Trischka, Tony  (TR2)

Banjo Song Book
1977. Oak Publications. 144pp. ($7.95)
Allen's Hornpipe763FD
Bach: Two Part Invention #11043FG
Beethoven: Mandolin Sonata in C Major1023FC
Bela's Dog1373FG
Black Mountain Rag973FD
Blueberry Ripple1293FG
Bonaparte's Retreat983FD
Bugle Call Rag1223FG
Cluck Old Hen793FA
Colored Aristocracy1243FG
Cripple Creek823FG
Cuckoo's Nest963FD
Cumberland Gap503FG
Dark Hollow1163FC
Dill Pickle Rag1303FG
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down1153FF
Elzic's Farewell913FAm
Farewell Blues1193FC
Flop-Eared Mule1203FC
Forked Deer923FD
Galway Hornpipe983FG
Girl I Left Behind Me, The1253FG
Golden Slippers1323FG
Green Willis863FD
Growling Old Man and Woman833FA
Hell Among the Yearlings873FG
Home Sweet Home223FD
Hull's Victory (duet)1273F 
In the Pines243FD
Irish Washerwoman953FG
John Henry1123FG
Kingston Springs943FA
Kitchen Girl853FA
Leather Britches783FG
Little Darlin' Pal of Mine1113FG
Little Maggie453FC
Little Maggie1263FG
Mama Don't Allow393FG
Maple Leaf Rag283FG
Mississippi Sawyer813FD
Molly and Tenbrooks353FB
Monkey in the Garden653FG
Morrison's Jig603FA-
Nancy Rowland323FG
New River Train1213FF
Nine Pound Hammer753FG
Oh Susanna1183FG
Old Joe Clark803FA
Orange Blossom Special1333FE
Paganini: Violin Caprice #241033F 
Plastic Banana1363FD
Poor Ellen Smith673FD
Pretty Polly443FC
Rhapsody for Banjo #1 (Juarez)713FC-
Richmond Cotillion893FD
Ridge Runner543FA
Rocky Top493FC
Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms1093FG
Ruben's Train1103FD
Saint Anne's Reel883FD
Sally Ann843FG
Salt River903FA
Salty Dog1133FG
Shady Grove1083FG
Shelton Special563FD
Shenandoah Breakdown613FA
Sittin' on Top of the World1143FG
Soddy Daisy1353FG
Sourwood Mountain563FA
Sweet Dixie1233FD
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot1133FG
T to the 7th Power663FG
Train 451083FG
Up Jumped The Devil323FG
When You and I Were Young, Maggie403FG
Whiskey Before Breakfast933FD
Yankee Doodle1013FC