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The Last Supper and Other Stories

THE LAST SUPPER is Howard Fast's third book of short stories. As with his previous books of short stories, he presents tales of our American origin as well as penetrating observations on the lives we lead today.

Here you will read of a Broadway playwright who rationalizes his betrayal of his best friend; you will read of a millionaire who built a foolproof shelter against the H bomb, a Congressman from Mississippi who spent weekends in Baltimore. You will read of a successful stockbroker who held conversations with God, and of an editor who decided to sell his soul to the devil.

You will participate in a variety of fascinating experiences -- a walk home with the F.B.I., a tired doctor in prison, and a shipment of Coca-Cola bottles in Arabia -- to name only a few.

In three beautiful stories about the life and times of Samuel Adams, Mr. Fast turns to that area of writing where he has won such high praise -- the area of historical writing. And finally, in a story entitled Christ in Cuernavaca, Mr. Fast presents an unusual and thoughtful picture of Mexico today.

In other words, THE LAST SUPPER offers superb reading. It is Mr. Fast's best book of short stories.

from the dust jacket of the 1955 Blue Heron first edition

The Last Supper11
The Ancestor33
The Vision of Henry J. Baxter42
A Walk Home55
Coca Cola63
Christ in Cuernavaca74
The Power of Positive Thinking106
Gentleman from Mississippi124
Journey to Boston131
The Child and the Ship151
Sunday Morning165
The Upraised Pinion174
The Holy Child189
My Father202
Coda: The Poet in Philadelphia210