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Daily Worker
December 2, 1949

The Thief's Victims: A National Honor Roll

J. Parnell Thomas, now revealed by his own confession as a crook who stole money from the U.S. Government, was the man who railroaded a roster of distinguished Americans to jail sentences. While he was week by week swindling the government in his capacity as a Congressman and chairman of the Un-American Committee, Thomas was also busy defrauding people of thier constitutional liberties. Some of them have been imprisoned. Others have their cases still on appeal.

These are the men and women victimized by Thomas:

      Eugene Dennis, general secretary of the Communist Party.
      Leon Josephson.
      Gerhart Eisler.

      The Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee, whose members are:
      Dr. Jacob Auslander.
      Dr. Edward K. Barsky.
      Prof. Lyman Bradley.
      Helen Bryan.
      Marjorie Chodorov.
      Howard Fast.
      Ernestine Gonzales Fleishman.
      Harry M. Justiz.
      James Lustig.
      Manual Maganna.
      Dr. Louis Miller.
      Charlotte Stern.

      The Hollywood Ten, who are:
      Alvah Bessie.
      Herman Biberman.
      Lester Cole.
      Edward Dymtryk.
      Ring Lardner.
      John Howard Lawson.
      Albert Maltz.
      Samuel Ornitz.
      Adrian Scott.
      Dalton Trumbo.