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1,000 Honor Howard Fast At Award of Peace Prize (Hall,1954)
1,300 Crowd NYU Building To Hear Fast (Cook,1947)
100 at Columbia Hear Communist (1947)
11 Anti-Fascists Speak At Mass Rally Tonight (1948)
11 Anti-Fascists Take Case to People (1948)
11 Who Kept Faith, The (North,1948)


21 Hours at Munich (TV film) (Fast,1976)
25 Victims to Ask Top Court Rule Against Un-Americans (1950)


Academic Freedom? (1947)
Adrian Scott, Howard Fast to Speak at Rally (1950)
Adventures of Nat Love -- Otherwise Known as Deadwood Dick, The (1970)
Advertisement for Spartacus with background information on publication] (1952)
Advertising letter for American edtion of Thirty Pieces of Silver]
Agrippa's Daughter (1964)
Ahay gibore ha-tehilah
Air Base (1942)
Airbase in the Jungle (1943)
Albert Parsons
Alice (Cunningham,1963)
Alone: a monodrama; from a libretto by Howard Fast (Fast,1966)
Ambassador: Benjamin Franklin, The (1974)
American Literature and the Democratic Tradition (1947)
American People Don't Want War, The (1950)
American Seaman (1942)
American: a Middle Western legend, The (1946)
Amerikanen: Roman från mellanvästern
Amos Todd's Vinegar (1943)
Ancestor, The (1955)
Anden generation
Annabelle: An Adaptation of John Ford's 'Tis Pity She's A Whore,' a play in three acts (1960)
Annen generasjon
Anniversary (1946)
April Morning (TV film) (Barrett,1987)
April Morning microform
April Morning, a novel (1961)
April Morning: Lexington, 1775
Arfurinn : innflytjendurnir
Art and Politics (1946)
Art of Zen Meditation, The (1977)
Artist -- Conscience of the People, The (Biberman,1948)
Arts and Sciences' Sponsor Meeting: 20,000 Attend (1944)
Assassin Who Gave Up His Gun, The (Cunningham,1969)
At Age 81, Howard Fast is Writing His Best Stuff (Pensiero,1995)
Attack on Howard Fast's Book (The American) (Sillen,1946)
Au seuil du futur
Author Interview: Howard Fast ([Kunitz,1973)
Author reflects on years as a communist (Rubinowitz,1990)
Author/Playwright a Fast Man with Kind Words (Nelson,1987)
Az utolso hatar; regeny


Bürger Tom Paine
Background to 'Freedom Road' (1945)
Ban By Columbia On Fast Condemned (1947)
Ban on Citizen Tom Paine Raises Storm in NYC (1947)
Banned Books; informal notes on some books banned for various reasons at various times and in various places (Haight,1970)
Beauty and Mystery of Stonehenge, The (1967)
Because He Trusted Me (1940)
Before Dawn (1942)
Before Dawn; A Story of Christmas 1942
Behind the Bestsellers (McDowell,1981)
Being Read: The Career of Howard Fast (Traister,1994)
Being Red (1990)
Being Red: A Memoir
Ben Davis Walks on Freedom Road (1945)
Benjamin Franklin, Part III (1973)
Berenikah ha-Hashmona'it
Bernikah: bito shel Agripas
Best Short Stories
Best Short Stories of Theodore Dreiser, The (Dreiser,1947)
Best Untold, The (Biberman,1953)
Betrayal story about Kurt Enoch, president of Signet Books] (1951)
Beyond the War (1937)
Bianca: Kriminalroman
Big Finger, The (1950)
Bir tutam yasam
Bitwa pod Valley Forge
Bobbitt case raises THE important question, The (1994)
Bokura wa muzai da! (Sakko to Vanzetti no junan)
Bookman, The (1936)
Books are Burning, The (1947)
Borger Tom Paine
Boss [The Current Scene], The (1956)
Bränn inte fingrarna, Lydia!
Bridge Builder's Story: a novel, The (1995)
Broadaxe of Sinclair Lewis, The (1947)
Brood, The (1939)
Bulwark of Peace (1951)
Bunker Hill, the prequel to "The Crossing"
By Broken Pike, Iron Chain (1946)


