairariki


B kakáiremwéa 
  vt frequentative of kairemwea


B kakáiremwéremwea 
  vt frequentative of kairemwea


B kakáirena 
  a revengeful


B kakáiri 
  vi to imitate
  n imitation
O kakairi 
  v to let oneself be led, seduced, to follow blindly like sheep, in good or evil


B kakáirib'e 
  va frequentative of kairib'e abounding in kairibwe


B kakairíribai 
  vi frequentative of kairiribai


B kakairírieta 
  vi frequentative of kairirieta


B kakáiroro 
  vi frequentative of kairoro


B kakáiroróa 
  vt frequentative of kairoroa


B kakaáitæra 
  vi frequentative of kaitara
B kakaáitaraa 
  vt frequentative of kaitara


B kakáitataan 
  vi frequentative of kaitatan


B kakáitiaka 
  vt frequentative of kaitiaka


B kakaáitibo 
  vi frequentative of kaitibo


B kakaáitibóa 
  vt frequentative of kaitiboa


B kaakaiun/ 
  va mutually hostile or angry
  n mutual hostility or anger
B kakáiun 
  va easily provoked
  n a disposition toward easy provocation


B kakáiura 
  va frequentative of kaiura


B kakáiwa 
  vi frequentative of kaiwa
B kakáiwaa 
  vt frequentative of kaiwa


B kakáiwi 
  vi to be mutually inimical


B kakáiwia 
  vt to quarrel or dispute angrily about


B kákakeru 
  vi frequentative of kakeru


B kakakéwekewe 
  vi frequentative of kakawekewe
  n a repeated charge of frequent lying


B kákakewekéwea 
  vt frequentative of kakewekewea


B kakákiákia 
  vi frequentative of kakiakia
B kakákiákiaa 
  vt frequentative of kakiakia


B kákakiánganga 
  vt frequentative of kakianganga


B kakákibæ/tia 
  vt frequentative of kakaibtia


B kakákibékibe 
  vi frequentative of kakibekibe


B kakákibekibéa 
  vt frequentative of kakibekibea


B kakakíekie 
  vi frequentative of kakiekie


B kákakiekiéa 
  vt frequentative of kakiekiea


B kákakiókioa 
  vt frequentative of kakiokioa


B kakakúanrang 
  vi frequentative of kakuanrang
  n much unreasonable chaffing


B kakam'áeea 
  vt frequentative of kam'aea
B kakamáea 
  vt frequentative of kamaea


B kakamáebo 
  vi frequentative of kamaebo
  n frequentative of kamaebo


B kákam'aeiéia 
  vt frequentative of kam'aeieia


B kakam'áem'ae 
  vi frequentative of kam'aem'ae


B kakam'áewe 
  vi frequentative of kam'aewe


B kakam'áewea 
  vt frequentative of kam'aewea


B kakamáiu 
  va frequentative of kamaiu


B kakamáiua 
  vt frequentative of kamaiua


B kakam'aákaa 
  a very energetic
  n energy, great activity, earnestness
B kakam'aákaa 
  vt frequentative of kam'aka
B kakamáka 
  vt frequentative of kamaka


B kakam'akáikai 
  n frequentative of kam'akaikai


B kákam'akaikáia 
  vt frequentative of kam'akaikaia


B kakam'akáikia 
  vi frequentative of kamakaikai


B kákam'akéwe 
  vi frequentative of kam'akewe


B kákam'akéwea 
  vt frequentative of kam'akewea


B kakam'ákiro 
  vi frequentative of kam'akiro
  n frequentative of kam'akiro


B kákam'ákiroa 
  vt frequentative of kam'akiroa


B kakamaáku 
  va frequentative of kamaku
B kakamaáku 
  n a terror
O kakamaku 
  a frightful, terrifying, appalling, dreadful, horrible, monstrous.
  n terror, horror, fright


B kakam'ákura 
  vt frequentative of kam'akura


B kakam'ákuri 
  vi frequentative of kam'akuri
  n much action, or motion, or working
O kakamakuri 
  v to move, to stir, to be agitated.
  n movement, agitation.
  vt kamakuria, kakamakura: to make move, to move, to stir.
  see makuri


B kakamaáma 
  vt frequentative of kamama
B kakam'ám'a 
  vi frequentative of kam'am'a
B kakam'ám'aa 
  vt frequentative of kam'am'a


