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Films based on Fast's work

21 Hours at Munich (TV film) Ambassador: Benjamin Franklin April Morning (TV film)
Cheyenne Autumn (film) Crossing (television film) Face of Fear (TV film)
Fallen Angel Freedom Road (TV film) Green Goods
Immigrants (TV film) Jigsaw Man in the Middle (film)
Mirage (film) Penelope (film) Rachel and the Stranger (film)
Spartacus (film) Spoil the Child Sylvia (film)
What's a Nice Girl Like You? (TV Film)

1948. Salt, Waldo. Rachel and the Stranger (film). (screenplay) (based on the story "Rachel"). b/w. RKO Radio Pictures. Directed by Norman Foster.


1960. Trumbo, Dalton (screenplay). Spartacus (film). (based on "Spartacus"). color. Directed by Stanley Kubrick.


1963. Stone, Peter. Fallen Angel. 106 pp, 28 cm, typescript. "#00650", [screen treatment] based on Fallen Angel. Universal-International Pictures, 1963. Universal City, Calif.

1964. Avanzo, Doynel, Kirkland et al. Cheyenne Autumn (film). (screenplay) (based on "The Last Frontier"). color, Warner Bros. Directed by John Ford. (Howard Fast on Cheyenne Autumn in Being Red).

1964. Man in the Middle (film). (based on "The Winston Affair"). b/w, directed by Guy Hamilton. see: Francis M. Nevins: Man in theMiddle: Unsung Classic of the Warren Court.

1965. Stone, Peter. Mirage (film). (screenplay) (based on "Fallen Angel"). MCA/Universal Pictures. b/w, 108 min. Directed by Edward Dmytryk.

1965. Boehm, Sydney. Sylvia (film). screenplay. (based on "Sylvia"). Paramount Pictures. (b&w) Directed by Gordon Douglas.

1966. Wells, George. Penelope (film). (screenplay) (based on "Penelope"). color, 97 mins. Directed by Arthur Hiller.

1968. Stone, Peter & Ranald MacDougall. Jigsaw. (screenplay) (based on "Fallen Angel"). MCA/Universal Pictures. color. Directed by James Goldstone.

1971. Fast, Howard and Edward Hume. The Face of Fear (TV film). (teleplay). (based on Sally) 10/8/71. Directed by George McCowan. Quinn Martin Productions (QM) (Southbrook Television Distribution).

1971. What's a Nice Girl Like You? (TV Film). (telefilm) (based on "Shirley"). Universal/ABC Telefeature 12/18/71. Dir. Jerry Paris.

1974. Cunningham, E.V. Green Goods. (ABC) teleplay for Paper Moon episode 7 (of 13: 12 September 1974 - 2 January 1975) dir. J. Paris.

1974. The Ambassador: Benjamin Franklin. (Emmy-award-winning teleplay).

Belgian poster
1976. Fast, Howard and Edward Hume. 21 Hours at Munich (TV film). (teleplay). 1 videocassette (101 min.): sd., col., Directed by William A. Graham. Based on the book The Blood of Israel by Serge Groussard. Filmways Motion Pictures.

1978. The Immigrants (TV film). (based on "The Immigrants"). color. Directed by Alan J. Levi. 4 hours. 11/20, 11/21/78.

1979. Goodman, David Zelag. Freedom Road (TV film). (screenplay) (based on "Freedom Road"). Directed by Jan Kadar. Producer: Zev Braun. NBC Oct. 29-30, 1979. *


1986. Fanning, Craig Harticon and Jon Daniel Hess. Spoil the Child. (based on the story Spoil the Child). videocassette, 1 videocassette (23 min.): sd., col.; 1/2 in. VHS. American Film Institute, Direct Cinema. Los Angeles, CA.

1987. Barrett, James Lee. April Morning (TV film). (teleplay) (based on "April Morning"). television movie, directed by Delbert Mann (first aired April 24, 1988 CBS). The Samuel Goldwyn Company and Robert Halmi, Inc. Hallmark Hall of Fame.


1999. The Crossing (television film). [A&E cable production. see: Jeff Daniels].