Calas menores (Patan,1978)
Call of Fife and Drum: Three Novels of the Revolution, The (1987)
Cameos: The Novelist (Russo,1991)
Caminho da liberade
Can Liberalism Survive the Present War Hysteria? (1948)
Capital Punishment [The Current Scene] (1956)
Captive Not Quite Freed, A (Howe,1957)
Card accompanying first "Spartacus" editions] (1951)
Case of Howard Fast, The (Lasky,1951)
Case of the Angry Actress, The
Case of the Kidnapped Angel: a Masao Masuto mystery, The (Cunningham,1982)
Case of the Murdered Mackenzie: a Masao Masuto mystery, The (Cunningham,1984)
Case of the One Penny Orange: a Masao Masuto mystery, The (Cunningham,1977)
Case of the Poisoned Eclairs: a Masao Masuto mystery, The (Cunningham,1979)
Case of the Russian Diplomat, The (Cunningham,1978)
Case of the Sliding Pool, The (Cunningham,1981)
Cato the Martian (1960)
Caton le Martien
CBS Radio Interview with Howard Fast (Swaim,1984)
Ceiling Zero" over Kiska (1943)
Cephes 5 (1973)
Cheyenne Autumn (film) (Avanzo,1964)
Child and the Ship, The (1950)
Child Is Born, A (1938)
Child is Lost, A (Kent,1950)
Children, The (1947)
Christ in Cuernavaca (1955)
Christianity and Anti-Semitism (1966)
Citizen Howard Fast (audio) (1986)
Citizen Howard Fast: A Critical Biography (Campenni,1971)
Citizen Tom Paine (1943)
Citizen Tom Paine: a play in two acts (1986)
Civilization Drowns in a Flood of Gossip (1993)
Clarkton (1947)
Clarkton' Too Hot for Times Critic (Schappes,1947)
Clarkton, ein Roman
Classic Capitalism (1958)
Club der Geschiedenen: Roman
Coat of Many Colors: The Story of Joseph, The (Boruch,1959)
Coca Cola (1955)
Coda: The Poet in Philadelphia
Cold, Cold Box, The (1959)
Columbia Bars Talk on Campus By Fast (1947)
Columbia Officials Bar Fast at Forum (1950)
Columbia Students Win Right To Choose Speakers on Campus (1948)
Columbia University Bars Howard Fast as Speaker (1947)
Columbia University's ban on Fast as speaker] (1947)
Columns] (1989)
Commencement Means Beginning (1945)
Comment by the Editors (1957)
Communism in the United States: a bibliography (Seidman,1969)
Communist Controversy in Washington; from the New Deal to McCarthy, The (Latham,1966)
Conceived in Liberty; a novel of Valley Forge (1939)
Confession by a Stalin Prizewinner (1956)
Confession of Joe Cullen, The (1989)
Conflict in Clarkton. Roman
Conversation with Howard Fast, March 23, 1994, A (Wald,1995)
Cosmopolitanism [The Current Scene] (1956)
Cour martiale
Courage Is a Quiet Thing (1945)
Crimes of the Stalin Era: Special Report to the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Khrushchev,1956)
Crisis No. 1 (1951)
Crisis No. 2 (1951)
Crisis No. 3 (1951)
Crossing (television film), The (1999)
Crossing, a play in three acts, The (1962)
Crossing, The (1971)
Cultural Forces Rally Against the Warmakers (1949)
Culture and the Future (1945)
Cunningham, E.V. (Campenni,1980)
Current biography yearbook, 1991 (Moritz,1991)
Current Scene [criticizing the US and Soviet Union for denying citizens the right to free travel, The (1956)
Cynthia: roman
Cynthia: Roman
Cynthia; a novel (Cunningham,1968)


Dóttir innflytjandans
Dark Moment: Will the Plan Work? Who Knows? (1993)
Darkness Within, The
Das Geständnis des Joe Cullen: Roman
Das Massaker von Chicago
David and Paula (1982)
Day of Victory, The (1943)
Day of War, A (1946)
Day Our Child Was Lost, The
De besiddende
De emigranten
De framgångsrika
De laatste tocht
De laatste tocht: een roodhuidenroman
De nieuwe generatie
De rider om natten
De trek naar de vrijheid
Denmystiske dør
Departure (1947)
Departure, and other stories (1949)
Der Aussenseiter: Roman
Der Mann, der nicht mehr toeten wollte: Roman
Der Sohn der Soeldner: Roman
Der Trommelknabe: Roman
Der Trommel-Knabe: Roman
Der Unbeirrbare: Roman
Des del futur
Desertion Under Fire (1957)
Detroit in the Desert (1943)
Deus Nu: o escritor e o partido comunista
Deutere genia
Dewa belot: nama asli
Dialogue [The Current Scene] (1956)
Did Washington's Wisecrack Tip the Balance? (1992)
Die 27. Etage: Roman
Die Arrivierten: Roman
Die besten Novellen
Die Einwanderer: Roman
Die Erben: Roman
Die Kunst der Zen Meditation
Die letzte Grenze
Die letzte Grenze: Roman
Die Nachkommen: Roman
Die neuen Menschen: utopisch-technische Erzahlungen
Die Tochter des Einwanderers: Roman
Die verschollene Mauritius
Dignity (1955)
Dilemma in New York (Seligman,1957)
Dinner Party, The (1987)
Disclaimer [The Current Scene], The (1956)
Dr. Compton Quits as Head of 'Voice' (Trussell,1953)
Dramatic Challenge, A (1955)
Dreiser's Short Stories (1946)
Drive Your Own Locomotive (1966)
Droga do wolnosci; powiesc
Drugie pokolenie
Du ska dö, Sally
Du temps et des chats
Dumb Swede (1949)


