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Inspector Morse

by Colin Dexter [1930- ]

Scott #2308
September 15, 2005, perf. 14¼×14

Designer: Kate Stephens
Printing: lithography, De la Rue Security Print
Size: 41 mm × 30 mm
Stamps per sheet: 25/50
Phosphor: bars as appropriate
Gum: PVA

Detective Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse is featured in a series of thirteen detective novels by British author Colin Dexter. He is a senior CID (Criminal Investigation Department) officer with the Thames Valley Police in Oxford, England.

The Inspector Morse novels were made into a very successful TV series for the British TV channel ITV. The series (Inspector Morse) comprises 33 100-minute episodes – twenty more than there are novels – produced between 1987 and 2000. The final episode, in which Morse dies, was adapted from the final novel.

Morse was played by John Thaw [1942-2002] and the faithful Detective Sergeant Lewis by Kevin Whately. Dexter makes a cameo appearance in all but three of the episodes.

adapted from Wikipedia

first day cover by Eve Archer (limited edition of six covers).*

first day cover

The Royal Mail set of 6 stamps issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of ITV (Independent Television), featuring Emmerdale Farm, The Avengers, Inspector Morse, Rising Damp, The South Bank Show and Who Wants to be a Millionaire?. Stamp designs are based on the opening title scenes of the shows.

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The 13 Inspector Morse Novels

Last Bus to Woodstock (1975)

Last Seen Wearing (1976)

The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn (1977)

Service of All the Dead (1979)

The Dead of Jericho (1981)

The Riddle of the Third Mile (1983)

The Secret of Annexe 3 (1986)

The Wench is Dead (1989)

The Jewel That Was Ours (1991)

The Way Through the Woods (1992)

The Daughters of Cain (1994)

Death is Now My Neighbor (1996)

The Remorseful Day (2000)

See Classic Crime Fiction for bibliography and 1st editions.

and... The Official Inspector Morse Website

*Thanks to Jeff Dugdale, Elgin Scotland for this cover.