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Daily Worker
September 8, 1950

On Stage:

Howard Fast's Play Opens Tonite; Tickets Available Sat.-Sun.

New Playwrights, Inc., presents the opening performance of Howard Fast's new play, "The Hammer" tonight at the Czech Workers House, 347 E. 72 St.

New Playwrights is the group that recently presented Herb Tank's Longitude 49. Barnard Rubin is director of the group.

The play which deals with the embittered homecoming of a wounded Jewish war vet is Fast's first play.

All tickets for tonight's performance have been sold out.

The entire house was bought out by the Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee as a welcome home party for Fast who has just returned from a three-months prison term for contempt of the House Un-American Committee.

Plenty of seats are available however for this Saturday and Sunday night.

Saturday night's performance is being sponsored by the Veteran's of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Call Murray Hill 3-5057 for reservations for this night only.

A leading role in the play is that of a Jewish labor organizer who is a member of the Lincoln Vets. This role is played by Earl Jones, the well known Negro actor, in line with New Playwright's policy of anti-jimcrow casting.

James Leland, who appeared in the Sean O'Casey play The Silver Tassie plays the central role of the Jewish vet.

Linda Borden is also importantly cast, along with Nina Normani, Laird Brooks, Michael Lewin and Dagmar Heydendahl.

The sets were designed by DeWitt Drury who is also stage manager.

The direction is by Al Saxe whose recent chore was directing the Jefferson Theatre Workshop production of Clifford Odets' Awake and Sing.

The Hammer will be performed every night including Sunday, but not Monday.

Organizations and groups interested in taking theatre parties or blocks of seats for the play at discount prices for fund raising purposes, can phone Tracy Hartwell at Chelsea 2-8559 from 10 a.m. to noon daily, and Virginia Muir from noon on at RHinelander 4-9273.

Individual reservations can also be made at these two places.