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Book Reviews

Agrippa's Daughter (1964)
Book Review Digest, Dec'64.
Library Journal, 89:3335 '64.

The American: a Middle Western legend (1946)
Atlantic Monthly 178(142) Sep'46. Weeks, Edward. The Atlantic Bookshelf.
Book Review Digest, Sep'46.
Library Journal, 71:978 '46.
Nation 163(134) Aug 3'46. Trilling, Diana.
New Republic 115(354) Sep 23'46. Madison, Charles. Fast and Loose.
NY Herald Tribune Weekly Book Review 7(4) Jun 28'46. Commager, Henry S. The Eagle That Is Remembered.
NY World Telegram, Jul 19'46. Hansen, Harry.
Saturday Review of Literature, 29:1 p6 Jul 20'46.

April Morning, a novel (1961)
Book Review Digest, Nov'61.
Booklist, May 15'61 p.571.
Chicago Sunday Tribune, Apr.23'61 p.4. Ver Steeg, C.L.
English Journal, 58:1186-8 Nov'69. Collamore, Elizabeth. False Starts and Distorted Vision in April Morning.
Horn Book, Dec'61 p.568. Scoggin, M.C.
Kirkus, Mar.1'61 p.229.
Library Journal, 86:1476 Apr.1'61. Nyren, Dorothy.
London Times Literary Supplement, Oct.27'61 p.777.
NY Herald Tribune Lively Arts, May 7'61 p.34. Glauber, R.H.
NY Times Book Review, Apr.23'61 p.38. Fearing, Kenneth.
San Francisco Chronicle, Apr.23'61 p.26. Gentry, Curt.
Saturday Review of Literature, p24 Jun 17'61.
Spectator, Oct.6'61 p.472. Mitchell, Julian.
Virginia English Bulletin 36:3 Winter'86. Donelson, Ken. Coming to Manhood, All in a Few Hours.
Washington Post, Feb 26'89, WBK, 11:1. Sussman, Vic. Boys and Girls at War.

Being Red (1990)
Atlanta Journal Constitution, Nov 11 '90, N, 10:1. Graham, Keith. Bookshelf: Being Red.
Booklist, Jul '93, 89:21, p.1916. Olson, Ray. Adult fiction: The Trial of Abigail Goodman by Howard Fast.
Chicago Tribune, Jan 20 '91, 14, 7:1. Sigal, Clancy. Comrade Novelist.
Choice, Apr'91, 28:8, p.1368. McBride, P.W. North America: Being Red by Howard Fast.
Commentary Mar'91, 91:3, p.62-64. Radosh, Ronald. About-Face: Being Red: A Memoir by Howard Fast.
Denver Post, Dec 16'90, D, 10:5. Sleeth, Peter. Howard Fast Looks Back at 'Mini-Terror'.
Detroit News & Free Press Nov 18'90, J, 15:2. Kohn, Martin F. Howard Fast Details His Own Passion for Justice.
Gentlemen's Quarterly, v.60 Oct'90 p.145+. Richler, Mordecai. Red Writer.
Library Journal, v115 Oct 1'90 p.96. Nash, Charles C. Being Red.
Los Angeles Times, Dec 9'90, BR, 2:1. Braudy, Leo. Rolling Up the Red Carpet.
New Leader, 73:16 p.21-23 Dec 10'90. Kanfer, Stefan. Fast Backward: Being Red.
New York, Nov 5'90, 23:43, p.124-125. Koenig, Rhoda. Party time.
NY Times Book Review, Nov 4'90 p.14. Isserman, Maurice. It seemed a good idea at the time.
People Weekly, v.35 Jan 28'91 p.75+. Gross, K. & M.A. Smith. Howard Fast.
Publishers Weekly, Sep 21'90, 237:38, p.58. Stuttaford, Genevieve. Nonfiction: Being Red.
Science & Society, Spring 93, 57:1, p87+. Meyer, Gerald. Howard Fast: an American leftist reinterprets his life.
USA Today, Nov 8'90, D, 5:4. Shnayerson, Michael. Paying the Price for Communism.
Washington Post, Nov 25'90, WBK, 5:1. Hitchens, Christopher. Citizen Howard Fast.
Washington Times, Dec 1'91, B, 8:1. Shapiro, Susan. Paperbacks.

