Peterson, Larry  (PEL)

How to Play the Old Time Clawhammer Picking Style on the 5-String Banjo
199_. Larry Peterson, 8214 Bowie Dr., Omaha NE 68114. 74pp.
Arkansas Traveler61CHC+
Big Cat Little Cat53CHC+
Bill Cheatham27CHG
Cherokee Shuffle65CHC+
Cluck Old Hen45CHGm
Cold Frosty Morning43CHGm
Colored Aristocracy21CHG
Coo-Coo's Nest38CHG
Cotton Eyed Joe35CHG
Country Blues72CHD
Cripple Creek14CHG
Cumberland Gap39CH 
Cumberland Gap16CHG
Fisher's Hornpipe37CHG
Flop Eared Mule57CHC+
Forked Deer67CHC+
Home Sweet Home49CHC
June Apple29CHG
Little Rabbit25CHG
Mississippi Sawyer56CHC+
Morpeth Rant63CHC+
Old Joe Clark33CHG
Old Man at the Mill44CHGm
Old Ruben73CHD
Over the Waterfall58CHC+
Red-Haired Boy32CHG
Sail Away Ladies40CH 
Saint Anne's Reel60CHC+
Sally Goodin28CHG
Salt Creek31CHG
Sandy River Belle19CHG
Shady Grove69CHC+
Shady Grove42CHGm
Skip to My Lou12CHG
Soldier's Joy62CHC+
Staten Island Hornpipe66CHC+
Temperance Reel20CHG
Turkey in the Straw52CHC+
Weave and Way17CHG
Western Country46CHC
Whiskey Before Breakfast59CHC+