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Aaron, Daniel

1961 Writers on the Left: Episodes in American Literary Communism

Agronsky, Martin (host)

1957 Look Here. Howard Fast


2000 Spartacus: An Interview with Howard Fast

Anisimov, Ivan Ivanovich [1899-1966], ed.

1950 Sovremennaëiìa amerikanskaëiìa literatura; sbornik statei

Aptheker, Herbert

1957 More Comments on Howard Fast

Avanzo, Doynel, Kirkland et al

1964 Cheyenne Autumn (film)


Baker, John F.

1983 Howard Fast Speaks on a Half Century of Writing

Baranikas, Ilya

2003 A Talent for All Times

Barrett, James Lee

1987 April Morning (TV film)

Benoit, Alan

1943 Citizen Tom Paine

Bernstein, Adam

2003 'Spartacus' Novelist Howard Fast, 88, Dies

Biberman, Edward

1953 The Best Untold

Biberman, Herbert

1948 The Artist -- Conscience of the People

Bloor, Ella Reeve

1947 Mother Bloor Lauds 'Clarkton'

Boehm, Sydney

1965 Sylvia (film)

Bonosky, Phillip

1957 More Comments on Howard Fast

Bonski, Michael

2003 IN MEMORIAM: Howard Fast, 1914-2003

Boruch, Behn

1958 In the Beginning: The Story of Abraham

1959 The Coat of Many Colors: The Story of Joseph

1959 The Patriarchs: The Story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Buckley, Jr., William F.

1989 Mr. Fast Explains

2003 OBITUARY: Howard Fast, R.I.P.

Buhle, Paul and Edmund B. Sullivan

1998 Images of American Radicalism

Burton, Pamela and Natalie Roberts

1988 The First Mash Unit


Cameron, D. Angus

1951 [official reader's report on Spartacus and accompanying letter to Fast]

Campenni, Frank

1971 Citizen Howard Fast: A Critical Biography

1975 [Introduction to "Time and the Riddle"]

1980 Cunningham, E.V.

1986 Fast, Howard (Melvin)

Campenni, Frank & Stanley Mallach

1973 Howard Fast: Oral history interview

Cochran, Bert

1957 More Comments on Howard Fast

Cook, Gerald

1947 1,300 Crowd NYU Building To Hear Fast

Cornish, Sam

1993 To Howard Fast (poem)

Cunningham, E.V.

1960 Sylvia; a novel

1962 Phyllis; a novel

1963 Alice

1964 Lydia; an entertainment

1964 Shirley; an entertainment

1965 Penelope; an entertainment

1966 Helen; a novel

1966 Margie; a novel

1967 Sally; a novel

1967 Samantha; a novel

1968 Cynthia; a novel

1969 The Assassin Who Gave Up His Gun

1973 Millie; a novel

1974 Green Goods

1977 The Case of the One Penny Orange: a Masao Masuto mystery

1978 The Case of the Russian Diplomat

1979 The Case of the Poisoned Eclairs: a Masao Masuto mystery

1981 The Case of the Sliding Pool

1982 The Case of the Kidnapped Angel: a Masao Masuto mystery

1984 The Case of the Murdered Mackenzie: a Masao Masuto mystery

1986 The Wabash Factor

Cuthbertson, Sarah

2003 Hope for the Heart and Food for the Soul: Historical Fiction in the Life of Howard Fast


Djilas, Milovan, Howard Fast & Alfred Kantorowicz

1958 Vcherashnie kommmunisty o kommunizme

Dreiser, Theodore [1871-1945]

1947 The Best Short Stories of Theodore Dreiser


Eisinger, Chester

1963 Fiction of the Forties

Ericson, Walter

1952 Fallen Angel


Fanning, Craig Harticon and Jon Daniel Hess

1986 Spoil the Child

Fast, Bette

1995 The Sculpture of Bette Fast

Fast, Howard and Bette

1942 The Picture-book History of the Jews

Fast, Howard and Edward Hume

1971 The Face of Fear (TV film)

1976 21 Hours at Munich (TV film)

Fast, Howard and Ray Barr

1936 Four Bachelor Brothers

1936 Minette (operetta)

Fast, Howard and William Gropper

1946 Never to Forget: The Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto

Fast, Howard et al.

