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Art of Zen Meditation Being Red Jews; Story of a People
Literature and Reality Naked God; The Writer and the Communist Party Peekskill: USA
Story of the Jews in the US War and Peace: Observations on Our Times

1942. The Story of the Jews in the United States. ["for Jews in the Armed Forces of the United States"]. Jewish Information Series, no. 1, New York.

1950. Literature and Reality. 128 pp, 20 cm, pbk, ref. notes 127-128. International Publishers. New York. * [Seidman F47]

In the memory of
Ralph Fox and Christopher Caudwell
who believed that the practice of literature
could not be separated from the struggle
for man's liberation; and who, in defense of that belief,
laid down their lives in Spain,
fighting for the freedom of Spain andmankind,
against Franco and against fascism.

editions, translations

1951. Peekskill: USA / a personal experience. introduction by William L. Patterson. 127 pp, 21 cm, [brown cloth, gold lettering]. 500 numbered copies, signed by Fast, Robeson, Patterson. Civil Rights Congress. New York. * [Seidman F50]

To Paul Robeson

editions, translations

1957. The Naked God; The Writer and the Communist Party. 197 pp, 21.5 cm, "First Published in...1957", [black linson, gold lettering]. Books That Matter series. Praeger. New York. * [Seidman F55, (and see: Aaron 1961)]

If asked to describe Howard Fast's first book after his break with the Communist Party, one could call it simply a great writer's coming to grips with the basic contradiction in the Communist system -- the contradiction between mind and dogma. More specifically, this book juxtaposes the creative artist's constant drive toward truth, justice and beauty, and the hollow, rigid, "political" incantations of the movement's cultural high priests. In so doing, it highlights the contradiction between humanity with its dreams of a better future, and the monstrous inhumanity of a power-drunk, completely insensitive bureaucracy which has lost all touch with the aspirations and hopes of common men. This is the core and the key message of the book...

editions, translations

1968. The Jews; Story of a People. 338 pp, 23.4 cm, "First Printing, 1968", [black paper, gold lettering] ill., facsims. maps, ports. bibl. [335]-338. Dial Press. New York. *

To the memory of:
Ida Yerushalayim
Baruch Ben Aaron
Isaac ha Cohen
ava shalom

editions, audio

1977. The Art of Zen Meditation. [45] pp, 20.3 cm, pbk, ill. Peace Press. Culver City, Calif. ISBN: 0-915238-15-2. *

This small book is intended as an introduction to the art of Zen meditation. Since Zen masters are fond of stating that Zen is the most direct and obvious thing the world, a simple manual for the art of Zen is neither extraordinary nor presumptuous; but it must be presented with the additional reminder that while Zen meditation is very simple, very direct, very ordinary, it is also very difficult and very frustrating. There is no ladder of ascension; there are no points; there is no score; and as for the rewards, they are not to be spoken of, or calculated, or even expected, and if one demands to know what they are, a proper Zen answer would be a simple shrug of the shoulders...


design (front) by
Bette Fast
1990. Being Red. 370 pp, 23.4 cm, 1st, [black cloth spine, gold lettering, red paper boards]. [8] p. of plates, ill., index. Houghton Mifflin. Boston. ISBN: 0395551307. *

For you, Bette,
wife and partner in this long journey

From 1944 to 1957, Howard Fast was a member of the Communist Party. Begun with patriotic and idealistic zeal, ending with dismay at ideological rigidity and the appalling revelations about the Stalinist era in Khrushchev's famous "secret" speech, it was a political affiliation destined to affect Fast's life beyond politics, often beyond reason...


cover design by
Carmen Chetti
1993. War and Peace: Observations on Our Times. xviii, 327 pp, 23.6 cm, [red cloth, black lettering] (100+ essays, written for the New York Observer 1989-1992). M.E. Sharpe. Armonk, NY. ISBN: 1-56324-207-9. *

To the memory of Barney and Ida Fast

In more than 100 essays, written of a three-year period for The New York Observer, Howard Fast looks with horror at the official violence inflicted on Nicaragua, El Salvador, Grenada, Panama, and Iraq and the unofficial violence that is taking place in the cities of the United States...