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Departure, and other stories

A book of short stories by the author of MY GLORIOUS BROTHERS, THE LAST FRONTIER, CITIZEN TOM PAINE, and other novels of high renown, is a volume to be cherished for its absorbing interest as well as for its permanent value.

The nineteen stories in this book are remarkable evidence of the versatility of Howard Fast's pen, of his amazing virtuosity in suiting style to subject, of the supreme storytelling skill with which he recreates the drama of a moment or of an epoch.

The settings of these stories range from the overland trail westward to Calcutta, and back through Spain to the George Washington High School in New York City. Their subjects are often young men, sometimes a Jew, or a soldier, or a writer, or a laborer; they may also be women, beautiful or worn, in love or in hate; and one is Judas Iscariot.

from the dust jacket of the 1949 Little, Brown first edition


The Old Wagon15
The Shore Route36
Onion Soup42
An Epitaph for Sidney56
Where Are Your Guns?77
Spoil the Child88
The Little Folk from the Hills105
Who Is He?116
The Suckling Pig123
The Rickshaw130
The Gentle Virtue142
Dumb Swede158
The Gray Ship177
Three Beautiful Things186
The First Rose of Summer192
Wake Up Glad208
The Police Spy216
Thirty Pieces of Silver232