B kákamaamáea 
  vt frequentative of kamamaea


B kákam'am'ánea 
  vt frequentative of kam'am'anea


B kakamæm/ma 
  vi frequentative of kamamma
B kakamæm/maa 
  vt frequentative of kamamma


B kákam'ane 
  vi frequentative of kam'ane
  n frequentative of kam'ane


B kakamæ/neku 
  vi frequentative of kamaneku
  n frequentative of kamaneku


B kakamæ/nging 
  va frequentative of kamanging
B kakamæ/nging 
  n the habitual keeping of kamanging on hand


B kakamæ/nginga 
  vt frequentative of kamanginga


B kakamæ/nimæn 
  vi frequentative of kamaniman
  n frequentative of kamaniman


B kakamæ/ninænt 
  vi frequentative of kamaninanti


B kakamæ/ninæn/ 
  vt frequentative of kamaninantia


B kakam'áninga 
  vi frequentative of kam'aninga
  n frequentative of kam'aninga
B kakamæ/ninga 
  vt frequentative of kamaninga


B kakám'ara 
  va frequentative of kam'ara
  n frequentative of kam'ara
B kakamæ/ra 
  vt frequentative of kamara


B kákamæ/raka 
  vt frequentative of kamaraka


B kakam'árane 
  vi frequentative of kam'arane
  n frequentative of kam'arane


B kákam'aræ/nea 
  vt frequentative of kam'aranea


B kákamæ/ri 
  vi to shout triumphantly
  n triumphant shouting


B kakamæ/rikea 
  vt frequentative of kamarikea


B kakamæ/roa 
  va frequentative of kamaroa


B kakam'árua 
  vt frequentative of kam'arua
  n frequentative of kam'arua


B kákamataái 
  vi frequentative of kamatai
B kakamataái 
  n much incitiement to covetousness


B kákamatáiriki 
  vi frequentative of kamatairiki


B kákamatáirikia 
  vt frequentative of kamatairikia


B kakamæ/taki 
  va frequentative of kamaraki
  n the causing of much pain


B kakamæ/taku 
  vi frequentative of kamataku
  n the frequent or constant occasion of close inspection
O kakamataku 
  a interesting to see, worth seeing.
  n te kakamataku: spectacle, interesting spectacle. kakamatakua: to attract the attention, to interest the sight, to amaze, to show an interesting spectacle


B kákamætákua 
  vt frequentative of kamatakua


B kakamæ/tanrang 
  vi frequentative of kamatanrang


B kakamæ/tanrangaa 
  vt frequentative of kamatanranga


B kákamætaron/ron 
  va frequentative of kamataronroa
  n the repeated shaming of a liar by rebuke


B kákamætaron/rona 
  vt frequentative of kamataronrona


B kákamatároro 
  vi frequentative of kamataroro


B kakamæ/taroróa 
  vt frequentative of kamataroroa


B kakam'atáu:a 
  vt frequentative of kam'ataua
B kakamataáua 
  va frequentative of kamataua


B kákamatáuninga 
  vi frequentative of kamatauninga
B kákamatáuningaa 
  vt frequentative of kamatauninga


B kakamæ/teráoa 
  vt frequentative of kamateraoa


B kakamæ/teráoi 
  va frequentative of kamateraoi


B kakamæ/tikaa 
  vt frequentative of kamarika


B kakamáura 
  vt frequentative of kamaura


B kakamáuri 
  vi frequentative of kamauri


B kakamími 
  va frequentative of kamimi
  n frequentative of kamimi


B kakamímia 
  vt frequentative of kamimia


O kakammari 
  n jubilation, exaltation, rejoicing, merry making.
  a exalting, rejoicing.
  vt kakammaria


B kakamóamoa 
  vi frequentative of kamoamoa
  n frequentative of kamoamoa
B kakamóamoaa 
  vt frequentative of kamoamoa


B kákan 
  a sufficient in quantity for the occasion as food well supplied

kakan ni bai

O kakan ni bai 
  from a. kan: elegant, stylish, well dressed, easily fitted with clothes


B kákana 
  vt frequentative of kana


B kakánaeng 
  va frequentative of kanaeng


B kakánaengia 
  vt frequentative of kanaengia