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Adventures of Nat Love Alone: a monodrama Annabelle
Benjamin Franklin, Part III Citizen Tom Paine: a play Crossing, a play in three acts
David and Paula Farewell Dimitrios, a play in three acts Four Bachelor Brothers
General Washington and the Water Witch Hammer, a play in three acts Hessian (screenplay)
Hill; an original screenplay Lion's Cub: a play in two acts Minette (operetta)
Moses, Prince of Egypt Naked God, a play in three acts Novelist: Jane Austen
Revolutionaries Sam Houston: Part I Scratch my back
Second Coming Thirty Pieces of Silver

1936?. Fast, Howard and Ray Barr. Four Bachelor Brothers. [apparently Minette].

My own first venture into the theater had taken place years before, when, together with a young friend, Ray Barr by name, I wrote a light musical comedy called Four Bachelor Brothers, which we produced first in a summer theater and subsequently in the Barrs' living room for Peggy Wood, then a reigning musical comedy star and so dazzling a beauty that Ray Barr and I fell totally in love with her. Howard Fast, Being Red p.158

1936. Fast, Howard and Ray Barr. Minette (operetta). music by Ray Barr. (unpublished).

1950 (nd). Farewell Dimitrios, a play in three acts. (unpublished).

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1950. The Hammer, a play in three acts. (produced New York, 1950). [Campenni 1971, p.363-65], Daily Worker articles: Aug.9, Sept.7, Sept.8, Sept.26, and Howard Fast on the production of The Hammer in Being Red pp.270-274. (unpublished).

During the weeks before going to prison, I had written a play called The Hammer. It was a drama about a Jewish family during the war years, a hard-working father who keeps his head just above water, and his three sons. One son comes out of the army, badly wounded, badly scarred. Another son makes a fortune out of the war, and the youngest son provides his share of the drama by deciding to enlist Not a very good play, a judgment apart from any modesty on my side...

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1954. Thirty Pieces of Silver; a play in three acts. (produced Melbourne, 1951). 96 pp, 19 cm, [red cloth, gold lettering] Howard Fast on Thirty Pieces in BeingRed. The Bodley Head. London. *

To the thousands of American anti-fascists who wear
the mantle of their country's honor nobly and proudly

editions, translations

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1956. General Washington and the Water Witch: a play in three acts. 96 pp, 19 cm, "First Published in England 1956", [blue cloth, gold lettering]. The Bodley Head. London. *


~1958-9 (nd). Naked God, a play in three acts. (unpublished).

1960 (nd). Annabelle: An Adaptation of John Ford's 'Tis Pity She's A Whore,' a play in three acts. [Campenni 1971, p.518]. (unpublished).

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196?. Tunberg, Karl. Moses, Prince of Egypt. 3, [244] pp, carbon typescript, unproduced screen adaptation of Fast's 1958 historical novel, undertaken by a screenwriter familiar with such territory from his previous work: Ben Hur, Taras Bulba, Valley of the Kings, etc. *

1962. The Crossing, a play in three acts. (produced Dallas, 1962). [1963]. (unpublished).

photo by Marvin P. Lazarus
design by Patricia Seville
1964. The Hill; an original screenplay. (Campenni 1971 p.521-22, originally written set in England, as "High Place" in 1962). xiii,[4],2-123 pp, 21.5 cm, "First Edition", [grey cloth boards, black spine, gold lettering] "A Modern Miracle Play". Doubleday & Co. Garden City, NY. *

1965. Gay, John. Scratch my back. (based on "Lydia"). [149] pp, 28 cm, (Ohio State University Lib: SPEC.CMS.53.547), screenplay, 1965 Nov. 15. Estimating script. The Mirisch Corporation (Studio). Los Angeles.

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1966. Fast, Jonathan. Alone: a monodrama; from a libretto by Howard Fast. (composer). 60 pp, 44 cm, bound ms score, signed holograph, (For soprano and orchestra: 3=3*4*3* 4231 timp, perc(2) hrp cel str. At end: reduction completed 5/1/66; revised and orchestrated 8/28/66, NYC). (ms [photocopy?] in NY Public Library). *

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197? (nd). The Adventures of Nat Love -- Otherwise Known as Deadwood Dick. 102, 33 pp, typescript, with 33 pp text summary, unpublished screenplay. *

Nat Love was the first black cowboy to achieve prominence and to emerge in his time as one of the legendary western figures. His road to prominence was the same as that travelled by William F. Cody, Wild Bill Hickock and others. In other words, a book about him was written, in the first person, as his autobiography.This book which was called THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF NAT LOVE is almost all of the research material concerning Nat Love that exists today. It was published in the 1890's [1907] and has been reprinted recently by the New York Times Press [1968].

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197? (nd). The Revolutionaries (screen treatment). [80] pp, 28 cm, (unpublished mimeograph), Part I: John Adams (19pp); II: Thomas Jefferson (21pp); III: Ben Franklin (18pp); IV: George Washington (21pp). David Paradine Productions. Plaza Hotel, New York. *

1971. The Hessian (screenplay). [Campenni 1980 - E.V. Cunningham].

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1973. Benjamin Franklin, Part III. [98] pp, 27.5 cm, mimeographed, (copy in Stanford U. screenplay collection) "Dec. 20, 1973. Executive Producer Lewis Freeman". *

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1974-5. Sam Houston: Part I. original screenplay. 98 pp, 28 cm, wraps: mimeo, pin bound, original white; revisions 12/19/74 on green, 2/3/75 on pink. unpublished. *

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1978. The Lion's Cub: a play in two acts. [99] pp, 28 cm, unpublished. (copy at Ohio State U. TRI Library: Eileen Heckart Collection). International Cinegraph. Los Angeles, CA. *

1982. David and Paula. produced in New York in 1982 [Macdonald 1996]. (probably "The Lion's Cub," about David and Paula Ben Gurion).

photo by Bob Marshak
1986. Citizen Tom Paine: a play in two acts. [8],3-119 pp, 22 cm, [purple cloth spine, navy blue boards] (originally produced at the Williamstown Theater Festival, July 12-July 20, 1985). Houghton Mifflin. Boston. ISBN: 0395411874. *


1991. The Second Coming. produced in Greenwich, Conn. 1991 [Macdonald 1996].

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1992. The Novelist: A Romantic Portrait of Jane Austen. 72 pp, 18 cm, ill. (written in 1976 [Macdonald 1996] produced Williamstown, MA 1987;NYC, 1991). S. French. New York. ISBN: 0573693315. *