Slater, Alec & Lisa Schmitz  (SL2)

Mel Bay's Complete Clawhammer Banjo Book
1994. Mel Bay (MB95153). 144pp. ($15.00) ISBN: 0-7866-0049-7
Alabama Jubilee115CH 
Ashgrove, The108CH 
Atholl Highlanders I, The70CH 
Atholl Highlanders II, The71CH 
Banjo Shuffle24CH 
Behind the Bush in the Garden143CH 
Bethel Street Reel, The22CH 
Billy Malley Schottishe136CH 
Blackberry Blossom87CH 
Blarney Pilgrim, The58CH 
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine21CH 
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine30CH 
Braes of Mar, The121CH 
Burnt Old Man, The57CH 
Christmas Day Ida Moarnin'100CH 
Cliffs of Moher60CH 
Cold Blow and the Rainy Night120CH 
Coleman's Cross90CH 
Colored Aristocracy78CH 
Come Dance and Sing69CH 
Come Life, Shaker Life38CH 
County Down Waltz36CH 
Creel of Turf65CH 
Dennis Murphy's Polka81CH 
Dermot O'Dowd34CH 
Devil's Dream17CH 
Donald Blue122CH 
Double File51CH 
Dr. O'Neil's93CH 
Drowsy Maggie31CH 
East Virginia43CH 
Fairy Dance120CH 
Farewell to Whiskey19CH 
Farewell to Whiskey97CH 
First of May, The30CH 
Flop Eared Mule51CH 
Flowers of Edinburgh12CH 
Forked Deer25CH 
Forked Deer141CH 
Forty-two-pound Check81CH 
Frieze Breetches68CH 
Frost and Snow29CH 
Frost Is All Over, The139CH 
Girl I Left Behind Me, The112CH 
Give the Fiddler a Dram40CH 
Give the Fiddler a Dram104CH 
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen135CH 
Golden Slippers104CH 
Got a Little Home To Go To53CH 
Green Meadows Reel, The137CH 
Green Mountain Petronella96CH 
Hare in the Corn, The142CH 
Heather on the Moor98CH 
Hewlett, The109CH 
Highway to Limerick, The29CH 
Hull's Victory102CH 
Ice on the Pond85CH 
Jack Broke Da Prison Door126CH 
Jenny Picking Cockles28CH 
Jessica's Polka112CH 
Jimmy Allen82CH 
John Ryan's Polka82CH 
Johnny Todd125CH 
Kesh Jig60CH 
Kiowa Special42CH 
Knole Park75CH 
Lady Montgomery19CH 
Lady of the Lake79CH 
Lamplighter's Reel127CH 
Lincoln Street Blues39CH 
Little Stack of Wheat130CH 
Liza Jane52CH 
Lord Inchiquin118CH 
Louie's First Tune111CH 
Maggie Brown's Favorite91CH 
Maid Behind the Bar, The107CH 
Market Town123CH 
May Terri's Polka I110CH 
May Terri's Polka II110CH 
Mill, The128CH 
Miss Gordon of Park88CH 
Miss Wedderburn's Reel92CH 
Morgan Magan117CH 
Morning Star14CH 
Morpeth Rant14CH 
Morpeth's Horn Pipe14CH 
Munster Buttermilk, The95CH 
Musical Priest, The28CH 
Nine Hundred Miles45CH 
Noel, Merrily on High101CH 
Off She Goes102CH 
Off to California15CH 
Oh, Come Ye to Zion33CH 
Old Bill Cheathum22CH 
Out on the Ocean72CH 
Over the Waterfall103CH 
P Stands for Paddy130CH 
Paddy Clancy's84CH 
Paddy on the Railroad127CH 
Paddy's Return56CH 
Patsy Geary's85CH 
Pipe on the Hob94CH 
Planxty George Brabazon114CH 
Planxty George Brabizon11CH 
Planxty Madame Maxwell66CH 
Polka, A125CH 
Pretty Peg78CH 
Pretty Polly46CH 
Prince William74CH 
Rakes of Kildare, The59CH 
Rakish Paddy18CH 
Red River Valley105CH 
Red Wing76CH 
Red-Haired Boy113CH 
Return from Fingal106CH 
Ride a Mile124CH 
Road to Boston132CH 
Road to Lisdoonvarna, The128CH 
Rolling Waves56CH 
Sailor's Hornpipe18CH 
Sally in the Garden43CH 
Santa Anna's Retreat41CH 
Santa Claus Come and Gone52CH 
Scotland the Brave13CH 
Scotsman Over the Border83CH 
Shady Grove47CH 
She's Like the Swallow34CH 
Sheebag Sheemore99CH 
Siege of Ennis131CH 
Simple Gifts135CH 
Slater's Hornpipe25CH 
Sleep Sounda Ida Mourin'123CH 
Sometimes I Drink Whiskey50CH 
Sonny's Mazurka116CH 
Speed the Plough16CH 
St. Kilda Wedding126CH 
St. Martinmas Time129CH 
Star of the County Down27CH 
Staten Island Hornpipe16CH 
Swaggering Jig61CH 
Swanee River86CH 
Tar Road to Sligo89CH 
Tater Patch45CH 
Temperance Reel64CH 
Tiki Tiki La134CH 
Tom Billey's Jig73CH 
Top of Cork Road, The140CH 
Touch Stone105CH 
Turkey in the Straw24CH 
Waltzing Over the Waterfall35CH 
Wassail, Waissail100CH 
Weiser Tune23CH 
West Virginia Gals44CH 
Where the Aubeg Flows63CH 
White Cockade, The113CH 
Wildwood Flower50CH 
Willie Moore132CH 
Yellow Rose of Texas, The133CH