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CAUTION: Bengt Bengtsson, a philatelic judge from Sweden, has prepared an "undesirable list" -- including stamps which should be avoided because they are from countries that have issued stamps in too large quantities or with overly high values. Stamps of Guyana since 1981, appear on that list.


Sam Spade
(Humphrey Bogart)

The Maltese Falcon

Bogie and the bird,
on Elvis souvenir sheet,
"Cinema of the 50s"
(unlisted in Scott)

Other stars shown:
Ava Gardner, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe,
Errol Flynn, Rita Hayworth, John Wayne

The 1993 Guyana Elvis Presley mini-sheets:
$250 Elvis stamp - '20th Century Arts and Literature' Scott #2685
2 $800 gold Airmail stamps - 15th Anniv. 'The King EP'
2 $800 silver Airmail stamps - 15th Anniv. 'The King EP'
1 silver, 1 gold $800 Airmail stamps - 15th Anniv. 'The King EP'
$800 silver Airmail stamp - 'Cinema of the 50s'

Suggested by Wayne Stutsman