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Daily Worker
June 16, 1948, p.2

11 Anti-Fascists Take Case to People

The 11 anti-fascists who face prison because of their devotion to the Spanish refugee cause yesterday accused the House Un-American Committee of "railroading" innocent men and women to jail though they have not been proven guilty of any crime. The victims of witch-hunt justice are the 11 members of the executive board of the Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee. The statements followed a refusal by the Supreme Court Monday to hear appeals by the 11 against contempt of Congress convictions, which grew out of a smear campaign against the committee by the Thomas-Rankin gang. The 11 who face up to six months terms which they must start serving in two weeks said they would take their case to the "people of America and the people of the world." Proud of their work in behalf of Spanish refugees, the group pointed out that "the prison sentences are a small price to pay for the privilege for doing such work."
"But we are not proud of the contemptible men, who out of love for Franco and his butchery and hatred of all things democratic, have railroaded us to prison," they declared.


A mass demonstration will be held Thursday, June 24, at :30 p.m. at the St. Nicholas Arena, 69 W. 68 St.
Under terms of the sentence, Dr. Edward Barsky, chairman of the committee, was sentenced to six months prison and $500 fine and novelist Howard Fast and nine others were sentenced to three months and $500 each.
"For years," said the statement, "we were engaged in dispensing help - medical help, food and clothing to those Spanish Republicans who fought against Franco. We established a hospital in Southern France, another in Mexico. Thousands of men, women and children who would have otherwise been dead, lived because of our work and effort."
Despiote their prison sentences, the 11 said they were determined "that no anti-fascist whom we might aid shall go hungry because we are in jail."
"We are determined," concluded the statement, "to work and fight for an America where charity and anti-fascism are not considered criminal acts - where evil men cannot, at the slightest whim, send to prison anyone with who they politically disagree."
The 11 are Barsky, Fast, Dr. Jacob Auslander, Prof. Lyman R. Bradley, Harry M. Justiz, Mrs. Ruth Leider, James Lustig, Manuel Magana, Mrs. Marjorie Chodorov, Mrs. Charlotte Stern and Dr. Louis Miller.