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A Philatelic Bibliography

Originally based on the web version of The Universal SherlockHolmes, the reference guide to the Sherlock Holmes Collections at the University of Minnesota, © Ronald Burt De Waal and George Vanderburgh.

Anonymous listings are first, alphabetical by title, followed by author listings alphabetically. Bracketed numbers, like [C16506], are USH reference numbers. Reference numbers beginning with "ST" are for items not found in USH.

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1. Canada Stamp Booklet. 25 42-cent stamps. 1992. [C16506]
The stamps feature the Canadian flag, and the booklet includes a silhouette of Holmes.

see: image

[Scott #1358 : Unitrade BK139]

2. "Conan Doyle," Barcelona: Congreso Internacional Esperitista. 75 Cte. 1934. Sherlock Holmes Journal 11, No. 3 (Winter 1973), 107. [C16501--B3737]
A commemorative stamp with Doyle's portrait, issued for delegates to the 1934 International Congress on Spiritualism. Mentioned by Jean Conan Doyle in The Sherlock Holmes Journal, 11, No. 3 (Winter 1973), 107.

see: C12732, C12724, image

3. Dominica. Commonwealth of Dominica. $6.00. 2 5/8 x 3 1/2 in. 1991. [C16507]
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson watching the Brunigline Train (built 1888) descending from the Brunig pass toward Meiringen. By Dr. William R. Hanson; part of a multi-nation series on the cog railways of the world which he designed in 1990 for release in 1991.

see: image

4. First-Day Sherlock Holmes Covers. [West Allis, Wis.: Gerald Shannon, 5 covers. 1982-1985]. [C16508]
"Official cachets of Prof. Moriarty Society."

Contents: Wheels for Sherlock Holmes: The Hansom Cab (March 26, 1982) (SSC-1). — A Dog for Sherlock Holmes (September 7, 1984) (SSC-6). — The Hound of the Baskervilles (September 7, 1984) (SSC-7). — Toby, 19th Century Crime Dog, Aids Sherlock Holmes (September 26, 1984) (SSC-8). — A Horse for Sherlock Holmes (September 25, 1985) (SSC-9)

see: image

5. "Five British Stamps Depict Sherlock Holmes Finding Clues to Solve Five Famous Mysteries," Linn's Stamp News (September 27, 1993), 1, 13. illus. [C16509]
Holmes and Watson make the headlines of the "World's Largest Weekly Stamp News and Marketplace" with a new set of 24-pence stamps, designed by Andrew Davidson and issued on October 12 to mark the 100th anniversary of the detective's "death" in Fina. The stamps illustrate scenes from Reig, Houn, SixN, Gree, and Fina. Also issued by the Royal Mail in conjunction with the stamps are first-day covers, a presentation pack, and five stamp cards.

see: C16505, image

6. "Great Investigators," San Marino, Roma: G. Toffoletti Inc. July 12, 1979. 5 stamps. (No. 949-53). Baker Street Journal 29, No. 4 (December 1979), 248. [C16511]
Contents: 10. Maigret. — 80. Perry Mason. — 150. Nero Wolfe. — 170. Ellery Queen. — 220. Sherlock Holmes.

Photographs: The Baker Street Journal, 29, No. 4 (December 1979), 248.

see: C12754, C12755, C12738, C12752, image

7. Holmes: A Study in Scarlet. British Post Office, April 14, 1987. [C16515]
A Royal Mail Stamp booklet. "The first in a series from an idea by Mark Collicott. Illustrated by Andrew Davidson. Printed by Harrison & Sons Limited."

see: C12749, C12731, image

8. Los doce detectives mas famosos de la ficcion. 1923-1973 Interpol Aniversario. Nicaragua: November 13, 1972. 12 stamps. [C16502--B3738]
Contents: 5 cts. Lord Peter Wimsey. — 10 cts. Philip Marlowe. — 15 cts. Sam Spade. — 20 cts. Perry Mason. — 25 cts. Nero Wolfe. — 35 cts. C. Auguste Dupin. — 40 cts. Ellery Queen. — 50 cts. Father Brown. — 60 cts. Charlie Chan. — 80 cts. Inspector Maigret. — 1.00. Hercule Poirot. — 2.00. Sherlock Holmes.

The stamps are illustrated with portraits of the world's most famous detectives, as selected in a popularity poll conducted by EQMM, and carry a descriptive text, in Spanish, on the reverse side. Nicaragua also issued a set of official first-day covers, with a cachet that includes a deerstalker and other Sherlockian motifs.

Photographs: Bibliately, by Leona Rostenberg (American Philatelic Society, 1978), 46; Jury, Nr. 3 (1976), 7; Frank F. Reilly's Christmas card for 1978; Pleasant Places of Florida's January 5, 1979 program.

see: C12727, C12728, C12721, C12723, C12750, C12725, C12752, C12726, C6070, C12729, image

9. "The Maiwand Jezails. Battle of Maiwand, 1880-1980," [Wayne, Nebr.: Richard D. Lesh, 1980.]. Linn's Stamp News (September 22, 1980), 76. [C16513]
"The first and only Maiwand commemorative stamp."

