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Peekskill USA

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Appendix VI

CBS On-the-Spot Recording

At Peekskill, along with scores of newspaper reporters and cameramen, were radio commentators. Here are excerpts from the CBS on-the-spot recording of what happened near the entrance gate. The recording was broadcast that same evening. These excerpts were taken down on a home wire recorder by a member of the committee:

(Shouts by crowd) "Go back to Russia!" "Hey, go on back to Russia, you n—–s!"

(Voice of man making recording) "Coming along here is another group of veterans. Apparently they have broken up their parade into sections. This section is led by a former army major in uniform, a marine, an army private, two sailors, an army sergeant ... (Sound of drums, growing louder) ... and a very pretty girl leading the band."

(Confused shouting by crowd. Then voice of man making recording) . . . "has been the first bit of violence. I don't know who started it. Police have grabbed someone here. Police are pushing everyone back. The parade is broken up at the entrance and the veterans are running back here." (Roaring noise from crowd.) "Police helicopter is overhead. The first bit of violence – the first outbreak of fighting – began when one man broke through the opposite side of the road, through the veterans' lines, and punched one of the men in the concert grounds. Hundreds and hundreds of people here. If there's a serious outbreak, it will be very bad." (In shaking voice) "The situation has gotten very tense here. There is no longer any order to the parade – just men moving back and forth on the highway, blocking the entrance to the concert area."

(Speaking more rapidly) "Skirmishes are breaking out all over here. – The police – are beating up a Negro. (Crowd noises) "They're clubbing him. – He's right here...."

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