5-String Banjo Books

   Books which are marked * are indexed in the BTI. Click the link to "CONTENTS" to see the tunes in that book. Those marked LOC show the Library of Congress catalog number.   I don't have much information on some of these books, having picked them up from old catalogs and the like. I've included some folk song books as well as banjo books, when they seemed likely to include useful songs. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with additions, corrections, etc.

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 Acoustic Guitars and Other Fretted Instruments: A Photographic History. Gruhn, George & Walter Carter. 1993. San Francisco: GPI Books, 313pp. History and development of guitars, banjos, and mandolins in America. Over 800 color photos

 Adams County Banjo - Limited Augographed Edition. Adams, Tom, 59pp

 Advanced 5-String Banjo Technique, Mel Bay's. Griffin, Neil. 1976. Mel Bay (93595), 104pp

 Advanced Instruction Manual in Bluegrass Banjo: Book 2, An. Blaylock, Bill. Marietta Georgia, 21pp

 African Banjo Echoes in Appalachia: a study of folk traditions. Conway, Cecelia. 1995. Knoxville : University of Tennessee Press, 394pp

 Alan Munde 5-String Banjo. Munde, Alan. 199_. 21 tunes, 6 cassettes

 Alan Munde: AcuTab Transcriptions Volume 1. Munde, Alan. AcuTab

 Alan Munde - Festival Favorites Revisited. Munde, Alan, 39pp

 Allison Brown - Simple Pleasures. Brown, Allison. 199_, 26pp. tabs for 11 pieces

 All 'Round The Land Folk Songs: Banjo (5-str. or plec.). Estella, Joseph. 1963. Wm. J. Smith Co., New York, 18pp

 America's Instrument: The Banjo in the Ninteenth Century. Gura, Philip F. and James F. Bollman. 1999. Univ of North Carolina Press, 400pp

 And there you have it. Henry, Murphy. A compilation of Murphy's best Banjo Newsletter columns.

 Anthology of Five String Banjo Styles. Griffin, Neil. 1979. Pacific, Mo.: Mel Bay Publications (93663), 104pp

*Art of the Mountain Banjo, The. Rosenbaum, Art. 1981. Centerstream Publications, 84pp. CONTENTS.

 Art of Traditional Bluegrass Banjo, The. Griffith, Rob. 1996

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 Bach: Five String Banjo Excerpts. Cyporyn, Dennis. 1995. AcuTab, 28pp

 Bach for the Banjo. Bullard, John. Mel Bay Publishing, 69pp

 Back Up Banjo. Cushing, Andy. cassette and tab booklet

 Back-Up Banjo. Davis, Janet. 1985. Mel Bay Publications, 238pp

 Baker's Dozen for 5-String Frailers, A. Ogden, Bill. 1975. LOC M120 O4B3, 12pp

 Bandanna Ballads: five songs with piano accompaniment. Homer, Sidney [1864-1953]. 1910. London, New York, G. Schirmer. 2 vol

 Band-in-a-Box Lick Cards: Don Reno. Cushing, Andy. 71 flash-style 2 1/2 x 3 1/8 inch cards

  Banjo. Gibson, Inc. 1927. MIH Publications. hc reprint edition

 Banjo! A Dissertation, The. Stewart, S.S.. 1888. Philadelphia, Pa. S.S. Stewart, 131pp. 3rd edition

*Banjo and How to Play It; a complete guide to plectrum playing, The. Grimshaw, Emile [1880-1943]. Clifford Essex Publications (Music Sales), 63pp. includes finger-picking for 5-string, notation with fingering instructions, flat-picking C section. CONTENTS.

 Banjo Artistry: Dazzling Bluegrass Banjo Solos. Barnett, Mark. 1980. Mel Bay

 Banjo Bibliography. Thompson, Tim. 1976. with Contributions by: Lew Stern and Michael I. Holmes. on-line

 Banjo Case Chord Book, The. Sandberg, Larry. 2002. Music Sales Corp, 48pp

  Banjo Chord Dictionary (Handy Guide 420). Weissman, Dick. 1978. Alfred Publishing Co,, 48pp

 Banjo Chords (Five String or Plectrum) In Photo-Diagram Form. Bay, Mel. 1961. Mel Bay Publications, Kirkwood, MO, 32pp.