E.V. Cunningham (Macdonald,1988)
Echinomastus Contentii (1975)
Edge of Tomorrow, The (1961)
Editors' note (1993)
Education Board Bans 'Paine' Book (1947)
Een ochtend in april
Egg, The (1973)
Eggshell' Escapes, The (1943)
Ein Diplomat zuviel: Roman
Ein Engel fuer die Traumfabrik: Kriminalroman
Ein Fall von Erdrutsch: Kriminalroman
Ekh Govard!': Istoriia odnogo neotpravlenogo pis-ma (Petrov,1982)
El angel secuestrado
El caso Winston
El Ciudadano Tom Paine
El dios desnudo
El extraño
El filo del futuro
El hombre que se despartaba contento
El legado
El sistema
El soldado de Hesse
Encyclopedia of frontier and western fiction (Tuska,1983)
Epic Revolt, An (Wilkerson,1952)
Epitaph for Sidney, An (1949)
Establishment, The (1979)
Ethics and Criticism [The Current Scene] (1956)
Ett farligt bud
Everybody Works (1943)
Ex-Communist Memoirs of Howard Fast and His Contemporaries, The (Seed,1996)
Exhibit Howard Fast's Books in Many Languages at Jeff School (Vary,1950)
Eye For Detail [The Current Scene], An (1956)


Face of Fear (TV film), The (Fast,1971)
Fall and Rise of Spartacus, The (Sheehan,1991)
Fallen Angel (Ericson,1952)
Falska försäkringar
Farewell Dimitrios, a play in three acts (1950)
Fascism and the Novel (1948)
Fast Finds Forum on N.Y.U. Campus (1947)
Fast friend, A (Gavron,2003)
Fast Living: Author's "Being Red" Recalls McCarthy Era (Szichman,1991)
Fast Memories (Watts,2000)
Fast Plea (Maltz,1948)
Fast receives Stalin Peace Prize] (1952)
Fast to Address Rally (1947)
Fast to Speak at American Jewish Cultural Conference (1948)
Fast to Write in Jail if Permitted (1948)
Fast way to prolific populist prose, The (Smith,1987)
Fast, Howard (1975)
Fast, Howard (b. 1914) (Wald,1990)
Fast, Howard (Melvin) (1991)
Fast, Howard Melvin (1981)
Fast, Howard, author (1980)
Fast, Rogge to Speak at NYU Today (1948)
Fast's Life is a Saga Too (Sinkler,1981)
Fast's Play 'The Hammer' Presented by New Playwrights (Lauter,1950)
Fast's 'Rachel' Makes a Nice Film (Tank,1948)
Fast's Stories (Rubin,1949)
FBI's surveillance of writers] (Mitgang,1987)
Ferry to Freedom (1945)
Fiction of the Forties (Eisinger,1963)
Fighter for Truth (1946)
Filha do imigrante, A
Fim de festa
Fimm synir: skáldsaga
Fine Old Conflict, A (Mitford,1977)
First Mash Unit, The (Burton,1988)
First Men (The Trap), The (1960)
First Rose of Summer, The (1949)
Firtinadan sonra
Flugten mod friheden
For Always (1939)
Foreword to "Time and the Riddle"] (Untermeyer,1975)
Foreword to The Last Frontier] (Van Doren,1942)
Forum on Negro in U.S. Theatre Tonite With Ward, Fast, Childress, Rubin (1950)
Four Bachelor Brothers (Fast,1936)
Four Brothers and You (1946)
Free Speech for Fascists? (1944)
Freedom Is Indivisible - Howard Fast (1949)
Freedom Road (1944)
Freedom Road (excerpt) (1944)
Freedom Road (TV film) (Goodman,1979)
Free-trade future: the horror (1992)
Freud and Science [The Current Scene] (1956)
Friendly Hand to Help Him..., A (1943)
Frihedens vej
Frihetens väg: Roman
From the Maccabbees to the Haganah (1948)
Front-Line Newsman (1943)
Fundraising Letter UOPWA, Nov. 27, 1946] (1946)


Gallant Ship, The (1946)
General Hardy's Profession (1973)
General Washington and the Water Witch: a play in three acts (1956)
General Zapped an Angel, The (1970)
General Zapped an Angel; new stories of fantasy and science fiction, The (1970)
Gentle Virtue, The (1949)
Gentleman from Mississippi (1955)
George Washington] (1945)
Get 'em Out by Friday
Girl and the General, The (1938)
Girl With Yellow Hair, A (1938)
Gli emigranti
Glorious Fourth, The (1944)
Gnats Against Elephants (1943)
Goethals and the Panama Canal (1942)
Golden River, The (1960)
Golyi bog
Gray Ship, The (1946)
Gray Ship's Captain, The (1946)
Gray Ship's Crew, The (1946)
Green Goods (Cunningham,1974)
Greenwich (2000)
Greetings to Foster (1951)