A sheetlet of four stamps with inscribed margins, and first-day cover.

Photographs: Linn's Stamp News (September 22, 1980), 76; Canadian Holmes, 5, No. 1 (Autumn 1981), 7.

see: C12735, C12751, image

10. "New Stamp Covers," British Philatelic Bulletin (January 1988), 102. illus. [C12749]
A brief article on new booklet covers, including The Final Problem (No. 4 in the Sherlock Holmes series), illustrated by Andrew Davidson from an idea by Mark Collicott.

see: C16515, C12731, image

11. 125th Anniversary of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Turks & Caicos Islands, 1984. 5 stamps. [C16514]
Contents: 25 cts. Seco. — 45 cts. Fina. — 70 cts. Empt. — 85 cts. Gree. — $2. Souvenir Sheet of Doyle, Holmes and Watson with open book in background listing Doyle's major books. — Complete set of four stamps on Official First Day Cover. — Souvenir sheet on Official First Day Cover.

The stamps are illustrated with a portrait of Doyle framed in a magnifying glass and with scenes from the four named adventures. The stamps were designed by Karp Studio and printed in color lithography by Walsall Security Printers of England.

see: C12730, C12744, C12752, C6121, image

12. "Review of Larry Dodson's "The Philatelic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"," Topical Time September-October, 2000. [ST7]
Text of review.

see: ST5

13. "San Marino: Fictional Detectives," Stamp Collecting (August 9, 1979), 603. [C12754]
"Celebrated investigators of fiction appear on a set (700,000) issued on 12th July. Multicolour offset combined with recess by the I.P.Z.S. in sheets of 40 on white unwatermarked paper perf. 13 1/4 x 14, with PVA gum, the stamps are engraved by Giorgio Toffoletti. ... Each investigator is shown framed within a magnifying glass." Among those depicted is Sherlock Holmes.

see: C16511, C12755, C12738, C12752, image

14. "San Marino Releases Set," Linn's Stamp News (August 20, 1979). [C12755]
A brief announcement, with an illustration of five of the stamps, including "Sherlock Holmes."

see: C16511, C12754, C12738, C12752, image

15. "Sherlock Holmes," [Park Forest, Ill.: George Fabian, 1977.] (Fabian's Phantom Post). Baker Street Journal 27, No. 3 (September 1977), 189. [C16503--B3739]
Three privately printed 10¢ stamps (3 ¼ × 2 ¼ in., 1 1/8× 2 3/8 in., and 1 ½ × 1 3/8 in.) The first is reproduced in The Baker Street Journal, 27, No. 3 (September 1977), 189.

The reproduction (originally in b/w) appeared in Julian Wolff's column "From the Editor's Commonplace Book" on page 189, along with this notice:

Peter Blau ("Black Peter") reports on a discovery by Herman Herst ("Colonel Emsworth, v.c."): George Fabian (Park Forest, IL ), who runs a "local post," has produced a Sherlock Holmes stamp. The price is 25¢ each, or 10¢ each plus a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

see: image

16. "Sherlock Holmes paa Frimaerke," Sherlockiana 17, Nr. 4 (1972), 16. illus. [C12727--B2378]
Concerns the set of stamps issued in Nicaragua to honor the great detectives, including the greatest detective of them all.

see: C16502, C12728, C12721, C12723, C12750, C12725, C12752, C12726, C6070, C12729, image

17. "Sherlock Holmes — The Father of Postal History as Well as Detection?," Stamp & Postal History News [London] (July 8-21, 1981), 24. [C9121]
Examples of how Holmes drew more conclusions from an envelope than the name of the addressee. He makes reference to the franking of a letter in thirteen of the sixty recorded cases. In one (Five), the postmarks of a series of letters enable him to deduce the identity of the criminals and their whereabouts. Sherlock Holmes can be considered the father of postal history.
18. Sherlock Holmes: The World's First Consulting Detective. Designed by R.H. Brown and J.L. Watkins. July 19, 1978. 1 sheet. [C16504--B3740]
Proposed design for a U.S. stamp commemorating the 125th anniversary of Sherlock Holmes's birthday. The design is accompanied by a letter from Capt. Robert H. Brown requesting support for the proposal.

Reviews and illustrations: Mycroft's Messenger, No. 9 (October 1978), cover, 9; No. 10 (December 1978), 5-6 (Jack Williams; Robert H. Brown); The Sherlockian Meddler, 6, No. 4 (December 1, 1978), 41.

see: C12742, image

19. "Sir Conan Doyle, 1859-1930," Republique Islamique des Federate Comores. 200F postes. (1980). Mayo Alumnus 17, No. 3, July 1981, 43. [C16516]
A commemorative stamp featuring Doyle and Holmes, issued February 23, 1980, by the Republic of Federated Islands of Comores on the 50th anniversary of Sir Arthur's death.

