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The Edge of Tomorrow

You will encounter in THE EDGE OF TOMORROW one interplanetary playground where clothing is prohibited, one big, benevolent bug on a mysterious mission, and three hundred perfectly honorable killers. You may wonder how Howard Fast, the famous American novelist, felt when such weird ideas popped into his head.

But he was not confused -- he wrote them right out of his mind into some of the most intriguing stories ever conceived.

Way out around the fringes of consciousness Howard Fast found some ideas that were too bold and terrifying for the here and now. They leaped the barriers of time and imagination and found their place in some of the most startling, provocative science fiction stories ever written. Here, in time, space and the galaxy, is all the storytelling genius of the celebrated author of SPARTACUS.

from the 1961 Bantam (pbk) first edition


The First Men1
The Large Ant33
Of Time and Cats43
Cato the Martian55
The Cold, Cold Box69
The Martian Shop83
The Sight of Eden107