Ha-Dor ha-sheni
Ha-Ezrah Tom Pein
Hammer, a play in three acts, The (1950)
Has Anti-Fascism Become a Crime?'
Hayim Salomon, ben-ha-horin
Haym Salomon, Son of Liberty (1941)
He klåeronomia
Hearings Before the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Government Operations, United States Senate, Eighty-Third Congress, First Session, Pursuant to S.Res. 40 (parts I,II) (1953)
Heibon no kyoushi (Sairasu Timbaman)
Helen; a novel (Cunningham,1966)
Help U.S.? No, It Will Destroy Families (1992)
Heranca, A
Hero's Diary (1948)
Hessian (screenplay), The (1971)
Hessian; a novel, The (1972)
High Court Rules Jail For Barsky, Fast (1948)
Hill That Bled, The (1945)
Hill; an original screenplay, The (1964)
History and Conscience, the Case of Howard Fast (Meyer,1958)
History in Fiction (1944)
History in the Fast Lane (Murolo,1984)
Hole in the Floor, The (1973)
Hollywood '10' Salute Eleven Anti-Fascists (Platt,1948)
Hollywood Writers 'Stand In' for Anti-Fascists at Rally (Gardner,1948)
Holy Child, The (1955)
Hoop, The (1972)
Hope for the Heart and Food for the Soul: Historical Fiction in the Life of Howard Fast (Cuthbertson,2003)
How the Liberty Bell Came to America (1946)
How To Teach Tolerance
How Yuang Died for China (1943)
Howard Fast (Gross,1991)
Howard Fast and the Shape of the Political Memoir (Seed,1996)
Howard Fast at 80, working hard and telling stories (Pakenham,1995)
Howard Fast Hits U.S. Policies (1950)
Howard Fast in a New Mode with Latest Novel (Rothstein,1987)
Howard Fast on Review of 'My Glorious Brothers' (1948)
Howard Fast Reader; a collection of stories and novels, The (1960)
Howard Fast Reads Howard Fast
Howard Fast Refused Passport for Peace Parley (1950)
Howard Fast Revisits Foley Sq (1949)
Howard Fast Speaks on a Half Century of Writing (Baker,1983)
Howard Fast talks about his craft] (Fast,1977)
Howard Fast to Write New Column (1948)
Howard Fast, Best-Selling Novelist, Dies at 88 (Rothstein,2003)
Howard Fast, Dr. Bradley Free After Serving 3-Month Term (1950)
Howard Fast, James T. Farrell, and "The Best Short Stories of Theodore Dreiser" (Griffin,1987)
Howard Fast, Mother Bloor Head Whitman Peace Festival (1950)
Howard Fast: a critical companion (Macdonald,1996)
Howard Fast: archive material in collections (Trussel,1997)
Howard Fast: Life and Literature in the Left Lane (Sorin,2012)
Howard Fast: On Going To Prison (1950)
Howard Fast: Oral history interview (Campenni,1973)
Howard Fast: Wool Puller? (Likfa,1953)
Howard Fast's Eyewitness Account of Fascist Mob's Attack (1949)
Howard Fast's Many Sides: A Born-Again Yankee, Blacklisted Best-Seller (Smilgris,1980)
Howard Fast's New Novel 'Clarkton' Story of Labor Struggles Today (Sillen,1947)
Howard Fast's One-Man Reformation (Hicks,1945)
Howard Fast's Peekskill Affidavit (1949)
Hsiang wang (Xiang wang)
Hsin chuan
Hunter and The Trap, The (1967)
Hunter Bars Fast; N.Y.U. Permits Talk (1947)
Hunter, The (1967)
Hurriyet yolu


I frihetens namn
I ko min chu ti tou shih: kung min T\ang P\an-en
I min
I Saw It Happen (1946)
I skugga ofsókna
I Strike For Liberty
I Write As I Please (1948)
Il cittadino Tom Paine
Il generale abbatte un angelo
Il Generale Abbatte un Angelo
Images of American Radicalism (Buhle,1998)
Immigrantens datter
Immigrantens dotter
Immigrants (TV film), The (1978)
Immigrant's Daughter, The (1985)
Immigrants, The (1977)
Importance of Registration, The (1944)
In Danger: The Right to Speak for Peace (Spencer,1952)
IN MEMORIAM: Howard Fast, 1914-2003 (Bonski,2003)
In Search of the Welsh (1969)
In the American Tradition (Welles,1945)
In the Beginning: The Story of Abraham (Boruch,1958)
Incident at a University [The Current Scene] (1956)
Incredible Tito: Man of the Hour, The
Independent Woman, An (1997)
Inglorious Tale from the Mexican War (1993)
Insects, The (1970)
Intellectual [The Current Scene], The (1956)
Intellectuals in the fight for peace (1949)
Interval, The (1970)
Interview with Howard Fast (Newquist,1964)
Interview With Howard Fast (Goodman,1998)
Interview with Howard Fast, An (Jardine,1970)
Introduction to "Time and the Riddle"] (Campenni,1975)
Introduction to Citizen Tom Paine] (Van Doren,1946)
Inventing America: We're All in It Together (1993)
Invitation to A Dinner Honoring Negro and White Americans...] (1946)
It Isn't Easy... (1945)
It seemed like a good idea at the time (Isserman,1990)
It's All in the Record (1944)
It's Not the Jungle Anymore (1946)


Jews and the Cry for Justice (1954)
Jews in America: a treasury of art and literature, The (Karp,1994)
Jews; Story of a People, The (1968)
Jigsaw (Stone,1968)
Jiyuu no michi
Journey to Boston (1949)
Ju wai ren
Judge -- A Portrait, The (1949)
Justice and Death [The Current Scene] (1956)


Karriere: Roman
Kissinger and the Constitution (1993)
Klarkton: skáldsaga
Konec stopy
Konstantin Simonov's Short Stories (1944)
Korean Lullaby (1951)
Krâoljest nagi (Krol jest nagi)