The Best Short Stories of Theodore Dreiser (1947)
Journal of Modern Literature, Fall '89, 16:2-3, p.333. Jackson, Paul R. General Studies: The Best Short Stories of Theodore Dreiser.

The Bridge Builder's Story: a novel (1995)
NY Times Book Review, Oct.22'96 p.37. Hall, Linda. The Bridge Builder's Story.

The Children (1937)
Book Review Digest, May'47.
Library Journal, 72:462 '47.
Saturday Review of Literature, p59 Apr 12'47.

Citizen Tom Paine (1943)
Atlantic 172 (July 1943):121. Weeks, Edward.
Book Review Digest, Jun'43.
Book Week, May 9'43 p.2. Neville, Marion.
Booklist, May 15'43 p.368.
Bookmark 4 (March 1943):18.
Christian Science Monitor, May 3'43 p.14. W.K.R.
Cleveland Open Shelf (April 1943):8.
Library Journal, 68:327 Apr 15'43. Cross, J.E.
Nation 108(676) May 8'43. Trilling, Diana. Fiction in Review.
New Masses, Jul 6'43. Benoit, Alan. Citizen Tom Paine.
New Republic, May 10'43 p.646. Mayberry, George.
New Yorker, May 1'43 p.73. Fadiman, Clifton.
NY Times, Apr.25'43 p.1. Rice, Elmer.
Saturday Review of Literature, 26:1 p8 May 1'43. Nevins, Allan.
Weekly Book Review, Apr.25'43 p.3. Feld, Rose.

Clarkton (1947)
Book Review Digest, Nov'47.
Canadian Forum 27(213) Dec'47.
Daily Worker, Oct.13'47. Schappes, Morris U. 'Clarkton' Too Hot for Times Critic.
Daily Worker, Sep.24'47. Sillen, Samuel. Howard Fast's New Novel 'Clarkton' Story of Labor Struggles Today.
Library Journal, 72:1193 '47.
New Republic 117(28) Nov 3'47.
New Yorker 23(104) Oct 4'47.
NY Herald Tribune Weekly Book Review, p.12, Oct 12'47.
NY Times, p.4, Sep 28'47. Terry, C.V.
Saturday Review of Literature 30(33) Nov 1'47.
Time, 50:50 Dec 22'47.

Conceived in Liberty; A Novel of Valley Forge (1939)
Book Review Digest, Aug'39.
Saturday Review of Literature, 20:11 Jul 1'39.

The Confession of Joe Cullen (1989)
Atlanta Journal Constitution, Aug 13 '89, L, 10:3. Thompson, Frank. Author Tackles Big Issues in Political Thriller.
Denver Post, Oct 8'89, D, 10:3. Clay, Lawrence. Covert Arms Sales, Murder Set Up Provocative Plot.
Library Journal, May 15'89, 114:9, p.88. Donahugh, Robert H. Fiction: The Confession of Joe Cullen by Howard Fast.
NY Times Book Review, Aug 20'89, p.7, 24:1. Kondracke, Morton. Uncle Sam is the heavy.
Publishers Weekly, Jun 30'89, 235:26, p.84. Steinberg, Sybil. Fiction: The Confession of Joe Cullen.

The Crossing (1971)
Book Review Digest, p.413 Ann.'71.
Choice, v8 p729 '71.
Library Journal, 95:4256 '70.

Departure, and other stories (1949)
Book Review Digest, Oct'49.
Saturday Review of Literature, p27 Dec 24'49.

The Dinner Party (1987)
NY Times Book Review, Mar 29'87, p.22-23. McCarthy, Abigail. In Short--Fiction: The Dinner Party.
Publishers Weekly, Nov 28'86, 230:22, p.66. Steinberg, Sybil. Fiction--The Dinner Party.

Fallen Angel (1951)
Book Review Digest, Apr'52.
NY Times '52. Boucher, Anthony.

