Howard Fast Portrait Gallery

dustjackets, newpaper clips... 1938-1997

Liberty (1938)

Goethals and the Panama Canal (1942)
[detail] Daily Worker (June '49)

with Ginger, Woman's Day
November 1942

Never to Forget (1946)
Daily Worker (June '50)
Fred Stein

Daily Worker (Sept '50)

War Correspondent
ID photo, 194?

Daily Worker
(June '56)

Campaign handbill, 1952

Bette & Howard Fast, ca. 1947
photo by Lotte Jacobi

1953, testifying before the Senate Investigating Committee (UPI).

Masses & Mainstream cover, January 1954

The Naked God (1957)

The Winston Affair (1959)
The Howard Fast Reader (1960)

Power (1962)
Fred Stein

Agrippa's Daughter (1964)
The General Zapped an Angel (1970)
The Crossing (1971)
Marvin F. Lazarus
The Hessian (1972)
A Touch of Infinity (1973)
Bill Mason

1980 reunion at son Jonathan's Weston, Conn. home. From top, left: daughter Rachel, Howard, Bette with Bichon frise Poochkin; right: grand daughter Molly on Jon's shoulders, daughter-in-law Erica Jong. (People, photograph by Thomas Victor).

"1980. Moving day in Greenwich, Conn.: Howard helps Bette unpack her sculptures. (People, photograph by Thomas Victor).

Second Generation (1978)
Jerry Bauer

The Immigrant's Daughter (1985)
Jerry Bauer

Max (1982)
The Outsider (1984)
Rhoda Nathans

The Dinner Party (1987),
The Pledge (1988),
The Confession of Joe Cullen (1989)
Maxine O. Gomberg

The Bridge Builder's Story (1995)
Maxine Gomberg [1977]

Time and the Riddle (1975)
The Immigrants (1977)
The Establishment (1979)
Maxine Gomberg

The Legacy (1981)
Maxine O. Gomberg

The Trial of Abigail Goodman (1993)
Maxine Gomberg

Sylvia (1992)
War and Peace (1993)
An Independent Woman (1997)
Maxine Gomberg

AP photo (Aug. 1997)