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April Morning

(1987 TV color US 99 min.)


Re-creation of the fateful morning of April 19, 1775, on which British soldiers marched out of Boston to seize and destroy Colonial munitions stockpiled in Concord, Massachusetts. Although history doesn't record who actually fired the first shot on the Lexington green, here it is surmised that the skirmish was initiated by a Colonial zealot named Solomon Chandler. After Concord, Chandler leads ambushes against the retreating British that prove to be a frightening rite of passage for 15-year-old Adam Cooper, the mustered son of a patriotic and prinicipled farmer. (TV Guide, April 23-29, 1988)

Directed by:
  Delbert Mann
  Tommy Lee Jones Moses Cooper
  Robert Urich Joseph Simmons
  Chad Lowe Adam Cooper
  Susan Blakely Sarah Cooper
  Meredith Salenger Ruth Simmons
  Rip Torn Solomon Chandler
  Joan Heney Granny Cooper
  Nicholas Kilbertus John Parker
  Griffith Brewer Samuel Hadley
  Thor Bishopric Jonathan Harrington
  Joel Miller The Reverend
  Brian Furlong Joash Smith
  Tony Ulc Simon Casper
  Philip Spensley John Buckman
  Peter Colvey Major John Pitcairn
  Alan Mozes Young British soldier
  Jeannie Walker Mrs. Simmons
  Gary Plaxton Lt. Col. Francis Smith
  John Baggaley Sgt. Metcalf
  Vlasta Vrana Paul Revere
  Burke Lawrence Rider on Concord Road
  Paul Rutledge Lt. Sutherland
  Ken Siegel Ensign de Berniere
  David Gow, Teddy Lee Dillon Men at Atkins Farm
  James Coull Captain Parson
  Timothy Hine British soldier
  Vincent Glorioso Lt. Baker
Written by:
 Howard Fast (novel)
  James Lee Barrett (teleplay)
Director of photography:
  Frank Tidy
Music composed and conducted by:
  Allyn Ferguson
Produced by:
  Robert Halmi, Jr.
  Delbert Mann
Executive Producers:
  Robert Halmi
  Samuel Goldwyn, Jr.
Supervising Producer:
  David J. Patterson
Executive-in-charge-of production:
  Selma Weitz
Production designer:
  William Beeton
Film editor:
  Eric Albertson