Freedom Road (1944)
Atlantic Monthly 174(127) Sep'44. Weeks, Edward. The Atlantic Bookshelf.
Book Review Digest, Oct'44.
Book Week, Aug.13'44 p.1. Spectorsky, A.C.
Booklist 41:21 Sep'44.
Boston Globe, Sep.6'44 p.17. Powers, J.M.
Canadian Forum 24:165 Oct'44. McNaught, Eleanor.
Catholic World 160:92 Oct'44.
Cleveland Open Shelf Jun'44 p.12.
Commonweal Oct.20'44 p.21.
Hornbook 20:499 Nov'44.
Kirkus Jun.1'44 p.236.
Library Journal, 69:650 Aug'44. Reddick, L.D.
Masterplots 2779-2782. Pasadena, CA Salem Press. Evans, John. Freedom Road.
Nation 159(219) Aug 19'44. Trilling, Diana.
New Republic 111(196) Aug 14'44. Mayberry, George.
New Yorker, Aug.19'44 p.58.
Newsweek, 24:84 Aug 21'44.
NY Times, Aug.27'44 p.5. Moon, Bucklin.
Saturday Review of Literature, 27:11 Sep 23'44. Rothman, N.L.
Springfield Republican, Aug.27'44 4d. E.M.B.
Time, 44:102 Aug 21'44.
Weekly Book Review, Aug.20'44 p.2. Rice, Jennings.
Yale Review 34:192 Autumn'44. Prescott, Orville.

The General Zapped an Angel; new stories of fantasy and science fiction (1970)
Library Journal, 95:1047 '70.

Haym Salomon, Son of Liberty (1941)
Library Journal, 66:358 '41.
Library Journal, 66:886 '41.

The Hessian; a novel (1972)
Book Review Digest, p41 Ann'72.
Library Journal, 97:2642 '72.

The Hill; an original screenplay (1964)
Book Review Digest, Aug'64.
Library Journal, 89:649 '64.

The Howard Fast Reader; a collection of stories and novels (1960)
Library Journal, 85:1472 '60.

The Hunter and the Trap (1967)
Choice, v5 p.482 '68.
Library Journal, 92:4026 '67.

The Immigrant's Daughter (1985)
Library Journal, Aug'91, 116:13, p.162. Edwards, Harriet. Audio Reviews: The Immigrant's Daughter by Howard Fast.

The Immigrants (1977)
Christian Science Monitor, Nov.7'77 p.18. Leedom-Ackerman, Joanne.
Library Journal, Sep.1'77 p.1760. Nelson, Barbara.
NY Times Book Review, Oct.2'77 p.22. Newlove, Donald.
Saturday Review, Sep.17'77 p.41. Salisbury, Stephan.
Seminaires 1985. Talence. Maison des Sciences de l'Homme d'Aquitaine, p.105-115. Riaume, Jean-Marc. Les Sino-Americains dans 'The Immigrants' (1977) et 'Second Generation' (1978) de Howard Fast.
St Louis Post-Dispatch, Feb 21'91, F, 3:4. Richmond, Dick. Fast-Track Audios for the Long Haul. audio recordings of five novels of The Immigrants series.
Time, Nov.6'77 p.120. Sheppard, R.Z.

The Jews; Story of a People (1968)
Book Review Digest, Apr'69.
Choice, v6 p.412 '69.
Library Journal, 94:753 '69.
Library Journal, Jun 1'89, 114:10, p.170. Melnick, Ralph. Audio Reviews: The Jews: The Story of a People by Howard Fast.
Saturday Review of Literature, p34 Feb 1'69.

The Last Frontier (1941)
Book Review Digest, Sep'41.
Library Journal, 66:615 '41.
NY Herald Tribune Books, IX, p.3, Jul 24'41. Jackson, Joseph Henry.
NY Times Book Review, VI p.6, Jul 27'41. Feld, Rose.
NY Times, p.15, Jul 31'41. Thompson, Ralph.
Saturday Review of Literature, 24:5(26-7) Jul 26'41. LaFarge, Oliver.

The Legacy (1981)
Library Journal, Feb 1'90, 115:2, p.125. Morgan, Janet. Audio Reviews: The Legacy (read by Sandra Burr).

Literature and Reality (1950)
Masses and Mainstream, p.76-79, Mar'50. Sillen, Samuel.
NY Daily Worker, Mar 5'50. Rubin, Barnard.
NY Times Books, p.29, Jan 29'50. Geary, Joyce.

Lord Baden-Powell of the Boy Scouts (1941)
Library Journal, 66:886 '41.
Library Journal, 67:42 '42.

Moses, Prince of Egypt (1958)
Book Review Digest, Feb'60.
Library Journal, 83:606 '58.
Saturday Review of Literature, p25 Mar 29'58.
Time, 71:101 Apr 7'58.

