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February 12, 2010
A major facelift - all the pages have been redone, with new top menus and background, cleaned up links, and hopefully, improved navigation throughout. Please let me know if you access any pages which haven't gotten the new look!

March 19, 2006
A new Bibliophile page, for Masao Masuto Mysteries, written by Fast as E.V. Cunningham. And a new story, in the December, 1938 The Elks magazine, Merry Gentlemen.

February 26, 2006
I've added another Bibliophile page, for The Unvanquished, and a transcription of the first of Don Swaim's CBS Radio interviews with Howard Fast, from 1984. And a (May, 1951) review of Peekskill from Masses & Mainstream by Doxey Wilkerson....

January 5, 2006
If you been here before, you know there's a major renovation going on since last month. Besides a new, overall look, with top menus on most reworked pages, new images, and a new home page, I've begun a series of "Bibliophile" pages, in which the various editions of the books are dealt with in more detail, including scans of the covers, all of which are clickable - can be enlarged by clicking the images. The format of these new pages has been evolving, but it generally treats a book as a single site, with links to articles, but including all the editions and translations, etc, on the main page for the book. So far there are half a dozen, Spartacus, The Last Frontier, Freedom Road, Citizen Tom Paine, My Glorious Brothers, and The Blue Heron Press, Fast's publishing company in the 50s when he was blacklisted. Let me know what you think of these pages...

January 2, 2003
I suppose you're thinking of the four stories I have posted on this site, all from the New Masses of 1946: The Gray Ship, The Gallant Ship, The Gray Ship's Crew, and The Gray Ship's Captain. At the beginning of the last one is the comment, "The following is the fourth and last of a series of sketches written by Mr. Fast on a voyage to India just before V-J Day." He also wrote an article published in Young America, Oct. 14, 1942, "American Seaman", which sounds like it might be a USMM story, but I've never been able to locate a copy. Are there others I've missed?
I can't remember clearly now, but it seems to me that Fast sailed aboard the Merchant ships as a war correspondent... I'll have to check further.
January 1, 2003
US Merchant Marine
Mr. Fast wrote some interesting stories on the U.S. Merchant Marine. Do you know if he sailed in the U.S. Merchant Marine?
October 8, 2002
April Morning
I just started reading the book April Morning with my class and I felt the book is really interesting. I wish that there were more books like these that help us understand our history.
Lilibeth Guerrero Queens, New York
August 23, 2001
New site - Time and the Riddle
Howard Fast has many things one can easily admire... However, never in my life have I read such fascinating stories as the stories in his collection of 31 Zen stories, "Time and the Riddle". So I have finally put up a small page especially on this amazing stories. They are in is own words "stories that he cherishes, more than any other writing he have done." I plan to enlarge the page, put in extracts from more stories, but even as it is now, it might be worth a look. July 22, 2001
Naked God
After searching some time for Fast's The Naked God, was finally able to locate a copy in a small-town library. Having just finished it, I would still like to purchase a copy if anyone knows where one might be found. Does anyone know why this book doesn't appear with similar prominence to Fast's other works on the various websites?
Marc Peterson
Griffin, GA
April 4, 2000
Movie: The Crossing
We're planning a program about the movie, The Crossing. It will be at Archives and History Day, Monmouth County Library, Manalapan, NJ on Oct. 14. This is a public event with no admission charge. There will be several speakers discussing the film and related topics. The film will be shown here on Oct. 12.
Gary D. Saretzky
Archivist, Monmouth County Archives
March 3, 2000
Ben Franklin: Ambassador
Hi from a "warm" Minnesota,
I am trying to get a copy of Fast's made for TV film, "Ben Franklin: Ambassador". I am a social studies teacher and would love to be able to use it when discussing the American Revolution.
If you aren't privy to information about obtaining a "classroom use only" copy, would you be able to direct me. Thank you for your time and effort.
Todd Andrix
February 12, 2000
April Morning: Donkers?
I work as an Inclusion Aide with 7th graders and they are in the process of reading April Morning. I was wondering if anyone had a recipe for a food item in the book called DONKERS. Thank-you for any help you might be able to give me.
February 20, 1999
Liberty Magazine / Men Must Fight
The "broken" reference (from the bibliography of Campenni's 1971 dissertation) mentioned above is "solved," to the extent that I've located the Liberty issue, February 19, 1938. I still don't know where the condensation appeared in May, but the story is here now: Men Must Fight.

