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CAUTION: Bengt Bengtsson, a philatelic judge from Sweden, has prepared an "undesirable list" -- including stamps which should be avoided because they are from countries that have issued stamps in too large quantities or with overly high values. Stamps of Uganda (since 1989), appear on that list.



Agatha Christie

Murder on the Orient Express

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Filming "Murder on the Orient Express"
April 15, 1996, perf 14×13½
Scott: 1407, Michel: 1678, Stanley Gibbons: 1652, Yvert et Tellier: 1366

Agatha Christie
Antigua & Barbuda
Central African Republic
Great Britain - 1990
Great Britain - 1991
Great Britain - 2016
Isle of Man - 2003
Isle of Man - 2006
Sierra Leone
Solomon Islands
Somali Republic

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From London to Constantinople via Calais

From Paris to Athens

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The Pullman Corridor

The Dining Car

Staff Beyond Reproach

Fun in the Pullman

1901 Unstoppable Train Enters the Buffet in Frankfort Station

1929 Passage Detained Five Days by Snowstorm

Filming "Murder on the Orient Express"

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