My Glorious Brothers (1948)
Book Review Digest, Nov'48.
Library Journal, 73:1384 Oct 1'48.
Masses & Mainstream 1:9(74-78) Nov'48. Schappes, Morris U. Fast's Maccabees.
NY Times, p.4, Oct 10'48.
Saturday Review 31(14) Oct 23'48.

The Naked God; the writer and the Communist Party (1957)
America, 98:465 Jan 18'58. Hyde, Douglas Arnold. Books.
Book Review Digest, Feb'58.
Catholic Times, England Oct 3'58.
Commonweal, 65:629 Mar 22'57. Howard Fast, Former Communist.
Daily Mail (London) Aug 9'58.
Daily Telegraph (London) Aug 15'58.
Financial Times (London) Aug 8'58.
Library Journal, 82:3098 '57.
Manchester Evening News (England) Aug 8'58.
Nation, 185(481) Dec 21'57. Hatch, Robert L. Free at Last.
New Leader XLI, 22-24, Feb 3'58. Davis, R.G.
New Republic, 137:18-19 Dec 16'57. Howe, Irving. Captive Not Quite Freed.
New Statesman (London) Aug 23'58.
News Chronicle (England) Aug 11'58.
Newsweek, 50:34 Sep 9'57. Mink and Murder.
NY Times (Sunday) &(58-9) Dec 1'57. Schwartz, Harry.
NY Times Magazine, p10+ Jun 9'57. Salisbury, Harrison Evans. Writers in the Shadow of Communism.
NY Times Magazine, p2 Jun 30'57. Knopf, P. reply to Writers in the Shadow of Communism.
Oxford Mail, England Aug 14'58.
Reporter, 18:44-5 Jan 23'58. Janofsky, Lawrence. Truth Has Not Made Him Free.
Saturday Evening Post, 229:10 May 4'57. Mr. Fast's Apologia Was No Tremendous Surprise To Anybody.
Saturday Review, 40:17+ Dec 14'57. Schlesinger, Arthur Meier. Life with an Illusion. 1957.
Spectator (London), 201:227 Aug 15'58. Levin, Bernard.
Springfield Republican '57.
Sun (Jackson, Tenn) '57.
Sunday Times (London) Aug 17'58.
Time, 70:27 Sep 9'57. Night of the Party.
Times Literary Supplement (London) Sep 12'58.
Tribune (London) Aug 15'58.

The Novelist: A Romantic Portrait of Jane Austen (1992)
Christian Science Monitor, Nov 1'91, 12:2. Beaufort, John. A Gallant Heart Romances a Great Literary Mind.
NY Times, Apr 21'91, WC, 20:5. Klein, Alvin. Play by Howard Fast to Open at the Emelin.
NY Times, Oct 23'91, C, 19:2. Holden, Stephen. The Novelist.
Village Voice, Oct 29'91, 36:44, p.100. Russo, Francine. Cameos: The Novelist. directed by Sam Schacht and performed at Theatre Row in New York City.

The Outsider (1984)
Montreal Gazette, Oct 27'84 p.I3. The Outsider // Review Fast, Howard.
Vancouver Sun, Oct 20'84 p.D12. The Outsider // Review Fast, Howard.

Patrick Henry and the Frigate's Keel, and other stories of a young nation (1945)
Book Review Digest, May'45.
Library Journal, 70:306 '45.
Library Journal, 72:811 '47.
Saturday Review of Literature, 28:8 Feb 17'45.

Peekskill: USA / a personal experience (1951)
Jewish Life, Jul'51. Verty, Jay. Review of Fast's "Peekskill USA".

The Picture-book History of the Jews (1942)
Book Review Digest, Sep'42.

Place in the City (1937)
Book Review Digest, Oct'37.
Saturday Review of Literature, p20 Aug 7'37.

The Pledge (1988)
New Directions, v.5(3) Jan/Feb, '90 p.38-39. Shack, Jerry. The Pledge // Review Fast, Howard.
NY Times Book Review, Oct 2'88, p.26. Gelb, Alan. In Short: Fiction.
Publishers Weekly, Jul 22'88, 234:4, p.41. Steinberg, Sybil. Fiction: The Pledge.

