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Pamphlets and leaflets

Ben Davis Walks on Freedom Road Crisis No. 1 Crisis No. 2
Crisis No. 3 Intellectuals in the fight for peace May Day 1947
May Day 1951 Open Letter to Soviet Writers Spain and Peace
Steve Nelson: A Tribute Story of an American. Vito... Three Names for Fascists
Tito and His People

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1944. Tito and His People. prepared and edited for publication in Canada by Harry Gutkin. 34 pp, 28 cm, map, ports. (paper covers). (21,861 words). Contemporary Publishers. 165 Selkirk Ave, Winnipeg, Alberta, Canada. *


1945 (?). Ben Davis Walks on Freedom Road. [5] pp, 23 cm, A Re-elect Ben Davis leaflet. Citizens' Non-Partisan Committee for the Reelection of Benjamin Davis, Jr. to the City Council. New York.

1946. Story of an American. Vito Marcantonio. [1] pp, 21.2 x 48.4 cm, pseudo-book jacket (for a non-existent book on VM) containing a lengthy text by HF on why Marcantonio should be returned to Congress. (also Italian language version). (1,046 words). New York Citizens PAC. New York. *

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1947 (nd). Three Names for Fascists. [8] pp, 22.5 x 10cm, [grey wove paper, self-wrappers, stapled] (on the prison sentences of the eleven Joint Anti-FascistRefugee Committee Board Members). (1,623 words). Citizens to Defend the Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee. New York. *

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1947. May Day 1947. illustrations by Rockwell Kent. 16 pp, 20.9 cm, ("Recalling the glorious history of May Day, the author urges readers to protest, this May Day, thefall in workers' wages, the emergence of antilabor legislation, Red-baiting, and the effort to outlaw the Communist Party"). (2,402 words). United May Day Committee. New York. * [Seidman F43]

1949. Intellectuals in the fight for peace. 32 pp, 19 cm, Masses & Mainstream. New York. * [Seidman F45]

1951 (nd). Crisis No. 1. (unbound) [4] pp, 22.7 cm, "Recently they arrested seventeen working class leaders in New York ... because they were Communists." -- p. <2>. (1,871 words). Civil Rights Congress (U.S.). New York. *

1951 (nd). Crisis No. 2. (unbound) [4] pp, 22.7 cm, " ... it became necessary that some sort of fund be provided and a bail fund was set up by a group of public-minded citizens. They established, then, the Civil Rights Bail Fund." -- p. <1>. (1,880 words). Civil Rights Congress (U.S.). New York. *

1951 (nd). Crisis No. 3. (unbound) [4] pp, 22 cm, "Recently the Supreme Court ... refused to grant a rehearing to the 11 convicted Communist leaders ... " -- p. <1>. (1,868 words). Civil Rights Congress (U.S.). New York. *

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1951. May Day 1951. 16 pp, 21 cm, (1,439 words). United Labor and People's Committee for May Day. New York. * [Seidman F49]

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1951 (nd). Spain and Peace. 16 pp, 21.6 cm, ill. "The cover drawing is from an original executed especially for this pamphlet by Pablo Picasso". (4,947 words). Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee. New York. * [Seidman F51]


1952 (nd). Fast, Howard et al. Steve Nelson: A Tribute by 14 Famous Authors. introduction by Howard Fast. 32 pp, 19 cm, port. prose and verse. (paper covers) (Steve Nelson 1903-). Provisional Committee to Free Steve Nelson. New York. [Seidman F52]

1957. An Open Letter to Soviet Writers. East Stroudsburg, PA.