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Daily Worker
June 12, 1950

Soviet Writers Reply to Howard Fast's Appeal

MOSCOW. -- On May 24, the Literaturnaya Gazeta published a letter of the progressive American author, Howard Fast, addressed to Soviet writers, in which he appeals to his Soviet colleagues to raise their voice in defense of American progressives who are being persecuted for their democratic views by ruling circles of the USA. The features of fascism, Howard Fast notes, are becoming discernible in America. The horrible darkness of this last night of monopoly capitalism is beginning to descend over our beautiful land and over our people, he says.

"I appeal to you," Fast goes on, "to raise your voice in defense of the victims of the unheard-of onslaught of the Truman-Acheson gang, an onslaught the task of which is to convert the civilized world into an atomic desert."

Soviet Writers' Reply

;A reply to Howard Fast's letter, signed by Konstantin Simonov, Nikolai Tikhonov, Vsevolod Vishnevsky, Samuil Marshak, Mikhail Chiaureli and other writers of the USSR states in part:

"On behalf of millions who have built a new world, on behalf of the people who have reached the vast expanses of Socialism, the writers of the Soviet Union wrathfully protest against the imprisonment of Eugene Dennis, one of the best representatives of progressive America, against the approval by the United States Supreme Court of the sentence returned in the case of the peace champions--the scenario writers John Howard Lawson and Dalton Trumbo.

"The warmongers are hurrying. They have incarcerated Dennis and they are preparing prison cells for Lawson and Trumbo. They are hastily compiling lists. Today it is five, six or twelve thousand of the finest sons of America. Tomorrow it will be hundreds of thousands and there will be not enough prisons. But the day will come when there will be no place in America for the present-day jailers....

"For us, Soviet people, your letter is the voice of the real America wrathfully protesting against the overt incursion of Fascism on the American continent. We are confident and we know that people in the United States are against war. And every one of us is with his whole heart with you, with your proud and strong friends, and your people.

"We demand freedom for those who defend it. We protest against the police court of the United States. Let the cowardly political gangsters and new-fangled Gestapo men from the FBI know that an account of their crimes has been opened.

"The peoples of the world will not forgive. The peoples have a tenacious memory. As to the Washington jailers, let them remember the Nuremberg noose which ended the life of their spiritual fathers. Hands off the friends of peace and freedom!"