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from the jacket of the 1941 Hebrew Publishing Company first edition

The Romance of a People

Here, passing with excitement, romance and color through four milleniums of time is the most wonderful and amazing story the world knows -- the story of the Jew.

From yesterday to today, the great adventure of the wandering Jew never pauses, from the fighting Nomad tribes of thousands of years past, from the cities of Babylon and Persia, from the ghettos of the middle ages -- to the turbulent world of today. Saints, prophets, warriors, seers, kings, scholars -- they walk across the stage of history and the world giving to man their imperishable concept of the single merciful God.

Told as it is here, in simple, masterly prose, it makes a book that stands absolutely alone in its field. A child or adult will read it with equal understanding and interest. For a child new worlds will open; but anyone, young or old, will react to the compassion and understanding in this tale.

This book should be read by everyone -- of every faith. For so gently does it untangle the long maze of history that the men and women of long ago become as real and understandable as are people of today.