Lomax, Alan  (FSN)

The Folk Songs of North America
1960. Doubleday & Company. 623pp.
All For the Men499  
All Night Long486  
Am I Born to Die?246  
Another Man Done Gone539  
Around a Western Water Tank419  
As I Roved Out30  
Aunt Sal's Song207  
Avondale Mine Disaster, The130  
Bad Girl, The193  
Banks of Newfoundland, The59  
Barbara Allen183  
Battle on Shiloh's Hill, The349  
Big Rock Candy Mountain, The422  
Billy Broke Locks14  
Billy the Kid387  
Black Gal546  
Black is the Colour206  
Black Sheep503  
Black, Brown, and White Blues594  
Blind Man473  
Blood Red Roses54  
Blow the Candle Out312  
Blue Tail Fly505  
Boil Them Cabbage Down506  
Bold Jack Donahue117  
Boll Weevil Holler, The285  
Brass Mounted Army, The348  
Brave Wolfe42  
Bring Me Li'l' Water, Sylvie533  
Buck-Eye Rabbit504  
Buffalo Boy315  
Bullgine Run, The56  
Can't You Line It?545  
Cape Ann12  
Cape Cod Girls51  
Captain Kidd15  
Captain Kidd70  
Careless Love585  
Casey Jones564  
Charles Guiteau273  
Charles Quantrell347  
Chickens They Are Crowing, The211  
Cock Robin181  
Cole Younger350  
Colorado Trail403  
Come Life, Shaker Life73  
Cotton Mill Colic287  
Cotton Needs Pickin'531  
Cowboy's Life, A369  
Cripple Creek232  
Cuckoo, The217  
Cumberland Gap162  
Dark as a Dungeon295  
Death, Ain't You Got No Shame?250  
Deer Chase, The163  
Dese Bones Gwine Rise Again476  
Devilish Mary188  
Didn't It Rain477  
Dig a Hole in the Meadow258  
Don't Lie, Buddy548  
Doney Gal377  
Down in the Valley289  
Down on Penney's Farm286  
Downward Road, The485  
Dreary Black Hills, The339  
Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill417  
Dying Cowboy, The384  
East Colorado Blues549  
Fair and Tender Ladies205  
Fair Beauty Bride, A195  
Farmer and the Shanty Boy, The109  
Farmer is the Man, The132  
Farmer's Curst Wife, The187  
Father Grumble26  
Felix the Soldier45  
Fish of the Sea, The50  
Fourth Day of July, The218  
Frozen Logger, The120  
Gambling Suitor, The210  
Gentle Fair Jenny167  
Get Up, Jack62  
Girl I Left Behind Me, The318  
Go Down, Old Hannah536  
Go On, You Little Dogies372  
Golden Vanity, The191  
Good Mornin', Blues586  
Good Old Rebel, The256  
Great Big Sea, A148  
Green Grows the Laurel332  
Greenland Whale Fishery, The61  
Ground Hog254  
Hard Ain't It Hard439  
Hard Times438  
Hard Travellin'435  
Hattie Belle584  
Hell-Bound Train, The402  
Hog Drovers399  
Hold the Wind474  
Holy Baby, The482  
Horse Named Bill, A135  
Horse Trader's Song, The323  
Hound Dog Song, The311  
House Carpenter, The181  
Housewife's Lament, The133  
How Long Blues589  
How Old Are You, My Pretty Little Miss?212  
Hudson River Steamboat85  
Hurrah, Lie!260  
I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray473  
I Don't Want Your Millions Mister292  
I Got To Roll544  
I Never Will Marry222  
I'll Give My Love an Apple27  
I'm A-leavin' Cheyenne378  
I'm All Out an' Down583  
I'm Bound to Follow the Longhorn Cows368  
I'm Goin' Away to Texas320  
I'm Troubled208  
I'ze the Bye149  
In Good Old Colony Times11  
In Kansas395  
In the Days of '7646  
In the Wilderness91  
It Makes a Long-Time Man Feel Bad542  
Jacob's Ladder453  
Jerry, Go an' Ile That Car415  
Jesse James351  
Joe Bowers336  
John B's Sails, The530  
John Gilbert is the Boat527  
John Hardy271  
John Henry560  
John Henry562  
John Riley161  
John the Revelator480  
Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier47  
Johnny, Won't You Ramble?527  
Johnson Boys223  
Julie Plante, The122  
Jumpin' Judy540  
Kangaro, The142  
Keep A-inchin' Along456  
Kicking Mule441  
