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Coat of Many Colors: The Story of Joseph Goethals and the Panama Canal Haym Salomon, Son of Liberty
In the Beginning: The Story of Abraham Lord Baden-Powell of the Boy Scouts Patriarchs: The Story of Abraham...
Picture-book History of the Jews Romance of a People Tall Hunter
Tony and the Wonderful Door

1941. Haym Salomon, Son of Liberty. illustrated by Eric M. Simon. 243 pp, 22.1 cm, 1st "Copyright 1941", [tan cloth, brown lettering] illustrated tp and lining papers. Julian Messner. New York. *


editions, translations

1941. Lord Baden-Powell of the Boy Scouts. illustrations by Rafaello Busoni. 214 pp, 24 cm, 1st, [green cloth, brown lettering] maps on endpapers, index. Julian Messner. New York. *


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1941. The Romance of a People. illustrations by Rafaello Busoni. viii,238 pp, 24 cm, "This book was designed by Helen Hoke", [red cloth, gold lettering, yellow top-edge, pages untrimmed]. maps on lining-papers. Acknowledgement is made to Meyer W. Weisgol for permission to use the title "Romance of a People" which was produced by him as a pageant in 1933. Hebrew Publishing Co. New York. *



1942. Goethals and the Panama Canal. illustrations by Rafaello Busoni. xiii,[2],3-230 pp, 24.1 cm, [orange cloth, black lettering and cover drawing] maps on eps, front., illus., plates, diagrs. [see:Marxists Internet Archive text]. Julian Messner. New York. *



1942. Fast, Howard and Bette. The Picture-book History of the Jews. illustrated by Bette Fast. 3,1,57 pp, 25.5 cm, [beige paper, orange, olive and black illustration and lettering]. Hebrew Publishing Co. New York. *


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1942 (Jul). The Tall Hunter. pictures by Rafaello Busoni. 103 pp, 23.3 cm, "First Edition" (G-R) [$1.75], [red cloth, green lettering]. Harper & Bros. New York & London. *

To Julie


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1952. Tony and the Wonderful Door. [tan linson, brown lettering] illustrations by William Vigoda. 64 pp, 24.2 cm, ill. Blue Heron Press. New York. *

For my own children and for all the
other children who keep asking me why
I don't write more books for them.

[Knopf, Peace Press editions: For Rachel and Jon]

Eve Tal's paper, "Tony and the Wonderful Door: A Forgotten Classic of American Children's Fantasy, published in "The Lion and the Unicorn", Volume 27, Number 1, January 2003, can be read here in PDF format.

editions, translations

Behn Boruch

In 1997 I learned from the Hebrew Publishing Company that they had published three books by Howard Fast "under his Hebrew name", Behn Boruch. I sought confirmation from the author.

In January 1998, Howard Fast confirmed that he had published the three books under that name. He explained that his father had been called Barney but his Hebrew name was Boruch, and the name Behn is from the Hebrew word meaning 'son of', so Behn Boruch actually means 'son of Barney.'

These are the three books – click on the titles for the full text:

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1958. Boruch, Behn. In the Beginning: The Story of Abraham. [20] pp, 22.2 cm, illustrated by Bernard Springsteel. (1,447 words). Hebrew Publishing Company. New York. *

We have all heard of Abraham. That was his whole name — Abraham — for in his time people did not have two names as we have today.
This is his story. We have no pictures of him, but we like to imagine Abraham as a tall, handsome man. He wore a beard as did all men of that day. And he wore the long robe of a desert chieftain to protect him from the sun.

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1959. Boruch, Behn. The Patriarchs: The Story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. illustrated by Bernard Springsteel. [28] pp, 22.2 cm, (1,909 words). Hebrew Publishing Company. New York. *

Abraham was born in the city of Ur, in the Land of Chaldea. With his father and the other members of the family, he left the city to become a wanderer in the desert.
Chaldea, where the city of Ur was, today is called Iraq. And the Land of Canaan, where Abraham finally brought his family, today is called Israel.
Long, long ago there were only a few Jews. As a matter of fact, they were all one family or tribe. Abraham was the wise father of this family. And because the family was so large, we can think of Abraham as a desert chieftain...

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1959. Boruch, Behn. The Coat of Many Colors: The Story of Joseph. illustrated by Bernard Springsteel. [28] pp, 22.2 cm, (2,037 words). Hebrew Publishing Company. New York. *

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: these we always remember as the three fathers of the Jews — the patriarchs. Isaac was the son of Abraham, and Jacob the son of Isaac.
Jacob had another name: Israel. That is why the Jewish people are sometimes called "The Children of Israel." All the Jews remember Jacob as their ancestor.
We remember Jacob as the last of the great desert chieftains of the Jews. He left the desert and brought his camels, his flocks of sheep and goats, and all his many possessions into the Land of Canaan. This land is called Israel today. When Jacob settled there, it became the land of the Jews. That was more than three thousand years ago...