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Articles, Essays, Ephemera


    1945. Fox, Ralph [1900-1937]. The Novel and the People. "An American preface" by Howard Fast. 128 pp, 22 cm, "First published in 1937", 'The most stimulating and exciting book of literary criticism that I have ever read.' HF, preface. (Author died in 1937 'fighting Fascism in Spain.'). International Publishers, 381 Fourth Ave., New York 16, NY.

    1945. Paine, Thomas [1737-1809]. The Selected Work of Tom Paine. edited by Howard Fast. xiii, 338 pp, 20.8 cm, "first edition", [black cloth, gold lettering, eagle on front cover] (see: Who Was Tom Paine?). Duell, Sloan & Pearce. New York.

    1947 (1974). Gorky, Maxim. Mother. introduction by Howard Fast (v-vii). 406 pp, 20.2 cm, pbk, 2nd ptg, Citadel Press. Secaucus, NJ.

    1947. Dreiser, Theodore [1871-1945]. The Best Short Stories of Theodore Dreiser. edited with an introduction, by Howard Fast. 349 pp, 22 cm, 1st, (Fast's introduction first appeared as an article in the Sept.3,1946 issue of New Masses, entitled Dreiser's Short Stories. The introduction is a slightly shorter, somewhat edited version) (see also: Joseph Griffin, 1987). The World Publishing Company. Cleveland; New York.

    1953. Marion, George. Stop the Press! Being Volume 1 of the Next Hundred Years. introduction by Howard Fast (p.7-9). 224 pp, pbk, Fairplay Publishers. New York.

    1961. Paine, Thomas. The Rights of Man. introduction by Howard Fast, illustrations by Lynd Ward. xvi, 269, [2] pp, 32 cm, col. ill. (edition limited to 1500 copies, bound in 3/4 red cloth, mottled boards, in a case). Printed for the members of the Limited Editions Club at the Stinehour Press. Lunenburg, Vt.

    1985. Leitner, Isabella, with Irving A. Leitner. Saving the fragments: from Auschwitz to New York. introduction by Howard Fast. xii, 131 pp, 22.4 cm, New American Library. New York. ISBN: 0-453-00502-0.

    1993. Sabin, Arthur J. [1930-]. Red Scare in Court: New York versus the International Workers Order. foreword by Howard Fast. xviii, 369 pp, 24 cm, bibl. refs, index. University of Pennsylvania Press. Philadelphia. ISBN: 0812231899.

    1995. Fast, Bette. The Sculpture of Bette Fast. foreword by Howard Fast. Introduction by M.E. Sharpe. 56 pp, 28 cm, pbk, 1st edition, M.E. Sharpe. Armonk, N.Y. ISBN: 1563245876.


    1946. with William Gropper. Never to Forget: The Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto. [24] pp, 13.5 x 21 cm, ill. Book League of Jewish Peoples Fraternal Order, I.W.O. New York.

    1950. To Nazim Hikmet. in: Masses & Mainstream, Oct'50, pp 8-9

    1950. October Revolution. in: Masses & Mainstream, Nov'50, p 12

    1951-2 (nd). Korean Lullaby. [16] w. covers pp, 20 cm, (25¢), ill.covers (Keller). Contents: Korean lullaby, Korean litany, A song of peace. American Peace Crusade. New York.

    1954. The Poet in Philadelphia. "for Walter Lowenfels, guilty under the Smith Act" (p.82-86). in: Alexander Trachtenberg et al: Looking Forward; sections of works in progress.224 pp, 20.1 cm, International Publishers. New York.

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