L' ultima frontiera
La cena
La confession de Joe Cullen
La Dernière frontière: le roman des Peaux-Rouges
La fourmi géante
La gloire des maccabées
La hija del inmigrante
La Mano
La pasión de Sacco y Vanzetti
La pasión de Sacco y Vanzetti: una leyenda de la Nueva Inglaterra
La passion de Peter Altgeld, democrate americain
La passion de Sacco et Vanzetti
La piscine baladeuse
La poudre aux yeux
La Route de la liberté
La via della liberta
La vue de l'Éden
Labor in the First American Revolution (1943)
L'affaire Kovac
L'Ange déchu
L'Ange déchu: roman
Large Ant, The (1960)
Last Frontier, The (1941)
Last Night, The (1939)
Last Supper and Other Stories, The (1955)
Last Supper, The (1955)
Laureates of Peace (1954)
Le citoyen Tom Paine
Le dîner
Le facteur Crésus
Le Jap se débride
Le Mercenaire allemand: roman
Le noyé de Beverly Hills
Le Serment
Legacy of Howard Fast, The (Wald,1983)
Legacy, The (1981)
Legacy: The Orange County Story (Taylor,1980)
Legend of Grandeur (North,1953)
Les bâtisseurs: roman
Les Habits Rouges
Les Habits Rouges, roman
Les morts s'affranchissent
Les premiers hommes
Letter From Howard Fast, A (Lyons,1956)
Letter from Howard Fast, A (1956)
Letter From Louis Untermeyer to The Publishers of 'My Glorious Brothers' (Untermeyer,1948)
Letter to Angus Cameron of Little, Brown & Company] (1947)
Letter to Mr. Marine about "The Naked God"] (1957)
Letter to Mrs. Alexander about "Spartacus"] (1961)
Letter to Paul R. Reynolds: On Mill Point Prison] (1960)
Life in the Howard Fast Lane is Doom & Gloom (Rozhon,1981)
Lincoln Is America (1945)
Lion's Cub: a play in two acts, The (1978)
Literary Scene in America, The (1956)
Literatur und Wirklichkeit
Literature and Reality (1950)
Little Folk from the Hills, The (1948)
Living in a House of Cards (1950)
Lo shen (tso chia yèu kung ch'an tang)
Lola Gregg (1956)
Lola Gregg: A story by Howard Fast
Look Here. Howard Fast (Agronsky,1957)
Lord Baden-Powell of the Boy Scouts (1941)
Los immigrantes
Los soberbios y los libres
Lost Dreams of Howard Fast, The (Meisler,1959)
Lovable Atom [The Current Scene], The (1956)
Love Marches at Midnight (1940)
L'ultima frontiera
L'ultima vittoria dei cheyenne ...
Lupausten maa
Lydia : romanzo
Lydia: Roman
Lydia; an entertainment (Cunningham,1964)


Második nemzedék
Mèordande Konkurrens
Made in Mars
Madmen [The Current Scene], The (1956)
Magic Door, The
Majara-yi Lula Grigg
Making of a Democrat, The (1945)
Man and the Books, The (1952)
Man in the Middle (film) (1964)
Man in the Middle: Unsung Classic of the Warren Court (Nevins,1996)
Man Who Looked Like Jesus, The
Man's Hope [The Current Scene] (1956)
Man's Wife, A (1939)
Margie; a novel (Cunningham,1966)
Marine on Guadalcanal (1943)
Martian Shop, The (1959)
Masuto Investigates
Matter of Size, A (1973)
Matter of Validity, A
Matter of Validity; what it means to him to be a Jew, A (1958)
Max: a novel (1982)
Max: imperador de Hollywood
Max: Roman
Max: Roman aus den Gründerjahren des Films
May Day 1947 (1947)
May Day 1951 (1951)
McCarthy Lays 'Sabotaging' Of Foreign Policy to 'Voice' (Ranzal,1953)
McCarthy 'Tried' Here; Fast and Coe Assail Senator at Mock Proceeding (1954)
Meadows, The (1958)
Meaning of 'Galut' in American Today, The (1963)
Medina Suddenly Turns Sweet Before Jury Panel (1949)
Memorial Day Massacre (1947)
Memories of Sidney (1950)
Men Must Fight (1938)
Merry Gentlemen (1938)
Mes Glorieux Frères; Le roman d'Israël
Method for Tolerance, A (1944)
Mi decision
Mijn roemrijke broeders: het verhaal der Maccabeën
Millie; a novel (Cunningham,1973)
Milly: Roman
Mina ärorika bröder: roman
Mind of God, The (1973)
Mind That Moved Three Nations (1959)
Minette (operetta) (Fast,1936)
Mirage (film) (Stone,1965)
Mirror for the Nation; an annotated bibliography of American social fiction, 1901-1950, A (Hanna,1985)
Mis gloriosos hermanos
Mohawk, The (1970)
Moi proslavlennye brat'ia
Moises, Principe do Egito
More Comments on Howard Fast (Aptheker,1957)
Moses, Prince of Egypt (1958)
Mother (Gorky,1947)
Mother Bloor Lauds 'Clarkton' (Bloor,1947)
Mouse, The (1969)
Movie House, The (1970)
Mr. Fast Explains (Buckley,1989)
Mr. Fast Sends a Letter to China (1952)
Mr. Lincoln (1947)
My Decision (1957)
My Father (1955)
My Glorious Brothers (1948)


