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The Hill; an original screenplay

In this original screen play based on the account of Christ's passion in St. Mark's gospel, the modern Calvary is Harlem's Mount Morris Park, and Josue (Jesus) is delivered in a squad car to the steel-and-glass offices of Pontius Pilate. Using the technique of the miracle plays of the middle ages, Mr. Fast "tell(s) the story in the terms, the symbols, and the speech of today, accepting the anachronisms and non sequiturs, and using them without trying to explain them," as he says in his Preface.
The result is a startling, intensely moving drama that is as powerful on the page as any story has ever appeared on stage or screen. The selection of Mount Morris Park as a locale -- a crag of rock looming out of a contemporary ghetto of the oppressed and dispossessed -- creates an added impact of timelessness to this beautiful rendering of The Passion.

from the dust jacket of the 1964 Doubleday first edition