Seeger, Peggy  (SE3)

Folk Songs of Peggy Seeger: 88 Traditional Ballads and Songs
1964. Oak Publications. 96pp. ($1.95)
A-Walking and A-Talking7  
Billy Barlow8  
Black Jack Davy9  
Black Sheep, Black Sheep10  
Brave Wolfe11  
Butcher's Boy, The12  
Carrion Crow, The13  
Cherry Tree Carol, The14  
Chickens They Are Crowing, The15  
Child of God16  
Cottage Door, The17  
Cruel Mother, The18  
Cruel War is Raging, The19  
Daddy Shot a Bear88  
Derby Ram, The20  
Do, Do Pity My Case88  
Dreadful Ghost, The22  
Earl Brand24  
Early, Early in the Spring25  
Equinoctial and Phoebe26  
Fiar Maid on the Shore27  
Five Times Five28  
Girl of Constant Sorrow29  
Handsome Molly30  
Hickety Tickety31  
Home, Dearie, Home32  
House Carpenter, The33  
I'll Not Marry At All34  
In Bed with the Major35  
It's a Lie36  
Jane, Jane37  
John Gilbert38  
John Riley39  
Johnson Jinkson40  
Just as the Tide was Flowing41  
Katy Cruel42  
Lady of Carlisle43  
Lass of Roch Royal44  
Little Bird, Little Bird90  
London Bridge46  
Long Lonesome Road47  
Lord Lover48  
Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender49  
Lowlands of Holland50  
Mary Ann51  
Matty Grove52  
Mermaid, The54  
Mormon Crossing, The55  
My Dearest Dear, The56  
My Home's Across the Smokey Mountains57  
Newlyn Town58  
Nurse Pinched the Baby, The89  
Old Aunt Kate89  
Old Bangam59  
Old Maid's Song, The60  
Old Woman and Her Little Pig61  
Peggy Gordon62  
Poor Old Maids63  
Prettiest Little Girl91  
Pretty Fair Maid, A64  
Pretty Little Baby65  
Pretty Saro66  
Queen Jane67  
Raccoon and Possum68  
Rambling Gambler69  
Rich Old Lady, The70  
Rich Old Miser71  
Riding in the Buggy72  
Run, Chillen, Run91  
Snake Baked a Hoecake92  
Squirrel, The73  
Trooper and the Maid, The74  
Turkey Shivaree, The76  
Uh-Uh No78  
Weaver is Handsome, The79  
Wedding Dress Song, The80  
When First Unto this Country81  
When I Was In My Prime82  
When I Was Single83  
Whistle, Daughter, Whistle84  
Willie Moore85  
You Didn't Do No Wrong86  
Young Collins87