Næsta kynslóð  innflytjendanna
Naha pravda
Naked God, a play in three acts (1958)
Naked God; The Writer and the Communist Party, The (1957)
Narod s gor
Need to Believe [The Current Scene], The (1956)
Negro and Jew: An Encounter in America
Negro Finds His History, The (1945)
Negro-Jewish Relations in America: A Symposium (1966)
Neighbor Sam (1942)
Never Again? (1956)
Never to Forget: The Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto (Fast,1946)
New American Scholar, The (1945)
New Guinea Commandos (1942)
New Hope - From the Sky! (1943)
New Love, New Novel: At 82, Howard Fast is as Prolific as Ever (McClurg,1997)
New World A-Coming 30,31
No Man Can Be Silent (1947)
No One to Weep (1947)
Not Too Hard (1939)
Not with a Bang (1973)
Not With Tears (1945)
Noticing Howard Fast (Traister,1995)
Novel and the People, The (Fox,1945)
Novelist: A Romantic Portrait of Jane Austen, The (1992)
Nurse on Bataan (1942)


Obcan Tom Paine
OBITUARY: Howard Fast, R.I.P. (Buckley,2003)
Obywatel Tom Paine
Occurrence at Republic Steel (1937), An
October Revolution (1950)
Of Time and Cats (1959)
Official reader's report on Spartacus and accompanying letter to Fast] (Cameron,1951)
Oh, Lydia!
Old Sam Adams (Three Tales) (1960)
Old Wagon, The (1945)
Old-fashioned values sparkle in Fast's latest (McDaniel,1997)
On Comparisons [The Current Scene] (1956)
On Franz Weiskopf (1955)
On Leaving the Communist Party
On m'a volé  mon ange
On Oliver Twist (1951)
On Receiving the Stalin Peace Award (1954)
On spending time in prison] (1950)
On Stage: Howard Fast's First Play, 'The Hammer' Opens Sept. 8 (1950)
On Stage: Howard Fast's Play Opens Tonite; Tickets Available Sat.-Sun. (1950)
One Man's Heritage (1947)
One Ship Was Lost (1943)
One-Man Navy (1944)
Onion Soup (1949)
Only Honorable Thing a Communist Can Do, The (1958)
Open Letter to Howard Fast [praising Fast's final Worker column], An (Lyons,1956)
Open Letter to Soviet Writers, An (1957)
Open Letter to the American People, An (1948)
Opening Night of Howard Fast Play Completely Sold Out (1950)
Ordeal of Boris Pasternak, The (1959)
Os imigrantes
Os imigrantes: romance
Our Unsingable Anthem (1992)
Outsider, The (1984)


Paixao de Sacco e Vanzetti: una saga da Nova Inglaterra, A
Pamiati Sidneia
Pamiati Sidneia; rasskazy
Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti, a New England legend, The (1953)
Passport Denied to Fast, Novelist (1950)
Patriarchs: The Story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, The (Boruch,1959)
Patrick Henry and the Frigate's Keel (1945)
Patrick Henry and the Frigate's Keel, and other stories of a young nation (1945)
Patrick Henry and the Frigate's Keel; A Musical Legend by Howard Fast
Patrick Henry and the Frigate's Keel; Short Stories by Howard Fast
PCA Challenges School Ban On Hobson, Miller Novels (1948)
Peekskill (1949)
Peekskill, U.S.A." (Silber,1951)
Peekskill: USA / a personal experience (1951)
Penelope (film) (Wells,1966)
Penelope, la magnifica ladra: Romanzo
Penelope: A Suspenseful Complete Novel
Penelope: Kriminalroman
Penelope: roman
Penelope; an entertainment (Cunningham,1965)
People Always, The (1943)
Peoples Artists Makes Record (1951)
Petty Villainy [The Current Scene] (1956)
Pfc. La Houd; Symbol of America (1946)
Philadelphia Story (1948)
Phyllis : romanzo
Phyllis; a novel (Cunningham,1962)
Picture-book History of the Jews, The (Fast,1942)
Piikusukiru jiken (Peekskill USA)
Pi-ko-ssu-chi-erh shih chien: i ko chin shen ti ching li
Pikskill, SShA: rasskaz uchastnika sobytii
Pirate and the General, The (1945)
Place in the City (1937)
Pledge, The (1988)
Podvyh Sakko i Vantsetti : lehenda Novoi Anhlii
Poet in Philadelphia, The (1954)
Police Spy, The (1949)
Port in the Arctic (1943)
Power of Positive Thinking, The (1955)
Power; a novel (1962)
Pragmatic Seed, The (1973)
Pre-publication letter advertising "Spartacus"] (1951)
President's Wife, A (1939)
Price of Liberty, a play, The
Price of Liberty, The (1945)
Price, The (1973)
Priseljenéceva héci
Private Scott and the Axis (1943)
Program: Southern Negro Youth Congress Cultural Festival, Oct. 19, 1946; Columbia, SC] (1946)
Prolific radical novelist who championed the cause of America's common people (Homberger,2003)
Prominent Literary Figures Speak Up For Howard Fast (1947)
Protest, The
Proud and the Free, The (1950)
Proud to Be Black (1945)
Public discourse part of good life on NPR and PBS (1995)