A full-page photograph of the stamp appears in The Mayo Alumnus, 17, No. 3, July 1981), 43.

see: C12745, C12752, image

20. "Ubique," Stamp Collecting 74, No. 3 (April 8, 1950), 73. [C12728--B2379]
Refers to Chris Morley's suggestion that the British postal authorities issue a stamp on Holmes's centenary — "a joke P.M.G. did not fall for." (The "joke" is now on them because of Nicaragua's initiative in honoring twelve detectives, including the Master, with a set of commemorative stamps!)

see (Nicaragua): C16502, C12727, C12721, C12723, C12750, C12725, C12752, C12726, C6070, C12729, image

21. Alexander, Nicholas. "Turks & Caicos Islands Salute Creator of Sherlock Holmes Stories," Stamps (October 6, 1984), 16-17. illus. [C12730]
The Turks & Caicos Islands Post Office commemorated the 125th anniversary of Doyle's birth by releasing on July 18 a set of four stamps and one souvenir sheet. The issue honoring Doyle was designed by Steve Karp, and was printed by the Walsall Security Printers Ltd. Of England.

see: C16514, C12744, C12752, C6121, image

22. Averill, Guy. "Did You Remark the Postmarks?," British Philatelic Bulletin 24, No. 10 (June 1987), 220-223. illus. [C12731]
Discusses the philatelic aspects of the Canon and shows the first two of four stamp book covers honoring the centenary.

see: C16515, C12749, image

23. Blau, Peter E. "In Memoriam: Dr. Leander Starr Jameson," The Baker Street Journal 18, No. 2 (June 1968), 88-89. illus. [C12715--A4216]
"The lack of philatelic recognition of Sherlock Holmes, Irregularly remedied by Julian Wolff's 1957 discovery of a Bohemian commemorative, has been further rectified by a 1967 Rhodesian issue honouring Dr. Leander Starr Jameson. Although Dr. Jameson does not appear in the Canon in his own person, he is doubly represented — by Colonel Lysander Stark [Engr] and Dr. Lysander Starr [3Gar]."

see (Bohemia): C12735, C12719, image

Peter Blau's Homepage

24. Blau, Peter E. "Spain Put His Head on a Stamp," The Spermaceti Press Washington, D.C. 1983. [4] p. [C12732]
"Published for the Annual Dinner of The Baker Street Irregulars, January 7th, 1983."

A brief discussion of the only known commemorative stamp of Doyle, with two illustrations of same, that was issued for delegates to the 1934 International Spiritualist Congress in Barcelona.

text: "Spain puts his head on a stamp."

see: C16501, C12724, image

Peter Blau's Homepage

25. Boughner, Elaine. "It's Elementary: Sherlock Holmes and Stamps," Linn's Stamp News 66 (August 16, 1993), 34. illus. [C16505]
An article about the Sherlock Holmes stamps, including the set of five stamps by Great Britain that will be issued on October 12, 1993.

see: C16509, image

26. Boughner, Fred. "Calling All Holmes Collectors," Linn's Stamp News (September 22, 1980), 76. illus. [C12733]
______. Calling All Holmes Collectors, The Pleasant Places of Florida Communication, No. 52 (October 7, 1980), 4.

______. Calling All Holmes Collectors, The Commonplace Book, 4, No. 3 (September 1981), 363.

27. Coppola, Joseph A. "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes," Topical Time March-April, 1995, pp 42-44. [ST6]
28. Cushman, Helen. "Illustrating the Stories of Sherlock Holmes," The Blotter (ATA unit of Law Enforcement), 1985-86. [ST2]
A series of articles about stamps depicting things and people mentioned in the canon, on stamps issued for other purposes: Stonewall Jackson on a US stamp, as mentioned in the "5 Orange Pips", Salt Lake City's discovery by Brigham Young as depicted on a US stamp and mentioned in "A Study in Scarlet", a German u-boat as mentioned in "His Last Bow"...
29. Cushman, Helen. "Stamps Illustrate Holmes Mysteries," Linn's Stamp News/Collector's Guide to Topicals (May 14, 1990), S-36. [C12734]
The author describes, with illustrations, her topical collection of Sherlock Holmes stamps.
30. Czyl, Jim. "Phantoms Honor Detective Sherlock Holmes," Linn's Stamp News (May 14, 1984), 26. illus. (Cinderella Scene). [C12735]
______. Phantoms Honor Detective Sherlock Holmes, The Pleasant Places of Florida Communication, No. 70 (June 4, 1984), 4.