December 30, 1998
A Quiet Man
And the mystery of the Quiet Man is solved! It's Fast's story of George Washington as it appeared in the February 1943 edition of Woman's Day. I've managed to locate a copy, and you can read it here.

December 9, 1998
The Bookman
Now, thanks to Janell Neal at the Elks Magazine archives, the mystery of the original publication has been cleared up. The Bookman first appeared in the June 1936 issue of The Elks Magazine, "by Howard Melvin Fast," along with illustrations by John J. Floherty, Jr. The text is virtually identical to the version later published in Patrick Henry and the Frigate's Keel -- except that "Captain Murry" becomes "Captain Jones", and the last two paragraphs are dropped! I've posted the original version: The Bookman.

October 19, 1998
I don't know why it took so long for me to put up a Howard Fast Bulletin Board, but never mind, here it is. I was thinking today I wanted to post a section called "Discoveries", where I could put my latest bibliographic findings. There are so many "unknown" Fast titles, and when I find something new I want to share the news. For example...

Amos Todd's Vinegar, Patrick Henry and the Frigate's Keel
Today I received a copy of the September 1943 issue of Woman's Day magazine (55 years old, cover price 2¢!), which contains the short story "Amos Todd's Vinegar." Now, one discovery is that the story first appeared in Woman's Day. I've seen no previous reference to it, and had listed the Patrick Henry and the Frigate's Keel collection as the first appearance. But more and more it seems like almost all the stories in Patrick Henry appeared in periodicals before they were collected (see below). There are only two which I have no prior reference for, "Patrick Henry and the Frigate's Keel," which as the title story may well have first appeared in the collection, and "The Price of Liberty," from which an excerpt was reprinted in Coronet a month after the book came out. (I base that "month" on the fact that the Esquire appearance of "The Pirate and the General" was in April, but "The Price of Liberty" in Coronet in June was an excerpt from the book, which must have come out in May.)

Contents of Patrick Henry and the Frigate's Keel
The Bookman
I haven't located a copy of the Elk's Magazine with "The Bookman," and don't have a clear reference to its date, nor for that matter, the issue of The Bugle Call it was supposed to have been reprinted in, a Seattle Washington Reserves/National Guard periodical. The rest I've managed to acquire, and so can vouch for the appearance and present a small image of the magazine cover.

First edition, 78-rpm album
From a collector's point of view, I've yet to find a copy of the Duell, Sloan & Pearce edition with a dust jacket, and in fact I'm still waiting to receive a copy of that first edition. On the other hand I did locate a fascinating record album, on 3 78-rpm disks, of a musical version of the story, "Patrick Henry and the Frigate's Keel; A Musical Legend by Howard Fast," from 1947.

A Quiet Man
Another discovery which came along with the "Amos Todd" story in Woman's Day, was a reference to a previously uncited article which apparently appeared in Woman's Day in 1943, called "A Quiet Man." So far I haven't identified the issue, but when I find it, I'll post a copy of the article. For now, I'm simply wondering, "Who was the quiet man?"

Romance, Liberty
I have a feeling there are more Fast stories in Romance Magazine (I show Aug-Sep 1937, April 1940), and in Liberty. I have a "broken" reference to a story "Men Must Fight" which was "(condensed from Liberty nd.) vol. VI, no. 1, May 1938 pp 91-97," but so far I can't verify it. ("broken" in the sense that it failed to show what it appeared in, in the condensed form, and whether the date was for Liberty, or of the condensation. I think I checked a May '38 Liberty and there was no Fast, so...) There was a Fast story in the October 1938 issue.

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