 Banjo Chords (Five String or Plectrum) In Photo-Diagram Form. Bay, Mel. 1941. Mel Bay Publications, Kirkwood, MO, 32pp.

*Banjo Christmas: 22 Favorite Christmas Carols, A. Sadovsky, Vince. 1984. Hal Leonard Music, 48pp. CONTENTS.

 Banjo Christmas Gold. Clausi, John. 1975. Screen Gems - Columbia Pubs., 64pp

 Banjo Chromaticism. Volume II of An Introduction to Jazz Improvisation for the 5 String Banjo. Crisler, David. 1996. AcuTab, 60pp. book/tape

 Banjo Classics, Mel Bay's. Sands, Chris. Mel Bay Publishing. arrangements for Rags, Marches, Jazz Tunes & Classics. In tab and notation

 Banjo Country (The Nashville sound, no. 6). Clausi, John (arranger), Marilyn Cole (editor). 1974. Miami, Screen Gems-Columbia Publications, 71pp

 Banjo for Beginners. Trischka, Tony. 2001. Alfred, 47pp. (National Guitar Workshop Method series) available with CD

 Banjo Gold. Clausi, John. 1975. Screen Gems - Columbia Pubs., 64pp. Pop songs: chords, no tab

*Banjo Gold: a dozen 12-karat songs for tenor/5-string banjo. Smeck, Roy & Mel Bay. 1975. New York: Bourne (Chappell Music), 31pp. CONTENTS.

 Banjo Gold No. 2. Clausi, John. 1975. Screen Gems - Columbia Pubs., 64pp. Pop songs: chords, no tab

 Banjo Handbook, Mel Bay's. Davis, Janet. 1988. Mel Bay Publications, 80pp

 Banjo Heads Tablature Book. Flesher, Bob. Dr. Horsehair Music Company, Moreno Valley CA 92552. 19 clawhammer banjo songs on the "Banjo Heads" CD

 Banjo Instrumentals. Glandt, Andy. 1999. StoneCross Music, Jena, Germany, 39pp

 Banjo Kid Picks Again Tablature. Munde, Alan, 15pp

 Banjo Making, It's Easy. Stamm, Gustav W. 1962. [Evanston, Ill., Musicraft Studios, 29pp

 Banjo Method Book 1. Robertson, Mac and Will Schmid. 1996 (1984). Hal Leonard Pub. Corp., 64pp.

 Banjo Method, Mel Bay's: C Tunding Concert Style. Bradbury, Frank. 1997 (1992). Mel Bay Publications, Pacific MO, 128pp

 Banjo on Record: a bio-discography, The. Heier, Uli and Rainer E. Lotz. 1993. Greenwood Publishing Group, 664pp

*Banjo Picker's Fakebook, The. Brody, David. 1985. Oak Publications (Music Sales Corp), 216pp. CONTENTS.

 Banjo Picking Styles. Fleck, Bela. 2001. Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation. book and cd

 Banjo Player's Guide to Jamming, A. Yaffey, Carl. 2002. Mel Bay Publications, 32pp

 Banjo player's pastime; a collection of 253 popular and standard airs, jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, waltzes..., The. Fischer, Carl. 189_. New York, C. Fischer (Pl. no. 2463), 83pp

*Banjo Player's Songbook, The. Jumper, Tim. 1984. Oak Publications, 288pp. CONTENTS.

 Banjo Primer. Hohwald, Geoff. 1981. Banjo Academy, 1842 Queens Way, Atlanta, Georgia 30341, 57pp. Black Mountain Rag, John Hardy, Kickin' Mule...

 Banjo Primer. Hohwald, Geoff. 1988. Cassette & Video Learning Systems, 64pp

*Banjo Sampler: A compendium of music arranged for 5-string banjo... fiddle, jazz, classical & ragtime styles of playing. Gilbert, Greg W.. 1978. Wichita, KS (LOC M123 G75), 32pp. CONTENTS.