Power; a novel (1962)
Book Review Digest, Mar'63.
Library Journal, 87:2774 '62.
Saturday Review of Literature, p30 Sep 22'62.

The Proud and the Free (1950)
Book Review Digest, Dec'50.
Library Journal, 75:1825 '50.
Saturday Review of Literature, p45 Nov 25'50.

The Romance of a People (1941)
Book Review Digest, Mar'42.
Library Journal, 66:1049 '41.

Second Generation (1978)
McGill's Literary Annual, 1979 p.648-651. Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Salem Press. VanLaan, James R. Second Generation.

Seven Days in June: a Novel of the American Revolution (1994)
Library Journal, 119:12 p126 Jul'94. Michaud, Charles. Fiction -- Seven Days in June: A Novel of the American Revolution by Howard Fast.
Publishers Weekly, Jul 11'94, 241:28, p.66. Steinberg, Sybil S. Fiction: Seven Days in June: A Novel of the American Revolution by Howard Fast.

Silas Timberman, a novel (1954)
Library Journal, 79:2211 '54.

Spartacus (1951)
Book Review Digest, May '52.
Library Journal, 77:437 Mar.1'52. Roth, C.J.
London Times Literary Supplement, Nov.7'52 p.271.
Masses and Mainstream, p.53-58, Mar'52. Wilkerson, Doxey.
Nation, Apr.5'52 p.331. Swados, Harvey.
NY Daily Worker, Feb 29'52. Howard, Milton. (reprinted in People's World).
NY Times, Feb.3'52 p.22. Heath, Melville.
People's World (San Francisco) Jan 25'52. Murdock, Steve.
Saturday Review of Literature, p17 Mar 8'52.

The Story of Lola Gregg (1956)
Saturday Review of Literature, p26 Jun 30'56.

Strange Yesterday (1934)
Book Review Digest, Nov'34.

Sylvia; a novel (1960)
Antioch Review, Winter '93, 51:1, p.156. Books: Sylvia by Howard Fast.
Los Angeles Times, Oct 19'92, E, 5:1. See, Carolyn. New 'Sylvia' Names Its Author.

The Tall Hunter (1942)
Book Review Digest, Dec'42.
Library Journal, 67:913 '42.

Tony and the Wonderful Door (1952)
Book Review Digest, Apr'69.
Library Journal, 93:1798 '68.

Torquemada, a novel (1966)
Book Review Digest, Mar'66.
Library Journal, 91:1083 '66.
Library Journal, 91:127 '66.
Saturday Review of Literature, p43 Jan 22'66.

A Touch of Infinity; thirteen new stories of fantasy and science fiction (1972)
Library Journal, 98:2339 '73.

The Trial of Abigail Goodman: a Novel (1993)
Denver Post, Nov 7'93, E, 11:1. Johnson, Robert. Nation sorely vexed by abortion dilemma.
Glamour, Oct'93, 91:10, p.164. Nelson, Sara. The next chapter: The Trial of Abigail Goodman by Howard Fast.
Publishers Weekly, Feb 7'94, 241:6, p.42. Zinsser, John. Audio reviews: The Trial of Abigail Goodman by Howard Fast. read by Diane Ladd.
Publishers Weekly, Jun 21'93, 240:25, p.83. Steinberg, Sybil S. Fiction: The Trial of Abigail Goodman by Howard Fast.
St Louis Post-Dispatch, Mar 17'94, G, 4:1. Richmond, Dick. The Trial of Abigail Goodman.
Washington Post, Sep 6'93, C, 2:4. Dooley, Susan. A future abortion debate.

Two Valleys (1933)
Book Review Digest, Dec'33.
Literary Digest, 116:32 Oct 7'33. [review of Two Valleys?].
Saturday Review of Literature, v10 p122 '33.

The Unvanquished; a novel (1942)
Book Review Digest, Aug'42.
Library Journal, 67:533 '42.
Nation, 154(693) Jun 13'42.
New Republic 107(203) Aug 17'42. Cowley, Malcom.
NY Herald Tribune Books, IX, p.5, Jun 14'42. Feld, Rose.
Time, p.88, Jul 13'42.
Wilson Library Bulletin, 17:82 Oct'42. Howard Fast.

The Winston Affair (1959)
Book Review Digest, Jun'60.
Library Journal, 84:2520 '59.
Saturday Review of Literature, p32 Sep 19'59.