A commentary on two Sherlockian Cinderella stamps: the commemorative stamp issued by the "Republic of Bohemia" in 1988 (1957) (Julian Wolff) and a souvenir sheet of four stamps marking the Battle of Maiwand, July 27, 1880, issued by the Maiwand Jezails.

see (Maiwand): C12751, C16513, image

31. Dodson, Larry. The Philatelic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. American Topical Association handbook #139, 72pp, May 2000. numerous b/w illustrations. ($12.00). [ST5]
A guide to many aspects of Sherlock Holmes philately, (including a 20-page section of stamps showing movie actors and directors who have played Holmes or related characters in movies, plays, on radio and tv, but excluding any discussion of Cinderellas, such as the Spanish Spiritualist Conference, Maiwand sheet, etc.). American Topical Association, PO Box 50820, Albuquerque, NM 87181-0820, USA.

see: reviews ST7, ST8

32. Friedman, Ted. "Illustrating Sherlockiana on Postage Stamps: Japanese Ju-Jujitsu — 'Baritsu'," Prescott's Press (New Series) No. 14 (June 1992), 7-9. illus. [C16510]
"The collecting of postage stamps and Sherlockian material provide immeasurable pleasure through the combining of these two exciting activities. All of the stories in the Canon present many opportunities of matching stamps to incidents."

Illustrated with eight olympiad stamps, in color, featuring the Japanese form of wrestling.

33. Friedman, Ted. "Literary Skills of Sherlock Holmes," Topical Time July-August, 2000, 32-33. illus. [ST3]
"He would surprise Dr. Watson"

Illustrated with seven stamps: Edgar Allan Poe, USA (Scott 986), William Shakespeare, USA (Scott 1216), Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German Democratic Republic (Scott 1471), Henry Thoreau, USA (Scott 1327), Georges Sand, France (Scott B316), Gustave Flaubert, France (Scott B267), Charles Darwin, Great Britain (Scott 965).

Literary Skills of Sherlock Holmes (text).

34. Friedman, Ted. "Music of Sherlock Holmes," Topical Time November-December, 1998, 32-33. illus. [ST4]
"Musicians and Composers He Loved"

Illustrated with seven stamps: Mendelssohn was a Holmes favorite, German Democratic Republic (Scott 2393), Chopin noted in A Study in Scarlet, Poland (Scott 398), Sarasate played at St. James Hall, Spain (Scott 2028), Wagner night at Covent Gardens, German Democratic Republic (Scott 647), Holmes fooled enemies with Offenbach, France (Scott B538), Paganini was a master violinist, Italy (Scott 1503), Holmes owned a Stradivarius violin, Italy (Scott 388).

Music of Sherlock Holmes (text).

35. Geyer, Jackie. "The Case of the Canonical Collector," Minkus Stamp Journal 12, No. 3 (1977), 14-16. illus. [C12720--B2372]
______. The Case of the Canonical Collector, The Commonplace Book, 1, No. 2 (February 1978), 31-33.

______. The Case of the Canonical Collector, The Armchair Detective, 11, No. 3 (July 1978), 290-292.

36. Gross, E. Tudor. The Adventures of Kerlock Shomes and Dr. Warsaw. [New York: Magico Magazine, 1980.] 51 p. Limited to 300 copies. [C22250]
Contents: 1. The Theft of the World's Rarest Stamp. — 2. The Mystery of the Carrier Use of the One Cent 1861. — 3. The Kidnapping of Chasebrook. — 4. The Worm Will Turn. — 5. Hail to the Chief. — 6. I Am Not a Candidate ... But. — 7. The Mystery of the 10-20-Thirt. — 8. The Mystery of the l¢ August Cover. — 9. The Mystery of the Goya Nude. — A Dr. Warsaw Fan Writes, by Rev. Leslie Marshall.

Reprinted from Stamps, 1943-1946.

Review: Afghanistanzas, 7, No. 4 (July 1984), 7 (Doug Highsmith).


The publisher wishes to thank Mr. James Morton, Editor of Stamps magazine for his kind permission to reprint this series. Our appreciation and gratitude to Mr. John B. Shaw, B.S.I. and Mr. Otto Penzler, B.S.I. for their help and encouragement.
These nine stories, written by Mr. Tudor Gross, appeared in the following issues of Stamps: June 5, 1943, Sept. 11, 1943, Dec. 4, 1916, Feb. 5, 1944, May 20, 1944, June 24, 1944, July 22, 1944, Sept. 15, 1945 and Sept. 28, 1946. The letter by the Rev. Leslie Marshall appeared in the Oct. 30, 1943 issue.