Quatre dames damnées
Quiet Man, A (1943)


Rachel (1941)
Rachel [and the stranger]
Rachel and the Stranger (film) (Salt,1948)
Radical Novel in the United States, 1900-1954: Some Interrelations of Literature and Society, The (Rideout,1956)
Rage Against the Night (1962)
Railroad Men, The (1948)
Ransom of the Rose (1937)
Realism and the Soviet Novel (1945)
Red Scare in Court: New York versus the International Workers Order (Sabin,1993)
Red-Baiters, Incorporated--An Exchange of Letters (1948)
Redemption (1999)
Reds Renounced by Howard Fast; Writer Traces Party Break to Khrushchev Speech (Schwartz,1957)
Reply to Critics (1950)
Reply to Eugene Lyons
Rescue in Singapore (1943)
Reveille for Writers (1946)
Review of The Last Frontier] (La Farge,1941)
Review of Albert Maltz 'The Cross and the Arrow' (1945)
Review of Carl Van Doren's 'Mutiny in January' (1943)
Review of Leo W. Schwarz (ed.) "Memoirs of My People" (1943)
Review of Van Wyck Brooks' John Sloan: A Painter's Life] (1955)
Revolutionaries (screen treatment), The (1970)
Rickshaw, The (1947)
Rights of Man, The (Paine,1961)
Romance of a People, The (1941)


Sacco e Vanzetti
Sacco und Vanzetti. Eine Legende aus Neuengland
Saccos og Vanzettis bedrift
Sakko-Bhanjetti Haoyada Phasta bhashantara Ananda Dasagupta
Sa-ko ho Fan-sai-ti ti shou nan
Sally: Roman
Sally; a novel (Cunningham,1967)
Sam Houston: Part I (1974)
Samantha : romanzo
Samantha: Kriminalroman
Samantha; a novel (Cunningham,1967)
Save the Rosenbergs! (1952)
Saving the fragments: from Auschwitz to New York (Leitner,1985)
School Ban Asked on 'Citizen Paine' (1947)
Schoolmaster's Empire (1939)
Sciopero a Clarkton
Scotland for Outsiders (1964)
Scratch my Back
Scratch my back (Gay,1965)
Sculpture of Bette Fast, The (Fast,1995)
Second Coming, The (1991)
Second Generation (1978)
Seconda generazione
Segunda generacion
Segunda geracao: romance, A
Selected Work of Tom Paine, The (Paine,1945)
Seven Days in June: a Novel of the American Revolution (1994)
Sheng ken
Shimin Tomu Pein: "Komon Sensu" o nokoshita otoko no suukina shougai
Shirley: Kriminalroman
Shirley; an entertainment (Cunningham,1964)
Shore Route, The (1949)
Shoulder-to-Shoulder Concert notice] (1950)
Show Cause (1973)
Sid Marcus... Peekskill Victim (1950)
Sight of Eden, The (1960)
Silas Timberman
Silas Timberman, a novel (1954)
Silas Timberman: regeny
Sintiëiìa : romany
Sista gränsen: roman
Something About My Life Briefly (1953)
Something had to be told (1943)
Son of a writer (Fast,1984)
Song of peace
Soviet Union [The Current Scene], The (1956)
Soviet Writers Reply to Howard Fast's Appeal (1950)
Sovremennaëiìa amerikanskaëiìa literatura; sbornik statei (Anisimov,1950)
Spain and Peace (1951)
Spartacus (1951)
Spartacus (film) (Trumbo,1960)
Spartacus : romanzo
Spartacus [from a Novel by Howard Fast] (1951)
Spartacus' Novelist Howard Fast, 88, Dies (Bernstein,2003)
Spartacus: a novel
Spartacus: An Interview with Howard Fast (2000)
Spartacus: regény
Spartacus: Roman
Spartacus: roman uit het oude Rome
Spartacus: romance
Spartacus: Variations on a Theme (Sharma,1987)
Spartakus: skáldsaga byggð  á  sögulegum heimildum
Spoil the Child (1938)
Stêa ditt kast, Helen
Stamp of Washington, The (1970)
Stand by for Dive! (1943)
Statement on Patriotism] (1991)
Stavka v Clarktonu
Steve Nelson: A Tribute by 14 Famous Authors (Fast,1952)
Stockade (1936)
Stop the Press! Being Volume 1 of the Next Hundred Years (Marion,1953)
Stories of Early America (Howard Fast Reads Howard Fast)
Story of an American. Vito Marcantonio (1946)
Story of Lola Gregg, The (1956)
Story of Slim, The (1942)
Story of the Jews in the United States, The (1942)
Straße der Freiheit, Roman
Straße der Freiheit: Roman
Strange Yesterday (1934)
Strejken i Clarkton: Roman
Students at 3 Colleges Fight Speech Curbs (Mitchell,1947)
Suçsuzlar - Sacco ile Vanzetti
Suckling Pig, The (1949)
Sun in the West (1938)
Sunday Morning (1955)
Sunk by Jap Bombs! (1943)
Suspense Novel By Howard Fast (Levine,1956)
Sylvia (film) (Boehm,1965)
Sylvia. Sally: 2 Romane
Sylvia: Kriminalroman
Sylvia: roman
Sylvia: Roman
Sylvia; a novel (Cunningham,1960)
Symposium Examines Howard Fast's Life and Work (Smith,1994)


