Sokolow, Fred  (SO1)

Fiddle Tunes for Bluegrass Banjo, a Method in the Melodic Style
1980. Almo Publications. 40pp. ($5.95)
Arkansas Traveler123FD
Bill Cheatham133FA
Billy in the Lowground193FC
Black Mountain Rag263FA
Blackberry Blossom163FG
Bluesy Chromatics (licks)343F++
Cascades, The303FG
Devil's Dream83FA
Devil's Dream (Harmony Part)373FA
Eighth of January93FG
Eighth of January (harmony part)393FG
Fire on the Mountain113FA
First of May293FAm
Gaspé Reel283FD
Growling Old Man and Woman223FD
Growling Old Man and Woman223FD
Liberty (harmony part)383FD
Miller's Reel173FA
Miss McCloud's Reel183FG
Mississippi Sawyer213FD
Old Man,(and the) Old Woman >Growling Old Man and Old Woman223FD
Rickett's Hornpipe233FD
Sailor's Hornpipe103FG
Sally Goodin273FA
Sally in the Garden243FAm
Sandy River Belle153FA
Sligo Maid323FAm
Turkey in the Straw253FG