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The Howard Fast Reader; a collection of stories and novels

This large volume is a collection of some of the best writing by one of America's most distinguished novelists. Included in this book are Freedom Road, one of his most famous novels and long out of print; two short novels, The Children, one of Howard Fast's first published works, considered by many critics to be one of his best pieces of writing, and The Golden River, a hitherto unpublished short novel concerning the death of Moses and the emergence of Joshua as the new leader of the Jewish people.

In addition, there are nineteen of Mr. Fast's best short stories from the beginning of his writing career to the present time, demonstrating the wide range of his writing talent.

THE HOWARD FAST READER will acquaint a large public with unfamiliar aspects of one of America's outstanding writers.

from the dust jacket of the 1960 Crown first edition


The Man Who Looked Like Jesus1
Onion Soup39
Three Beautiful Things48
The First Rose of Summer52
Where Are Your Guns?62
The Gentle Virtue69
The Golden River79
Neighbor Sam179
The Gray Ship204
The Suckling Pig209
Old Sam Adams (Three Tales)
Journey to Boston214
The Ancestor227
The Child and the Ship233
The Vision of Henry J. Baxter243
The Children252
The Little Folk from the Hills355
Coca Cola362
The Cold, Cold Box370
The Large Ant383
Freedom Road393
Spoil the Child618