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Detective Fiction on Stamps


Alfred Hitchcock - British Films - Great Britain 1985
Alfred Hitchcock - souvenir sheets - Sierra Leone 1997
Alfred Hitchcock - "Legends of Hollywood" - U.S. 1998
Alfred Hitchcock / Ingrid Bergman ss - Mali 1995
Alfred Hitchcock / Tallulah Bankhead - Sierra Leone 1991
Alfred Hitchcock Congo 2000
Alfred Hitchcock film posters - Sakha 2001
Dirty Harry Calahan cachet - United States 1999
Humphrey Bogart Congo - 2000
Humphrey Bogart Bulgaria - 1995
Humphrey Bogart Senegal - 1999
James Bond - History of Cinema ss - Madagascar 1999
Mickey Spillane cachet - United States 1999
Pink Panther cachet - United States 1999
Sidney Sheldon souvenir sheet - Guyana 1999

Suggested by Wayne Stutsman (2/26/01) :
  1. Agatha Christie - Antigua & Barbuda

  2. Bogart / Maltese Falcon - Guyana

  3. Agatha Christie / Orient Express - Sierra Leone

  4. Sidney Sheldon was honored on a 1999 souvenir sheet from Guyana. I never thought of him as writing detective fiction but he did win an Edgar.


    The World's Most Translated Writer To Receive A Rare Living Postal Honor New York (May 21)--Legendary, best selling author Sidney Sheldon is about to join the ranks of postal immortality, as one of the select living writers to be honored on a postage stamp. The man recognized by Guinness Book of World Records for being the world's most translated writer will be celebrated with an official postage stamp by the South American nation of Guyana where his books have proven as wildly popular as in his native United States.

    The postage stamp will be issued by the country of Guyana next month to kick off an international postal series celebrating the great writers of the 20th century. Sheldon has authored 16 best selling titles to date including The Other Side Of Midnight, Bloodline, Master of the Game, If Tomorrow Comes and Windmills Of The Gods. Although the US does not allow living subjects to appear on legal tender, a handful of foreign nations will make the rare exception for living legends.

    Considered one of the premiere fiction writers in American history, Sheldon has sold more than 280 Million copies of his books worldwide. Translated in 51 languages, his works have been read in 180 countries since his first novel The Naked Face in 1969. He has also enjoyed success and critical acclaim for his work on television, in film and on Broadway and has been awarded with an Oscar, a Tony, an Edgar and also a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    This postal tribute has been organized by the New York based postal agency Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corp. (IGPC), representatives of over 70 postal administrations worldwide including Guyana. An official first day of issue ceremony honoring Sheldon is likely to take place in New York City where the stamp design will be unveiled by the famed author. More details will soon follow.

    "I am truly honored by this great postal tribute", stated Sheldon upon learning of this milestone. "To be recognized as one of the great writers of the century is honor enough, but to be featured on an actual postage stamp is even more flattering". The Sidney Sheldon $80 postage stamp (worth about .50 Cents in US currency) will be sold in the post office in sheets of four with some biographical text and artwork of Sheldon's book covers in the selvage area. The stamps were designed by award winning artist Ron Rundo of Long Beach, NY.

    CAUTION: Bengt Bengtsson, a philatelic judge from Sweden, has prepared an "undesirable list" -- including stamps which should be avoided because they are from countries that have issued stamps in too large quantities or with overly high values. Stamps of Guyana since 1981, appear on that list.

  5. I have included Alfred Hitchcock in my collection. He is on the following:
    a. Great Britain: October 8, 1985, Scott #1133, perf. 14½

    b. Mali: Motion Pictures Centenary; Dec. 8, 1995. Scott #724(d), Ingrid Bergman/Hitchcock. perf 13½×14, Litho.

    c. Sierra Leone: WW II Motion Pictures, Tallulah Bankhead/Hitchcock, Oct. 14, 1991, Scott #1417, perf 14, Litho:

    Aug. 15, 1997 Scott #2062, #2063 (1500 le), perf 14, Litho

    Scenes from
    "Dial M for Murder", "Vertigo", "Notorious",
    "Rope", "North by Northwest", "Rear Window",
    "Rebecca", "The Birds", "Psycho"

    d. U.S.: Aug. 3, 1998, Scott #3226

    click to enlarge

e. Congo: 2000

f. Sakha: 2001


History of Cinema: James Bond

Sophie Marceau with Sean Connery,
Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan


Congo - 2000

Bulgaria - 1995

Senegal - 1999