 Banjo Scales in Tab. Davis, Janet. 2001. Mel Bay Publications, 112pp. Book/CD Set

 Banjo Songbook, The. Nickerson, Ross

*Banjo Song Book. Trischka, Tony. 1977. Oak Publications, 144pp. CONTENTS.

 Banjo Songs. Hohwald, Geoff. 2001. Cassette & Video Learning Systems, 120pp

*Banjo Songs Volume 1 / Revised: 5-String Bluegrass Banjo the Way the Pros Play. Hohwald, Geoff. 1980. Banjo Academy, 45pp. cassette. CONTENTS.

*Banjo Songs Volume 2 / Revised: 5-String Bluegrass Banjo the Way the Pros Play. Hohwald, Geoff. 1982. Banjo Academy, 53pp. cassette. CONTENTS.

*Banjo Songs Volume 3: 5-String Bluegrass Banjo the Way the Pros Play. Hohwald, Geoff & Bill McKinley. 198?. Banjo Academy, 50pp. cassette. CONTENTS.

 Banjos on Parade. Smeck, Roy. 1966. Robbins Music Corp, New York, 32pp. banjo arrangements for 16 pop songs

 Banjos, The Tsumura Collection. Tsumura, Akira [1936-]. 1984. Tokyo ; New York: Kodansha International, 168pp

*Banjo Styles. Sandberg, Larry. 1978. Oak Publications, 64pp. CONTENTS.

 Banjo Tab Book: 19 Old Time Clawhammer Tabs from the Great Bay Stomp. Thomson, Ryan J.. 1999. Captain Fiddle Pubns, 52pp

 Banjo Tablatures: Traditional and Original Tunes. Furtado, Tony. 199_. 21 tunes

 Banjo Without a Master. Converse, Frank. 96 . reprint of 1865 fretless. 4 1/4" x 6 1/2"

 Basically Banjo. Cushing, Andy. Band-in-a-Box. Tab booklet & cassette

 Basic Clawhammer Banjo. Perlman, Ken. 1995. Mel Bay Publications. Book & Cd edition

 Basic Folklore Banjo Method, Mel Bay's. Yates, Jeff. 1974. Mel Bay, 40pp

 Basic Instruction Manual in Bluegrass Banjo: Book 1, A. Blaylock, Bill. Marietta Georgia, 12pp

*Beatles Bluegrass Banjo Songbook. Knopf, Bill. Mel Bay, 70pp. 35 tab arrangements (originally published by Ryckman & Beck, 1978). CONTENTS.

*Beginner's 5 String Banjo Book: Folk and Country Styles. Lee, Ronny. 1964. Alfred Music, 49pp. CONTENTS.

 Beginning the Five String Banjo. Nickerson, Ross

*Beginning the Five-String Banjo. Silverman, Jerry. 1974. Collier Books, 150pp. CONTENTS.

 Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. Fleck, Bela. 1998. Hal Leonard, 72pp

 Bela Fleck's "Drive" Tab Book. Fleck, Bela, 24pp

 Best of Bluegrass, The. Yates, Jeff. TV001x

 Bibliography of the History and Playing Styles of the Five-String Banjo, A. Clayton, Robert J. 1978. Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, Archive of Folk Song, 10pp. LC 1.12/2:B 22/2

*Bill Emerson - Acutab Transcriptions. Emerson, Bill. 199_. AcuTab, 54pp. 19 songs / 38 breaks. CONTENTS.

*Bill Keith Banjo. Trischka, Tony & Bill Keith. 1978. Oak Publications, 72pp. CONTENTS.

 Bill Knopf Plays Scott Joplin on 5-String Banjo. Knopf, Bill, 52pp

 Bill Knopf's 5-string Banjo Ragtime: Classic Rags of Scott Joplin. Knopf, Bill. Charles Anderson EL2934

*Bill Knopf's 5-String Melodic Bluegrass Banjo Method. Knopf, Bill. 1985. Charles Anderson, 96pp. CONTENTS.