Knock John Booker487  
Lady Gay185  
Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight18  
Let's Go A-huntin'311  
Lily Munroe164  
Lincoln and Liberty97  
Little Brown Bulls, The110  
Little John Henry562  
Little Old Sod Shanty, The397  
Lone Green Valley, The93  
Long John537  
Long Time Ago, A55  
Longest Train, The541  
Lord Lovel401  
Lousy Miner338  
Love is Pleasin'136  
Lovely Ohio, The85  
Lovin' Hannah209  
Lynchburg Town507  
Maid on the Shore, The142  
Many Thousands Gone455  
Mary Ann145  
Mary L. MacKay, The144  
Matty Grove316  
Me Father's a Lawyer in England134  
Miss Mary Jane498  
Mister MacKinley274  
Moonshiner, The257  
Moosehead Lake115  
Mule Skinner Blues291  
My Last Ole Dollar288  
My Love Is a Rider383  
My Sweetheart's a Mule131  
Night Herding Song376  
Old Ark's A-moverin'475  
Old BangumJohn510  
Old Chisholm Trail, The370  
Old Man's Lament, The375  
Old Marse John508  
Old Smokey221  
Omie Wise268  
On My Journey Home247  
On the Trail to Mexico380  
One Dime Blues586  
Paw-Paw Patch92  
Pay Day285  
Pay Me530  
Peg an' Awl283  
Pie in the Sky423  
Pinery Boy, The112  
Po' Farmer534  
Po' Lazarus567  
Pretty Boy Floyd437  
Put the Old Man to Sleep374  
Quaker Courtship, The28  
Queen's Gardeen511  
Railroad Bill568  
Railroad Corral, The367  
Railroader For Me, A414  
Ramblin' Boy, The192  
Red Iron Ore127  
Red River Shore, The398  
Regular Army-o, The340  
Rich Old Lady, The512  
Riding in the Buggy500  
Rise Up, Shepherd481  
Rising Sun Blues, The290  
River in the Pines, The113  
Robin Hood and Arthur O'Bland189  
Rock About, My Saro Jane528  
Roll On, Buddy284  
Roll On, Columbia443  
Roll, Jordan, Roll457  
Roll, Jordan, Roll458  
Root, Hog, or Die333  
Rose Connelly >Down in the Willow Garden267  
Row, Bullies, Row57  
Run Along, You Little Dogies373  
Sailing in the Boat29  
Sailor Cut Down in His Prime, The385  
Sally Ann230  
Sally Brown52  
Sally Goodin236  
Santy Anno54  
Satan's Kingdom72  
Saturday Night499  
Seven Blessings of Mary, The244  
Shady Grove234  
Shaker Funeral Hymn74  
She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain414  
Shortnin' Bread504  
Silver Jack119  
Single Girl166  
Sixteen Tons294  
Soon I Will be Done472  
Sorghum Syrup255  
Sound Off595  
Sow Took the Measles, The31  
Springfield Mountain13  
Springfield Mountain (Texas Version)403  
Stand To Your Glasses444  
State of Arkansas, The322  
Steal, Miss Liza501  
Strawberry Lane17  
Sweet Betsy335  
Talkin' Blues433  
Talkin' Columbia442  
Talkin' Dustbowl Blues434  
Texas Rangers, The331  
The Foggy Dew89  
The Foggy Dew90  
This Train484  
Three Young Ladies141  
Tom Dooley269  
Troubled in Mind589  
Turkey in the Straw95  
Twelve Days of Christmas, The245  
Two Sisters, The184  
Tyin' a Knot in the Devil's Tail388  
Uh-Uh No314  
Uncle Joe228  
Virginia's Bloody Soil99  
Wabash Cannonball420  
Wade in the Water470  
Wagoner's Lad, The220  
Wake Up, Jacob366  
Wars of America, The43  
Way Over in the Heavens248  
We're Coming, Arkansas309  
Weeping Mary249  
When a Man's in Love146  
When I Was a Cowboy381  
When I'm Gone471  
When Johnny Comes Marching Home98  
When the Saints Go Marching In454  
When the Stars Begin to Fall454  
Whiskey in the Jar16  
Whistle, Daughter, Whistle213  
Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot?216  
Whoa Back, Buck532  
Whoa! Ha! Buck and Jerry Boy334  
Wicked Polly71  
Wild Bill Jones270  
Wild Rippling Water, The382  
Willie the Weeper424  
Winter Night214  
Yankee Doodle Dandy-o49  
You Cain' Lose-a Me, Cholly502  
Young Charlotte94