37. [Gross, E. Tudor]. "Hail to the Chief! A Kerlock Shomes Mystery," Recorded by Dr. Warsaw, D.O.B. Illustration by Trudy White. Stamps (May 20, 1944). [C22241--B4949]
38. [Gross, E. Tudor]. "I Am Not a Candidate ... But," by Dr. Warsaw. Illustration by Trudy White. Stamps (June 24, 1944), 439-441. [C22242--B4950]
39. [Gross, E. Tudor]. "The Kidnapping of Mr. Chasebrook: A Kerlock Shomes Mystery," Recorded by Dr. Warsaw. Stamps 45, No. 10 (December 4, 1943), 331-332, 354. [C22243--A5907]
The Kidnapping of Chasebrook.
40. [Gross, E. Tudor]. "The Mystery of the Carrier Use of the One Cent 1861: Solved at Last by Kerlock Shomes," as reported exclusively for Stamps by Dr. Warsaw. Illustration by Trudy White. Stamps (June 5, 1943), 331-332, 347. [C22244--B4951]
The Mystery of the Carrier Use of the One Cent 1861
41. [Gross, E. Tudor]. "The Mystery of the Goya Nude: A Kerlock Shomes Adventure," Recorded by Dr. Warsaw, D.O.B. Illustration by Trudy White. Stamps (September 28, 1946). [C22245--B4952]
42. [Gross, E. Tudor]. "The Mystery of the 1¢ August Cover: A Kerlock Shomes Adventure," Recorded by Dr. Warsaw, D.O.B. Stamps (September 15, 1945), 386, 388. [C22246--B4953]
43. Gross, E. Tudor. "The Mystery of the 10-20-Thirt," A philatelic parody with Kerlock Shomes and Dr. Warsaw. Stamps 48, No. 4 (July 22, 1944), 115-116, 137. [C22247--A5908]
______. The Mystery of the 10-20-Thirt, Sherlockian Studies, Edited by Robert A. Cutter. [Jackson Heights, N.Y.: The Baker Street Press, 1947.] p. 15-21.
44. [Gross, E. Tudor]. "The Theft of the World's Rarest Stamp: A Kerlock Shomes Mystery," as reported by Dr. Warsaw. Stamps 44, No. 11 (September 11, 1943), 380-383. [C22248--A5909]
The Theft of the World's Rarest Stamp
45. [Gross, E. Tudor]. "The Worm Will Turn, or Scotland Yard Strikes Back: A Kerlock Shomes Mystery," by Dr. Warsaw. Illustration by Trudy White. Stamps (February 5, 1944), 194, 196, 214. [C22249--B4954]
The Worm Will Turn.
46. Gryfe, Cyril I. "Sherlock Holmes and the Doctors," Scalpel & Tongs: American Journal of Medical Philately 17, No. 5 (May 1973), 43-46. [C5222--B704]
Discusses Doyle, Bell, and Watson.
47. Hahn, Charles. "Holmes, Mulready Parody Share Doyle Ancestor," Linn's Stamp News (May 11, 1987), 20. illus. [C12736]
______. Holmes, Mulready Parody Share Doyle Ancestor, The Pleasant Places of Florida Communication, No. 90 (June-July 1987), 6.

______. Holmes, Mulready Parody Share Doyle Ancestor, Sherlockian Tidbits, No. 1 [July 1987], 2.

Sir Arthur's grandfather John Doyle (1794-1868) produced a rare and beautiful Mulready "Broadsheet" caricature.

48. Hanson, Dr. William R. "The Adventure of the Detective Stamp," American Philatelist October, 2000, pp 932-935. [ST1]
The Adventure of the Detective Stamp - a survey article on Sherlock Holmes on stamps from the point of view of a stamp designer.
49. Hanson, Dr. William R. Previously Unknown Sherlock Holmes Manuscripts Discovered in London. Introduction to Dr. Hanson's series of Sherlock Holmes pastiches. [ST10]
Previously Unknown Sherlock Holmes Manuscripts Discovered in London - full text.
50. Hanson, Dr. William R. "Review of Larry Dodson's "The Philatelic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"," American Philatelist April, 2001, p 380. Vol. 115, No.4 (Whole No. 1,203). [ST8]
Review of Larry Dodson's "The Philatelic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" - full text of review.

see: ST5

51. Hanson, Dr. William R. "Sherlock Holmes and the Hawaiian Treasure: from the papers of Dr. John H. Watson, discovered by Dr. William R. Hanson," (illustrations by Dr. Hanson, photo of Dr. Watson's desk taken at the Baker Street Sitting Room of Denny Dobry of Reading, PA, USA). American Philatelist July, 2001, p 636-40, Vol. 115, No.7 (Whole No. 1,206). [ST9]
Sherlock Holmes and the Hawaiian Treasure - complete text
52. Hedman, Iwan. Detektiver på frimärken: en bio-bibliografi. [Strängnäs: Dast Förlag AB, 1978.] 47 p. (Dast Dossier, Nr. 5). [C12721--B6002]
An attractive book devoted to the Nicaraguan "Interpol" stamp set on the cover in full color, and with a brief biography and bibliography of each author honored in the set.

see: C16502, C12727, C12728, C12723, C12750, C12725, C12752, C12726, C6070, C12729, image

53. Herst, Herman. "Dirty Pool," The Baker Street Journal 16, No. 2 (June 1966), 82-87. [C22358--A5937]
______. Dirty Pool, Stories to Collect Stamps By, New York: Philatelic Book Publishers, Inc., [1968]. p. 9-16.
54. Herst, Herman, and Benton Wood. "Dirty Pool, by Herman Herst, Jr.," Philatelic Philandering, or "Stamping Around" with Sherlock Holmes. The Pleasant Places of Florida Holmes Beach, Fla. [n.d., 1985]. 24 p. illus. Limited to 221 numbered copies. [C12737]
The philatelic/numismatic pastiche "Dirty Pool" first appeared in The Baker Street Journal, (June 1966)