*Billy Faier's Banjo Book: Six Selections "The Art of the Five String Banjo". Faier, Billy. 196_. Hargail Music Press, 12pp. 2nd ed.. CONTENTS.

 Billy McKinley Songbook for 5-String Bluegrass Banjo, The. Hohwald, Geoff & Billy McKinley, 44pp. with cassette

 Blazing the West. Nickerson, Ross

 Bluegrass Banjo. Keith, Bill. 6 cassettes, tabs

*Bluegrass Banjo. Wernick, Peter. 1974. Oak Publications, 144pp. disk. CONTENTS.

*Blue Grass Banjo: A Collection of 5-String Banjo Pieces in Scruggs and other 3-finger Styles. Kornfeld, Barry. 1965. Hargail Music Press, 31pp. CONTENTS.

 Bluegrass Banjo and Guitar Styles. Holcomb, Eric. 1974. with disk.

*Bluegrass Banjo Classics. Sokolow, Fred. 1990. CPP/Belwin, Inc., 48pp. CONTENTS.

  Bluegrass Banjo Construction & Inlay. Young. 2002. David McKay Co

 Bluegrass Banjo Course: different tunings, diagramed tunes, chord formation, 3 finger roll,bluegrass. Cox, Jimmy. 1972. LOC MT568 C725B6, 18pp

*Bluegrass Banjo Fiddle Tunes. Yates, Jeff & Earl Williams. 1981. Jeff Yates Publications, 64pp. 101 tunes in tab. CONTENTS.

 Bluegrass Banjo for Beginners. Weissman, Dick

 Bluegrass Banjo Inventions. Sokolow, Fred. 1991. Fred Sokolow, PO Box 491264, Los Angeles CA 90049. tab book for LP of the same title

*Bluegrass Banjo, Mel Bay presents. Osborne, Sonny. 1970. Mel Bay, 40pp. CONTENTS.

 Bluegrass Banjo, Mel Bay's. Osborne, Sonny (edited by Neil Griffin). 1969. Mel Bay Publications, 40pp

 Bluegrass Banjo Method. Hatfield, Jack, 131pp. 5th ed.

 Bluegrass Banjo Method Book Two. Hatfield, Jack, 107pp

 Bluegrass Banjo (revised edition). Blaylock, Bill. 1975. Marietta, Ga., North Georgia Music Co.. 3 vols in 1

 Bluegrass Banjo Simplified. Erbsen, Wayne. 1991. Native Ground Music, 26pp. Bk&cassett edition

*Bluegrass Banjo Style of Douglas Flint Dillard, The. Dillard, Doug & Kathryn Gleason, Bill Knopf. 1980. Almo Publications : Hialeah, Fla, 116pp. CONTENTS.

  Bluegrass Banjo Style of Douglas Flint Dillard. Schiff, Ronny (editor). 1980. Columbia Pictures Pubs.

 Bluegrass Banjo Tab. Farmer, John. 1975. LOC M120 F4B6

 Bluegrass Banjo Workshop (Book 1). Knopf, Bill, 50pp

 Bluegrass Banjo Workshop (Book 2). Knopf, Bill, 77pp

 Bluegrass Banjo Workshop (Book 3). Knopf, Bill, 75pp

 Bluegrass Banjo Workshop (Book 4). Knopf, Bill, 74pp

 Bluegrass Favorites: Over 100. Morrell, Joe. Joe Morrell Books

*Bluegrass for the American 5 String Banjo. Darling, Erik. 1980. Melville, N.Y. : McAfee Music, 48pp. CONTENTS.

