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Sylvia; a novel

1960. Cunningham, E.V. 333 pp, 21.5 cm, "First Edition", [blue-green cloth, yellow lettering]. Doubleday & Co. Garden City, NY.*
1962. 333 pp, 20.5 cm, 1st UK, [red cloth, gold lettering]. Andre Deutsch Ltd. London. *
1965. film: Sylvia.
1965 (nd). 256 pp, 18 cm, pbk, Crest (d789). *
1971. 254 pp, 18 cm, pbk, Corgi. London. ISBN: 0552086851.
1992. Fast, Howard. introduction to new edition. 332 pp, 21.7 cm, A Birch Lane Press book, [black cloth spine, metallic red lettering, yellow paper boards]. Carol Pub. Group. Secaucus, NJ. ISBN: 1-55972-128-6. *
1992. large print edition, Thorndike Press. Thorndike, Me. ISBN: 1560545674.
1993. 459 pp, 23 cm, large print, ISIS Large Print. Oxford. ISBN: 1856953416.
1993. Fast, Howard. Read by Walden Daniels. audio cassette, 6 sound cassettes (ca. 8 hr., 30 min.): analog, Dolby processed. G.K. Hall Audio Books. Boston, MA. ISBN: 0783811047 .
1984. Fast, Howard. Sylvia: roman. (French , tr. by Lucile du Veyrier) 295 pp, 22 cm, cov. ill., Le Miroir obscur 62 (ISSN 0753-616X). Oswald (53-Mayenne: Impr. Floch). Paris. ISBN: 2-7304-0150-4.
1990. Fast, Howard. Sylvia. (French , tr. by Lucile du Veyrier) 295 pp, 17 cm, pbk, cov. ill. col., Rivages noir 85 (ISSN 0764-7786). Rivages (63-Marsat: Impr. la Source d'or). Paris. ISBN: 2-86930-322-X.
1974. Sylvia: Roman. (German , tr. by Ulla de Herrera) 233 pp, 18 cm, Exklusiv (33), Bastei-Verlag. Bergisch Gladbach. ISBN: 3-404-05124-6.
1974. Sylvia. Sally: 2 Romane. (German , tr. by Ulla de Herrera) 477 pp, 22 cm, Deutscher Buecherbund. Stuttgart; Hamburg; München. ISBN: 3-404-05124-6.
1983. Sylvia: Kriminalroman. (German , tr. by Ulla de Herrera) 335 pp, 18 cm, pbk, Knaur-Taschenbuecher (4937). Droemer Knaur. München. ISBN: 3-426-04937-6.
1967. (Norwegian , tr. by Per Wolleb‘k) 270 pp, Hjemmenes bokklubb, Oslo.
1967. (Swediah , tr. by Gun Årestad) 255 pp, B. Wahlström (Wahlströms elit-romaner. Röda serien 99-2058444-4). Stockholm.