1952 Steve Nelson: A Tribute by 14 Famous Authors

Fast, Howard with Hugh Down

1977 [Howard Fast talks about his craft]

Fast, Howard with Ron Powers

1987 [Turning Citizen Tom Paine into a play]

Fast, Jonathan

1966 Alone: a monodrama; from a libretto by Howard Fast

1984 Son of a writer

Fox, Ralph [1900-1937]

1945 The Novel and the People


Gardner, Virginia

1948 Hollywood Writers 'Stand In' for Anti-Fascists at Rally

Gavron, Daniel

2003 A fast friend

Gay, John

1965 Scratch my Back

1965 Scratch my back

Geisz, Henry

1944 Veterans of Two Wars

Goodman, Amy and Jeremy Scahill

1998 Interview With Howard Fast

Goodman, David Zelag

1979 Freedom Road (TV film)

Gorky, Maxim [1868-1936]

1947 Mother

Griffin, Joseph

1987 Howard Fast, James T. Farrell, and "The Best Short Stories of Theodore Dreiser"

Gross, Ken

1991 Howard Fast


Haight, Anne Lyon

1970 Banned Books; informal notes on some books banned for various reasons at various times and in various places

Hall, Rob. F.

1954 1,000 Honor Howard Fast At Award of Peace Prize

Hanna, Archibald (compiler)

1985 A Mirror for the Nation; an annotated bibliography of American social fiction, 1901-1950

Harap, Louis

1957 More Comments on Howard Fast

Hicks, Granville

1945 Howard Fast's One-Man Reformation

Homberger, Eric

2003 Prolific radical novelist who championed the cause of America's common people

Howe, Irving

1957 A Captive Not Quite Freed


Isserman, Maurice

1990 It seemed like a good idea at the time


Jardine, Gil

1970 An Interview with Howard Fast


Kahn, Albert E.

1948 Treason in Congress, the Record of the Un-American Activities Committee

Kalinowska, Fryderyka

1956 Howard Fast

Kanningem, E.V.

1995 Sintiëiìa : romany

Karp, Abraham J., editor

1994 The Jews in America: a treasury of art and literature

Kent, Simon (Howard Fast)

1950 A Child is Lost

Khrushchev, Nikita S.

1956 Crimes of the Stalin Era: Special Report to the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Kondracke, Morton

1989 Uncle Sam is the Heavy

Kunitz, Howard

1973 Author Interview: Howard Fast


La Farge, Oliver

1941 [review of The Last Frontier]

Lasky, Victor

1958 The Only Honorable Thing a Communist Can Do

Latham, Earl

1966 The Communist Controversy in Washington; from the New Deal to McCarthy

Lauter, Bob

1950 Fast's Play 'The Hammer' Presented by New Playwrights

Leitner, Isabella, with Irving A. Leitner

1985 Saving the fragments: from Auschwitz to New York

Levine, Ben

1956 Suspense Novel By Howard Fast

Likfa, Marion

1953 Howard Fast: Wool Puller?

Lyons, Eugene

1956 A Letter From Howard Fast

1956 An Open Letter to Howard Fast [praising Fast's final Worker column]


Macdonald, Andrew [1942-]

1996 Howard Fast: a critical companion

Macdonald, Andrew and Gina Macdonald

1982 Fast, Howard (Melvin)

Macdonald, Gina

1988 E.V. Cunningham

Maltz, Albert

1948 Fast Plea

Manousos, Anthony

1981 Howard Fast

Marion, George

1953 Stop the Press! Being Volume 1 of the Next Hundred Years

McClurg, Jocelyn

1997 New Love, New Novel: At 82, Howard Fast is as Prolific as Ever

McDaniel, Maude

1997 Old-fashioned values sparkle in Fast's latest

McDowell, Edwin

1981 Behind the Bestsellers

Meisler, Stanley

1959 The Lost Dreams of Howard Fast

Meyer, Hershel D.

1958 History and Conscience, the Case of Howard Fast

Mitchell, Louise

1947 Students at 3 Colleges Fight Speech Curbs

Mitford, Jessica

1977 A Fine Old Conflict

Mitgang, Herbert

1987 [FBI's surveillance of writers]

Moritz, Charles Fredric, ed.

1991 Current biography yearbook, 1991

Morris, Edward

2000 The view from Greenwich: Howard Fast on his hometown, politics, and modern fiction

Murolo, Priscilla

1984 History in the Fast Lane


Nelson, Nels

1987 Author/Playwright a Fast Man with Kind Words

Nevins, Francis M.

1996 Man in the Middle: Unsung Classic of the Warren Court

Newquist, Roy

1964 Interview with Howard Fast

North, Joseph

1948 The 11 Who Kept Faith

1953 Legend of Grandeur


Paine, Thomas [1737-1809]

1945 The Selected Work of Tom Paine

1961 The Rights of Man

Pakenham, Michael

1995 Howard Fast at 80, working hard and telling stories

Patan, Federico

1978 Calas menores

Pensiero, Nicole

1995 At Age 81, Howard Fast is Writing His Best Stuff

Petrov, Anatolii

1982 'Ekh Govard!': Istoriia odnogo neotpravlenogo pis-ma

Platt, David

1948 Hollywood '10' Salute Eleven Anti-Fascists


Ranzal, Edward

1953 McCarthy Lays 'Sabotaging' Of Foreign Policy to 'Voice'

Rideout, Walter B.