 Bluegrass from Heaven Banjo Edition. Garner, Steve. 2002. Mel Bay Publications, 48pp

  Bluegrass: From the Lonesome Wail of a Mountain Love Song to the Hammering Drive of the Scuggs-Style Banjo, the Story.... Artis, Bob. 1975. E P Dutton

 Bluegrass Magic for Banjo Beginners. Arnold, Jay. K775

 Bluegrass Practice with Happy Traum, Larry Campbell, Molly Mason and Bill Keith. Traum, Happy, and Campbell, Mason, Keith. with CD

 Bluegrass Sessions Tablature Book: Tales from the Acoustic Planet Volume 2, The. Fleck, Bela. Homespun, 52pp

 Bluegrass Songbook, The. Cyporyn, Dennis. 1972. Collier Books (Macmillan And Co.) New York, 128pp. lyrics and music to 88 bluegrass and old-time songs

 Bluegrass Songbook. Wernick, Peter. 1977. Oak Publications, 128pp. 130+ songs, various styles; words, chords, and melody line in tablature for guitar and banjo

 Bluegrass Way, The. Collins, Clive. 1075. ACI, New Zealand. (spiral bound)

 Blue Ribbon Banjo. Sokolow, Fred. Mel Bay Publishing

 Bob Flesher's Old Time Clawhammer Banjo Tablature. Flesher, Bob. Dr. Horsehair Music Company, Moreno Valley CA 92552. clawhammer banjo songs from the "Old Time Clawhammer Banjo" cassette

* Briggs Banjo Instructor. Briggs, Thomas F., 83pp. reprint of 1855 fretless. CONTENTS.

 Buckley's New Banjo Method. Buckley, James (Joseph W. Ayers, ed.). 1996. Tuckahoe Music, 84pp. orig. pub 1860

 Businessman's Banjo Book, The. Payne, William M.. 1961, 24pp

 Buzzard Banjo-Clawhammer Style. Levenson, Dan. 2000. Mel Bay Publications. Book & Cd edition

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 Carl Fischer's New and Revised Edition of Celebrated Tutors: Banjo. Fischer (Carl) Inc. 1890. New York, C. Fischer, 112pp

*Carl Jackson Banjo Book, Mel Bay Presents, The. Forrest, Bob. 1981. Mel Bay Publications, 75pp. CONTENTS.

 Carl Jackson Banjo Songbook, The. Jackson, Carl

 Celtic 5-String: 50 Irish Dance Tunes. Grotewohl, Chris

 Celtic 5-String: Playing Irish Dance Tunes. Grotewohl, Chris. w. cassette

 Celtic 5-String: Playing Irish Dance Tunes. Grotewohl, Chris (e-mail: cessna@primenet.com). 1996. Fifth String Music, 5049 Parish, Roeland Pk, KS. 66205. 65 tunes with exercises, intro information on the single-string style used etc. (combined version of both previous books)

 Changing Idea of the Banjo in American Popular Culture, The. Linn, Karen Elizabeth [1957-]. 1989. Brown University, PhD thesis, 339pp

*Choice Folksongs for 5-String Banjo in American Folk Styles. Stolls, Bernard & Morris, Peter. 1965. Hargail Music Press, 47pp. CONTENTS.

 Chords for the banjo (5 string or plectrum) and how to play them. Foden, William [1860-]. 1955. New York, W.J. Smith Music Co., 48pp. Over 500 chord charts, illustrated, with correct fingering, easy to advanced chords

 Chords for the banjo, in C notation, and how to play them. Foden, William [1860-]. 1919. New York, W.J. Smith, 44pp. written in both musical notation and diagram

 Chord Strummin' Songs for Banjo. Bay, Bill. 1988. Mel Bay Publications, Kirkwood MO, 80pp

 Christmas Favorites for Banjo. Leonard, Hal. 1997. Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation, 64pp

*Christmas Songs for 5-String Banjo. Davis, Janet. 1995. Mel Bay (95444), 96pp. CONTENTS.

*Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem Songbook, The. Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. 1964. Tiparm Music Publishers, Inc., 64pp. CONTENTS.

 Classical Banjo, The. Bullard, John. 1996. AcuTab, 21pp

 Classical Banjo. Jeffery, Al. 1976. Amsco Music Pub. Co. 33 W 60th St, NYC

 Classical Banjo: 20 Classical Solos in tablature. Vanek, Larry. 1996. Mel Bay (95506), 64pp

 Classical Banjo: 40 Classical Works Arranged for the 5 String Banjo. Datesman, Kyle. 1996. Centerstream Pub.. pbk.

