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Daily Worker
April 4, 1950

25 Victims to Ask Top Court Rule Against Un-Americans

Calling on the American people to urge the Supreme Court to rule on the constitutionality of the Un-American Activities Committee, 25 individual citizen whose appeals from contempt sentences and fines for challenging the legality of the committee are now before the Supreme Court, yesterday announced that they would sponsor and speak at three Deadline For Freedom Rallies. The rallies will be at Manhattan Center, St. George Hotel in Brooklyn and Sunnyside Gardens next Wednesday evening, April 12.

This is the first time that these 25 victims of the Un-American Committee whose individual cases are all based upon the constitutionality question have joined forces. They are: Dr. Jacob Auslander, Dr. Edward K. Barsky, Alvah Bessie, Herbert Biberman, Dr. Lyman R. Bradley, Helen R. Bryan, Marjorie Chodorov, Lester Cole, Eugene Dennis, Edward Dmytryk, Howard Fast, Ernestina Fleischmann, Harry M. Justiz, Ring Lardner, Jr., John Howard Lawson, James Lustig, Manuel Magana, Albert Maltz, George Marshall, Dr. Louis Miller, Richard Morford, Samuel Ronitz, Adrian Scott, Charlotte Stern and Dalton Trumbo

A Supreme Court decision on the committee "will not only determine our own immediate future but will decide the ultimate fate of our democracy and the very life of those constitutional liberties which are at its heart," their state[ment read.]


"It is this (un-American Activities) Committee which first conceived and now sponsors the infamous Mundt-Nixon Bill which would incorporate their theory of guilt by association into law and impose conformity of thought by fiat," the statement continued. "Until the Un-American Activities Committee is declared unconstitutional no individual can be safe from the smears and threats, the blacklists and even prison terms for which this Congressional body is responsible."

In an obvious reference to the McCarthy charges against Owen Lattimore and Philip Jessup, the statement charged that the activities of the Un-American Activities Committee had inspired rival members and committees of Congress to embark upon "an irresponsible, non-stop competition for the biggest headlines on the most outrageous charges regardless of the cost to the individual or the shame to the nation."

Pointing out that the Supreme Court has so far refused to pass upon the constitutionality of the Un-American Committee, the 25 declared that "there is a ready test upon which the Court may base its decision in the case of Eugene Dennis whose appeal for a rehearing will be entered this week."

Tickets for the Deadline for Freedom Rallies are on sale at Suite 1503, 192 Lexington Ave., LExington 2-3135 and at Bookshops.