1956 The Radical Novel in the United States, 1900-1954: Some Interrelations of Literature and Society

Rothstein, Mervyn

1987 Howard Fast in a New Mode with Latest Novel

2003 Howard Fast, Best-Selling Novelist, Dies at 88

Rozhon, Tracie

1981 Life in the Howard Fast Lane is Doom & Gloom

Rubin, Barnard

1949 Fast's Stories

Rubinowitz, Susan

1990 Author reflects on years as a communist

Russo, Francine

1991 Cameos: The Novelist


Sabin, Arthur J. [1930-]

1993 Red Scare in Court: New York versus the International Workers Order

Salisbury, Harrison E.

1957 Writers in the Shadow of Communism

Salt, Waldo

1948 Rachel and the Stranger (film)

Schappes, Morris U.

1947 'Clarkton' Too Hot for Times Critic

Schwartz, Harry

1957 Reds Renounced by Howard Fast; Writer Traces Party Break to Khrushchev Speech

Seed, David

1996 Howard Fast and the Shape of the Political Memoir

1996 The Ex-Communist Memoirs of Howard Fast and His Contemporaries

Seidman, Joel (compiler)

1969 Communism in the United States: a bibliography

Seligman, Daniel

1957 Dilemma in New York

Selwyn, Amy

1997 The word ... and Howard Fast

Sharma, K.N.

1987 Spartacus: Variations on a Theme

Sheehan, Henry

1991 The Fall and Rise of Spartacus

Silber, Irwin

1951 "Peekskill, U.S.A."

Sillen, Samuel

1946 Attack on Howard Fast's Book (The American)

1947 Howard Fast's New Novel 'Clarkton' Story of Labor Struggles Today

1950 Writer and Society

1955 University Battleground

Sinkler, Rebecca

1981 Fast's Life is a Saga Too

Smilgris, Martha

1980 Howard Fast's Many Sides: A Born-Again Yankee, Blacklisted Best-Seller

Smith, Kirby F.

1994 Symposium Examines Howard Fast's Life and Work

Smith, Wendy

1987 The Fast way to prolific populist prose

Sorin, Gerald

2012 Howard Fast: Life and Literature in the Left Lane

Spencer, Harold

1952 In Danger: The Right to Speak for Peace

Starobin, Joseph

1957 More Comments on Howard Fast

Stone, Peter

1963 Fallen Angel

1965 Mirage (film)

Stone, Peter & Ranald MacDougall

1968 Jigsaw

Swaim, Don and Howard Fast

1984 CBS Radio Interview with Howard Fast

Szichman, Mario

1991 Fast Living: Author's "Being Red" Recalls McCarthy Era


Tank, Herb

1948 Fast's 'Rachel' Makes a Nice Film

Taylor, Ruth Ellen, editor

1980 Legacy: The Orange County Story

Tescott, Jacqueline

1987 Interview with Howard Fast

Traister, Daniel

1994 Being Read: The Career of Howard Fast

1995 Noticing Howard Fast

Trumbo, Dalton (screenplay)

1960 Spartacus (film)

Trussel, Stephen

1997 Howard Fast: archive material in collections

Trussell, C.P.

1953 Voice Must Drop Works of Leftists

1953 Dr. Compton Quits as Head of 'Voice'

Tunberg, Karl

1961 Moses, Prince of Egypt

Tuska, John & Vicki Piekarski, editors-in-chief

1983 Encyclopedia of frontier and western fiction


Untermeyer, Louis

1948 Letter From Louis Untermeyer to The Publishers of 'My Glorious Brothers'

1975 [Foreword to "Time and the Riddle"]


Van Doren, Carl

1942 [Foreword to The Last Frontier]

1946 [Introduction to Citizen Tom Paine]

Vary, Michael

1950 Exhibit Howard Fast's Books in Many Languages at Jeff School


Wald, Alan

1983 The Legacy of Howard Fast

1990 Fast, Howard (b. 1914)

Wald, Alan and Alan Filreis

1995 A Conversation with Howard Fast, March 23, 1994

Wallace, Henry & Howard Fast

1949 We Will Never Retreat

Walzer, Michael

1956 The Travail of the U.S. Communists

Watts, Max

2000 Fast Memories

Welles, Orson

1945 In the American Tradition

Wells, George

1966 Penelope (film)

Wilkerson, Doxey A.

1952 An Epic Revolt