Departure, and other stories

1949 (Sept). Departure, and other stories. 238 pp, 20.6 cm, "First Edition", [grey cloth, red lettering]. Little, Brown & Co. Boston.* [Seidman F44]


 1950. Fast, Govard. Pamiati Sidneia; rasskazy. (Russian, tr. by V. Limanovskoi, IU. IArtseva, T. Ruzskoi) 36 pp, Biblioteka "Ogonek"; 1950, no. 25, Selections from Departure: Pamiati Sidneia (Epitaph for Sydney), Riksha (Rickshaw), Narod s gor (The Little Folk from the Hills ??). Pravda. Moskva.*
 1957. El hombre que se despartaba contento. (Spanish, tr. by Patricio Canto) 221 pp, Ediciones Siglo Veinte. Buenos Aires.