Wood's contribution is an illustrated compilation of the Sherlockian postal stamps, "cinderellas," and other philatelic items that have some Canonical reference.

see: st11

55. Hirst, Richard. "Letter to the Editor," The Sherlock Holmes Journal 11, No. 3 (Winter 1973), 107. [C12722--B2373]
Members of the Society are urged to write to the Post Office Philatelic Bureau, demanding that it issue a stamp portraying Doyle and Holmes.
56. Hodgson, John W. "Personalities of the Anglo-Boer War (2)," South African Philatelist (December 1981), 418. [C12738]
One of the "personalities" is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The brief commentary is illustrated with the San Marino postage stamp of Holmes.

see: C16511, C12754, C12755, C12752, image

57. Holmes, Bruce. "L'alphabet selon Sherlock Holmes," Philatélie Québec 16, No. 7 (March 1990), 16-20. illus. [C12739]
A topical mini-collection of stamps keyed to the Canon for each letter of the alphabet.
58. Holmes, Bruce. Sherlock Holmes. Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec: Privately Produced, 1990. 1 envelope. 3 5/8 x 6 1/2 in. [C16512]
A Sherlock Holmes cancellation featuring a profile of Holmes, dated August 3, 1990, stamped on envelope, with Canadian stamps.
59. Holmes, Bruce. Sherlockian Letters. [Dollard des Ormeaux, Québec: Privately Produced, 1989.] [15] p. illus. [C12740]
Twenty-six Canonical names (from A to Z) and quotations, illustrated with postage stamps for the names.
60. Holmes, Bruce. Sherlockian Saints. [Dollard des Ormeaux, Québec: Privately Produced, 1988.] [9] p. illus. [C12741]
Twenty-one quotations from the Canon, illustrated with postage stamps, about saints that are mentioned as saints, places, times, or names of individuals.
61. Holmes, Bruce. Sherlockiana on Stamps. [Dollard Des Ormeaux, Québec: Privately Produced, 1985.] [34] p. illus. [C12742]
Contents: Sherlock Holmes on Stamps. — Proposed Sherlock Holmes Stamps. — Cinderella Stamps. — Stamps Illustrating the Sherlock Holmes Stories. — Canada Post Poster.

see (proposed stamp): C16504, image

62. Hunter, William R. "Famous Fictional Detective Writers on Nicaraguan Stamps," Stamps 167, No. 4 (April 27, 1974), 218, 220, 222, 224-225. illus. [C12723--B2374]

see: C16502, C12727, C12728, C12721, C12750, C12725, C12752, C12726, C6070, C12729, image

63. Jones, Bob. Holmes and the Case of the Lafayette Postage Stamp. [Monterey, Calif.: Privately Produced, December 1977.] [2] p. [C22451]
64. Kimmerly, Ian. "Ian Kimmerly Stamps: The Seven Percent Solution," Canadian Stamp News [Ottawa] (February 12, 1991), 7. [C22506]
______. Ian Kimmerly Stamps: The Seven Percent Solution, Buffalo Chips, 8, No. 2 (March 1991), 6.
65. Konieczny, Stanley. "Tales of the Super Sleuths," Minkus Stamp & Coin Journal 17, No. 2 (1982), 25-27. illus. [C12743]
Popular detective fiction on stamps, including Sherlock Holmes, is the subject of this intriguing article.
66. Kronish, Syd. "Sherlock Holmes Featured on New Issue," The Youngstown Vindicator (August 19, 1984). [C12744]
______. Sherlock Holmes Featured on New Issue, The Northumberland Dispatch, (September 1984), 4.

The Turks & Caicos Islands commemorate the 125th anniversary of the birth of Doyle by issuing four stamps depicting scenes from Holmes's cases. Each stamp also bears a circular portrait of Doyle and his signature.

see: C16514, C12730, C12752, C6121, image

67. Lachtman, Howard. "Somewhere Southeast of Suez: Sherlock Holmes in the Comoros Islands," Gaslight Publications Catalogue No. 1 (Winter-Spring 1981), 7. [C12745]
An informative discussion of the three postage stamps known to carry the image of Sherlock Holmes, with a reproduction of each.

see: C16516, C12752, image

68. Lauritzen, Henry. The Philatelic Holmes. [Aalborg: Privately Printed], 1981. 27 p. illus. Limited to 613 copies. [C12746]
Reproductions of fifty Sherlockian and association stamps, each followed by a Canonical quotation. This attractive booklet features a cover illustration of Holmes by the compiler and is dedicated to all "good and true Sherlockians in admiration and amazement."

see: image

LEONID ILJITJ BRÉSJNEV (1906-). "You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive." (STUD). (sample of material included. Thanks to Bjarne Nielsen, BSI)
69. Marshall, Guy R.L. "Conan Doyle Stamps?," The Sherlock Holmes Journal 11, No. 2 (Summer 1973), 72-72. (Wigmore Street Post-Bag). [C12724--B2375]
Inquires about an alleged postage stamp of Sir Arthur issued in Spain.

see: C16501, C12732, image

70. Matanky, Arnie. "Philatelic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes," Topical Time 35, No. 6 (November-December 1984), 44. illus. [C12747]
______. Philatelic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Pleasant Places of Florida Communication, No. 72 (November 15, 1984), 2.