 Classic Douglas Dillard Songbook of 5 String Banjo Tablatures, The. Dillard, Douglas. Centerstream, 80pp

*Clawhammer Banjo. Krassen, Miles. 1974. Oak Publications, 80pp. CONTENTS.

 Clawhammer Banjo. Perlman, Ken. 40 tunes, 6 cass.

*Clawhammer Banjo Solos, Mel Bay's (On Modal Music and In the Irish Tradition). Slater, Alec. 1979. Mel Bay, 72pp. CONTENTS.

 Clawhammer Dances: Contra Dance & English Country Dance Tunes Arranged for Melodic Clawhammer Banjo. Solosko,, 50pp. Foreword by Ken Perlman

*Clawhammer Style Banjo: A Complete Guide for Beginning & Advanced Banjo Players. Perlman, Ken. 1983. Prentice-Hall Inc., Englewood Cliffs NJ, 194pp. CONTENTS.

*Clawhammer Style Banjo: A Complete Guide for Beginning & Advanced Banjo Players. Perlman, Ken. 1989. Centerstream Pub, 194pp. (2nd edition). CONTENTS.

 College Songs for Banjo; Containing the Leading College Songs and Popular Songs of the Day. Baur, A. and W. A. Cole, et al. 1888. Boston, O. Ditson, 120pp

*Complete Banjo Book, Mel Bay's. Griffin, Neil. 1989. Mel Bay Publications, Pacific MO, 181pp. CONTENTS.

 Complete Banjo Repair. Sandberg, Larry. 1979. New York : Oak Publications, 112pp

 Complete Bluegrass Banjo Instructor, The. Carbo, John. See: Ginn, 'Cotton'

  Complete Bluegrass Banjo Method. Sokolow, Fred. 1986. Warner Brothers Publications, 116pp

 Complete Bluegrass Banjo Method, Mel Bay's. Griffin, Neil. 1994. Mel Bay, 240pp

  Complete Bluegrass Banjo Player, The. Goforth, D. Wayne. 1997, 144pp. Bk&Acces edition

 Complete Bluegrass Banjo Player, The. Goforth, D. Wayne. 1984. Oak Publications, New York, 144pp. Bk&soundsheet

 Complete Book of Irish and Celtic 5-String Banjo, The. Hanway, Tom. 2000. Mel Bay Publications, Inc.. 101 jigs, slides, polkas, slip jigs, reels, hornpipes, strathspeys... CD available

*Complete Clawhammer Banjo Book, Mel Bay's. Schmitz, Lisa & Slater, Alec. 1994. Mel Bay Publishing, 144pp. CONTENTS.

 Constructing a 5-String Banjo: A Complete Technical Guide. Siminoff, Roger H.. 1985. Milwaukee, WI, U.S.A. : H. Leonard Books, 63pp

 Crown Banjo Method, The. Armstrong, Thomas J.. 1889. Boston, O. Ditson Co., 73pp

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*Deluxe Bluegrass Banjo Method, Mel Bay's. Griffin, Neil. 1976. Mel Bay, 128pp. CONTENTS.

 Deluxe Encyclopedia of Banjo Chords: bluegrass and standard tuning (5-string or plectrum). Bay, Mel. 1993 (1972). Mel Bay Publications, 111pp.

*Deluxe Gospel Banjo Songbook, Mel Bay's. Bailey, Mike and Michael L. Smith. 1982. Mel Bay Publications, 96pp. CONTENTS.

*Devil in the Kitchen - Celtic Music Arranged for Clawhammer Banjo. Perlman, Ken. 199_. Marimac Recordings, Inc., 22pp. CONTENTS.

