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Daily Worker
June 6, 1948, p. 12

Fast to Speak at American Jewish Cultural Conference

Howard Fast, the progressive Jewish-American author who has just been sentenced to three months in prison for defying the reactionary Un-American Committee, will deliver a special report on the role of the American Jewish writer at the American Jewish Cultural Conference in English to be held on June 18 and 19.
Among other matters, Fast will trace the development of his own national consciousness, the problems it poses for him as an author in the creation of Jewish character in a historical novel on a Jewish theme which he is now in the process of completing. He will aslo analyze the meaning of the offensive of reaction to the American Jewish cultural worker, based on his own experience.
Sam Morgenstern, composer of Warsaw Ghetto, an orchestral work, and musical director of the Lemonade Opera production of Prokofiev's The Duenna, will speak on music. Edith Segal, choreographer and teacher of dancing, will discuss the Jewish content of the dance. Aaron Goodelman, prominent sculptor, will deal with the question of Jewish graphic art.
The main paper, on how the Jewish cultural worker is responding to the call of the Jewish people for the evolvement of a progressive Jewish cultrue and life in the United States, will be delivered by Morris U. Schappes.
The conference will open Friday evening, June 18, at 8:30 p.m. and will be mainly devoted to a cultural program of music and dance. It will be held at the New School, 66 W. 12 St., New York. Information about the conference can be had from the Cultural Conference Committee, room 1206, 80 Fifth Ave. Tickets for the opening session, at $1.20 each, are available at this address, at all the bookshops, and at Jewish Life, 35 E. 12 St., sixth floor.