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A Novel of Ancient Rome


Fast's full-page ad, New York Times Book Review,
Sunday, March 16, 1952, page 15

(discussed in Being Red)

The first, limited edition of Spartacus was published on December 24. Since then six more editions have been printed, and I have received in the mail over 5000 letters concerning this book.

I have never before, in twenty years as a novelist, received this kind of response to anything I have written. Therefore I am quoting from some of these letters, and hope that after reading what these people say, you will buy and read Spartacus yourself.

"...This book is a leaping flame, a powerful light beaming through the darkness. It is victorious life." —Shirley Graham, New York

"I've just finished Spartacus. It's a terrific book, the best you've done, in my opinion. A true symbol of the world toiler now and in all past times." —Earl Conrad, New York

"Every single part of me cries out, 'Thanks'! If ever there was anything born of man, in a moment of need, your book is it." —P. Welch, Minneapolis, Minn.

"Your book does not incite to rebellion. It shows man the path to greatness. It reaches to the very quick and essence of the ethics of every great religion and philosophy." —Dorsey Roth, New Rochelle, N.Y.

"I wanted you to know that for me Spartacus is a beautiful and enduring work of art — a work which the whole American people need desperately to read and understand." —Ruth Wishart, Winston-Salem, N.C.

"I am putting aside one copy for my five month old son to serve as a reminder of someone who helped shape his brave new world." —Paul Friedlander, Pacific Palisades, Calif.

"Your books are rays of light in the dark night. Your pen will help to destroy the sword." —Rebecca Kaster, New York

"Spartacus is courageous, inspiring, human, and therefore beaufigul from the first page to the last." —A Rabbi, Connecticut

"I am truly grateful for the eloquent and dynamic song of praise of life which you have made here." —Herbert Biberman, Los Angeles, Calif.

"This is truly a magnificent and profound novel. It makes me proud to be an American to know that a fellow-American has produced such a book!" —Betty Millard, New York

"As Emerson said on getting Whitman's first book – I greet you at the beginning of a great career. This is a great work on a world scale. It will grip millions everywhere. It makes me think of a grand mural – like the one Sigueiros did in Chile – 'Death to the Invader.'" —Walter Lowenfels, Philadelphia, Pa.

"I believe Spartacus to be the outstanding literary achievement in a decade." —JOHANNES STEEL, in the N.Y. Compass

"No American today writes less in a vacuum than Fast ... and by making a living story of the Spartacus slave revolt he has perhaps added even more to our understanding of our historic struggle than in his recreations of the American past." —CEDRIC BELFRACE, in The National Guardian

"It is Fast's best book, a superb portrayal of Roman slavery, and the finest writing to be found in the English language today." —HOWARD SELSAM

"Spartacus is an impelling and passionate novel, beautifully constructed, infused with humanism, and nigh overwhelming in its intense partisanship for the oppressed." —HERBERT APTHEKER, in Liberty Book News

"Mr. Fast has brought out a masterpiece in not only American but world literature and I believe that you owe it to your country, if not to yourself, to read it." —CAPT. GEORGE S. WUCHINICH, DSC, in Weekly Column

"Those who have faith in the future will find Spartacus a source of inspiration." —CHICAGO SENTINEL

The price of Spartacus is $2.50. Buy it at your book store or use the coupon below. Send check, money order or cash. If sending cash, 50 cents in stamps may be enclosed along with the bills.

HOWARD FAST, Box 171, Planetarium Station, New York 24, N.Y.