A brief article on stamps used in an exhibit to illustrate the Canon.

see: C12748

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______. Sherlock Holmes' Cases Told with Stamps, The Pleasant Places of Florida Communication, No. 67 (November 15, 1983), 4.

Arnie Matanky, a stamp collector and member of Hugo's Companions, has created a philatelic exhibit combining his knowledge of Holmes and stamp collecting. His exhibit consists of approximately 450 postage stamps depicting people, places and things mentioned in the Canon.

see: C12747

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72. Obojski, Robert. "Stamps Publicizing Law and Order Offer Interesting, Timely Topical," Linn's Stamp News (May 25, 1981), 34. illus. [C12750]
Part of this article is devoted to the 1972 Nicaraguan set of 12 airmails commemorating the 50th anniversary of Interpol.

see: C16502, C12727, C12728, C12721, C12723, C12725, C12752, C12726, C6070, C12729, image

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______. Was Sherlock Holmes a Stamp Collector?, Approaches to Philately, Compiled by G.B. Erskine. [London]: Blandford Press Ltd., [1950]. Chap. 8, p. 71-77.

______. Was Sherlock Holmes a Stamp Collector?, Issued separately "for private distribution at a meeting of The Sons of the Copper Beeches at the Union League, Philadelphia, February 20, 1953." 7 p.

Evidence of the Master's interest in philately.

74. Queen, Ellery. "The 12 Most Famous Detectives," Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine 61, No. 2 (February 1973), 140-143. illus. [C12725--B2376]
______. Philatelic Holmes, The Sherlock Holmes Journal, Excerpt with title: "Philatelic Holmes," 11, No. 1 (Winter 1972), 21. illus.

A discussion and results of the three polls conducted for Nicaragua by EQMM.

see: C16502, C12727, C12728, C12721, C12723, C12750, C12752, C12726, C6070, C12729, image

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A description and photograph of the three stamps that so far comprise the Sherlockian Philatelic Canon, and the souvenir sheet of four commemorative stamps (the Philatelic Apocrypha) issued by The Maiwand Jezails.

The Philatelic Mr. Holmes - complete text

see (Maiwand): C12735, C16513, image

76. Rapp, Bob. "Sherlock Holmes on Stamps," Canonfire 2, No. 4 (November 1984), 2. [C12752]
To date four countries have issued postal stamps honoring Sherlock Holmes: Comoro Islands, San Marino, Nicaragua, and the Turks & Caicos Islands.

see: C16502, C16511, C16514, C16516

77. Redmond, Chris. "When It Comes to British Covers, There's No Police Like Holmes," First Days 25, No. 6 (November-December 1980), 783-784. [C12753]
An account of Redmond's preparation of first day covers for the British stamps honoring the 150th anniversary of the Metropolitan Police, with a Sherlockian cachet.

Chris Redmond's Sherlockian.Net

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______. Bibliately. VI. A History of Books on Postage Stamps, Bibliately, by Leona Rostenberg. [State College, Pa.]: American Philatelic Society, 1978. p. 45-46.

Describes, under "Detective Fiction," the 1972 Nicaraguan set honoring the 50th anniversary of Interpol. Illustrated with a photograph of the twelve stamps.

see: C16502, C12727, C12728, C12721, C12723, C12750, C12725, C12752, C6070, C12729, image

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A review of Sherlock Holmes on stamps.

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A collection of postmarks in which the names of the towns are similar or identical to Canonical characters, places, and Sherlockians.

81. Simpson, A. Carson. Canonical Philately. [Philadelphia: Privately reproduced by William R. Smith, 1971.] [29] p. (Simpson's Sherlockian Studies, Vol. 9). [C12718--A4219]
Contents: Author's Foreword. — 1. Stamps, Postmarks and Post Offices. — 2. Philatelic Iconography. — A Chronological Addendum. — Footnotes.

The last of the author's Sherlockian Studies, dated December 25, 1961, was intended for a limited edition of 221b copies. Unfortunately, it was never printed.

see: C5915, ST12

82. Simpson, A. Carson. Simpson's Sherlockian Studies. Philadelphia: Privately Printed by International Printing Co., 1953-1960. 8 v. illus. Limited to 221b copies. [C5915--A2195]
Volume 1. 1953. Sherlock Holmes's Wanderjahre: Part I: Fanget An!, 20 pp.
Volume 2. 1954. Sherlock Holmes's Wanderjahre: Part II: Post huc nec ergo propter huc Babetque, 27 pp.
Volume 3. 1955. Sherlock Holmes's Wanderjahre: Part III: In fernem Land, unnahbar euren Schritten, 23 pp.
Volume 4. 1956. Sherlock Holmes's Wanderjahre: Part IV: Auf der Erde Ruecken ruehrt' ich mich viel.
Volume 5. 1957. Numismatics in the Canon. Part I: Full Thirty Thousand Marks of English Coin, 40 pp.
Volume 6. 1958. Numismatics in the Canon. Part II: A Very Treasury of Coin of Divers Realms, 44 pp.
Volume 7. 1959. Numismatics in the Canon. Part III: Small Titles and Orders, 38 pp.
Volume 8. 1960. I'm Off for Philadelphia in the Morning.