 Dobson's New System for the Banjo. Dobson, George C.. modern day reprint of the original 1877 Ditson edition

 Don Reno's 5 String Banjo Instruction Book. Reno, Don. 1974. LOC MT562 R45, 83pp

 Doug Dillard Banjo. Dillard, Doug. 198_

 Dr. Banjo Plays Hot Rize. Wernick, Pete, 43pp

 Dr. Banjo Steps Out. Wernick, Pete, 35pp. tabs for the LP

 Drop-Thumb: 21 Clawhammer Banjo Solos. Lunceford, R.D., 33pp

 Dueling Banjo and How to be Tops with the Pops. Ginn, 'Cotton'. Charles Hanson Educational Music Books, 860 B'way, NYC 10023. includes: "The Complete Bluegrass Banjo Instructor" by John Carbo, and "Picture Chord Aids" by Merle "Red" Scobee

*Duelling Banjos and other songs for guitar and banjo. Warner Bros. 1972. Warner Bros Publications, Inc, 33pp. & single sheet (1973). CONTENTS.

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*Earl Scruggs and the 5-string Banjo. Scruggs, Earl. 1968. Peer International Corp., 156pp. CONTENTS.

 Easiest Banjo Book, Mel Bay's. Bay, William and Neil Griffin. 1990. Pacific, MO. Mel Bay (94406), 24pp

 Easy Banjo Solos, Mel Bay's. Weissman, Dick. Mel Bay, 32pp. with CD, notes and tabs

 Easy Beginner 5 String Banjo Chords: Teach Yourself Chords and Beginner Tablature. Morrell, Joe. Joe Morrell Books

 Easy Pickin's; 13 picking solos for folk style 5-string banjo. Brimstone, Derek. 1965. LOC M123 B75E2, 14pp

 Estella's 5 String Banjo Playing Made Easy for Everyone - Book 1. Estella, Joseph M.. 1964. Wm. J. Smith Music Co, Inc., New York, NY, 32pp

 Eureka Method for the Banjo; Latest and Best of All Instructors. Winner, Septimus [1827-1902]. 1912. Boston, Ditson, 80pp

*E-Z Christmas Songs for 5 String Banjo, Mel Bay's. Taylor, David. 1977. Mel Bay (93456), 21pp. CONTENTS.

 E-Z Method for Banjo: Self-Instruction and Teacher Use. Smith, Wm. J.. 1955. Wm. J. Smith, New York

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 Familiar Music for 5-string Banjo. Bauer, Walter Kaye. 1977. LOC M123 F35, 33pp

 Famous Banjo Pickin' Tunes. Davis, Janet. 2000. Mel Bay, 32pp. Book&Cd edition

 Famous Frailing Favorites For Field, Farm & Lake.... Stake, Jake. 1973. LOC M120 S8F3, 22pp

*Fancy Fiddle Tunes For Banjo. Cushing, Andy. 1992. Band-in-a-box, 13pp. cassette. CONTENTS.

*Fancy Pickin' & Plain Singing: The banjo tab & music book for KM 202 album. Burke, John. 1977. Kicking Mule Publishing, Inc., 36pp. CONTENTS.

  Feuding Banjos, Cripple Creek and Other Banjo Selections. Minds Eye. 1985. Minds Eye. Cassette/827

*Fiddle Tunes for Bluegrass Banjo, a Method in the Melodic Style. Sokolow, Fred. 1980. Almo Publications, 40pp. disk. CONTENTS.

*Fiddle Tunes for Bluegrass Banjo: Reels, Rags, Hoedowns and Hornpipes. Borchelt, Don. Hargail Music Press, 28 W. 38th St. NYC, 32pp. CONTENTS.

*Fiddle Tunes for Clawhammer Banjo. Carlin, Bob. 1983. Centerstream Publications, 48pp. CONTENTS.

*15 Fiddle Tunes for 5-String Banjo, 3-finger style. Borchelt, Don. 1974. self-published (LOC M123 B67F5 1972, 19pp), 16pp. CONTENTS.

 50 Five-String Banjo Solos. Kelly, Jim. with cassette

 Fifty Tunes for the Five-String Banjo. Goforth, D. Wayne

 Finger-Pickin' Good Tunes - 5 String Banjo. Greathouse, Alfred. 1974. Charles Hayes, 80pp

 First Lessons Banjo Book. Hatfield, Jack. 2002. Mel Bay Publications, 32pp. Book & Cd edition

 Fishin' Creek Blues / 17 Clawhammer Banjo Tunes. Kimmel, Dick. Mel Bay Publishing, 48pp

 5-selections 4 5-stringer. Uncle En. 1971. LOC M120 U52F6

*5-String Banjo. Helbig, Rudiger. 1980. Amsco (Music sales GmbH, Kolner Strasse 199, 5000 Koln 90), 160pp. in German (Eng titles, tabs). CONTENTS.

