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The General Zapped an Angel; new stories of fantasy and science fiction

Editor: "Mr. Fast, I wonder if you would describe briefly your collection of nine new stories?"

Author: "The book is really not about a general who zapped an angel. Rather it is about the general childishness of man, the only form of life that refuses to grow up."

Editor: "But there is a wise man in the book."

Yes, a Mohawk Indian. But when one reflects on the fate of the American Indian, one can only be very dubious about wisdom."

Editor: "Mr. Fast, should the reader take these stories seriously?"

Author: "The General Zapped an Angel" was written for fun, and offers me a chance to smile at the absurdity of human existence. Therefore, these stories of fantasy and science fiction are among the most serious writing I have done."

from the dust jacket of the 1970 Wm. Morrow first edition


The General Zapped an Angel9
The Mouse23
The Vision of Milty Boil39
The Mohawk55
The Wound65
Tomorrow's Wall Street Journal83
The Interval99
The Movie House115
The Insects141