Note: Vol. 9 entitled "Canonical Philately" was never printed but the manuscript was reproduced and issued by William R. Smith in 1971.

see: C12718, ST12

83. Simpson, A. Carson. Simpson's Sherlockian Studies. New York, Magico Magazine, 1982. Volumes 1-9. Introduction by Isaac Asimov. Appreciation by John B. Koelle. Facsimile reprint of all nine of Simpson's Sherlockian annuals. [ST12]

see: C5915

84. Singer, Armand E. "Philatelic-Flavored Fiction," The American Philatelist (October 1988). [C12757]
______. Philatelic-Flavored Fiction, Sherlockian Tidbits, No. 8 (July 1989).

A note by a one-time BSI that Holmes was indeed a philatelist.

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______. Four Great Detectives, The Pleasant Places of Florida Communication, No. 65 (June 6, 1983), 2, 4.

______. Four Great Detectives, The Log of the Canonical Hams, (January-February 1984), 2-5.

"Captured on Nicaraguan stamps, the four great gumshoes of fiction [Sherlock Holmes, Ellery Queen, Sam Spade, and Nero Wolfe] are different, devious, delightful."

see: C16502, C12727, C12728, C12721, C12723, C12750, C12725, C12752, C12726, C12729, image

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______. The Naming of Holmes Peak, The Oklahoma Philatelist, (January 1986), 2, 4.

______. The Naming of Holmes Peak, The Daily Herald, 3, Nos. 3-4 (May 5, 1986), 10-11.

An account of how the author succeeded after four years in getting the U.S. Government to officially name a mountain after Sherlock Holmes.

87. Watson, James. "Cloak and Dagger: Nicaragua's 'Famous Detectives'," With introductory notes by 'Ellery Queen.'. Stamp Monthly 3, No. 4 (September 1972), 72-73. illus. [C12729--B2380]
To mark the 50th anniversary of Interpol, the Nicaraguan postal authorities honored twelve detectives with a commemorative set of stamps. (One can only wonder why the Master Detective has not been so honored in England!)

see: C16502, C12727, C12728, C12721, C12723, C12750, C12725, C12752, C12726, C6070, image

88. William, Norman. "Sherlock Holmes," UK, May 1987. An article on the Cinderella Yeti Post. Stamp Magazine (UK) May, 1987. [ST13]
text of the article
89. Wolff, Julian. A Ramble in Bohemia. New York: United Nations Philatelic Chronicle, April 1, 1957. [8] p. illus. [C12719--A4220]
______. A Ramble in Bohemia, The Baker Street Journal, 18, No. 2 (June 1968), 85-87.

A summary of the available data on the Sherlock Holmes memorial stamp issued in 1988 by the Republic of Bohemia. A reproduction of the stamp also appears in The Baker Street Journal, 8, No. 3 (July 1958), 184.

full text facsimile: A Ramble in Bohemia

see: C12715, C12735, image

90. Wood, Benton. The Philatelic & Numismatic Holmes. [Ellenton, Fla.: Privately Printed, January 6, 1990.] 40 p. illus. Spiral binding. Limited to 100 numbered copies. [C12758]
"A handy reference guide to Sherlockian stamps and coins." (Subtitle)

Review: Sherlock Holmes Information Exchange Newsletter, No. 4 (February 1990), 10-11 (Gerald F. O'Hara).

see: C12759

91. Wood, Benton. The Philatelic & Numismatic Holmes. New rev. ed. [Ellenton, Fla.: Privately Printed, January 6, 1993.] 28 p. illus. Limited to 180 numbered copies. [C12759]
"A handy reference guide to Sherlockian stamps and coins." (Subtitle)

Contents: Pt. 1. Philatelic Philandering (or "Stamping Around with Sherlock Holmes"). — Pt. 2. Coins of the Canon (or "Brother, can you spare a bob?").

see: C12758, image

92. Wood, Benton. "Philatelic Philandering (or Stamping Around with Sherlock Holmes)," The Shoso-in Bulletin Vol 4, Summer (August) 1994. Edited by Hirayama Yuichi & Keith E. Webb. [ST11]

see: C12737

93. Woolford, John. "Sherlock Holmes," Scott Stamp Monthly 7, No. 6 (April 1989), 12-15. [C6121]
An article about Doyle and Holmes, illustrated with a caricature of them by Bernard Partridge and Turks & Caicos and Royal Mail souvenir stamps.

see: C16514, C12730, C12744, C12752, image

Thanks to Dr. William R. Hanson and Valerie Zwim for supplying some of this information

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