  Five String Banjo, The. Seeger, Peggy. 2000. Warner Brothers Publications

 Five String Banjo; All Folk and Fingering Styles, The. Miles, David. 1972. London, E.F.D.S. Publications, 53pp. beginner's self-tutor

 5-String Banjo; The first book of instructions on how to play the five-string banjo. Jones, Grandpa. 1954

 Five String Banjo: a listing of contemporary instruction books, The. Brislin, Richard. 1979. Washington, D.C.: The Archive, 7pp. LC 1.12/2:B 22

*Five-String Banjo American Folk Styles, The. Seeger, Peggy. 1960. Hargail Music Press, 51pp. CONTENTS.

 5 String Banjo Chords. Middlebrook, Ron. 1985. Centerstream Publications, 4pp

 Five String Banjo, Folk Style. A method and collection, The. Reser, Harry. 1962. New York, Remick Music Corp, 64pp

 Five String Banjo For Beginners Only, Vol. I. Weissman, Dick. 1979. Big 3 Music Corporation, New York, 48pp. (9"x12" 4th ed.)

 Five String Banjo For Beginners Only, Vol. II: Frailing, Bluegrass & Melody Playing. Weissman, Dick, 48pp

 5-String Banjo in the D-Tuning, The. Glandt, Andy. 2000. StoneCross Music, Jena, Germany, 41pp

 5-String Banjo Natural Style: No Preservatives. Middlebrook, Ron. book/CD pack

 Five-string banjo pickin' solos, Mel Bay presents. Kurth, Karl. 1973. Mel Bay Publications, Kirkwood MO, 32pp. 26 traditional folk tunes

*Five-String Banjo Primer: If A is May, F# Must Be February. Taschetta, Joe. 1979. Iowa State University Press, 63pp. 2nd edtion (1st 1978). CONTENTS.

 5-String Banjo, Series 1. Traum, Happy. 40 songs, 6 cass., tabs

 5-String Banjo, Series 2. Traum, Happy. 40 songs, 6 cass., tabs

*5-String Banjo Songbook. Smoak, Jim & Tainaka, Jerry. 1979. Envolve Publishing Co., 64pp. CONTENTS.

 5-String Banjo Stanley Style. Wright, John. 1984. Evanston, IL, 32pp

 5 String Banjo Tab, Chromatic Style. Sweeny, Pat. 19__. LOC M123 S94F6, 13pp. mostly fiddle tunes

 5-String Banjo Technique, The. Smoak, Jim. 1972. [New York] : Experience Publishing Ltd, 60pp

 5 String Banjo Theory, Bluegrass Style (Vol. 1). Siminoff, Roger H.. 1973. Universal Graphics Corp., 31pp. Jessie James, Little Maggie...

 Five String Banjo, Vol. III: Advanced Techniques. Weissman, Dick, 128pp

 Five-String Breakdown: Advanced Banjo. Blackmon, Buddy and Jeff Glasserow. 1976. The Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 61pp

 Five-String Breakdown: Basic Banjo. Blackmon, Buddy and Jeff Glasserow. 1976. The Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 61pp

*5 String "Melodic" Banjo Solos: Banjo Fiddle Tunes, Mel Bay's. Griffin, Neil. 1976. Mel Bay, 40pp. CONTENTS.

*5 String, or 'G' Banjo: A Method for Irish and British Folksongs, The. Sullivan, Anthony. 1986. Halshaw Music, 38pp. cassette. CONTENTS.

*Foggy Mountain Breakdown Plus 12 Great Banjo Solos. Sokolow, Fred. 1983. Columbia Pictures Productions, 52pp. CONTENTS.

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T   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W Y    Home

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V   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W Y    Home

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