Talent for All Times, A (Baranikas,2003)
Talent of Harvey, The (1973)
Tall Hunter, The (1942)
Tam Payn
Teachers Are Held Political Censors (1947)
That Men May Live (1945)
They Remember Girdler (1947)
They're Marching Up Freedom Road (1946)
Thief's Victims: A National Honor Roll, The (1949)
Thirty Pieces of Silver (1949)
Thirty Pieces of Silver; a play in three acts (1954)
This is the record... This is the work! (1944)
Three Battles and a Man (1945)
Three Beautiful Things (1949)
Three Names for Fascists (1947)
Ti erh tai
Tides of Tomorrow [The Current Scene], The (1956)
Till varje pris, Penny
Time and the Riddle: thirty-one Zen stories (1975)
Time of Thanksgiving, The (1944)
Tito and His People (1944)
To Howard Fast (poem) (Cornish,1993)
To katestemeno
To Marry With A Stranger (1940)
To Nazim Hikmet (1950)
To use expensive toys (1993)
Together With Our Soviet Allies (1944)
Tom Paine
Tom Paine nha cach mang n oc nguyen tac
Tom Paine, le solitaire des révolutions
Toma Pena
Tommies" Got Special Delivery, The (1943)
Tomorrow Will Be Ours (1944)
Tomorrow's Wall Street Journal (1970)
Toni i volshebnaëiìa dver'
Tony a zazracna dvirka
Tony and the Wonderful Door (1952)
Tony y la puerta maravillosa
Torkemadah: rosh ha-Inkvizitsyah
Torquemada en de rabbi van Segovia: roman over de Spaanse Inquisitie
Torquemada, a novel (1966)
Touch of Infinity; thirteen new stories of fantasy and science fiction, A (1972)
Toward People's Standards in Art (1946)
Town, The (1942)
Tra due fuochi
Tragedia de Sacco e Vanzetti
Trap, The
Travail of the U.S. Communists, The (Walzer,1956)
Treason in Congress, the Record of the Un-American Activities Committee (Kahn,1948)
Tredje generation
Trial of Abigail Goodman: a Novel, The (1993)
Trzydzieâsci srebrnikâow; sztuka w 3 aktach
Tsui hou ti pien chiang
Tu peux crever!
Turning Citizen Tom Paine into a play] (Fast,1987)
Turning Point, A (1951)
Two Groups Protest Ban on 'Tom Paine' (1947)
Two More Colleges Bar Fast Address (1947)
Two Valleys (1933)


UFO (1973)
Un Tueur récalcitrant
Uncle Sam is the Heavy (Kondracke,1989)
Under Forty (1944)
University Battleground (Sillen,1955)
Unvanquished, The (1942)
Upraised Pinion, The (1955)
Uusi sukupolvi


Valdaklíkan: innflytjendurnir
Valley of the Shadow (1945)
Vcherashnie kommmunisty o kommunizme (Djilas,1958)
Veterans of Two Wars (Geisz,1944)
VFW offers Fast one-way ticket to Moscow] (1952)
View from Greenwich: Howard Fast on his hometown, politics, and modern fiction, The (Morris,2000)
Vision of Henry J. Baxter, The (1955)
Vision of Milty Boil, The (1970)
Voice Must Drop Works of Leftists (Trussell,1953)


Wabash Factor, The (Cunningham,1986)
Wake Up Glad (1949)
Walk Home, A (1955)
Wan yen
War and Peace: Observations on Our Times (1993)
Waterfront Morning (1951)
Way for a Nation, The (1946)
We could use a 'Populist' alternative to the 2 parties (1993)
We Have Kept Faith (1950)
We Will Never Retreat (1949)
What Are We Doing? (1992)
What I Believe [The Current Scene] (1956)
What's a Nice Girl Like You?
What's a Nice Girl Like You? (TV Film) (1971)
What's New... Or Else! (1946)
Where Are Your Guns? (1944)
While They Dance (1937)
Who Is He?
Who Is Jesus Christ? (1944)
Who They Are (1948)
Who Was Tom Paine? (1945)
Why I Write So Much About Judge Medina (1949)
Why Spain Never Died (1945)
Why the Fifth Amendment? (1954)
Will Authors Guild Let Gallico Speak for It? (1949)
Winds of Fear [The Current Scene] (1956)
Winston Affair, The (1959)
Winston-saken: roman
Without Honor, Without Civilization: Fascism (1945)
Word ... and Howard Fast, The (Selwyn,1997)
Working Class Materials Challenge Creative Artists (1946)
World of Langley Collyer, The (1947)
Wound, The (1970)
Wrath of the Purple (1932)
Writer and Society (Sillen,1950)
Writer and the Commissar, The
Writers in the Shadow of Communism (Salisbury,1957)
Writers on the Left: Episodes in American Literary Communism (Aaron,1961)


Yasama hakk
Years of Battle (1953)
Yin se ta heng


Zoya (1945)